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We have some big cryptocurrency news to Talk about in the crypto market today Because the crypto prices have been Looking extremely bullish we're going to Be breaking down that in this video we Also have some important security Updates you need to be aware of in the Crypto market today and also a massive Story about the SEC and Genesis and I Also want to comment on yesterday I put Out a video saying in 24 hours something Big is going to hit and we did get that Big information the CPI we're going to Be talking about that and how it impacts Your altcoin portfolio that you're Holding right now as well so if that Sounds good to you guys make sure to hit The Thumbs Up Button as always not Financial advice and let's get straight Into this video and I want to kick off With this important security update so Just be aware of this if you're using Metamask there is a new scan going Around and you guys know the scam is Everywhere they're on Twitter they're on Telegram they're in the YouTube comments Below you guys are aware of that but There's a new scam going around it Involves metamask so if you use metamask Pay attention to this and the way it Works is uh it relies on people who just Copy and paste their transaction history So if you you're a metamask user who's Sending you know if you're doing trades

On a decentralized exchange on your Metamask accounts and then you're Sending your crypto to like a coinbase To cash out or you're sending it to a Binance to cash out what the scammers Are doing is they're basically kind of Duplicating your address but what They're doing is they're changing the Middle numbers to create a new address But they're keeping the first four and Last for Alpha numerical combinations The exact same and they're actually Putting a zero dollar transaction into Your transaction history and then if you Basically send crypto by copying and Pasting your metamask transaction History to that address that's going to Go into a scam as wallet and the scam is Going to cash out your money and the Scam is going to be very very happy so This is called address poisoning just be Aware of it it is a new thing that is Happening with metamask but the way you Can get around this and make sure you're Not impacted by this you can either Store your most used crypto addresses on Like a Word document on your computer or Potentially in a password manager that's In encrypted if you want to take your Security to the next level or Potentially you can just log into the Exchange always copy that deposit Address to make sure you've got the Right address you're sending to just be

Aware of this it's called it's called Address poisoning we're learning new Knowledge in the crypto space and also We have this exciting story from El Salvador Miss Universe El Salvador walks The stage holding giant Bitcoin stuff And she said you don't need a sash to Walk around dressed as cash like El Salvador and you guys know we're fans of Bitcoin we're fans of El Salvador I Think padgettes and crypto that go well Together and that is a pretty cool Story Coming out of El Salvador right there Nice picture as well and if we have a Look at this big story this is one of The big ones we'll get to the CPI story Soon but the SEC has come out and it's Charged Gemini and Genesis with Unregistered Securities offerings I want To cover both sides of this story but The SEC has come out basically charging Gemini and Genesis and we know this Crypto exchange Genesis has had big Trouble recently people cannot withdraw Their funds from the earned program and It says here the U.S regulator said Genesis which is part of digital Currency group entered into an agreement In December 2020 with Cameron Winklevoss LED Gemini to offer Gemini customers an Opportunity to loan their cryptos to Genesis in exchange for genesis's Promise to pay and then if we fast Forward to November 2022 Genesis said it

Would not allow its Gemini earning Versus to withdraw their crypto because Genesis lacks sufficient liquid assets To meet withdrawal requests and uh so The SEC is now involved and now they Have charged Gemini and Genesis under The SCC rules and Gary ganzler has also Come out over on Twitter he's got a Video out there basically you know Comparing it to seat belts but Tyler Winklevoss is also hit back at Gary Ganzler and Gary gensla in his Twitter Video did get roasted because a lot of The times uh the SCC is charging people After the facts so they're not really Giving out clear rules to crypto Companies and uh you know potentially Taylor Winkle with us is kind of Alluding to a stab in the back to some Degree and he says right here it's Disappointing that the SEC has chosen to File an action today as Gemini and other Creditors are working hard to recover Funds this action does nothing to Further our efforts and help earn users To get their assets back their behavior Is totally counterproductive and he's Also alluded to the fact that they've Been in talks with the SEC in Discussions for 17 months and the SEC Didn't actually notify uh Tyler Winklevoss and the associated companies That they're actually going to file a Lawsuit so this has come out totally out

Of the blue this is after long Discussions with the NY DFS and the SEC So the SEC is just kind of getting out Getting aggressive and laying charges Out against Genesis and Gemini right now And that's an important development to Uh you know keep abreast of because the SEC does impact the crypto Market you Just have to be aware of these things as The year 2023 progresses but it's not Even long into 2023 and the new company Has been charged by the SCC and uh guys Let's talk about the big news that we Had yesterday I did say in 24 hours Something big is going to drop and the CPI data came out and it actually came In line with expectations from Economists so CPI data it's showing that Inflation is slowing to some degree it's Actually decreasing so this is actually Some bullish news and a lot of it is Actually tied to a sharp drop in Gasoline prices year over year and this Is the big macro kind of factor that Factors into you know crypto prices as Well because you guys know the Big Talk Going into uh this year is about to talk About recession and uh if we get a Bullish recovery in in the world economy I think that's going to be bullish for The crypto Market as well but good to See CPI not as bad as what people were Expecting out there so kind of slowing Down to some degree and we also have

