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7:21 – How to manually import trades
14:44 – Automate crypto taxes with API’s
15:55 – Generate a tax report
17:45 – Free accounts, bonuses & more
19:43 – Tax Tips
23:05 – 2 zero tax crypto tax countries


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Best crypto tax software to be using in The market and the best places to live For crypto traders in crypto investors That's exactly what we're going to be Talking about in this video so if you Guys would like to retire on this island In the Pacific hit the Thumbs Up Button Because we will be giving a shout out we Will be revealing what island this is as Well and some other very very important Things to do with crypto crypto taxes And a tool I'm personally using to Record in my crypto trades in the Cryptocurrency market right now and if You guys don't know about crypto taxes There are some important things you do Need to know so depending on where you Live crypto to crypto trades might Actually be a taxable event so if you're Trading Bitcoin to ethereum you're Trading ethereum to ship you're trading Lunar classic to Shiba Inu and you're Doing lots of trades in the crypto space Crypto to crypto they may actually be Taxable events depending on what country You are residing in okay another factor To know is airdrops might also be Taxable so if you're receiving an Airdrop from cryptocurrency that might Also be a taxable event Reflections and Staking might also be taxable so on the Channel we've spoken about a lot of Cryptos that have Reflections passive Rewards staking rewards depending on

Where you live that might also be a Taxable event that you need to be aware Of and then on top of that there's also Some countries out there that have zero Percent crypto tax for residents we're Going to be talking about that at the End of this video but crypto taxes are One thing you do 100 need to understand You do need to know about this if you Don't need to if you don't know about This you might actually be turning your Crypto investing into a crypto nightmare So crypto taxes can also morph into a Crypto nightmare so if you are not on Top of your crypto record keeping you're Not organized you haven't been tracking Your trades this can actually snowball Into a massive nightmare where you Actually don't have records you haven't Been you know on top of your Transactions and when you go back to try And do your taxes for the year you might Be scratching your head and you might be Pulling your hair out because you Actually don't know you're lost you're Completely lost with your crypto trades And you're not organized and this can Actually be a reality for a lot of Crypto investors out there so this is Something you need to know about but in This video the good news is I have a Solution for you so it's actually a Software I use is the best tax tool I Know this is what I personally use and

What you can actually get is a free Account with this where you're speaking About it very soon and I've also got a Special link for you guys which with a 10 discount for it and how to use it so We're going to run through how to Actually use this we're going to be Doing some manual trades uh how to Import some trades into the Crypt in Into this tax tool and eventually what This is going to do it's going to save You a ton of time and also nightmares in The crypto space so again if you're not Recording your transactions you're not On top of your your crypto record Keeping you may be in for a crypto Nightmare which no one really wants to Be part of because if you haven't been Keeping your records straight you might Be getting a knock on the door from the IRS or another tax Authority depending On where you live and they might Potentially issue you with fines or even Worse you know offenses penalties and Things like that so it's something you Definitely want to be keeping on top of And then we're also going to be talking About some real crypto tips from me Regarding record keeping as well so I've Been trading at the crypto market for a Long period of time we'll be sharing With you guys some real tips that can Help you that I wish I knew when I Started trading cryptocurrency and then

Also we're going to be mentioning some Of those zero tax countries that are out There where are all the big investors Going where are all the big you know Crypto YouTubers where are they heading Right now zero tax crypto countries will Be talking about that and also I have a Free giveaway at the end so sometimes I Love to give away back to my community And I always appreciate you guys tuning Into these videos so if you are tuning Into this video let me know by hitting The thumbs up button on this video to Let me know you guys are watching and You guys appreciate it so to kick off The best crypto tax tool I'm currently Using in the market it's coin try Tracking so this is the leader for Cryptocurrency tracking and tax Reporting it makes things a lot easier And I'll be showing you guys exactly how This works and how it can help you Specifically along your crypto Journey As well but it does pretty much Everything in regards to tax in regards To record keeping it works with all the Big crypto exchanges out there so you Can import your data from some of the Big crypto exchanges out there so if you Use binance it works with binance if You're using buy bit it works with buy Bit if you're using coin spot in Australia it works with that Gemini Kraken coinbase you guys name it coin

