Shiba Inu Cryptocurrency – its on fire right now – I talk about it in this video 🔥
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Shiba Inu the cryptocurrency has been on Fire recently you guys can see right Here these nice price jumps for shib but In particular I want to give you guys a Very important update because right now You can see right here that is a Parabolic green candle for Shiba Inu so It is on fire right now the whole entire Crypto Market is on fire right now it's A great day to be a Shiba Inu holder and Also a cryptocurrency holder and I want To explain to you guys who are holding Ship you know why is this crypto going Up right now what are some important Things you do need to know in the crypto Market right now what are some breaking News we've had and why is the crypto Market basically going ballistic right Now let's talk about it the first thing I want to tell you guys is uh it's not Only just ship right now but Bitcoin in Particular is uh blasting to outer space Right now so it's up 15.8 percent in the Last 24 hours this is pushing up a lot Of the cryptos a lot of the altcoins and If we actually jump into some specific Macro updates why shib is on the radar Of Wales we're going to get to Wales and Ship it in you very soon but have a look At this inflation has met expectations The crypto Market the stock market has Rallied on this news have you tuned into The previous crypto news update I just Did I did talk about the inflation data

That has just recently dropped moments Ago it is on target the the stock market Is rallying the crypto Market is Rallying and this is actually very very Bullish in the imminent term right now And you can see S P 500 up 1.5 percent You can see the stock market push up Right now and uh attention is happening With shib and the other thing I want to Point out to you guys is when we do get These very very bullish runs in Bitcoin And when the whole Market starts to Surge it is actually very good to be Holding Shiba Inu the cryptocurrency why Do I say that I say that because it is a Crypto that's on lots of exchanges and When you do have big bullish movements In a Bitcoin which is what we're seeing Right now you guys can see just how Bullish this is we've crossed the twenty Five thousand dollar level right now but Uh you know money flies onto centralized Exchanges and new money basically buys Cryptos that is easily accessible so Cryptos that aren't listed on big Exchanges like ship they start to pump Quite significantly and in particular Have a look at this well data is showing That whales are very very much Interested in shib and why could this Potentially be and uh I think it's Because you know they know there is a Potential profits to be made with this Cryptocurrency so ship is literally one

Of the most if not the most uh you know Ethereum whale traded cryptocurrency on The market and uh there's Millions upon Millions of this getting bought up right Now by whales out there and they do have Their targets on ship and things are Looking very very explosive but I just Wanted to give you guys a very important Update in real time about ship why it's On fire right now and if you guys enjoy These updates let me know we can incorp Operate some more shiv updates on the Channel but guys Shiva in your on fire Good day to be in the crypto Market Thank you guys for watching I'll see you Guys in the next one crypto Zeus signing Out

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