BAD NEWS: First Time In 7 YEARS

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00:00 – INTRO
01:25 – 2015
01:47 – SEPTEMBER 2021
02:18 – ABOVE 20 LEVEL
03:32 – 61%
04:43 – NETFLIX
05:39 – 179 DOLLARS
06:36 – META
07:27 – 77%
07:59 – EARNINGS
09:29 – BITCOIN

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BAD NEWS: First Time In 7 YEARS


Have you seen this chart right here First time in seven years that the price Has been this low I'm going to unveil What this chart is at the end of the Video but first we've got to talk about The major occurrence that's happening Right down here my name is Steve hit That subscribe button we just dropped The largest sale of the year but time is Running out go to the countdown Is running this is the all-in-one click Right here to sign up and again if you Are looking to make your financial Situation better and you want to recover Those painful losses this is your best Opportunity and a golden opportunity Waldo was just like you he wanted to Recover his losses he went to he signed up to The all-in-one and then he said he can Use the profits to pay off his house What would that feel like if you were Able to do that go to sign up right Now if you have any questions email me At info info at This chart is going to be blocked do you Know what this chart is we're going to Unveil it at the end but take a look at What's happening right we just had a Complete downfall in price down to this Pivotal level that happened to be Critical Market structure for this

Entire time period of 2015 holding Critical resistance on this monthly Chart here and then critical support on This monthly chart here and most Recently in January of 2016 coming back To hold as support for the last time With a large buying Wick a lot of buying Pressure coming in at this time and That's what helped Propel to a new All-time high and then the most recent Crash down in 2018 and then another new All-time high in September of 2021. what is most interesting about This chart is what's happening down here With the stochastic RSI the momentum on The monthly chart the last time that we Had a monthly stochastic RSI cross was Way back in 2018 literally four years Ago almost to the day is when we had the Last cross and four years later now We're here again with a new cross what You want to watch for with this chart is A confirmation of that cross above the 20 Level which we're getting very close Right we're getting very close to that 20 Level that's when the confirmation Will come into the market that the Momentum is here and that it's time to Really focus now you're probably Wondering what is this chart right what Is this chart that somehow started back Here in 2012 right do you have any Guesses put it in the comments down Below but this is a chart that you're

Not going to anticipate me covering this Chart may surprise you that I'm covering It but I read the comments I know what You guys want more of and I'm delivering It right now so with this you look at The market structure right when Something goes up so substantially so Significant in such a strong fashion You're gonna see these downfalls and in 2018 the correction was just 44 but for This particular chart 44 was a lot right We hadn't had those 44 Corrections right We had another 140 here so this was 44. This was 40. and outside of that there Hasn't been a whole lot to talk about Outside of back here in the early early Days when it fell initially 61 right After I don't know how to word this Without giving it away but when it first Came out it dropped 61 percent and that Was on some mainly some news and mainly Earnings and earnings are playing a key Role here and earnings may have just Given a little clue as to what this Chart is because the earnings in the Very beginning were the cause of the Downfall and the earnings now are the Same cause of the downfall except this Time it wasn't 40 percent it wasn't the 61 percent that it saw in the beginning Days this downfall is 77 but what I'm Most interested in is the stochastic RSI Because this could be a major clue shall We unveil it shall we unveil what this

Is right here which coin or which stock This is shall we unveil it now okay what I want to describe is a little more Information about this chart okay so First I'll unveil it and then I'll Explain what's happened here and then I'll explain what's happening here I'll Give you a little clue as to what this Is it's in this category this is Netflix We covered Netflix right here in this Channel back in May june-ish May junish When it was at about 179. so Netflix was at about 179 people Were literally freaking out there's Blood in the streets everything single Article on planet Earth on Netflix at The time was saying that we're gonna go Substantially lower that Netflix was Done that Netflix was no more uh it was Going to go to zero they were losing all Of their subscribers that had come During the covet crisis everybody signed Up they made a lot of money they lost Everybody and they were on a complete Spiral and we came right here on this Channel and we said this is a pretty Damn good time to buy why Netflix has Done something similar and not once not Twice but this is the third time that It's dropped 77 70 80 percent right so We put a pretty heavy buy Target at Eight out 180 179 and for the reason That they're always ahead of the curve Netflix is always ahead of the curve and

