48 Hours HUGE Catalyst! DOGECOIN, DOGE Price Prediction

48 Hours HUGE Catalyst! DOGECOIN, DOGE Price Prediction

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Dogecoin and Bitcoin are two of the most popular and valuable digital currencies on the market today. And things are only going to get better for them in the future!

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We love dogecoin, dogecoin to the moon soon. Elon Musk is a dogecoin lover, he watches bitcoin news. Do you like dogecoin live? Elon likes dogecoin news today. What will be dogecoin prediction 2022? Is ,elon musk the dogefather of dogecoin? how to buy dogecoin, where to buy dogecoin? What is dogecoin? Dogecoin update today! What ,dogecoin price prediction 2022. Is dogecoin a stock? Will dogecoin ever reach $1? dogecoin explained and dogecoin analysis. Bitcoin price prediction today including ethereum and cryptocurrency news today as well.. What is dogecoin mining? bitcoin,bitcoin news,bitcoin today, How to buy bitcoin. how bitcoin purchase & invest in bitcoin. What is crypto, and cryptocurrency?

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Whoo hey everyone this is Daryl from Daily crypto trade things come to you Live live probably a m good morning Happy weekend out there it's a great Time to be alive guys so something Something big is gonna happen in 48 Hours this could be a crazy Catalyst This could send cryptos to the Moon it Could send those going to the moon or it Could dump everything down to the abyss Of he double hockey sticks out there so We're gonna be talking about that and Much much more guys so let's get into The content without any further layout I Don't want a drone on Long intros I know You don't like that I've got I've got to Tell you call to action guys smash that Likes lick the likes go down there Tickle the likes grinder likes I'll Grinder likes guys and don't forget to Subscribe if you're new guys so it's a Great time to be live so let's get into It remember none of this is financial Advice guys so overall we're seeing that Most of crypto markets are slightly down We're not we're not seeing any super Super tankage but we're probably going To see that uh till the you know this Huge crazy Catalyst uh finishes we're Probably gonna see most of the cryptos Just going flatty flat flat let's take a Look what's going on a heat map where The heat map so we are seeing that Finally Bitcoin is slightly in the green

And we're seeing that everything I mean I look I wouldn't say this is down I Wouldn't say it's bad I would say that We're like neutral out there and guys And if you love Dogecoin like I love Dogecoin don't forget smack smack smack Douche coin one on one guys show some Love so some attitude out there guys do You have attitude do you have Moxie do You have Zones to stay in the crypto Market guys I think you do I actually think you do Do it's a great time to be live so what Is going on with the Market's right lane Right now so we're seeing that the Markets are just it's just kind of Neutral really unchanged from my Previous video 855 billion with a B I Ain't stuttering out there and we're Seeing that uh Bitcoin is neutral we're Seeing ethereum is neutral everything is Really nothing Nothing really bad it's right home Dogecoin is almost also neutral as well And it's just a Dogecoin is having a Hard time getting yourself above 10 Cents we're going to be talking about Doing some technicals as well and some Music wizzy for a doer so it looks like The meme one meme coins economy heals After FDX uh debacle so you know even Though we have this whole FDX debacle And we did see the Dogecoin after you Know the sandbox Fried Chicken thing

Came out you know we saw that Dogecoin Dropped around about 16.5 And then uh right now we are seeing that Uh since then we are seeing that Dogecoin has come back guys so Dogecoin Is up uh is increasing about 1.4 billion Uh in the last 30 days and uh it's up It's up about 29 uh 29 29.4 in 30 days And seven point eight percent over the Last two weeks so don't just come back Guys even though we had the even though We had the FDX Then we're still seeing that uh you know Those guys fight back guys so you know In 2020 will the big coin be Dogecoin so Guys you guys probably missed out 2014 With Bitcoin was the best time to get in Uh at ethereum 2015 xrp BNB Ada uh dot Uh in 2019 guys so I was in Dot and do As you OSHA remember Dozier washer was Like you know like a bunch of zeros and Two five in 2020 and then it had that Moonshot right then we had uh Shiba Inu Shiba Inu so guys will we be seeing In 2023 this is 2023 we'll be seeing That 2023 will be Dogecoin guys so I still think that Dogecoin can get to a dollar I really do Think so and you know right now you see The Dogecoin is at uh you know at nine Cents and if you if you sell at 20 guys You're still making 117 return so not Too bad and if our glorious do as your Washer gets to a bucket you walk what

