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0:00 Intro
1:22 2 Month chart
2:42 Start of the bull
3:38 3 Candles
4:11 38%
4:52 September 2015
4:55 March 2019
5:20 Q4
6:19 May 2025

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We have major Clues on this chart right Here we are right up at this level which Is in the middle of phase two the last Time we are at this level was here back In 2016 when we were exactly in the Middle of phase 2 what happens next is Going to take the World by storm and Bitcoin is getting ready to prepare the World for shock especially in 2026 I think people will be absolutely Shocked in 2026 but using this chart and Using the facts in this chart we can Uncover one of the big mysteries of 2026 So you can be prepared and you won't be Shocked like everybody and you will take Advantage of it with enormous amounts of Profits potentially to be made in 2026 If you uncover the secret that we are About to cover un rate now if you're new Here welcome in my name is Steve on this Channel we take no paid sponsorships no Paid ads no paid affiliate links down Below instead what do we do we provide Cold hard facts that actually help you The only thing I ask in return is that You hit that subscribe button and throw A thumbs up on this video Let's jump Into it we're on the Bitcoin US dollar Index and today we are on the twomon Chart each candle representing two Months of price action we have price Action above and we have the chastic RSI Below where we are at right now being Met at the exact same level in precisely

The middle of phase 2 in each cycle is Paramount but what is even more Important is there are so many clues in This chart take a look down at the Bottom stochastic R SII once we have a Stochastic R SI cross up for the very First time it marks this candle right Here are we all in agreement that for The first time when the blue line Crosses up above the orange it is at This exact candle can we confirm that Whether you're a Bitcoin beay or you're Bitcoin bull or you're indifferent and You just love altcoins if you look at This chart we can all agree the blue Line for the first time is above the Orange if we use that same analysis and We look at the next time the blue got Above the orange it was exactly here are We in agreement there it's very simple That this blue line is above here now When we take it a step further we can Say when's the next time it happened Right here at precisely of this candle Now what if I told you that this Mark of The stochastic RSI cross marked the Bottom of the market and the start of The bow literally this market right here The bottom of the market over this Candle said this is the start of the Bull pretty pretty simple right you Could see we're going down down down Down down whole bunch of red candles big Big Wicks at the bottom going to push

The market up then we printed this Little low candle here which is exactly At the stochastic R High cross this Candle said you know what bye-bye bare Market hello bull same thing when we had This cross bye-bye bare Market hello Bull market going down down down down Very terrible this is the first candle Where it's like you know what we're done With that mess we're on to the bull run Right it happened at exactly the cross And it happened at exactly the cross Here in 2023 January 2023 the market was like You know what we're done going down the Bottoms are already in it's time for the Bull run to start now if you take that Into consideration right these three Candles don't have just this in common Right this cross this cross this cross These three candles if you're just Eyeballing it you're like you know what These candles look very familiar not Only are they all green they all Mark The bottom of the market they all Mark The start of the bull they look like They're kind of of the same size right Tilt your phone to the side and Subscribe now to your absolute shock You're going to realize that these Candles are exactly 38% this body is 38% this body is 38% in This body is 38% now once you understand that and you

Understand the power and the Significance of the chart I'm showing You what you will understand next is is Key because as you know we are right Here in the stochastic RSI which is Right in the middle of our our phase two Of the bull just like we were in the Middle of phase two of the bull right Here when we are exactly the same level What's really interesting is you take The bottoms of the market and you say Okay we had this cross in September of 15 we had this cross in March of 19 Which means it's a little bit less than 4 years right It's 4 years and then you minus a couple Months it gets you here and then four Years minus a couple months gets you to Rate here which means 4 months and minus A couple months from now we're at the End of 2026 we're at the tail end of 2026 we're in basically Q4 2026 that's when we're going to have This next cross and it's likely the Candle will be exactly a green candle And maybe even around the 38% area Meaning it's going to be a big candle Meaning it's going to be a big big month Meaning it's going to be big big news Meaning that means the 2026 the whole year of 2026 is going to Be likely a bloodbath in the best buying Opportunities of your life for stocks For crypto Etc but again we can use this

Chart to identify it take a look when we Know that we're in the middle of phase Two of the bull and we're here and we're In the middle of phase two in the bull And we're here if you take this and Extrapolate it out and you ask yourself Okay how much longer was it until the Top it was about 488 days so if we're Here and we go 488 days we're looking at Potentially May 2025 as a top for Bitcoin and 2026 being a bloodbath but The tail end of 2026 starting the next Bull Run this gets us on a path to Success so we can stay levelheaded we're Not worried about the day-to-day Fluctuations of Bitcoin is up a dollar And then down $2 and up. 75 and people Are freaking out you can take a step Back from the woods look at the whole Horizon of the forest and you can see Clearly how these next couple years are Going to play out and how you should Play your cards to maximize your money Instead of keep guessing and hoping for The best you can take secure positions Based on facts data and research and Maximize your profits I made this video To help you hit that subscribe button Throw a thumbs up on this video and I'll See you right back here in the next Video peace and love to the fellow Underdogs this bull run is our road to Half a million subscribers but I need Your help today tell one person about

Our YouTube channel how we spit facts go Against the herd take no paid Sponsorships of any kind road to Half A Millie let's go

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