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We have some big crypto news to talk About in the cryptocurrency market today So everything you need to know in the Crypto Market we're going to cover it Right now Andrew take the SEC launching Another lawsuit and a lot more and in The end of this video we're gonna be Shouting out some 100x cryptocurrency Jam so you guys can see the Tweet right Here I want to give a shout out to you Guys over on Twitter who also follow me Over on Twitter so three cryptos are Going to get shouted out in this video So if that sounds good to you guys you Guys enjoy learning about 100x cryptos And the crypto news thankfully up to Date smash the Thumbs Up Button now as Always not Financial advice and let's Get straight into it and the first story I want to bring you is uh the police Have seized nearly half a million Dollars in Bitcoin from Andrew and Tristan Tate so Andrew Tate you guys Know one of the biggest influences in The world he is under arrest in Romania Under certain charges and the Romanian Authorities have seized 21 of his Bitcoins so that is a lot of crypto so That is where worth around 465 000 and in addition to that five Bitcoin From Andrew Tate worth about a hundred And ten thousand dollars was held in his Girlfriend's name his brother Tristan Had a wallet with about 16 Bitcoin worth

Around 355 000 and uh the police have Now got this somehow so potentially do They have access to his Hardware wallet How have the police actually got access To his crypto not exactly sure but you Have to remember in cryptocurrency Unless someone actually has your keys Like your seed phrase your passphrase Your crypto it's very very difficult if Not you know near impossible for people To actually get that so how the police Have actually got their hands on his Crypto we'll find out most likely They'll have the password or the Passphrase to it that is what I'm Assuming right there but Andrew take a Lot of his money is getting confiscated In forms of cryptocurrency right now and That is a massive story for today Another massive story that you need to Know about is the SEC is continuing its War path and this time it's going after Dokwan from terraforms labs for Misleading investors on Terra USD so 2023 the SEC is launching multiple Lawsuits against a lot of parties and uh This time they are going after dokwon But I bet you dokwan has like no money Left but anyway he's getting sued for it And it says here the SEC allege that Terraform and Quan misled investors on a Number of issues including who is using Terror USD and called both the yield Bearing anchor protocol and the Luna

Token crypto asset Securities according To the complaint the SEC is charging Terraform and Quan with fraud selling Unregistered security selling Unregistered Security based swaps and Other related claims and the big thing They are going after is uh you know how They are saying he misled investors About one of the most important aspects Of terraform's offerings the stability Of U.S Terror the stable coin Okay so so They are saying that was misleading to Investors and that is part of the big Lawsuit and that is headed dokwon's way Right now so he's smiling in this photo He's probably not smiling as he heard That news right now but that is another Big thing to watch out for and just Watch out for the SEC this year they are Going on the war path but I would love To see them become more open to crypto Some clear laws and that would be very Bullish for the crypto community on top Of that there was also big news about Binance potentially moving 400 million Dollars to a US partner firm managed by Czat himself so this is coming out of Reuters apparently millions of dollars Have been moving between you know Binance us and other types of financial Entities and it does say here which is Important to understand Reuters couldn't Determine the reason for the transfers Or whether any other money belonged to

Binance us customers The Exchange is Public terms of use at the times it's Customers dollar deposits were held at Silvergate and a nevada-based custodian Firm called Prime trust LLC so what's Happening is Reuters is noticing some Big movements with binance us there Still hasn't been some clarity exactly What's going on with these funds Movements but I would probably expect Caesar or binance themselves to come out With a statement to address that but That is some other big news so Potentially funds were moved around in The past linking into binance us right There according to Reuters as well and Some positive news we also have is Wyoming in the USA legislature passes Bill protecting Bitcoin private keys From courts and now it is up to the Governor of Wyoming to put the final Stamp of approval on the landmark bill So I think Wyoming is one of these States in the USA I've been there a Beautiful place been to Yellowstone National Park and if you haven't been There guys make sure to check it out one Of the greatest national parks you can Go to in the world actually it's very Very beautiful but it is a hub for Cryptocurrency protection and laws and This is really cool so we want to see More bills like this we want to see These friendly regulation for

Cryptocurrency and we want to see Protection of user rights in crypto as Well and so Wyoming potentially looking To strengthen crypto investor rules Right there protecting private keys from Courts which I think is a really good Thing and on top of that artificial Intelligence robots and blockchains are Delivering next-gen Healthcare today so Guys we have been checking out AI Cryptocurrencies on the channel and uh You're going to see this merger between AI robots and blockchain this is the Fusion in the next five to ten years I Believe AI is basically going to Revolutionize the world in addition to Blockchain so we're getting a double Whammy here artificial intelligence Blockchains and this is super exciting And uh just watch out for this big Development and we are also seeing the Rise of AI cryptos and if you want to Learn more about AI cryptos guys I have Been doing videos about specific AI Cryptos that you can research more into That I do think have really big Potential in the cryptocurrency market And in addition to that how is the Bitcoin price going today so if we have A look at the daily chart right here you Guys can see we have had you know some Bullish weeks in cryptocurrency let's be Honest right here it has been looking Good so down here we were trading around

