Elon Musk just dropped a huge warning for the financial and crypto markets – I cover off the latest news you need to know in the crypto market, lets go 🚀
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We have some big crypto news to talk About in the market today so what you Guys need to watch out for in the crypto Market today so we're going to be Talking about I'm going to be Talking about binance we're going to be Talking about usdt versus usdc Elon Musk Has Unleashed a war against bots over on Twitter and I also want to give you guys The heads up about something that may be Coming down the pipeline soon that does Impact crypto coming out of the bank of England at the end so if that sounds Good to you guys hit the thumbs up Button and uh let's get straight into This video so the first thing I want to Bring to your attention is this huge Article coming out of CNBC and what's Surprising about this is how much they Have dedicated uh to actually fighting so you guys may know that's the CEO of I like I want it To succeed but basically CNBC has went To town trying to do some targeted fight Against and what's really Interesting about this article is uh This line right here while no evidence Has a first of wrongtooing at So you would think with this massive Article there would be a lot of evidence Of wrongdoing but there isn't they're Basically just going into this guy's Past and uh summing up some of his

Business ventures that have failed but It's very common for people you know on Who start businesses uh to for them to Fail so there's a big learning curve When you're starting your own company Starting your own business and it's Actually pretty common for businesses to Actually fail but actually I'm a fan of and I want it to succeed but I definitely think there's some targeted Fud against there's also some Targeted fun in my opinion against Binance right now so they're trying to Uh turn a molehill into a mountain right Here and it says binance is proof of Reserves raises red flags reports and uh They're worried about the corporate Structure of finance and some of the Accounting jargon and it says right here Another red flag raised by The Newspaper's Source regards the lack of Information about binance's corporate Structure in my opinion that doesn't Really matter that much the corporate Structure and uh guess where this Flood's coming out of it's coming out of The Wall Street Journal so we know Traditional Finance is not a fan of Cryptocurrency and one of the big ones They want to knock off in my opinion is so the world's Biggest crypto exchange I feel there's a Lot of uh fud targeted towards because traditional Finance

With their old money Legacy money they Want to see binance.coms fail possibly So they can come in and uh you know have The world's biggest crypto exchange Instead we've also seen this happen over On coinbase which is pretty interesting Crypto exchange coinbase asks users to Switch usdt for usdc right here and Coinbase highlights questions about Tethers reserves in campaign to get Users over to usdc so what do I think of This I actually don't think this is a Bad idea at all so you guys know if You've been an old school subscriber of Crypto Zeus we actually covered a video Once where usdt actually unpegged Temporarily pretty quickly Um and I actually am a fan of usdc or Busd over usdt because the other reason Is usdt has some funny backings in the Past even though they've tried to clean Up their act quite a lot I am still I Still definitely prefer usdc right here Or or busd and I actually see no issue With people switching over to usdc right There and also check out this Elon Musk Has Unleashed a massive war against the Bots over on Twitter so he says right Here the Bots are in for a surprise Tomorrow and you also have Michael Sayler one of the world's biggest Bitcoin whales and he says right here The interesting question is what Percentage of toxic behavior on Twitter

Is driven by sick buds rather than Healthy people it is quite possible that The vast majority of critical malicious And divisive discourse is driven by a Few diabolical actors driving large bot Armies so what do you guys reckon do you Reckon there's a big political influence With uh Bots and fake algorithms and Things like that and Elon Musk has Responded right here he says that's my Guess small number of humans with large Bots troll armies we are shutting down IP addresses of known Bad actors today Should have been done long ago right There so Elon Musk is basically going to Town against the Bots and he's caught on The Bots to attack him right here and it Doesn't seem to be working so the Bots Are unable to swarm to the top of the Replies and I personally would love to See this happen on YouTube as well so You guys know on YouTube the Sony fake Comments down the bottom there's people Talking to themselves fake and there's Always this there's always some Guru Investor making people you know Trillions of dollars of money and uh With the thread of like 20 responses as Well and also watch out for those AMX 100 scams or whatever it is Amazon scams As well in the YouTube comment section As well do my best to delete them but They keep coming up but great to see Elon Musk basically cleaning up Twitter

Right here the other thing to watch out For for Twitter is uh you know there is A lot of uh changes happening on Twitter One of the big things we do want to see Is Twitter and that crypto integration Happen uh I think Elon Musk is making uh Twitter better and at the moment he is Dropping lots of Twitter Files about Lots of different things over on Twitter Uh the latest one is about falchi coming Out apparently and uh he says my Pronouns are prosecute slash fauci and I've responded down the bottom my Pronouns are hold slash moon right there So watch out for some big big things Happening over on Twitter there's heaps Of information if you don't have a Twitter account I recommend getting one Staying up to date because there's Always some breaking news over on Twitter and on that topic I saw this Interesting story so people are actually Saying that there was a Twitter Influencer called fat man who was Secretly linked to SBF for attacking Luna so people are saying the terror Fudd was planned you'll see some of the Tweets right here from Luna classic Dao And it says fat man was hired by this Group to cover their tracks by spreading Disinfo about dokwan and Luna right There so we do know there is an Investigation in from the U.S side of Things into the collapse of this and

It's very very interesting to see what's Going to come out of that but very very Interesting story and have a look at This as well so guys watch out for this As well so Bank of England opens bids For cbdc sample wallet proof of concept So you guys know one of the secret Things a lot of these central banks are Doing in the background right now is They are creating their own digital Currency and they say they're seeing the Potential of cryptocurrency but the Thing you do need to pay attention to is Uh you know what are they going to do With this currency and what power will It give them so if everyone's Transacting on their blockchain is that The end of your privacy can they just Turn off your wallet address if you're a Bad citizen there's heaps of big Questions to ask about these but what's Important to know is that they are Secretly quietly developing this and Right what's happening right now with The bank of England they are calling for A proof of concept for a sample wallet And uh they are taking applications Through to December the 23rd and uh They're looking to basically kind of go To that next level guys so they are Developing this it's becoming a real Live project and you just need to pay Attention to that as well huge huge Quiet developments are happening in the

Background from some of these big Central banks and just pay attention to That as we progress along this crypto Journey but guys that is a massive Update on some big things happening the Crypto Market that you need to be aware Of today if you guys enjoyed the video Hit the Thumbs Up Button I've got links To bonuses to crypto exchanges in the Description of this video if you guys Want to join the quest towards Financial Freedom you can subscribe hit the Notification Bell but guys appreciate You tuning into the video have a good One and I'll see you guys in the next One crypto Zeus signing out

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