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00:00 Intro
00:15 – Holiday Sale
01:32 – Price Action
01:36 – Indicators
01:49 – Bullish Divergence
02:02 – Bearish Divergence
02:12 – Stochastic RSI
03:16 – 2015 Bear Market
03:31 – Resistance
04:30 – Short Term Rally
06:05 – MACD Cross
08:27 – 2 Year Trendline
08:35 – RSI

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Awful Weekly Candle Forming – Do This Now + Divergence Latest


Did you see this weekly candle this Might be a bad one I need to keep you up To date and we've got to talk about the Latest developments with this Divergence It's time to buckle up hit that Subscribe button my name is Steve the Clock is ticking there's only four days Left the largest sale of the year go to right now with That all in one bundle start to dominate Your trades start recovering those Losses and have much less stress I have Been where you are and I know how to Take you where I am one time payment Gets immediate access and lifetime Access take my program at your own speed Reach out to me 24 7 with any questions You have if price is a problem at Checkout we have payment plans if you Like my videos you will absolutely love My program because you're going to get My strategy that's going to help you Multiply your portfolio How would it feel to multiply your Portfolio The clock is ticking go to largest sale of The year Now let's get into this We've got to talk about this candle Right here this weekly candle that is Forming you can see it we've got to talk About it there are some very key things Happening and then the latest with

Divergence right we've got this Divergence where price action is making A low and a lower low and our indicators Are making low and a higher low at the Same time that our pressure cooker is Getting to the end Something's Gonna Give here it's been two years with this Down trending line here and we've got Our bullish Divergence forming here and It's a pressure cooker and we're getting Real real close to bursting is it going To burst to the upside or is it going to Burst to the downside and completely Null and void this bearish Divergence That we've been forming for quite a While now so we've got to talk about That and then we've got to talk about The latest with this our stochastic RSI Weekly cross that has brought momentum Into the market that is help this rally This about 18 percent rally so all of These factors intertwine they literally All connect we are in a pressure cooker It's about to burst and we have to look For Clues where are we going to burst What is going to happen So we talked about it this red line Could very well come into play in the Future the next handful of months with Bitcoin we've got to watch this red line Why because we've got substantial History with it during each bear Market It proved to be incredibly strong Support

And as you know when you break support It becomes Incredibly strong resistance this is Going to be a level that Bitcoin is Going to have some headaches with in the Future whether it's tomorrow or next Year we are going to have some headaches With this line you can go back to the 2015 bear market and we can say okay it Was Major support then major support in 2018 and also with the covet crash Support then and we are below it for the First time ever and we are having Resistance at this level so if today we Would go up to this red level it's Something about 24 000. keep in mind This red level is rising slightly each Day so over the course of time for Example when we fast forward out to October 2023 around the the Halloween time It's at about 26.3 K so it's rising slightly keep that In mind but we've got to talk about this Weekly candle what we had is we're in This down trending market right where we Had a low a lower low but at the same Time forming lower highs once we reached Our pivot bottom here the market turned Around slightly from this kind of 15.5 K And we rallied all the way up to this 18.3 K and this candle that we're Forming right now as we speak it could Be a candle that puts an end to this

Short-term rally now gravestone doji Candles are textbook candles that are Found at the tops of rallies keep in Mind this is not a long-term rally this Is just a handful of weeks right and These candles are relatively small but You know we have to call a spade of Spade when there is a gravestone doji Candle it will have a very very thin Body textbook wise a very small lower Wick and textbook wise a very large Upper Wick now this is a small Gravestone doji candle it hasn't printed Yet the body right now is too fat but if The weekly candle closed around 17.1 k Below 17.2 k It's going to be a a small gravestone Doji candle that would say that candle Would say that this short-term rally is Over But again the candle hasn't closed yet I Wanted to point this out because we're In the midst of uh this bullish Divergence now the question becomes okay Let's hypothetically say it does close As a gravestone doji candle what will it Do to this Divergence is it going to Null and void the Divergence and what Would it do to this pressure cooker does That mean the pressure cooker is going To break to this downside Let's go into detail there because There's a lot of unanswered questions

And we've got to shed some light right So we've got a few factors going we know That we have the macd cross on the Weekly so we know that there's some Momentum behind this move and we haven't Closed the candle yet so is it time to Panic and sell everything and and run And hide in the corner of the room no This is a a small candle it hasn't Closed yet we still have undeniable Momentum in the market from the Stochastic RSI right now if this candle Were to close as a textbook gravestone Doji candle it would mean that this Little short-term rally is over and we Could come back to some kind of Market Structure like here you know some 16.2 K Ish and we could hang out there and then We could rally higher there's no saying That it's over forever it just means That this little short-term rally could Have have some reversal but again we Haven't printed the candle nothing is Confirmed until it's printed until it's Clear so it's nothing to write home About to say hey this is all over There's a lot of hypotheticals because It's not closed yet but if it closes I Still won't be very nervous we would Need to look for more clues in the Market if we break to the downside here Meaning this yellow line here and we Break through here and we're down here Then we're going to be on the way to

Null and void our bullish Divergence Which has been forming Literally for six months okay we're six Months into this Divergence forming Divergence has the power to form even Over years even over decades but right Now in the crypto space a two-month Divergence is something very very Noteworthy it has power and this Pressure cooker is going to burst I Don't think a gravestone doji candle of This small nature like this representing The small rally is anything that would Really affect the pressure cooker the Pressure cooker is worried about much Bigger things than these little Gravestone dojis after a very very short Rally okay but this candle has the Potential to play with price action over The next week or two or three and that Is important but the pressure cooker When you have a two-year trend line with Multiple touch points it's powerful if You remember a few days ago this RSI Right here was trying to break through This red line it was trying like hell And again it hasn't closed yet but That's how powerful this list line is And we're coming to a point of Inflection you have this line rising and This line falling and something's got to Give right it doesn't take a rocket Scientist to figure that out something's Got to give this is a pressure cooker

Those things we can't deny okay we want To see this break to the upside we want To see a continued momentum in the Stochastic RSI and we want to see how we Deal with this red line Bitcoin is Eventually going to touch this red line Whether it's you know a few months from Now or six months from now or eight Months from now or 12 months from now We're going going to play with this red Line and that is going to tell us a lot About the power behind Bitcoin because That red line has been support for many Many many years through every time that Is the worst time for Bitcoin you know Kobe crash worst time support 2018 crash Worst time support 2015 crash worst time Support and it's always been supporting Bitcoin it's always been providing us Support and now it's our resistance so It's going to be a little bit of an Uphill battle to get through here and That is what I'm mainly interested in uh Over the coming year So take a look at this weekly candle Watch it like a hawk don't get too Emotional about it stay even Keel stay Level-headed keep watching this bullish Divergence watch this pressure cooker Like a hawk and keep an eye on the Weekly momentum is our momentum still Heading up the simple rule is if the Blue line is on top we're still good if This red line gets on top we're in

Trouble always wait for the clothes to Get confirmation and I will keep you up To date hit that subscribe button I'll See you right back here in the next Video Thank you

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