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One of the big sectors I think people Should be paying attention to is Blockchain gaming you guys can see this Report in the background it is it is Expected to actually breach the 100 Billion dollar level by the year 2028 And this is going to come through Adoption it's going to come through Great projects and it is a sector people Should be paying attention to if you're On crypto and you're looking for some Exciting opportunities in the market and In this video what we're going to be Doing is we're going to be focusing in On a crypto project that is coming up on The rise this one is called hyper chain X so we'll be taking a look at some big News for this cryptocurrency project What is coming up on the horizon that People need to be paying attention to What are they bringing out what is the Ecosystem looking like right now and a Lot of other exciting things coming out For this cryptocurrency project so if You guys enjoy learning about exciting Cryptos early on the radar make sure to Hit the Thumbs Up Button this one is a Sponsored review and in addition I will Be giving away some free cryptocurrency Of my own so if you guys want those Instructions make sure to stick around To the end of the video hit the thumbs Up button drop a comment down below as Well what you guys think of this crypto

Project as always not Financial advice And let's get straight into this crypto Project so if you guys do not know what Hyper chain X is we've actually Mentioned this one before on the channel It's a very exciting cryptocurrency Project and just recently they've had a Ton of excitement because people have Been recognizing what these guys are Bringing out to the market and at a very Big level these guys are all laser Focused in on blockchain and gaming and In particular Bridging the Gap between Blockchain and gaming as well so very Cool website just off the bat when I was Looking at this we're going to be Talking about the nfts as well they've Got an nft launch pad as well and uh but Overall blockchain crypto gaming and Again I'm bullish on this sector of the Economy I think crypto and gaming is a Very very good combination and Hyperchain X is basically playing Straight into this Arena and they've Already had some really good things Happen already for this crypto in Particular these guys have had a good Listing on bitmart already so the Ticker On bitmart is hyper slash usdt so it's Already listed on that but check this Out they'll be listing on XT exchange on The 23rd of February at 9 00 a.m UTC Time so watch out for that another big Listing and uh it's gonna be exciting if

These guys continue to get these big Listings so this crypto is starting to Get some really big recognition in the Market in addition this cryptocurrency Does have an identifiable team so you Can see Ninja crypto boy Dennis healing He's got a LinkedIn profile Twitter Instagram as well and you can actually See boy Dennis healing right over here On Twitter but check this out he's also Been on crypto Jamie binance live which Is a very cool platform doing a big Interview over on binance live with Crypto Jamie you can see him on the Right hand side right here and I Actually really like it when cryptos do This because again it's another signal That it's a serious cryptocurrency Project they've got real team members Bringing a lot of good experience to the Project and in addition these guys are Even going to that next level they're Getting a certic audit it's currently in Progress Skynet kyc as well so again you Know not many crypto projects actually Go to this level of getting a certic Order it's another signal these guys are A serious long-term crypto project and I Really like this about hyperchain X in Particular these guys are building out a Ton in their ecosystem gaming platform Nfts are the token itself and a lot more But something that is coming up for beta Launch very soon is going to be their

Nft launch pad so beta will be online on The 27th of February and I'm actually Inside their nft launch pad right now so It is looking really good the Development so this is going to be Working a live version coming out in the Future but uh right now this is good and If we can actually play a bit of a demo Video of this platform getting used Right now Foreign Something else that is very unique about This project is they actually have a Relationship with Judy Tandon and this Guy is really interesting he actually Has his own Wikipedia page and he's a Technology Pioneer he was the guy who Invented the double-sided floppy Drive Used by IBM and basically changed the Computing world and hyperchain X Actually has a relationship with him and They're going to be releasing the Doogie Tandon nft project collection there's Going to be 10 000 of these seven Different tiers basically telling a Different story they're going to be Priced at 250 busd and they actually Have a very cool pitch deck about this Nft launch they are doing and I haven't Seen something this unique in the crypto Market before so they're actually Partnering with a real technology Pioneer in Junior's Innovations and will Basically tell some of his most

Inspirational stories he has from his Life and we actually have a bit of a Preview of these nfts right here so you Can see in the background very very cool High quality artwork going into this Doogie turned and nft launch right here Which is massively exciting and the Utility of these nfts will be that users Can stake the nft and receive a Percentage of the profits from the nft Launch pad as well and in addition hyper Chain X is actually working very closely With jugi they are going to put a Documentary together you can see a bit Of a preview in the background of this The quality of the interview and in Addition they will be pitching this Documentary to some big streaming Providers so if this gets launched onto Those big streaming providers and it's Got that hyper chain X connection to it Watch out from a marketing perspective That could be very very exciting and in Addition we actually have video Confirmation from jugi himself Confirming the relationship so let's Play this clip right here I am Jackie Tandon me and my grandsons rashan will Be happy to work with the hyperchant Team and in addition hyperchain X will Also be launching an nft collection call Hypertrons and the utility Behind These Nfts and you can see a preview of these Very cool pieces of art is that users

Can stake these nfts and they can Actually share in a percentage of the Profits from the hyper chain Marketplace Gaming platform and ecosystem as well so If you buy the nfts you stake them you Can get some passive rewards which is Very very exciting and I have to say the Artwork does look pretty cool right There so there's going to be 4444 nfts coming out each one's going to Come in the form of a mystery box with a Minting price of 0.3 BNB and this Predicted they'll be launching in late February so not too far away from where We are right now and I did touch briefly On the team of hyper chain X before but I want to highlight also Derek Tran who Is an advisor of the project he is Actually connected into infantry.com and What's important to pay attention to Right here is that here's an experienced Technical director and he's actually Actually done software development for Big Brands like Nike Nintendo HBO VH1 NFL Delta Airlines eBay and much more You can actually see a UI sketch made by Derek Tran right there so again when You're looking at cryptos you have to be Paying attention to the team the Advisors the caliber of skills they are Bringing to the project and those Partnerships as well with Real World Tech leaders right there so hyper chain X the cryptocurrency already ticked off

A lot of good boxes and there's a lot of Big things happening in 2023 right now So guys watch out for this crypto in Particular watch out for these big Centralized exchange listings coming up In the future also watch out for that Netflix documentary so if that one goes To Netflix that is going to be very very Exciting indeed so definitely a Cryptocurrency to watch out for and Right now hyperchain X is trading on Pancake swap it's on bitmart and I did Give you guys that big news this one is Also going to XD exchange very very soon But guys that is a very very exciting Look at hyperchain x a crypto to watch Out for as always make sure to do your Own research make your own decisions in The crypto space as well and as promised I will be giving away some free crypto Of my own so what you guys need to do so Make sure to hit the thumbs up button on This video then head over to my Twitter Account after this video goes live I'm Gonna be putting out a tweet make sure To like and retweet that tweet and one Of you guys will get 50 worth of crypto In the next 24 hours but guys really Appreciate you guys tuning in to this Video have a good one and I'll see you Guys in the next one crypto Zeus signing Out Foreign [Music]

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