People are not gonna stop enjoying Movies it's just they're not going to Stop and Netflix has always LED this Entire industry so nothing fundamentally Changed about their product or service They just had a lot of bad press with Losing subscribers but everybody had a Peek in the covet after covid they Printed so much money everybody was Spending a lot more money and it was Obvious that Netflix was in a situation Where it was a pretty good buying Opportunity so 179-ish we put a Buy Signal on and since then you know it's Up over 80 percent so something similar Is playing out here and now we can Unveil it the moment you've been waiting For you probably put your comment in the Comment section guessing what this is But this is drum roll please this is Meta this is meta now I don't cover the Stock market very often our most recent Cover was on Netflix and this is our but I read the comments you guys want some More stocks so here's what's happening Here basically what's happened is in the Beginning when meta came out is called Facebook stock at the time when the Facebook Stock came out they the plummet In prices was just people saying hey They don't know how to earn money yet Which was true they were not focused on Generating Revenue they were focused on Users and we were still early in the

Social media days where users now carry More weight than Revenue but in the Beginning investors were like hey There's no Revenue here so that's why This plummeted in price now we got into An all-time high and what's happened With this correction with this Downfall With this plummet in prices of 77 was Essentially all of that money that they Learned how to generate they took a Whole bunch of it and invested in their Future nothing fundamentally changed About I use WhatsApp nothing Fundamentally changed about WhatsApp in Fact it's at one of its highest usage Rates ever nothing fundamentally changed About Instagram another company that They own that's included in this stock Nothing fundamentally changed about them Either in fact it's the highest usage Rate ever basically the only thing that Changed which caused this downfall in Price was earnings shareholders are very Interested in earnings and earnings that Continue to grow so they can continue to Salivate the only thing that meta did Was they took a bunch of their earnings And invested it into the metaverse and Into their VR headset had a pretty heavy Clip which is in my opinion is quite Smart because Facebook although I Haven't used Facebook in years I started Using Facebook my sophomore year in College that's when it came out when it

Was just like just for University people I didn't go to Harvard so I didn't get In like really early in Facebook but They invited us my sophomore year and And I joined I used it for a while and I Haven't used it in many many years I Would guess not much has changed there But I would also be honest that Facebook Is is kind of dying Instagram is growing WhatsApp is growing and they're looking For that next to leg so in my opinion Mark Zuckerberg has proven time and time Again that he's pretty buttoned up you Shouldn't really bet against him and he Took a whole bunch of their profits to Invest in the future which they believe To be the VR headset and the metaverse Which I would also agree is a pretty Good bet at the future outside of Facebook so when you have something like The stochastic RSI cross up for the First time in more than four years we're Looking for that to get above here to Confirm a pretty nice buying opportunity And what I will say to you is this and The same applies to bitcoin the same Applies to this chart here you want to Invest and you want to make your Decisions on the chart art you want to Make your buy or sell decision based on The chart not based on the circumstance Not based on what's happening because When we talked about Netflix we were Knee-deep in the middle of a bear Market

The bear Market was heating up and it Was getting worse and it was very very Clear and the news that was out about Netflix said it was going to get Substantially worse like bloody bloody Bloody worse and we put a buy Target on It because of the facts in the charts You never want to go based on what Everybody's saying is going to happen All the the bear Market's going to get Worse the pandemic the whatever the case May be you want to make a decision a Sound decision based on the chart it's Easy to get clouded judgment and clouded Vision but I would say something similar With meta it looks like a good Opportunity is very very close when we Get that confirmation above here let me Know your comments down below peace and Love to the fellow underdogs [Music] Thank you [Music]

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