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We have some big and Urgent Cryptocurrency updates to talk about on The channel today they involve binance They involve busd they involve Kraken They involve coinbase and then we're Also going to take an important look at The crypto prices how are they holding Up right now in the crypto market and a Lot more so if that sounds good to you Guys hit the Thumbs Up Button make sure To stick around to the end of the video As always not Financial advice and let's Get straight into this video so the First piece of breaking news I want to Bring you guys have a look at this sec To sue crypto Trustco paxos over binance Stablecoin right there so this is really Big and it says here the SEC is alleging That busd is an unregistered security According to the report the news comes Days after coindesk reported paxos is Under investigation by the New York Department of Financial Services below The scope the investigation is unclear And how is this connected to binance so Busd it's the stable coin wholly owned And managed by binance and it says here As a result busd market cap will only Decrease over time paxos will continue To service the product manage Redemptions and will follow up with Additional information as required paxos Also assured the funds are safe and Fully covered by reserves in their Banks

So guys this is absolutely massive news This is really big and I just want to Give you guys the inside scoop what I Think is happening right now the SEC is Unleashing war against centralized Exchanges right now and you can see here Paxos reportedly ordered to stop issuing Binance USD so the market cap of busd Coins may now be capped it may start to Reduce and this is just another torpedo In the side of a centralized crypto Exchanges right now getting shot out by The SEC and uh this is really really big Stuff and if you have a look at the coin Gecko charts right here busd it is Sitting at number seven but the market Cap potentially May decrease and I Actually predicted that when one of the Last recent videos I said the SEC will Come after binance busd and we are Seeing that happen right now but in Addition to that coinbase is uh firing Back at the SEC right now and coinbase CEO happy to go to court over U.S stance On staking which is really big so they Are saying they're not going to accept This they're going to go the whole way To the courtroom to take on the battle With the SEC right now and uh Brian Armstrong has said right here coinbase Is staking services are not Securities We'll happily defend this in court if Needed and uh what's happened just Recently as staking revenues have now

Been under threat you can actually see a Massive tumble in the price of coinbase So I also told you guys this will impact Centralized exchanges because they're Going to be less profitable because they Were charging fees on staking but again It was making a lot more convenient for People to stake their crypto as well Because if you do staking by yourself Through you know a decentralized wallet Make all the requirements whereas if you Do it through a centralized exchange the Benefit is you know it's a lot more Convenient it's a lot easier to actually Participate in and if you actually have A look right here guys you can see the Five-day movement of the coinbase share Price decrease on the back of those news And you can also see right here you know Kraken CEO Jesse Powell has also fired Back at the misinformed staking ban Right here so there is a conflicting Narrative between the SCC basically Saying you know it's really easy all you Have to do is comply but then again Cracking a coinbase is saying you know The SEC is making it intentionally Ambiguous hard to comply with and the Battle is Raging right now between the SEC and centralized crypto exchanges so Overall what do I think of all this guys I don't think it's particularly that Great for crypto in the immediate term I Do think crypto Will Survive regardless

Though but it has definitely trickled Into the crypto prices and you can see Right here first weekly death cross ever For Bitcoin this week and the crypto Market has been a little bit rattly Recently but again I'm long-term bullish About crypto if we actually jump over to The crypto prices today the crypto Bubbles how are we going over on the Market you can't see massive day of red Except for baby Doge coin so shout out To Baby Dogecoin they must be doing some Extremely exciting things so to give Them a shout out over on Twitter a Couple of days ago but baby Dogecoin Doing some good things in the crypto Market up in the top 100 Zill is also up The rest of crypto Market goes we're Tracing today but I'm not too worried About that but you can see that fud kind Of trickle into the crypto market right Here decreases in a lot of our crypto Prices Dogecoin down 4.7 percent ship Down five percent and lunar classic down 4.2 percent but overall you know I think Crypto has a bright future overall I Think you know it's playing a big Valuable role in society and I do think You know there's issues like inflation Out there government printing also Innovations in the financial markets That crypto can definitely look to solve And I'm staying bullish on crypto in the Long run even though there is some SEC

Battles happening right now but guys if You guys enjoy the update make sure to Smash the thumb Thumbs Up Button Subscribe to the channel if you want to Stay fully up to date in the crypto Market you can sign up to my free email List for some future crypto tips to come Out I've got the crypto Zeus Mastery Course we've got links to crypto taxes And free bonuses on crypto exchanges as Well but guys that's a massive update I Appreciate you guys tuning into the Video have a good one and I'll see you Guys in the next one crypto Zeus signing Out

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