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Bitcoin is on thin ice I'm going to Explain what's happening right now but If you've ever stood on thin ice it's Not a place to be because once it starts To crack it starts to shatter and you Fall through and it gets very very ugly I'm going to explain how Bitcoin can Avoid this thin ice and come out on top If you're new here my name is Steve hit That subscribe button we're gonna jump Into this chart right here and give the Latest and greatest as we move into the Monthly close as well as this chart Major things happening on each chart in Terms of a thin ice scenario so this We'll call scenario one as Bitcoin moves Into the monthly close what I want you To notice is that when Bitcoin top we Had this incredibly large large large Selling pressure come in with this huge Wick this Wick of October 21 right this Huge Wick had our momentum running Downhill and we ran into this place Where we've been in this little price Channel for three six nine months okay Nine months we've been playing with this Price Channel okay we're on the three Month chart so each of these candles is Representing the three months price Action and what's beautiful about what Happened to bitcoin is when it fell down And it rolled down the hill and it Gained momentum and it rolled faster and Faster and faster and faster down it our

First channel top was this top Wick here The top with October 2017 and the bottom Of our price channel that we've been in Is the top of this week from January 2018. so we had the top of this Wick and The top of this Wick forming this Beautiful Channel and this beautiful Channel has defined the last nine months Of Bitcoin literally so the body of this Candle the wick of this candle the body Of this candle and the support here and Then you can see here this candle is not Closed whenever you watch this video it Won't look precisely like this it's Irrelevant until it closes when the Candle closes that's the key the candle Will close when you look out your window And there's fireworks happening on New Year's Eve that's when this candle is Going to close and I'm about to tell you The price that you want this to close if We remain inside of this beautiful Channel that we've been building for Nine months if this beautiful channel That we've been building for nine months Breaks you have to look no further than This line and this line because these Two lines are not quite like the price Channel that we've been in for nine Months they're significantly stronger Right this is kind of a thin ice Scenario we literally have been on thin Ice for nine months and if you've ever Stood on thin ice sometimes it cracks

And it's getting close to cracking this Is the bad news right if bitcoin's body Closes below this price and I'll tell You the price in a moment I also want to Give an update on this chart I'm going To give an update on this chart and We'll come back to revisit all the key Points here this chart take a look at This purple line right we're on the Weekly chart but keep an eye on this Purple line this purple line has been Our best friend for bitcoin's entire History every single bear mark Market Bitcoin has held support at this purple Line case in point 2015 holding support On this purple line 0.1 and 0.2 2018 Holding support on this purple line 0.1 And 0.2 2022 we broke this purple line For the first time ever now in charting Whenever you have a level that's been Critical support for days weeks months Years it doesn't matter the time if it's Been critical support for a long period Of time and we break it it becomes a Resistance and how we play with that Resistance is key sometimes we'll have This close support support it'll break And then it will come right back up and Hold support that's a sign of strength And it's foreshadowing into the future On other occasions if we're holding Support support and we break it and then We get resistance from this line it Sometimes rejects us down quite a bit

Right this line could be our worst enemy Right so what you're seeing here is we Came up and we battle up towards this Purple line and you can see the wick That we had right this is a selling Width this is people taking profits near Here this is saying this purple line is Not playing nice with us right we are Showing some early warning signs with This purple line if we continue to get Resistance from this line and rejected Rejected rejected the more we get Rejected from here the weaker that Bitcoin is going to be and it could fall Through that thin ice and we could break Okay so you want to look at how Bitcoin Is playing with this purple line over The coming weeks right and right now This purple line is at precisely about 19 000 just below it keep in mind it is Going down a little bit over time but 19 000 is that level that Bitcoin needs to Get back above there and hold support The way the confirmation candle so we're Showing some weakness here with this Purple line at the same time that we've Got some weakness happening with this Thin ice right so we're in this area Where Bitcoin is about to make a bigger Move and we're showing a little bit of Weakness now earlier in the videos we Showed you that Bitcoin has this bullish Divergence right that we're in this Pressure cooker that our stochastic RSI

