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We have some big crypto news to talk About in the market today so I want to Get you guys fully up to date with Exactly what is happening in the crypto Market today I'm going to be talking About goblins right here we'll be Talking about sandbankment freed uh the U.S stock market and also would the Central banks around the world will they Eventually adopt a Bitcoin as a reserve Asset we're going to talk about that There's been some commentary about that We're also going to take a look at the Crypto prices as well so if that sounds Good hit the thumbs up button and guys Let's get straight into this video and I Saw this very funny news article and This is actually coming out of Oxford in The UK and it says the word metaverse Loses out to Goblin mode as Oxford's Word of the year so yes the metaverse Has lost to uh Goblin mode you can see Right here over on Twitter CZ is talking About Goblin mode and if we jump over to Oxford word of the Year 2022 so what is Goblin mode and it says right here Goblin mode a slang term often used in The expressions in Goblin mode or to go Goblin mode is a type of behavior which Is unapologetically Self-indulgent lazy slovenly or greedy Typically in a way that rejects social Norms or expectations so does everyone Have a little bit of goblin mode in them

Potentially and that is hilarious so That is one uh word of the year coming Out of Oxford and you can see right here The second word is actually metaverse so You guys know the metaverse does have Big potential in the crypto market and Uh the metaverse describes a Hypothetical virtual reality environment In which users interact with one Another's avatars and their surroundings In an immersive way sometimes posted as A potential extension or replacement of The internet so that is uh metaverse and You guys know metaverse has been on the Rise if we bring up the infographic Right here specifically uh 2021-2022 and I still am a believer in The metaverse I still think the Metaverse has big potential even though You know the crypto prices they have Been a little bit Rocky recently but Watch out for the continual rise of the Metaverse and I also saw this big Article and it's coming out of CNBC and It is getting some mainstream attention And it says right here Sam bankman free Could face years in prison over ftx's 32 Billion meltdown if the US ever gets Around to arresting him so there is a Very lengthy article but to basically Sum it up people are not sure whether Sandbankment freed will even get Arrested Um you know where what's happening with

The investigation of the U.S Authority Is going to get involved here but uh Basically you know there's a big Question of if so right now he's Actually been charged with nothing no Crimes at all so there has been no Investigation that he's been charged With no crimes even despite there is uh All the Chris all the customers on the FTX exchange they could not uh they Cannot access their crypto right now so Their crypto is Mia there's no Explanation there's no real good Explanation for it he is he has been Talking about The Narrative of an Accounting problem but you guys know we Don't believe that it's just an Accounting error the money had to have Went somewhere but I am a believer that There should be an investigation into FDX and you know if there are there are Crimes that have been broken then he Should be charged with them and uh let The course of Justice take place as well So uh but it's going to be interesting To see what happens there because we do Know FTX you know potentially had ties To political parties as well so is there Some political bias going on but uh that Is that is the latest in the FTX Situation right there and guys also saw This interesting article as well so Central banks around the world will Adopt Bitcoin as Reserve asset says

Bitcoin bull Mark yosko and you guys Know the US Treasury the national debt Is huge and it's actually around 30 Trillion plus and yasuko has said here That central banks institutions that Once only held gold and USD as Reserve Assets eventually also went on to Accumulate Yen and Euros he says central Banks have already begun holding the Yuan as a reserve asset and will Eventually add Bitcoin to their coffers Which he believes will replace gold so If that does happen that's a very very Bullish scenario for Bitcoin so you know Just imagine central banks buying up Bitcoin that would be crazy they'd have Some crazy price movements for Bitcoin If that was to happen but you also know Some of the central banks out there they Love to fight crypto so I do think Bitcoin has a lot more advantages than Your traditional fiat currency but it's Going to be interesting to see and I Think one of the big elephants in the World economy especially the US economy Is the national debts the national debt Is massive in the US and even just the Interest rate on the debt is huge and It's going to be very interesting to see How that one progresses right there and As another macro economic update as well Check out this so the Dow Jones slightly Down so we have seen a little bit of a Softening so people are still focused in

On the Fed rate hike so what will the FED Reserve do this month we're gonna Find out and you guys know that that Does flow into the crypto prices and if We do take a look at the crypto prices Today any big Winners and we can see AXS So axi Infinity right here that is Looking that is looking good so that's Up 19.5 the last 24 hours STX is up 5.8 Percent now Phantom is look creeping up As well so like Phantom uh that's up 5.4 And if we do take a look at the broader Crypto prices you can see right here Bitcoin down slightly but holding around The 17 000 level which I think is uh Good so again if Bitcoin can hold a 17 000 range that'd be really good uh in The interim and uh the rest of the Crypto Market when Bitcoin goes down Slightly most of it has trickled down Just slightly Litecoin is up though up 3.7 so go Litecoin shiver Inu is uh Staying steady and uh also you know Terra classic staying steady as well so We know there's lots of developments Happening lots of cryptos and guys it'd Be great to end the year on a bullish Note so if we can get Bitcoin above 20 000 and a year that would be really good I'd love to see that will it happen I'm Not sure if it doesn't isn't it doesn't Matter because I'm staying the course in Cryptocurrency so I'm not going anywhere I'm staying bullish and if you guys are

Staying bullish make sure to hit the Thumbs up button on this video if you Guys want to check out some bonuses to Crypto exchanges check them out in the Description of this video but guys that Is a big update thank you guys for Watching have a good one and I'll see You guys in the next one crypto Zeus Signing out

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