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We have some big crypto news to talk About in the cryptocurrency market today Including the latest information we have About Elon Musk I'll be giving you guys A big update about that whether he's Going to stay on from Twitter what do we Know we're also going to be talking About big things happening with Visa as Well so huge things happening with Crypto and visa and some other big Things that are happening in the Cryptocurrency market today that you Need to be aware of right now so if that Sounds good hit the Thumbs Up Button as Always not Financial advice and let's Get straight into this video and the First new story you need to be aware of In the crypto market today have a look At this binance us set to acquire Voyager digital assets for one billion Dollars so binance is growing stronger And stronger despite fud in the market Previously about binance and what you're Going to see right here is binance US Will acquire assets of bankrupt crypto Lender Voyager digital for 1.022 billion dollars so binance is Going to get the cryptocurrency uh Portfolio and they will get it at a to Be determined date in the future and Also going to pay an additional 20 Million in our incremental value and if We have a look right here what else is Important to understand is that binance

Us bid aims to return crypto customers In kind so people impacted by Voyager Potentially getting their cryptocurrency Back which is amazing to see and also Binance us getting stronger right now so Watch out for that big development we've Also had this huge development as well So you guys know the crypto Market's a Little bit Frosty but you have to be Paying attention to what the massive Massive companies out there are doing Read this headline Visa dreams up plan So you can auto pay bills with your Crypto wallets so even though there's Fun in the market Visa itself one of the Biggest companies for payments in the World they are studying blockchain they Are studying crypto and we have some big Big news here so have a look at this Crypto users May one day be able to Automatically pay their electricity and Telephone bills through their Self-custodial crypto wallets a According to payment's giant visa and What you can actually do there is Potentially automatically pull funds From users ethereum-powered crypto Wallets without requiring the user to Manually sign off on every transaction So it's the same way if as if you have a Credit card right now and you pay for Your Netflix you pay for your monthly Telephone or your internet what you can Potentially do in the future with Visa

Is what they're saying right here is They may potentially be able to do that With cryptocurrency and if we actually Jump over to Visa's website where this Announcement came from you see Visa Official website up the top right here And this has just come out today so very Very fresh news but what's important When I was reading this article have a Look at this Visa understands that Blockchain technology and digital assets Are still in their infancy and what does That mean it means we're in early right Now so if you're listening to this video You know Visa things you're in early Into the crypto market and it also says Right here security and seamless user Experience will be essential for the Widespread implementation and Adoption Of blockchain so again if people are Going to use cryptocurrency it needs to Be a good experience so it can't be Clunky it can't be hard to use Visa Knows that Visa understands that and it Says right here Visa will continue to Explore these evolving Technologies and Concepts including common consensus Mechanism mechanisms privacy and scaling Solutions and other possible blockchain Use cases to create a bridge between Crypto ecosystem and our Global Network Of clients and merchant locations so if That doesn't sound exciting to you I Don't know what does because again if

Visa is getting behind crypto Development you can see blockchain as Being massively Innovative and having Massive potential guys watch out for the Future so despite the fun watch out for What the big companies are doing in the Background in some other good news as Well have a look at this so block five Files motion to return Frozen crypto to Wallet users so you guys may know block Fire was caught up in a lot of the Contagion that was happening in D5 Cryptocurrency but uh they're looking to Potentially you know return crypto to People who are impacted by the downfall Of block fire so it is going through Bankruptcy proceedings but again they Have crypto investors money at the Forefront of their mind and they're Going to aim to return Frozen crypto Back to wallet users which is another Great signal in the crypto space and Have a look at this one as well so huge Signal and validation top Activision Executive to take Yuga Labs Helm so What's going to happen here is Activision Blizzard's highest ranking Executive is going to take a leadership Position at the board ape Yacht Club Parent Yuga labs and that's a great Thing for the metaverse it's a great Thing for game fighting cryptocurrency And we've got Daniel coming across and He is the current president and Chief

