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We have some big cryptocurrency news to Talk about in the crypto market today so What is going on with the metaverse some Huge predictions are coming out we'll be Breaking that down we also have some big Predictions coming out of Jim Cramer From the us we'll be breaking that down As well and on top of that we also have A very interesting story a bit of a Mysterious story to talk about antennas Are getting found on mountaintops in Utah apparently they're linked to crypto And we'll be talking about that as well As the crypto prices that are looking Extremely nice today and so a very Bullish update today if you guys enjoy These crypto updates please do me a Favor hit the Thumbs Up Button as always Not Financial advice and let's get Straight into this video so the first Thing I want to bring you guys is this Big article right here so metaverse to Possibly create 5 trillion in value by 2030 according to a McKinsey report and This is absolutely massive so I think There's going to be some massive Game-changing things happening in the Coming decade one is AI that has just Been released so I think AI is going to Have a huge impact but I also think the Metaverse with the way people interact With each other online through Blockchain is also going to be a game Changer as well so McKinsey and Company

A very big consulting firm around the World very very premium one they have Come out talking about the metaverse and They're saying it's going to potentially Generate up to 5 trillion in value by 2030 so broadly what is the metaverse if You're not aware of it so it's the way People interact you know socially Financially in games it includes Augmented reality virtual reality Sensors haptic suits peripherals and It's all about kind of creating an Ecosystem that is all encompassing and Allowing people to kind of step into That next Dimension uh you know virtual Reality which we haven't experienced Before but it's also going to be coupled With cryptocurrency as well and Blockchain technology and uh it's also Going to change the way way consumers Interact as well so you think about you Know going to buy a car these days you Have to go down to the dealership check It out what if you could potentially do That in the metaverse so do a virtual Reality tour of a potential car you want To buy customize the paint that is Potentially what's up for grubs in the Metaverse but this is a very bullish Update coming out of McKinsey and 5 Trillion that is not a small number that Is a huge number and the report has come Out with some very bullish information And it says here the metaverse is simply

Too big to be ignored and Mackenzie Estimated that over 50 percent of Live Events could be held in the metaverse by 2030 potentially generating up to 5 Trillion in value and we also checked Out a cryptocurrency before a couple of Weeks ago that is hosting live music Events in the metaverse right now so who Wouldn't want to go to a live concert in The metaverse if you couldn't make it in Live to the actual event so it's getting Host in the US and you're living in New Zealand you know you could attend it Actually through the metaverse and this Is the big potential of the metaverse so Guys just watch out for this in the Coming decade it's going to be very big And also the evolution of big companies Stepping into nfts and web3 is Continuing to grow as well so we can see NBA Pizza Hut Taco Bell and a lot of Other massive companies are moving into Web through and you can see this tweet From Cesar to binance and he says 43 out Of 100 top Global brands have already Tippy-toed into web3 in loyalty and nfts Slowly but surely So eventually we're Probably going to see all the big Companies around the world move into web 3 move into crypto as well Jim Cramer Has also come out with some interesting Predictions and historically Jim Cramer Has always been a very good signal for The opposite of what's going to happen

With his prediction so he was the guy Who told everyone to hold on to their Best earns shares when they're around a Hundred dollars and not to sell and the Next day they went to like a dollar Basically collapsed in price and Jim Cramer has come out saying the SEC going To do a Roundup of uncompliant crypto Firms and he urges investors to get out Of crypto now so could the bottom Potentially be in with Jim Cramer making Predictions for everyone to sell their Crypto potentially and his SEC Potentially going to focus on compliance In 2023 I think it will with the Collapse of FTX I think that's logical Do I think crypto is going to be Destroyed by the SEC absolutely not but Jim Cramer is predicting a big SEC Roundup of non-compliant crypto firms so Potentially he's talking about crypto Exchanges like you know we don't want a Repeat of FTX obviously and uh what FTX Did in my opinion you know it's still Going to the court case but you know You're looking at potential fraud Embezzlement and things like that and That can happen in any industry as well So it's not just focused on crypto and It's also said right here the SEC is Going to sweep everything which is why I'm telling everybody to get out of These right now so Jim Cramer coming out Some bearish crypto predictions but

Today the crypto prices are going up and We'll have a look at that at the end of The video and also how have a look at This interesting story so on the Snow-capped mountains of Utah in the United States very beautiful place Mysterious crypto-linked antennas are Beginning to show up on these very very High mountaintops and I have a photo of It right here but they're long white Tubes and they're connected to solar Panels and connected to batteries as Well so solar powered batteries and Antennas and authorities are beginning To you know look at this mystery and They're actually starting to capture Some of these devices as they've been Cropping up on the Foothills within Salt Lake City area and the individual behind This or the group behind this hasn't Been found yet but they are seeing these Devices pop up on the mountainsides and Each device has an antenna it has a Locked battery box a router and a solar Panel as well and basically they're Finding more and more of these devices On these snow-capped mountaintops and They're looking for explanation Nations Wide but potentially we do have Explanations why they are here and uh People are talking about the helium Network and uh that these antennas are Possibly linked to hot spots connecting To the helium Network and helium is a