This big update from Michael sailor and He says Bitcoin eruption and that's Right so the crypto prices it's time to Talk about the crypto prices they have Been looking very very good so you know The Reigns of gains are here so to speak We've been kind of wandering around the Desert parched looking for some gains And they have started to fall so Congratulations to anyone holding crypto Out there because crypto Market has been Looking pretty bullish and if we Actually have a look at the Bitcoin Price I want to break it down and uh Just point out some key jump levels We've kind of moved up from so if we Have a look right here you know one of The first kind of signs of life was back Here down on this level and uh we went From around the sixteen thousand dollar Level we picked up towards the 17K level Right here and then Bitcoin kind of you Know traded sideways for a bit but then We got another leg up right here and uh Stabilized again around the 17K level Then we pushed up to around nearly the 17 500 level right here and then just in The last couple of days we've have seen Some explosive movements in the Bitcoin Price so double leg up right here and we Nearly I think we got up above nineteen Thousand dollars so that is massively Exciting so you can see right here

Nineteen thousand uh plus Bitcoin which Is great to see so anytime Bitcoin Starts to pump generally speaking the Rest of the crypto Market starts to pump And if we have a look in the last 24 Hours Big Winners Aptos is up 20 uh zil Is up another six point three percent The flow is up six point seven percent Hex is up nine point nine percent Fxs is up 9.5 if we jump over to the Bitcoin price you know we can see right Here Bitcoin being a big winner up 3.3 Lifting up a lot of the crypto market And if we have a look at some other Cryptos what are they doing on the Market today so xrp holding steady ship Up slightly and uh Luna classic is uh up Point three percent as well but the Crypto Market is looking healthy I'd Love to see Bitcoin get to twenty Thousand dollars I think that'd be a Great next Milestone if it doesn't I'm Not too worried because again I'm in Crypto for the long term and I'm bullish For the long term them in crypto so if You guys enjoyed the update please do me A favor hit the Thumbs Up Button if you Guys want to get some free bonuses on Crypto exchanges Link in the description Of this video in the comments of this Video you can check out all these Bonuses including some free crypto tips I'm setting up an email list and uh also Crypto Mastery course if you guys want

To take your crypto investing to the Next level all my best lessons in there And at nordvpn as well you can check out Those links that support the channel but Guys appreciate you tuning in great to See the crypto prices smooth northward And I'll see you in the next one crypto Zeus signing out

Top Crypto News Sites – How to Find the Next Crypto Gem

top crypto news|top crypto news

Top Crypto News Sites – How to Find the Next Crypto Gem

The best crypto news sites provide you with the latest news and updates from the industry. Whether you are looking for information on new ICOs or technical analysis on the most popular cryptocurrencies, these websites can help you stay up to date. They also have guides for beginners. These websites are perfect for people who are just starting out with cryptocurrencies. However, if you are more experienced, you can also use them to track the prices of various cryptocurrencies.

CoinMarketCap is a great way to keep up with the price of cryptocurrencies. It tracks prices across multiple exchanges, and offers insights on how much the coins have raised. Also, it provides an updated list of the top cryptocurrencies by market cap. This is helpful for investors who want to know which coins are worth investing in. If you have the time to read a lot, this can replace your RSS reader.

One of the newest entrants in the crypto news space is Coinspeaker. In its short history, it has become one of the most respected online news sources. With a focus on providing news in a simple, factual manner, it has quickly established itself as a leader in the crypto community.

Another site that focuses on the entire crypto industry is Cointelegraph. Their team is dedicated to providing high-quality journalism and expert opinion in the crypto space. You can expect in-depth coverage of blockchain technology, decentralized applications, and the internet of finance. They also publish a list of the top cryptocurrencies, so you can get a better sense of which ones to invest in.

TodayNFTNews covers a wide variety of cryptocurrencies and other industries. While their articles focus on the regulatory side of the crypto market, they are also known for their forex reporting. Moreover, they have a special category for ICOs. Among the other features of their site is a newsletter that pulls in stories from thought leaders in the industry.

Live Bitcoin News is a website that reports on the latest news in the crypto and blockchain industries. Its young, energetic team of reporters are well-versed in the technological aspects of cryptocurrencies. There are unique angles and interesting stories to be found here. Besides its news, the site offers tutorials on how to purchase cryptocurrencies, as well as reviews on the best ones.

If you are a beginner to the crypto and blockchain space, you may want to check out the blog of Tony Sheng. He is the product lead at Decentraland and has written on a wide range of topics, from VR/AR to games. Despite not posting often, his posts are insightful and not overly beaten to death.

Altcoin Today is a news site that focuses on a handful of the most popular cryptocurrencies. Their reports are thorough, avoiding news pieces promoting the launch of new cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, they cover important figures in the industry, including top traders.

Although there are numerous other websites that cover the crypto and blockchain industry, the above mentioned are some of the best. Keep in mind that each site offers something different, so it’s always a good idea to consult a variety of resources before making a decision.

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