Operating Officer at Activision Blizzard And it's going to be the new CEO of Yuga Labs which is usually really exciting so If you guys know Activision Blizzard is The owner of some of the biggest games In the world so Call of Duty World of Warcraft Diablo and OverWatch I've Played Warcraft 3 I've played the World Of Warcraft I played all the Diablos as Well and I've played OverWatch as well And they're all great games but what's Really important to understand from this News article for some deep level Analysis is this person is coming from You know traditional gaming so he was The president and CEO of traditional Gaming companies and it's not just you Know a small gaming company this is Activision Blizzard we're talking about Which is one of the biggest ones out There which is absolutely crazy and uh He's coming into cryptocurrency so he's Coming into the metaverse he's coming to Sit at the top of Yuga labs and uh guys This is massively massively exciting so People are saying huge signal and Validation on the market and I believe That is the case so crypto continues to Develop in the background and there's a Quick macro economic update you know There has been a little bit of rattling Going along on the stock market so stock Futures are down stocks are a little bit Rap right now but again if we're looking

At these key long-term signals in Cryptocurrency that we just spoke about This is really good to uh you know Notice in the crypto space and guys Let's talk about this massive question Of Elon Musk and then we'll get on to The crypto prices so what's been Happening with Elon Musk in the last 24 Hours if we did put out a massive poll Over on Twitter and uh one thing that Was interesting from that is Edward Snowden he's offered to become Twitter CEO in exchange for Bitcoin pay which is A very interesting twist right there so He's throwing his hat into the ring and If we actually go to Elon musk's account Right here and we have a look at the Final results so he's asked the question Should I step down as head of Twitter I Will abide by the results of this poll The final results of the poll are in and It's saying 57.5 saying yes no is 42.5 Percent 17 million plus votes right There and uh what is the latest update For Elon Musk so is he going to stick by His word he has lost the vote right There so apparently more people have Said yes right here but there has been a Question and you can see right here Wall Street Silver has uh pointed out where Bots potentially brigading the Elon pole Yesterday and you can see some of the Screenshots right there and Elon Musk Has just responded to that saying

Interesting so you know we actually have Not got final word from Elon Musk at the Time of recording this video whether he Is going to you know actually step down As CEO from Twitter so to conclude what Has he said right here the vote has come Through as yes but that doesn't mean He's actually going to step down so he May potentially change his opinion Depending if he thinks the vote is Invalid so were there bots in there was There a brigade as well we're going to Find out in the future and again why is This important for crypto it's going to Be important because we do want that Cryptocurrency integration with Twitter We want that we want Twitter to be one Of the biggest platforms out there Gateway platform for the masses to do Crypto adoption so again you know we're Talking about Visa you know not many People are in crypto right now it's in Its infancy but again if we we get Massive integration on Twitter that is Some explosive science to look out for In 2023 and guys with that let's talk About the crypto prices today so if we Have a look bit of a mixed day on the Market some cryptos up some cryptos down We've got the Santa hats on because it Is the festive season right now and Again Merry Christmas to everyone it's Coming up soon hope your presents are Under the Christmas tree and if we do

Take a look at some of the crypto prices Bitcoin staying steady in the last 24 Hours so looking good ethereum up 2.5 so Go ethereum uh BNB staying steady and uh Dogecoin dropping down slightly so I Think Dogecoin right now decreasing Slightly in the crypto space based on Elon Musk uncertainty so they think There's a direct impact right there but I still think Dogecoin great Community Great potential in the future and if we Jump over to ship ship down slightly and Where is lunar Classics and Luna classic Is down slightly in the market as well But uh overall you know I'm saying Bullish in 2023 despite the fight out There I think crypto has massive Potential and I agree with visa and I Agree with uh you know the other people Who come into crypto right now so I Think this bright future ahead for Cryptocurrency and I'm looking forward To the journey and if you guys are Staying bullish on crypto in the future Hit the thumbs up button on this video I Hope you guys got some massive value out Of this video thank you for watching and I'll see you guys in the next one crypto Zeus signing out

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