Wireless blockchain based system with an Incentive business model that enables Customers to establish hot spots that Act as helium miners while offering Internet connectivity so that might Explain why these antennas are up on These high mountains to potentially you Know get good reception and also to Spread uh you know a hot spark Potentially and that some social media Commentators are saying that this Belongs to off-grid helium miners so These ones are powered by solar they're Powered by a battery connected to the Solar and that is kind of what people Are alleging and they are saying it is Connected to the helium Network the Helium crypto Miner antenna and that is A very very interesting story to say the Least so potentially people are making Money and this potentially could be a Profitable business venture right now But again it's completely unauthorized What they are doing so you always have To respect nature but that is what is Happening over in Utah right now so Antennas are popping up potentially Connected to the helium Network and People earning crypto and money through This operation so very very interesting Story happening in Utah right now and Guys let's talk about the crypto prices Today so the crypto prices are looking Bullish today so thank you Jim Cramer

For your bearish sentiment because the Crypto prices are going up today and you Can see basically the crypto bubbles They're looking big green and juicy and Uh ldo has been having a really good run Recently so this crypto is basically be Going up through the moon so that is up 32 percent in a day ziliqua is up 24.6 Sandbox League metaverse crypto up 15.2 Percent Mana is up 16.6 so potentially Is that all linked to that big metaverse Article we spoke about so 5 trillion Metaverse coming in 2030 other metaverse Crypto is going to pop off again but Basically a lot of the cryptos are you Know potentially in the double digits Gains today and if we have a look at the Crypto prices today guys great day on The market Bitcoin crossing the 17 000 plus range so if we can hold on to This this would be potentially great for Crypto I really like 17 000 Bitcoin so I Really like the 17 000 plus Bitcoin B And B up 6.2 percent are looking very Very nice could Dino up 15.1 in 24 hours So that is a huge Gainer and uh Dogecoin Up three point four percent but a lot of The cryptos in your portfolio today Probably going up in value Solana up 15 Should be in you up four five point four Percent whereas lunar classic sitting Today it's a lunar classic up 4.3 but Overall crypto Market looking good if You guys enjoyed this update please do

Me a favor hit the thumbs up button drop A comment if you're staying bullish on Crypto but I appreciate you guys tuning In have a good one and I'll see you in The next one crypto Zeus signing out

Top Crypto News Sites – How to Find the Next Crypto Gem

top crypto news|top crypto news

Top Crypto News Sites – How to Find the Next Crypto Gem

If you are into cryptocurrencies, you must stay abreast of the latest news and updates on the industry. Luckily, there are several crypto news sites to choose from, ensuring that you will never miss any important announcements. Some of the best crypto news websites are media outlets, while others are blogs and aggregators. However, which one you choose will depend on your own personal preference. In general, a good site will offer the most accurate and up-to-date information.

One of the most popular crypto news sites is CoinDesk. They offer both daily and weekly newsletters. These include breaking news and in-depth analysis pieces. The website is also popular on social networking platforms, with thousands of followers. Their articles also feature exclusive content for their subscribers.

Another big crypto news website is CoinTelegraph. This site has a team of expert journalists who write articles on a variety of topics related to crypto and blockchain. From market sentiment to technical perspectives, they offer a comprehensive look into the world of crypto. Its interface is user-friendly, and the articles are well organized. You can view the current price of coins and tokens on the home page.

Coinspeaker is one of the fastest growing online news sites. They cover all aspects of the bitcoin markets and altcoins. In addition to their coverage, they have ongoing discussions with experts on a range of topics. While they do not have a podcast, they do publish videos on their YouTube channel. With over a hundred thousand subscribers, they are a great source of up-to-date news.

TodayOnChain is another site that has a journalistic approach. They publish articles relating to new cryptocurrencies, ICOs, and other tech innovations. Additionally, they publish a weekly newsletter that features thought-leaders in the crypto space. Unlike most other crypto news sites, they don’t focus on the economic impact of crypto, but instead offer articles that discuss global regulatory developments.

Crypt0 is a site that is run by a Bitcoin enthusiast who offers both unbiased and positive news. Their site is full of easy to digest videos. On top of that, they have an extensive blog that covers a variety of topics, including a discussion on machine intelligence and VR/AR. Aside from their news, they also have a dedicated educational section for crypto beginners.

Blokt is a site that was launched in September 2017. In addition to providing unbiased news, it has a large variety of features. For example, the site provides financial analysis, a detailed guide on crypto, and a portfolio tracking feature. As a bonus, they have a Reddit section and you can add your own RSS feeds or Twitter sources.

The Trace Mayer show is another great resource for crypto news. They interview top people in the crypto and fintech industry. While they don’t post often, they are worth listening to. Occasionally, they will publish a podcast.

Forbes is a great place to find news about cryptocurrencies. They offer a variety of articles on the best coins for investing and the latest developments in the industry.

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