You know that is going to that that is Going to be huge guys so what's going on Here one dollar one dollar uh whoops Zero nine zero point zero nine and then We sell for one dollar guys so what are We gonna get out there Boom so you know we're gonna you're Gonna be up like a 989 and that's going To take that 10 000 gonna be worth uh a Total of 108 000 so I'm not too shabby Guys so hold on hold on a lot of people Asking OMG when do we think that we're Gonna see a buck and I think it's going To be It you know it really depends on a lot Of stuff you know if we I'm gonna sneeze I'm gonna sneeze any second get ready For it get ready for it get ready for it I'm gonna sneeze I'm not I'm seeing Excuse me I knew it was so I think 2023 I we have the Twitter Catalyst we have The uh the you know Elon Musk does Absolutely chime in and make a Dogecoin The official currency then we could see It uh if we don't see any any of that Kind of catalyst then we're probably Going to see you know 30 30 cents 40 Cents or 2023. uh and then we're not Going to see much of a move into 2025 When we have the next time that's when You'll see the dollar guys so uh you Know let's be realistic about that is When I think absolutely we're going to Be seeing the dollar well a while guys

So it is what it is is what it is guys So also guys top 10 uh coins by trading Volume right now we got uh tether Bitcoin binance ethereum US coin and We've also got dojo in there so Dojo is Not too not too shabby not too shabby Guys I have 577 a billion worth of Trading right now so that is not too Shabby out there uh right now for the Price of dude's going we're seeing that Dude what's going right now it has Formed this Bear Flag guy this who Bear Flag here and uh you know we're looking At this this thing does if this does if This thing does break out as it's Supposed to as a typical Bear Flag Patent we can see a 54 rise to the top Side and that could take us all the way Up to about 14 cents at the top and then We get settle settle out around about 13.203 so if this Bear Flag does get out Of there this Bear Flag does perform as It's supposed to we could be seeing a Top of 14 and a low of 13. so that's When we break out the upside guys it's Just a matter of time Right now two brands of Jewish coin Dudes going in the house we're seeing Ourselves at zero nine seven three and We got a little bit of a little bit of Action going on a little bit of green Action up about 0.52 and we had a high Today of zero nine seven three so we're At the high point we're right now we're

At the High Point guys and we do have a Purple Rain line that is holding strong At around about zero nine two zero out There so so far looking good if we have This bull flag play out mood like I said It's going to take us all the way up to Around about 14 and so that's going to Take us around about this area guys so We can see this plow up here so keep our Fingers crossed guys and don't forget to Smack those coin one one and if you love The community like I love to give me Guys to all the haters out there out There two three show some love social Support for the OG guys lick the like Smash the likes broom the likes do Anything with the likes and guys you've Got to be nice to the humans out there The humans are not feeling lovey and the Humans are not feeling doubly wobbly Because it is Christmas and you know Christmas is often a stressful time Especially if you don't have any money And your crypto is getting the toilet Guys so show some love big shout out to David Racine Nick and red rose out there Dennis thank you for Super Chat Dennis And my brother uh you know thank you Just burn in the house uh e zero uh Eric You know Mohammed out there brother I Appreciate it and all the lovely lovely People that show up and show out every Day guys and if I miss you also Shane Travis boys in the house guys my boys in

The house uh who else we got we got we Got tons of uh Chris DeMarco Aviation Chris yeah Kate Ambassador I think I Said Ambassador and so many of you out There guys so I love it you love it I Love you guys to death thank you thank You thank you and guys be part of the Freaking conversation already guys go Down there check it check check check The Discord uh link down there I'm gonna Say the link let the AI beat me up I'm Tired I'm tired I'm tired I enjoy the Conversation it's totally free out there Get it get it get it and guys watch out For scammers there are scammers who've Made a fake fake Discord they they take My picture they call themselves an OG And they try to contact you and say you Know invest this I'll never do that guys So watch out for the scamsters out there The hamster scamsters they're out there They're everywhere they're everywhere Guys so right now we're seeing that on The weekly the social engagement Where Dogecoin is looking crap out there And that's because you and you and you And you and you out there Are not doing your freaking part okay You've got to do your freaking Empire if You want the the the Dozier golf guys And doji ain't gonna go up until you do Your freaking part so right now Dogecoin Is slipped to the number seven spot out There and that is 22 million in terms of

