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We have some big cryptocurrency news to Talk about in the crypto market today Including some big statements coming out Of Mark Cuban about Bitcoin that we're Going to break down a big hacker has Also been caught in the USA we'll be Talking about that also what else is Happening next year for crypto what do You need to be aware of and what are Three cryptos that could significantly Go down in price based on vesting and That's exactly what we're going to talk About in addition to the crypto prices So if you guys enjoy these big updates Make sure to smash the Thumbs Up Button As always this is not Financial advice But let's get straight into this video And uh one of the big news articles I Want to bring you right now is uh this Coming out of billionaire Mark Cuban and He's talking about gold versus Bitcoin And uh it's pretty clear from the Headline right here which one he prefers And he says right here if you have gold You're dumb as F so there's been a big Battle between gold and Bitcoin and guys Comment down below which one would you Prefer to own would you prefer to own Some gold some physical gold old or some Bitcoin drop it in the comments below Which one would you which one would you Prefer or possibly would you prefer both As well so Mark Cuban the billionaire Did have a big debate with uh comedian

Bill Maher and uh they were talking About Bitcoin vs gold and Mark Cuban He's extremely bullish on bitcoin it Says it's an it's an excellent Investment and he wants the price to Actually drop further so he may purchase More so you guys know the Bitcoin price Is way off its all-time high currently But one of the upsides of that is if You're bullish on bitcoin you can get it For super cheap and uh they were also Debating gold being a hedge against Everywhere and uh Mark Cuban replied to That statement by Bill Mark by saying no But it's not a hedge against anything Right what it is is the stored value and You don't own the physical gold do you Gold is stored value and so is Bitcoin And it's definitely important that People have custody of the gold I would Think anyway in the same way you would Have custody of your crypto so if you if You have your crypto on a centralized Exchange you don't have custody of that But if you have it on a decentralized Wallet that you don't have the keys to You've got custody of that but the same Thing with gold as well so you don't Want gold locked up in a bank would you Because then you don't have custody of It you have to trust the bank and uh if You have a look right here as well you Can see the difference in market cap so Bitcoin's market cap roughly around 323

Billion according to the article right Here whereas uh you know gold its market Cap is around 12 trillion so Bitcoin Still has a long way to go to catch up To Gold but it is a potentially there Clinic could Bitcoin potentially jump up To gold one day I think there's a good Case it could so I definitely think Bitcoin is a great asset and I'm long Term bullish on bitcoin but that was a Very interesting article coming out from The billionaire Mark Cuban we also have This big development as well so a big Hacker who hacked the mango markets uh For hundreds of millions of dollars has Been arrested in Puerto Rico so the feds Have got him his name is Abraham Eisenberg and uh he exploited the mango Markets for around 110 million dollars So long arm of justice has got this one And it's always a bad place to commit Massive crimes on the blockchain because People can track it down it's not like Using Fiat money in a in a suitcase That's hard to track you guys it's on The blockchain and you can see right Here Eisenberg faces charges of Commodities fraud and commodities Manipulation according to a filing Unsealed on Tuesday the Chargers could See punishments ranging from France to Prison time okay so that is uh so that Is big and uh apparently he's on Twitter As well so that is his Twitter profile

Right there Abraham Eisenberg and uh Definitely not good to be a hacker in The crypto space so the feds are getting The hackers right now so Abraham Heisenberg definitely facing some big Charges right now also on top of a macro Point of view you have to also watch out For you know the big theme I think next Year for crypto is going to be Regulation okay so the split between Privacy and regulation Congress is still Kind of debating a lot of these things It doesn't look like any big laws have Been passed towards the end of the year In the USA and look we're gonna see what Happens with tech regulation crypto Regulation next year but I definitely Think it's going to be something that Will happen and I still think you know As long as it doesn't impact crypto Negatively in terms of stifling Innovation maybe it's a good thing Because there are lots of Bad actors out There and we don't want them in the Crypto space but just watch out for Regulation in 2023 and also guys watch Out for this as well so these cryptos Could dump in 2023 as millions of tokens Unlock from their sting period so if you Guys don't know what vesting is vesting You know generally It's associated with The pre-sale of a cryptocurrency so when A crypto launches there's going to be Tokens they're going to be unlocked to

Different groups over time so maybe Retail investors who went into the Pre-sale you know they slowly uh those Cryptos May unlock maybe it could be Vesting for ecosystem tokens to get Unlocked or potentially it could be team And developer tokens to get unlocked but One thing you need to understand for Vesting is it does increase the Circulating Supply the crypto so Remember but the laws of crypto price Increases are associated with demand Increases or Supply decreases and price Decreases are actually the opposite so Decreases in demand increases in Supply So this potentially May decrease uh the Price in the following cryptos we're Going to talk about right now so the Vesting schedules are kicking off for These cryptos and it says here sweatcoin Could dump 30 if bear Market continues And you can see right here there's going To be some big unlocks from sweatcoin Into the future so sweatco and smart Contracts will release 326 million sweat on January and there's Going to be further unlocking of 227 Million sweat on August 2023 as well so Investing is definitely part of a Crypto's life cycle but that potentially Can impact the price of that crypto There's also another one called bit down That could release 188 million bits on The market as well so that would be

Around 153 million dollars worth of Crypto and that is interesting as well So that could potentially decrease the Price of the crypto and also apecoin as Well so eight coin I like eight coin the Crypto it's a very professional Cryptocurrency with some powerful uh Connections and uh you can see right Here this one is going to release around 33 million ape around 105 million Dollars on March the 17th 2023 so again If that demand isn't in the market to You know absorb this extra Supply Potentially what you could see is price Decreases so my question is is there any Opportunities for some short trades on These cryptos that is a great question But just watch out for that for those Cryptos uh coming up in the future and Guys with that let's talk about the Cryptocurrency prices today what are They doing on the market and have a look At this Luna classic is doing very well The rest of the crypto market look a Little bit red today but I'm not too Worried about this over the long run if We have a look at our bitcoin's price Let's just jump in on the seven day Movements right here it was hovering Around ounce you know nearly seventeen Thousand dollars it has decreased just Recently uh cut by a couple of hundred Bucks but again crypto long-term Journey Bitcoin long term Journey I'm in it for

The long term and I'm not too worried About uh you know slight decreases in Price today and if we do have a look at Some of the other cryptos out there Ethereum down slightly today xrp holding Steady B and B you know around 245 Dollars and uh if we scroll down ship Down slightly some of the other cryptos Down slightly and lunar classic climbing Up in a red market today so go lunar Classic but guys that's a massive update If you guys appreciated this update Please hit the Thumbs Up Button we Appreciate you guys tuning into this Video have a good one and I'll see you In the next one crypto Zeus signing out

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