Tracking Works closely with a lot of the Big crypto exchanges out there qcoin Maxi basically all of them it also works With a lot of the wallets so if you're Using specific wallets out there coin Tracking also works closely with those Wallets and you can integrate your data From those wallets to make it a lot Easier and they've also got some really Good endorsements from other people out There besides myself that use this tax Software but lots of people out there Are using a CP EA's professionals tax Lawyers Tax Consultants attorneys and You can see some big endorsements as Well from NASDAQ CNN Forbes and CNBC and Some other massive names out there so You so again it's well recognized it's An authority in the tax reporting area And we're going to get into it right now So this is the one I use and what you Can do is you can actually sign up for a Completely free account you can use my Link so I've got a special link to coin Tracking partner of the channel and if You use my link right here you can Create a free account and then later on If you want to upgrade to some more Premium options premium features coin Tracking can do you can actually get a Permanent 10 off using my link right There so you can use my link so what you Can do is click my link right there it's Going to take you over to coin tracking

And you can tell right here you've got The 10 discount from crypto Zeus at the Top and that's valid forever as well so If you want to upgrade to those premium Options which we'll talk about in this Video you can and this is the one that I Use so first thing you want to do is Actually create an account for this so There's over 1 million users already Using this tax software and trusting it As well and they're actually very very Big on privacy too which I like quite a Lot so you can actually sign up for a Free account and uh what I'm going to do Is just create a free account so see Zeus demo run is the name of the account I'm going to put in a password right There the password is strong and you Also have the option which is really Good for privacy to include your email Address so you can either not include an Email address or you can include an Email address and again this is Recognition that these guys are big on Privacy in the crypto space but I do Recommend putting in an email address Because this will help you to recover an Account if you lose your password so if You lose your password and you haven't Put in an email address you know you Can't get back into the account but I Definitely recommend putting in an email Right there and you can see right here It's taking us through to the first page

Where we need to select the currency We're using so let's say we're using US Dollars we uh the language is English But they have lots of different options For people in different countries right There and the time zone we are in so Let's say we're in the Pacific Time US And Canada so add or import your Transactions right now and now we're Actually into the area where you can add Your transactions for your crypto trades And what we're going to do in this video Is I actually want to give you guys a Manual demonstration of how this Platform actually works before we kind Of get into the more automated ways Where it can make your life a lot easier In the crypto space so we're going to Actually enter some manual trades I'm Going to show you exactly how to do that Right now so right here I've recorded Some transactions for cryptocurrency for Demonstration purposes and how you can Actually put it into the tax software Right now so for example if you're using Coinbase and you did a trade on the 26th Of October 2018 we need to record that In coin tracking and we're doing the Manual way but you can automatically do It later on but I just want to show you Guys how to do it manually so you Actually have that understanding about Out how to use this tool and it's going To help you out so the first thing we're

Going to do right now is click new right Here and this is going to add a new Transaction and the transaction the First transaction we want to put in Right here is this one so 26th of October 2018 we're depositing 1 000 US Dollars onto coinbase so I'm going to Change the date right here to 26 of October 2018 and I'm actually going to Trade change this over here to deposit So I'm depositing one thousand dollars USD is the currency US dollar coin right Here the exchange I'm using is coinbase And the comment I'm going to put down The bottom just for my own record Keeping purposes is I deposited 1000 USD Onto coinbase and so that data all looks Correct and I'm going to edit that Transaction in right now so we have now Recorded that transaction and the second Thing I want to record as well is let's Say I've done a trade here where I've Traded that 1000 USD for Bitcoin so Deposited money into coinbase I'm now Going to trade trade that for Bitcoin so What am I going to do I'm going to head Back over here I'm going to put in new Right here and I'm actually going to Select the trade option at the top so We're doing a trade now and we're going To select the right date and what we're Going to be doing is we're going to Actually be selling our US dollars so We're selling 1 000 USD right here on

The right hand box and we're actually Going to be buying Bitcoin so how much Bitcoin were we buying again so we're Trading 1 000 USD for Bitcoin and the Bitcoin price at that time was 5883 so We're actually buying 0.169 Bitcoin so we're going to put that Right in here 0.169 BTC and uh select Bitcoin from the Drop down menu again the trade is going To be on coinbase right here and the Comment I'm going to put is trade USD For BTC right here and then I'm going to Save this transaction so that Transaction has now been saved with Which is excellent but then again Because I'm a crypto Trader I'm going to Do some more trades right here so let's Say my next trade I'm going to do is I'm Going to trade 0.1 Bitcoin for 1.4 if How am I going to put this into coin Tracking right here and the way I'm Going to do that is that that's happened On the 4th of October 2021 so I'm going To click new again I'm going to click Trade so we're doing a trade right here The date is the 4th of October 2021 and What we're going to be doing is we're Going to be trading 0.1 Bitcoin for 1.4 Eth right here so we're going to be Buying 1.4 ethereum type that in Ethereum coin and we're also going to be Selling 0.1 BTC right there so coinbase again is the