Engagement guys if you take a look at That if you take a look at the monthly Right now it's not like a good if we Take a look at three months yeah okay we Got social mentions up nine percent but Guys if you're not doing your thing if You're not doing doing your I'm blowing On my face here if you're not doing your Freaking part a dual screen goes down Don't whine don't cry forever guys I Only got you and you and you have to Blame out there and YouTube blind do Your part uh you know get you know tweet Something out make a Youtube short do Any of that kind of beautiful stuff help The community already so let's take a Look what's going on in terms of the Tokenomics what is the heck is going on With the Doge right now time recording Uh we've seen time recording right now At the market cap is at 12.8064 billion guys 12.8 billion with a B out there b for the effect and we're Seeing that the bombs are down like Crazy at 33.68 well it's a weekend guys Don't worry about that it's Saloon is Slowness what else is coming right now Uh you know this is kind of interesting In this cycle in this in this crypto Cycle institutions are the dominant type Of Trader in the market relative to Retail investors I'm being dormant uh Being dominant in 2017 2018. so we are Seeing we are absolutely seeing that you

Know more of the institutional players Are dominant the retail players Basically they're out of money they Cashed out the weak Nancy's the paper Hands they're out of there they're out Of there and that is another reason why We are seeing that the Bitcoin price is Not dumping because as I told you as I Talked about in my previous video we Have the miners are selling the miners Are selling their Bitcoin like crazy and Typically when the miners sell their Bitcoin boys and girls ladies and Gentlemen 48 hours 48 Australian kind of Crazy I keep watching typically when the Uh the miners sell uh their Bitcoin off The Bitcoin tanks but we're not seeing That we are not not seeing that we are Seeing a Bitcoin is just going cyber so That is strong because we're seeing that Most of the most of the holders of Bitcoin right now is institutions guys Retail investors they're they're out of There they disappeared they were at the Bed a long time ago guys so 48 Hours Something big is going to happen as I Told you uh we're seeing that right now We're seeing that more and more Bitcoin Outflows from exchanges reached an All-time high in November signaling a Shift in investor sentiment and Increasing the hodling huddling guys This is key this is another reason why Bitcoin has not collapsed after the uh

Bitcoin miners have sold because people Are hollering guys people are hollering Guys so here it is in 48 hours guys in 48 freaking hours we got the CPI data Coming out guys and you know we're Seeing we're seeing that you know last Month was 7.8 Yeah it was 7.8 and you know if we can Come in under under the under that it's Going to be huge guys it's gonna be huge If we go above that it's going to be It's going to be terrible and if we go Above that then you know our friend the Prowler he's going to raise interest Rates you know up to 100 base points Could be crazy guys so you know if we Get if we get CPI down and we get the You know the fomc meeting fomc meeting Is happening uh on the 14th so if you Get the CPI data is is good and then on The 14th we could get uh we'll probably Get the uh the the prowler out there the Prowler could come in at 55 basis points And that's going to pump the markets Guys that's going to pump the market Side crazy we could see a crazy Blast Off guys of course you buy something Like never before guys so I'm looking Forward I think it's going to be good I I got a feeling it's going to be better Than an expected murderers was out there George's going one on one guys so Dogecoin11 you want it I want it guys so What else is coming in right now we're

Also saying that crypto.com becomes the Largest exchange to uh to prove provide Proof of reserves so this is this is Kind of like the being the big thing Right now because everybody you know After FDX debacle nobody believes Anything out there in terms of exchange Reserves so if you take a look at the Finances Exchange Reserve if this will Fire up we're seeing them It's going to go up guys it's going to Go so this is binance exchange reserves And that's at 60 spelling guys so not Too shabby not too shabby out there what Else we got out there uh let's see uh The entities let's see if we got the Coinbase up there so coinbase let's see What coinbase's reserves are right now Come on come on come on come on so Coinbase right now is worth about 3.3 Billion would it be and they've got most Of most of their most of their stuff in Usdc wow that's interesting uh so there Seem to be there seem to be a bit of Exodus right now let's go back to see a Binance again and see what they're Holding they're they're holding also Busd and UST so the majority of their Stuff is in stable coins guys so this is Important if you're watching you need to Go to nascent portfolio check out the Entities because remember the entities The entities look at look at their look At their Holdings guys look at the

