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We have some big cryptocurrency news to Talk about in the market today this one Is involving Donald Trump so we're going To talk about that story we're also Going to be talking more about CZ we're Going to be talking about binance and Exactly what else you guys need to know In the cryptocurrency market today That's exactly what we're going to cover So guys if you hit the thumbs up button I really appreciate that and let's get Straight into this video so so yesterday We spoke about Kevin O'Leary and uh sees Out of binance has come back swinging Against Kevin O'Leary so this FTX drama Is dragging on and Caesar has called Kevin O'Leary a liar regarding the Accusations against binance and he has Done some big interviews over on CNBC And uh in particular he says right here Kevin O'Leary is making a bunch of Nonsense claims they don't make sense They don't make any logic and what he's Saying right there is because you know People are accusing CZ of causing FTX to Collapse but the truth is if a tweet Collapses your entire a crypto Exchange In the crypto exchange it wasn't built Out of a brick house it was built out of Straw and it's kind of like the story of You know the Three Little Pigs if you Make a house made out of straw and then Someone you know blows against it Huffs And puffs against and the whole thing

Collapses you know you got to blame Yourself for making the house out of Straw and those activities you know FTX Was doing on the crypto exchange so what Were they doing with customer money that Is the main issue with FTX right there And uh you know there's also been this Question of uh you know potentially There's 2.1 billion worth of funds that Was done during a deal so it says right Here Zar was asked if binance was Prepared to return the 2.1 billion Payment it received from FTX when it Exited its 2019 series a investment to Bankruptcy trustees and according to the US bankruptcy code any beneficiary in a Two-year look back window may be Reclaimed by the trustee if bankruptcy Proceedings can establish that the Payments were you know fraudulent or That the individual should have had Reasonable knowledge that the payment Was fraudulent and Zao noted that Binance is financially okay but that he Would leave it up to the perfectly Capable lawyers to figure out you know What's going to happen in that situation Right there and in addition to that so We do have some more information about The binance crypto exchange too CZ has Put out this big memo I've got it right Here some important points from the memo Uh this so he says here we often process More than one billion in deposits or

Withdrawals on a daily basis so it's Nothing unusual today user assets are Binance are all backed one to one and Binance's capital structure is debt free So that's really interesting I didn't Know they had no debt we maintain hot Wallet balances that we always have more Than enough funds to fulfill withdrawal Requests and we top up the hot wallet Balances accordingly and they did have This halt on usdc and he has given a Reason about that so there was a Temporary halt on the withdrawal of usdc And he says in today's case many people Deposited busd or usdt to withdraw your Usdc when this happens we need to Convert our conversion channels are Clunky we have to go through a bank in New York in USD which is slow we will Improve things and it's also rounded it Out by saying you know binance the Organization was built to last and as Long as we continue to offer users the Best products user experience and Frictionless trading environment binance Will survive any crypto winter and while We expect the next several months to be Bumpy so you guys know we are in a bit Of a crypto winter but I'm not worried About that Suzette is not worried about That either and the crypto winter is a Great time to be building out in Cryptocurrency and on that note guys pay Attention to what more Warner music

Group is doing so again you know a lot Of focuses on FTX but have a look at These massive companies moving into nfts Moving into the metaverse and things Like that so I've told you guys about This these big companies they're not Dumb they are quietly moving into crypto And they will be talking about Donald Trump moving into crypto soon as well so Warner Music Group furthers metaverse Push with digital fashion startup dress X so this is really interesting and uh Look they're moving into the metaverse Because you know people are on the Internet people are people are online And people can create digital fashion Wearables both on and off the blockchain Uh Warner Music Group has announced so 3D avada's virtual clothing and on top Of that you guys know who is part of Some of these labels so you've got lizzo Madonna Coldplay Ed Sheeran Dua Lipa and The Red Hot Chili Peppers so these People you know if they start to move Into the metaverse and get their Followers into the metaverse that means We are in early into cryptocurrency so Most of the world like 95 of the world Is not into crypto and uh if you're Watching this video right now you guys Are in early right now and Shaq has also Come out uh the NBA star distancing Himself from the FTX collapse saying I Was just a paid spokesperson and uh so

What do I think of that so you always Have to remember in cryptocurrency you Know the whole entire Market is risky so So you're going to have risky cryptos You're going to have you know exchanges Are risky to some degree the best way to Protect yourself from risk not Financial Advice but it's limited it's it's Limited investment and also Diversification so crypto Zeus I don't Only hold crypto I've got other assets Outside of crypto as well as some Diversity mitigation but Shaq has come Out saying he wasn't really involved Even though he did some paid adverts for FTX right there but guys let's talk About this big news coming out of no Other than Donald Trump so what's Donald Trump doing in crypto so you know Originally he was pretty cautious about Crypto I think it wasn't too much of a Fan originally but check this out only 99 former US president Donald Trump Unveils nft trading card collection so This is interesting and potentially is This funding his next run at uh Presidency in the USA so digital trading Cards 99 on the collections website and Uh this is going to be an nft collection So it looks like he's putting it out Over on Trump truth social right there And he's saying it would make a great Christmas gift don't wait they will be Gone I believe very quickly so he's

Selling them as best as he can and but On top of that they also come with some Utility and it says right here a Sweepstakes associated with the Collection launch offers prizes like a One-on-one Zoom call or one hour of golf With Trump himself and how many are they Going to be so there's going to be 45 000 nfcs created in the initial run on The collection and are minted on the Polygon blockchain so this is Potentially to support his next run at Presidency so will Donald Trump get back In in 2024 guys comment down below what Do you think do you think Trump will get Back in oh will Joe Biden remain President of the USA and uh Joe Biden is Hit back at Donald Trump with some big Announcements right there so guys Comment down below who do you prefer Biden or Trump if you had to pick one Out of the those two right there but the Key takeaway from this guys is we're Having you know politicians using nfts Okay so pay attention to this crypto Adoption it's still getting stronger and And Trump you know originally may have Been a bit of a Critic of blockchain you Know Bitcoin but hey he's on the crypto Network now and he's he's launching his Own nft collection right there so that Is very very big news let's talk about The crypto prices today so a little bit Of a mixed day you know some crypto's

Are down in price but again I'm not Worried about this guys I am built out To survive the crypto winter in Cryptocurrency and I always think in a Crypto winter also brings opportunities To research good quality altcoin gems And potentially to buy them cheap so Crypto Winters where you can research Existing coins buy them cheap and when This when the crypto summer comes along That's when you potentially can take Some profits off the table so that is One of the key strategies uh that I do In cryptocurrency and if we do take a Look at how the crypto prices overall Again going so Bitcoin hovering around The 17 000 level currently ethereum down Slightly a lot of the crypto is just Down slow slightly right now polka dot Up slightly Shiba in you up two percent So ships having a nice uh run in the Last 24 hours and if we have a look Where's lunar classic doing today so Lunar classic you know holding steady Around number 43 right now but even Though you know there's a bit of a Crypto winter right now I think crypto Winters you know there's opportunity in The crypto market and I'm bullish that The crypto summer will return again but Guys that is a big update for today Appreciate you guys tuning into the Video I hope you enjoyed it and I'll see You guys in the next one crypto Zeus

Signing out

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