Exchange and again trade BTC for eth so We're trading Bitcoin for ethereum on The 4th of October 2021 so that transaction has now been Recorded which is excellent but again Because we're crypto Traders and let's Say we time the market absolutely Perfectly and what we're going to be Doing is now selling out of our ethereum And Bitcoin back into US dollars and Then we're actually going to withdraw The US dollars to the bank account as Well let's put in this next transaction 10th of November 2021 10th of the 11th 2021 and we're going to be selling 0.069 Bitcoin for four six three three Point zero zero five US dollars so sell 0.069 BTC and we're going to be buying US dollars so we're trading back into USD and we're going to put that Transaction through right there type in Coinbase and trade BTC to USD right There and now we actually want to record Our next trade which is we're trading Out of ethereum back to US dollars as Well so we're going to put in this Transaction as well so 10th of November 2021 so again we click new we click Trade we change the date right here 10th Of the November 2021 and what are we Doing we are selling 1.4 ethereum and We're going to be buying back into US Dollars so 638.8 US Dollars The Exchange Is a coinbase and the comment rate here

Is trade eth back to USD and uh click Add transaction so that is looking Really really nice and then the next day Let's say we're going to withdraw this Money back to the bank because we need To go spend it on a deposit for a Lambo So we're gonna do withdrawal right now And uh so that money is going to go to a Bank so we're going to select withdrawal Right here the date is the 11th of November 2021 and the amount we are withdrawing Is 11 271.805 cents right there so eleven two Seven one point eight zero five USD and Then we're going to type in coinbase Again and then we're going to say Withdraw USD to bank and we click save And uh what we have right now is we have Accurately recorded all our transactions For crypto and because of this we now Can you know get a tax report we can Analyze this but we have recorded Exactly what we have traded in the Crypto space and you can see the Different options for recording Transactions and coin tracking there are Different things you can put in here so Staking mining airdrops Um also spend also stolen hacks as well Frauds you can record in coin tracking So they have lots of different options For recording transactions and if we Actually jump over to the dashboard and

We click recalculate trades right here It's going to re it's going to Recalculate our trades and now we Actually get a full analysis of all the Trades we have done within coin tracking Which is extremely extremely helpful you Can see in sequential order right here Our timeline when we first did our trade You know we're trading on coinbase we First bought BTC we traded twice right There we traded BTC for eth and right Here we vote traded back to Fiat and you Can actually see the balance of my Portfolio you know US dollars right here As we invested so we invested around 1000 USD and actually tracks the value Of your portfolio as well so we had two Big spikes correlating to the crypto Prices and then we sold the top because We're absolute Pros in the crypto space So we sold the very top of the crypto Market on another 10th of November right Here and we cashed out 11 386 but it Basically tracks your portfolio and you Can see right here our portfolio goes to Zero because we've done a big withdrawal Back to the bank account but what we've Done right here is manual entries and it Is important to understand the manual Entries before you get into the apis and The CSV uploads but the ways to automate Crypto record keeping is actually you Can import Um CSV files or you can use apis to

Record transactions which basically Quickens all this data entry that we did Manually you can actually do it all Automatically through different crypto Exchanges so for example with Kraken Right here you can do like a CSV or an API import and they actually have Complete instructions on how to do that So API Imports they've got a YouTube Tutorial on exactly how you can import API keys to get them working to Automatically record all your Transactions into coin tracking right Here which is super helpful or you can Also potentially extract the data out of The crypto exchanges you use such as CSV Files and you can also import it into Coin tracking as well so extremely Highly helpful a huge amount of Flexibility what types of crypto Exchanges you can do it but at the end Of the day why are we doing this it's Because we want to record our record Keep here in crypto and then once we Have accurate records in coin tracking Right here we can actually then generate Tax reports which is what we're very Very interested in right here so if we Go to tax report right here and we Select the 2021 income year which was What we would try trading in the taxi Rate here so let's say we're a USA Investor right here so we're going to Select United States but they also have

