☠️ Binance Under ATTACK ☠️ Regulators SECRET Move AGAINST Crypto

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Welcome to bitboy crypto my name is Ben Today we're going to talk about are we Seeing The Purge we've always expected In crypto What are we seeing in a completely Different way Uh this is very interesting when you Look at what is shaping up all around The United States in the world right now A lot of moving Parts here but it seems As if we are having Thanks Crypto organizations and companies all Under scrutiny at the same time any bank That is associated with crypto in any Way Whether it was Signature Bank whether it Was so fine Goldman Sachs JB Morgan they Are all under some type of scrutiny Right now from the US government and Regulators why Well here here's the Thing okay It doesn't seem to be a good reason it's Going on right now because when you look At what's going on with the SEC and look At Gary ginsler uh most likely on his Way out he is on a power grab as you can See however there's more than just the SEC putting pressure on these Banks This isn't a charge of banks really Unless there's absolute fraud it's the OCC the office of the Comptroller of the Currency I know it's a ridiculous name Of an organization but I want to think

About something right here Why would they be putting pressure on Banks and on these other organizations Well I've told you before of course when It comes to Goldman Sachs uh you know uh Polygon is one of their big Investments When it comes to JB Morgan Um you know I'm not really sure where They fit into this puzzle here but we do Know that uh you know it it's a Traditional traditional institution That's got exposure to crypto in Different ways even though they say that They don't and they won't they continue To have this Um Exposure then you look at Signature Bank Okay now this to me and sofa First of all Sofi uh they were just put Pressure on by Elizabeth Warren get her In the in the spotlight asking them what They're doing in terms of Hanley crypto And handing funds and handling money Look at a signature bank What is going on with Signature Bank Is this about the scrutiny on Signature Bank itself is about scrutiny on any of These individual institutions themselves Or are we looking at a workaround what's The workaround Well people have been screaming from the Hills Finance isn't solve it everyone's Going after Finance it's it's gonna Crash it's gonna go to zero

And you know we look back at the FTX Situation we look at Kevin O'Leary who Now has blocked me by the way on Twitter Shout out to uh Kevin O'Leary Um uh thanks for blocking me man you Really just gave me that validation Before uh but the truth is is when you Look at what's going on With binance I've told you before I'm Not worried about the mean and solvent I'm 99 sure that they are I'm about 80 sure they probably have More money than they're supposed to have Which is pivotal here okay because as This Fiasco is going down and people Were pointing fingers and you look at Why is SBF getting seemingly special Treatment to get house arrest uh 250 Million dollar Bond on something that Um obviously is family put up I think Two million dollars for okay it doesn't Make any sense or four and a half Million whatever it was it doesn't make Sense for a 250 million dollar bond by These two Two mystery people that signed off on The bond no no they are we will find out Who they are But Do these people that know something we Don't the people that signed that Bond Are they orchestrating the world's Biggest can be against Finance

Right now For a reason you haven't thought about Before okay The United States Think about this what what in the United States is the top traded stablecoin okay Usdc or by who Circle coinbase The only thing a little bit harder when We say okay well what's number two In the United States obviously tether Around the world is number one So the question is What's number three USD Finance U.S Dollar the equivalent of one to one to The US dollar with binance and you know The majority of their customers hold Bust is very interesting while that Information came out back when the Insolvency was just breaking back in November Suddenly all of a sudden just like that It all clicks You all start to see how all this is Moving together FTX getting ready to launch their own Stable coin they announced it In August Gemini Urn Brewery I'm under attack Oh yeah the Gemini dollar was doing Quite well until that Fiasco Tether just got banned from training in Canada or at least certain parts testing

Around what we're going to see here Tyler's gonna be gone to the United States guys I'm gonna be insolvent They're going to ban it okay They're gonna be in it probably a tether Band in America comes this year I would Think in some form of fashion or maybe Next year the latest But what about busd The SEC can't get their hands around Finance and cooperated and don't have American customers Can't go after him they're not located Here Even if they were to sue Chances are very slim to nine or Whatever good trial or there would be Anything that would occur there They just haven't done anything wrong Enough That involves Americans for the SEC to Be able to take their long tentacles Their long blizzard-like octopus like Tentacles here at Ginsburg that is wrap Them around Finance So what you're seeing is Kevin O'Leary FTX uh All of the people the OCC Starting to understand They can't go after binance in a Traditional way And they don't really care about my Needs Care about the stable coin we're shaping

Up to see the cbdc it's going to be usdc We do know that England is now working At the bank of England as we're starting To work on their own cbdc they said It'll roll out uh you know about seven Years Could match the timeline you know pretty Well a couple years after the launch of The US cbdc is what I you know see Happening Here But this was never about Finance It was never about CC This is about Bringing Finance US dollar busd as a stable coin Bring it under control and bringing it Down What is a comptroller the currency They're in charge of the money they're In charge of the banks To me it feels like a lot of this is Coordinated A lot of this is going after binance and You've been trying to figure out the Whole time why in the world were we Having CZ and Sam bingman freed fighting Why in the world were we having FCX Kevin O'Leary and everyone under the sun Pointing a finger up blaming Finance for What happened that was clearly the fault Of Sam and clearly the fault Of FTX And now it all makes sense it's all

About world currency domination About the finance U.S donor Drop your comments down below I want to Know what you guys think about this uh At this point I don't know I I'm raised he's not even Really a theory I'm ready to say looking Back on everything I just piece it all Together this morning while I was Thinking about it and it seems to be so Obvious what's happening right now it's Right in front of our faces people miss It again not really sure all right guys That's all I got be blessed good boy out

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