Holies stable coin stable coin right BTC BNB let's check out one more let's check Out one more oh get out of it get out Let's check out one more and you guys Are proven guys so you know let's see Who else is cool coin buy bit uh what's Coinbase coinbase coinbase let's go buy It let's go coupling you guys like good Coin over there that's that's really the Ending let's really empty Worth like 2 billion and once again the Majority of their stuff is in stablecoin Okay so that is an interesting factor Out there so guys watch it watch you Watch it out there so guys also you guys Need to understand that they're stable Wars the stable Wars Stars look I'm not Trying Uh it looks like the stable Wars Continue coinbase has announced that They're waving piece for Global retail Customers still convert from U.S DT to Usdc with the move coinbase entered uh The stable coin of War so remember that Uh coinbase does have does have an Interest uh a shareholding in the usdc Uh pairing company so keep that in mind So but do do keep in mind that if you Asked if usdt does collapse it will wipe Out crypto Market I mean it will wipe Crypto out we're going to be going back Into the stone ages guys so let's hope That doesn't happen and that would not Be good looks like crypto media site the

Block was secretly funded over the last Two years by the stem Bank from Fried Chicken so it looks like uh McCaffrey Mike resigned as the loans came to light So it looks like you know they had like 43 million dollars worth of these loans Out there and he didn't tell anybody he Didn't tell anybody so he resigned you Know his Goose was cooked so here on the Unemployment line with our friend Sam Bankman fried chicken out there looks Like what uh what that WTF what the beep Beep beep mother beep the same bag for Fried chicken uh thinks it would be a Productive pack to open FDA exchange and Issue a new ftt token OMG so you you lost your money don't Have any money so you're gonna start Ponzi scheme 2.0 out there you mother Beef out there and what the heck so guys Don't fall for it don't fall far and When this announcement came out we did See the FTD ftt token like pump like 28 Guys stop it get out of FDT guys before You lose your shorts OMG we're also Seeing that uh 561 uh ethereum were added by a hundred To one million uh whales between December 5th and 6th so we're seeing That accumulative shark and whale Holdings are now back to pre-merger Levels so this is very good that we're Seeing that the amount of whales still Buying ethereum is very very good guys

Bullish bullish bullish guys I love it So it looks like the monthly mfi uh 10 Has seen a historical low heaviest Overselling in Bitcoin history and every Time every time we see this mfi is is is Above 10 that is often a sign of Reversal and we could see well huge lift Up lift up we're coming guys so I'm Feeling lifting off again guys so uh dxy Is down It's upside but it's still pretty low We're seeing that uh uh Bitcoin is just Going sideways and it's great news Considering that the miners the miners Have capitulated but the price is not Wiping uh I'm gonna allow it I'm gonna Allow it we're also seeing that uh Bitcoin on the weeklies not looking to Shabby uh one day and ten hours you're Definitely going to be closing in the Guinea guys hey big news get your Freaking crypto get your get your crypto Off uh Central uh lies platforms and Lending platforms and get a freaking Hardware wallet guys uh my Nano Ledger Link is down there get it guys good get It get it you need to get it guys be Safe at night I love it and guys check Out Unstoppable domains you want to have Some web to refund I appreciate it uh Let's take out what's going on the ship Right now ship is also just going Sideways we need to delete a zero come On ship come on come on come on and

We're also seeing that uh ethereum is Just going sideways as well but that's Okay guys we're also painting a nice Bull flag from that perspective so if we If we look at this bull flag pattern Here uh it's almost like here like right There and then we go to the point of Breakout we could be seeing that this Pump 81 could take uh take a theorem uh It could go up to like 1473 guys so not Too cool not too shammy so guys and gals My gals that is going to bring this Video to clergy Wuzzy guys I would Appreciate it if you do a couple things Out there one One go back and watch all the videos two Click the likes you know that's all About subscribe if you're new do it and And three comment and you can comment More than once like I comment love Comment oh gee comment the best comment You know YouTuber on planet Earth common Dogecoin one more one come on guys Comment because it really feeds the algo It tells people that you love me and I Need some love I love it and in case You're wondering where the linkage is The linkage you know you go this is a Video you go down below you know and We've got the Discord be part of the Freaking conversation we got the now Ledger linky winky uh become a become a YouTube channel member guys I join join My join my community guys get uh access

To a private what's up group guys I Think you're gonna love it and then all The other links like you know goodbye to Coffee all that kind of stuff out there It's good guys send some Dogecoin my way Too I appreciate it if you got if you Want to help support jobs ship and guys Don't forget to get the mug the mug Merry freaking Christmas out there I've Been here and guys that's gonna bring This freaking freaking huge I'm Beautiful I'm beautiful you're beautiful You're beautiful out there video to you All I'll see in the next one guys uh Back to work tomorrow damn it I'm going Back to work tomorrow You know that's all about you know I I Hate it right you have a day off and now It's over time to cry up a river right So I'll see you next one be beautiful be Blessed I'll see you next time peace out Thank you Thank you Foreign Thank you

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