Tons of other countries so you can Select whatever country you're coming From and then you can go through and Basically generate a tax report so you Can actually generate a free one for a Free account right here so click Generate new tax report and uh I can Actually load the report right now and It gives me all the information for my Tax return which is extremely extremely Helpful so this is the stuff you need This is the information that the IRS is Uh wanting as well and it basically Records all the important data for your Tax return and again this doesn't only Just work for the USA it works for a Bunch of different countries so you Could be tuning in from Australia you Could be tuning in from the UK you could Be tuning in from a lot of different Countries it also has a bunch of other Very good tools and Analysis tools you Can look into on their dashboard so Extremely valuable insights and data you Can get out of your own crypto trades Which ones are successful which ones Aren't successful where you're making Your money and then on top of that say If you're having trouble with your tax Return you know you've got questions you Can't reconcile some things coin Tracking also has the full service Option as well so if you have trouble And you need professional assistance uh

You can actually request full service Through coin tracking and they have Different countries as well so they're Connected in with all the tax Specialists around the world USA Europe You know UK lots of different countries Right here and they can connect you Through to the professionals who can Give you professional tax advice so Remember this video it's only a high Level overview it's kind of what I'm Doing the crypto space but always Consult a professional who knows what They're doing for your own financial Decisions and if we actually have a look At some of the different account options They have so using my link you can Actually sign up for a free account but On top of that you also get a 10 bonus If you want to upgrade to some different Options out there and you can see the Different types of plans they have Depending on how many crypto trades you Are doing so you can get a free account For under 200 transactions right there And the free account you can do CSV Imports and then if you want to upgrade And do more the API so the automatic Recording of your transactions with apis You can you can upgrade to a pro account And that's going to give you 3 500 Transactions and then if you're a whale In the crypto space you're doing lots of Trades using apis you can use backups

And you can go up to expert and Unlimited accounts and you can see the Prices you can get coin tracking for as Well so again if you want to try it for Free you can sign up try it for free and Then if you're getting a lot of value Out of coin tracking you can actually go Onto one of their upgraded plans right Here you can see one of the cheapest Ones is 12.99 per month right there and Then it goes up depending on what type Of package you want to do and you can Also pay with crypto as well so you can Pay with crypto PayPal these are lots of Different options and on top of that They also have a bunch of free tools as Well so if you actually sign up for a Premium user account you can actually Get a bunch of discounts which I thought Was really cool so they've got some very Very good deals and discounts because They're so well connected in the crypto Space with other different crypto Exchanges as well so they've got crypto Exchange discounts they've got discounts For tax and education for connecting Into some of them crypto analytics you Can get some nice discounts for other Ones nordvpn so I use nordvpn as well so They've got a nice discount for nordvpn Too and lots of different other bonuses With coin tracking but again this is Exactly what I'm using in the crypto Space but again if you're not keeping

Record of your transactions you're going To find yourself in a world of pain and So for some personal tips from me so What's been really helpful what are some Important things you need to know about Tax and crypto so number one you have to Stay on top of your crypto transactions So every time you're making a trade you Need to be getting into the habit of Recording that in tax software tools Such as coin tracking okay so you Definitely want to be on top of this you Don't want to leave it if you're not Recording your transactions don't try And do what I did cost and try and Record it in Excel that can uh end up in Complete disaster so you don't want to Be falling behind on this you're not This is not something you're going to be Leaving to the end of the year and then You know getting into a bit of a panic About it because all your transactions Are a mess stay on top of your crypto Trades as you go for extra Simplicity uh What you can do which is really helpful Is to use less crypto addresses and less Centralized exchanges so consolidate Your trading through a fewer exchanges So pick a crypto exchange you know Consolidate your trading onto that that Can make reconciling your transactions a Lot easier the more crypto exchanges You're using sometimes are going to be a Bit more trickier so unless you have a

Really good reason to be using lots of Centralized exchanges for your crypto Trading one of the best things you can Do is use one crypto exchange for Depositing crypto trading crypto and Withdrawing crypto that can make it very Very easy and also if you're into Altcoin gems you want you might want to Be using a crypto exchange that has a Lot of big selection of altcoin jam so One I in particular I use quite a lot is Maxi they've got a ton of altcoin gem so I've got a link to Max c as well in the Description of this video but that can Also be very helpful for your crypto Trading and unless you have a really Good reason to be using multiple Centralized exchanges and multiple Wallets uh you're just going to make Things a lot more complicated for Yourself so keep things simple and That's the same thing with decentralized Wallets as well so if you have like a Metamask you know you don't want to be Creating like a hundred metamask Addresses if there's no real reason You're doing that you know consolidate It into one trading address so you have One trust Wallet account One metamask Account so don't be creating extra Addresses if you don't need to okay so You're just going to make things more And more complicated for yourself so Keep things simple also we mentioned