16 500 we have had this nice kind of rally And this is kind of looking like a bit Of a snail on the technical on the Technical charts right here so we can Draw in the snail but you know there is Some slow growth happening in Cryptocurrency there has been a little Bit of a retracement in the last uh 24 Hours but I'm not overly worried about This because again if you're long-term Bullish about Bitcoin like myself and You have long-term belief in Cryptocurrency you know short-term Pullbacks from you know twenty four Thousand dollars down to twenty three Thousand even if it drops lower I'm not Too worried about this either because I'm long-term bullish on crypto right Here but again we have had some nice Growth and uh Bitcoin slightly retraced In the last 24 hours and if we jump over To the crypto bubbles you guys can see Right here who's been a massive winner Floki still a massive win in the crypto Market so Floki on the back of Elon Musk Tweets in the crypto space getting some Massive recognition right here you know Cryptocurrency is really that Fusion Between you know Meme community and also Potential utility as well so flokey Looking extremely strong the rest of the Crypto Market mostly retracing today and That is on the back of a Bitcoin

Dropping around 3.6 but if we have a Look polygon Matic up 6.9 shipped down Five percent today and that lunar Classic down four percent overall and I Did say I did promise you guys I was Going to shut out some crypto gems you Guys are looking into that people should Research more and I put out the question What's a low-cap altcoin gem people Should research more looking for 100x Cryptos and I appreciate you guys Following me over on Twitter and I'm one Of the people on Twitter who I respond To and I like your Tweet server on Twitter so I'm not just on YouTube over On Twitter as well I'm always interested To hear what you guys have to say and if We check out today's three shout outs Let's give them right here safe moonrise Right here and he says high C Pirates is A crypto people should look into right There so make sure to do some research Into high sea Pirates right there Creo Is saying Moon pot crypto definitely Want to look into and uh that name alone Is a good would know him in crypto so I Love the name moonpot crypto and yon Crypto right here is saying deeper Network so does Deeper Network have some Big potential make sure to research it And again you know cryptocurrency I do Have belief that if you're curious and Uh you have that learning mindset and You're Keen to just learn what's coming

Up on the radar that's going to put you Way ahead of the pack because again once Crypto is going to get into these top 10 Spots it's a bit harder that for them to Move up in a terms of Market cut because They're already quite big but again they Might have some massive long-term Potential and I'm talking about like Multiple years right there the small Ones if you get into those small cap Cryptos and they explode that's where You can get some crazy crazy gains in The crypto space but you have to be Doing your research make your own Decisions as always not Financial advice And if you guys like what I'm putting Out make sure to hit the thumbs up Button on this video you guys can sign Up for some free crypto tips coming out In the future I've got the 100x Mastery Course if you want to learn everything I've learned in crypto looking at Literally you know hundreds of crypto Projects you can check that out with all My years of experience trading a crypto Crypto taxes done in minutes so if you Have troubles with your crypto taxes Check out that link right there you can Get a free account and if you want to Upgrade for automatic apis you can get a 10 discount and that crypto bonuses on Crypto exchanges right there but guys Appreciate you tuning in go make some Money have a good day and I'll see you

Guys in the next one crypto Zeus signing Out

top crypto news

How to Find the Top Crypto News

Top Crypto News

The crypto market is constantly evolving, and there are many new cryptocurrencies and projects launched every day. While it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the choices, it’s important to be able to identify the best crypto project for you.

Whether you’re just getting started or an experienced crypto investor, finding the right crypto project is critical to your long-term success. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to help determine which crypto gems are worth your time and money.

First, you’ll want to find a crypto outlet that shares your beliefs and is unbiased. This will help you stay on top of current events and avoid becoming a victim of scams.

Next, you’ll want to keep track of upcoming token sales and IEOs. This will let you know when the next big thing is about to happen in the space.

In addition, you should be on the lookout for potential token hacks and exchange scams. This will ensure that you don’t lose any of your hard-earned money when investing in a crypto project.

You’ll also want to pay attention to price action and volume indicators. These are key for determining entry and exit points for intraday trades.

Another great way to analyze the crypto market is by reading social media posts about a particular coin. This data is often referred to as sentiment analysis, and it can predict how people are reacting to a given currency.

If you’re looking for a trustworthy source of crypto news, Cointelegraph is the place to go. This site publishes daily breaking news, opinion pieces, and expert’s views on a wide range of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology.

It also features a weekly newsletter that contains the latest Bitcoin news. In addition, you can subscribe to their podcast to hear from experts and industry leaders.

Forbes is a well-known magazine, and they have an extensive section on cryptocurrency. Their articles are well-written and provide an in-depth analysis of the market. In fact, they have a team of dedicated journalists covering the crypto space.

Other popular publications that have teams of writers and experts covering the crypto space include Fortune, Bloomberg, and Business Insider. Their articles cover the latest trends and developments in crypto, including expert views on Bitcoin and CBDCs, institutional adoption, and new tokens.

This outlet has a unique comic strip artstyle and upbeat banners for each article, which makes it an enjoyable read. In addition to crypto, this site covers fintech and cybersecurity as well.

You can also follow them on Twitter as @CoinTelegraph. They have a large following and are considered one of the best sources for crypto news.

How to Trade Crypto

If you’re new to the crypto market, you’ll want to learn about different types of trading strategies before committing any of your hard-earned money. Generally, it’s best to stay away from scalping and rely on more technical trading methods like buying and selling high or low. This strategy can make you money but can be risky if you don’t have the proper experience.

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