On the weekly and the two-week chart are Critical so we're gonna keep a close eye On that we want this green line to be on Top we're a little bit far away from That happening and we have our macd Cross that's been on the 12-day chart Happens every single bear market and it Happens every time that the bottom is in Or it has happened for five times so all Of those factors are happening at the Same time that we're on this thin ice Right so we have to take in this whole Scope and if you're new to our Channel We just talk about the facts hit that Subscribe button we don't fluff anything Up we don't talk about what we hope are Gonna happen or with a coin flip or talk About all these different scenarios we Talk about pure facts cold hard facts Men lie women lie the charts don't lie So as we look at the facts here we have This little price Channel that's been Key for nine months we don't want to Play with that we need the body to close Inside of this price Channel as it has For the past nine months now where is That price that price is at about 17.2 K Right 17.2 K you want the body of Bitcoin closing the month out closing This year out above 17.2 if we don't We're gonna put a crack a pretty heavy Crack inside of our thin ice we've been On thin ice for a little while you don't Want to hang out a long time on thin ice

And if we have a crack in our thin ice This could start to turn into a bigger Shatter right so this line right here This one's at 13.7 this is a level we've Been talking about for over a year this Has always been a possibility why Because this is literally the strongest Level in Bitcoin and we have another Level at 10.7 that's incredibly strong As well so these levels very very strong These are not thin ice we've been on Thin ice inside of this price Channel Because that's the top of this Wick and The top of this Wick but these other Levels are substantial not the nice Levels so keep a close eye we don't want To follow 13.7 but we could right we Could and we're gonna have to play with This purple line again we cannot show Weakness we cannot continue to show Weakness with this purple line and the Longer it takes to break this purple Line the more turmoil Bitcoin is going To have so keep a close eye on these two Charts I wanted to give you this update So you can still stay way informed and We will be giving you some updates once That turn of the New Year happens and we Print these monthly candles we're going To start to get a lot of confirmations Into the market and we'll be pumping out Some videos to keep you up to date so Hit the Subscribe button so you don't Miss those out happy Holidays happy New

Year to you and I'll catch you in the New Year peace and love to the fellow Underdogs do you want to know when to Buy and when to sell click this video Right now

Top Crypto News Sites – How to Find the Next Crypto Gem

top crypto news|top crypto news

Top Crypto News Sites – How to Find the Next Crypto Gem

If you are looking for the best crypto news sites on the internet, you have a lot to choose from. From new ICOs to blockchain technology, you can find something to interest you at almost any moment. These sites provide unbiased coverage and news about cryptocurrencies and blockchain tech.

CryptoPanic is one of the first crypto news aggregators to hit the web. They provide subscribers with the latest market-moving stories. Their newsletters include the latest news from thought leaders in the cryptocurrency space. Subscribers can also customize which cryptocurrencies they wish to follow. This includes a portfolio tracking feature and social signals for price action. The site offers news about cryptocurrencies, as well as virtual reality and 3D printing.

CoinSpeaker is a newcomer to the online news scene, but its coverage is comprehensive. They offer regular news, interviews with major players in the industry, and technical wraps for bitcoin markets. In addition, their podcasts cover the most important news from the crypto-native finance space. You can subscribe to their newsletters and receive updates on the hottest topics from the world of fintech.

Cointelegraph is another independent publication that provides news about crypto and blockchain. Their news articles cover everything from technology to business. However, they do not post as often as some other top-tier sites. Consequently, you are more likely to see a lot of their long-form content.

Crypt0 is a great way to learn about the crypto world. It was launched by a crypto enthusiast and stock investor, and their videos are easy to follow. Plus, they have over 100k subscribers. As an added bonus, their news articles are very informative and informative.

Another good source of unbiased news is U.Today. The site covers all types of news in the crypto space, from reviews to interviews to opinion pieces. There is even a directory of people involved in the crypto space.

One of the biggest websites in the crypto-world, CoinDesk has a wide array of resources, including a dedicated BPI index and a monthly Consensus summit in New York City. They also have millions of monthly views and thousands of followers on social media. Despite being a relatively young company, they are widely recognized for their quality reporting.

Cointelegraph started as an online independent news site in 2013, and has been expanding to include more fintech, crypto and blockchain news since then. They are also known for their in-depth op-eds and other high-quality content.

One of the biggest rumors in the cryptocurrency world is that the founder of Crypt0 is a Bitcoin miner. While it may not be true, the site’s founder did invest in a crypto-related startup. So, he knows what he is talking about when it comes to a crypto related story.

Crypto Insider is a serious publication dedicated to covering the news, trends, and frontiers in the crypto space. They cover everything from op-eds to investigative journalism. Additionally, they have a dedicated education section. Despite their emphasis on journalism, they also offer a few guides to help newbies.

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