Apis as well so apis can make your life A lot easier they can record Transactions automatically and you can Link them through and we mentioned them Right here so binance apis and a lot of These crypto exchanges will have apis That you can connect to and automate a Lot of this stuff for you so get it set Up correctly once I do the hard work Once early and then let you know the Crypto API do all the other work for you So that is what you can potentially do To make your life a lot easier is use Apis and use that coin tracking and tip Number five if you're getting lost with Your crypto taxes you're falling behind You need help you definitely want to be Seeking professional advice earlier Rather than later so remember this is Like a snowball effect the longer you Leave your crypto taxes you don't you Know pay attention to it you're not Recording transactions this is going to Morph into a crypto nightmare you don't Want to be the person who gets the knock At the door at the IRS or your tax Authority and they ask you for your Crypto records and you're like oh I've Got them you know I've got a hundred Different records 100 different Exchanges and haven't really been Keeping on top of it that can land you With some massive penalties and fines as Well so just be aware of that get on top

Of things earlier and again if you need Professional advice you can talk to coin Tracking and you can you can go for the Full service right here to help you out Uh with your journey right here in the Tax space and I also wanted to mention To you guys some crypto countries which Are very tax friendly so I did start say This at the start of the video you know What are some of these countries out There uh the first one I want to give a Shout out to is Dubai so if you guys do Not know Dubai it's a country in the Middle East and uh it's located right Here on the map and what you're going to Find is some of the biggest YouTubers Out there crypto YouTubers they're going To be located in Dubai uh right here and The reason they're going to Dubai a lot Of you know crypto people are going to Dubai is one it's because it's big on Networking but uh also on top of that There's no income taxes for individuals So individuals trading crypto in Dubai Matter of fact no taxes on that so that Is one of the big ones I've spoken to uh YouTubers such as Connor Kenny good Crypto YouTuber friend of mine he lives In Dubai and you're going to find other Big YouTubers living in Dubai because Again it's a tax-free zone for Individuals but as always make sure to Do your own research not Financial Advice but that is one place where

You're going to find a lot of crypto YouTubers as well and there's a bit of An Easter egg you know what is this Island I was talking about right here It's one of the many islands off the Coast of Vanuatu so this is another one That is getting a lot of attention from Crypto investors uh people who run Online businesses Vanuatu why because There are no income taxes on Vanuatu as Well so where is Vanuatu located and This is located all the way off the North east coast of Australia in the Pacific right here Vanuatu and this is Also on the rise so they've recently Done a big flip on crypto so they're Actually quite friendly to crypto now It's a tax-free country for individuals Right here but as always make sure to do Your own research not Financial advice But that is another one that's popping Up on the radar and I've seen a lot of Crypto projects get set up in vanuar too Crypto investors go to Vanuatu as well And that's another one kind of a Hidden Gem rising up as well so Dubai and Vanuatu but there's also going to be a Lot of other tax friendly countries out There and uh you can check them out by Doing your own research as well and as Promised I did say I was going to do a Free giveaway at the end guys so I'm Going to have a free giveaway for this One so always appreciate you guys tuning

Into this video but what I've done Because coin tracking good partner of The channel right here what I'm actually Going to do is put out this tweet after This video and I'm going to ask the Question got a crypto tax question Reflections best crypto places to live Drop it below in coin tracking we'll Take a look and you can try coin Tracking for free now and also get a 10 Discount if you upgrade your plan use my Link but they're going to be responding To people in this thread because they Are the ones who are a crypto tax Professionals not myself but as a Giveaway what I'll be doing one person Who likes and retweets my Twitter posts Right here you'll be getting fifty Dollars free crypto from myself so one Of you guys get 50 worth of crypto for Dropping a like and retweet and of Course if you do have a tax question Feel free to drop it in the thread and Coin tracking we'll take a look so fifty Dollars will be given away free over on Twitter but hopefully you guys got a ton Of value uh in this video the key Takeaway for me is guys you have have to Record your crypto transactions Accurately use a tool like coin tracking To do it and you can use my link to get Some good bonuses right there but that Is a very important lesson for anyone Trading in cryptocurrency today hope you

Guys enjoyed the video thank you for Watching and I'll see you guys in the Next one crypto Zeus signing out

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