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Cesio binance has spoken out against the Fud about busd and the binance crypto Exchange we're going to be breaking down Exactly what it means for busd in the Market right now we also have some other Massive news because the SEC continues On the war path today more big updates Happening on that front and also on top Of that I want to give you guys an Update on the crypto prices how are they Holding up today in the cryptocurrency Market what do you need to look out for And that's exactly what we're going to Be talking about so hit the Thumbs Up Button as always not Financial advice And let's get straight into it and I Want to bring you the big story about CZ And busd so we said right here in Summary the USD is issued and Redeemed By paxos and funds are safer so that is Some nice reassurance from CZ and I have To say he's one guy in the past who has Said fonza seifu and they have ended up Being safe we know out there there have Been some other leaders in Cryptocurrency who say you know funds Are safe customer deposits are safe and It turns out they weren't safe but CZ is A guy who has a good track record in Cryptocurrency see and that is a Reassuring first statement from CZ and He says right here we were informed by Paxils that have been directed to cease Minting new busd by the New York

Department of Financial Services paxos Is regulated by the nydfs busd is a Stablecoin wholly owned and managed by Paxos as a result busd market cap will Only decrease over time paxos will Continue to service the product and Manage redemptions paxus also assured us The funds of safu and fully covered by Reserves in their banks with their Reserves audited many times by various Audit firms already and I just want to Pause there and say that is very good so Again what we are after is redemption of Busd so if you're holding some USD right Now I'm holding busd and it's good to Know I can redeem my busd for USD in the Future he also goes on to say on the Alleged SEC vs paxos lawsuit I have no Information about it other than the Public news articles the lawsuit is Between the US and SCC and paxos I am Not an expert on U.S laws but personally I agree with miles's logic here and Miles basically sums up some key Elements of the Howie test criteria on How you know Securities are determined And it says the Supreme Court Established four criteria to turn to Determine whether an investment contract Exists an investment of money in a Common Enterprise with the expectation Of profit to be derived from the efforts Of others and people are really Scratching their heads about this you

Know why would the USD be classified as Security the only thing that makes sense To me is the Classic Game of Thrones Narrative that I've told you guys who Have subscribed to the channel what it's All about so again Game of Thrones it's All about power the SEC it's all about Power it's all about maintaining that Power and one thing they can do is you Know they have power to launch lawsuits Against Rivals that potentially you know May be giving their influence a run for Their money so you guys if you've been Old school investors in cryptocurrency You would know that by now it's crypto Exchange has been number one for a long Period of time the reason it's been Number one for a long period of time Because they have great fees it's cheap And it's had a really good safety track Record so they actually have been Exploited in the past but they refunded Their customers and they built up a lot Of trust and uh you know it is the Number one crypto exchange and you know Potentially there are groups out there That would love to see binance fall from The number one position that is my Belief anyway because a lot of this Stuff again it defies logic about what Is going on with the SEC they're just on A war path and czat also says right here Binance will continue to support busd For the foreseeable future we do foresee

Users migrating to other stable coins Over time and we will make products and Adjustments accordingly EG move away From using busd as the main pair for Trading and he concludes by saying given The ongoing regulatory uncertainty in The markets we will be reviewing other Projects in those jurisdictions to Ensure our users are insulated from Undue harm so guys massive things are Happening between SEC and binance right Now but the good news is busd CZ is Assuring people that it's safe you can Redeem your busd and potentially they Might phase it out over time but again The big question everyone's mind is you Know why is the SEC on such a war path Right now why is it targeting crypto why Is it launching all these campaigns and On top of that have a look at this Breaking news right here sec to Target Crypto firms operating as qualified Custodians so it's saying right here you Know the SEC is working on a draft Proposal that would make it difficult For crypto firms to hold digital assets On their clients behalf as qualified Custodians so this is going to impact Hedge funds private Equity firms Pension Funds as well and again this is just Another signal of this massive kind of You know covert or overt War being Launched by the SEC against crypto right Now so things definitely aren't going in

Our favor and it would be great in a Parallel below Universe somewhere out There you know in another dimension we Had an SCC that was favorable to crypto That wanted Innovation and was was Basically defining laws that were easy To understand easy to apply as well but We got the opposite in this world in This Dimension right now and uh things Are definitely heating up between the Battle between the SCC and uh crypto Right here and also on the backhand of The busd impact you can see big outflows Of the crypto exchange of binance right Now so I'm still using binance I like The binance exchange and I trade around A binance personally but lots of money Is potentially getting withdrawn from Binance right now and guys let's talk About the crypto prices so in particular How is Bitcoin holding up today and Bitcoin is actually up slightly in the Last 24 hours so up nearly one percent If we jump over to the crypto bubbles They are showing some big gains across The board and uh that is nice to see so A slight recovery in cryptocurrency Phantom up 11.3 percent a big get token Up 25 right there but a lot of other Cryptos are actually creeping up in the Green today and if we actually jump over To the coin gecko charts right here you Guys can see you know a lot of cryptos Up slightly staying a little bit flat

Cardano up three percent Shiba in you up 0.4 Aptos up 11.3 so that one is going Very strong today and uh Phantom at 12.3 And lunar classic up 3.9 so the cryptos Slightly Green in today creeping back up But again I'm long term bullish on Bitcoin I'm long-term bullish on the Future of cryptocurrency and wouldn't it Just be great if we had an SEC that was Actually favorable to crypto and wanted To see it succeed instead of launching All these kind of Game of Thrones War Campaigns against it right now but guys That is a massive update from me if you Guys enjoyed the video hit the Thumbs Up Button appreciate you guys watching see You in the next one crypto Zeus signing Out

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