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We have some big crypto news to talk About in the cryptocurrency market today So we're gonna be talking about the Crypto prices and some other important News so if you guys enjoy the updates Please do me a favor hit the Thumbs Up Button as always not Financial advice And let's get straight into this video And one of the big stories is we Mentioned it yesterday there were Predictions Sam bankman freed was going To plead not guilty and he has entered Not guilty on all counts in federal Court so he is pleading not guilty to Everything basically and uh he's up Against some very very big charges so Wire fraud Securities fraud violations Of campaign Finance laws and if he gets Convicted on these eight criminal counts He can face up to 115 years in the prison system in the USA so he's up for some massive charges And it is going to be very very Interesting to see what happens and you Can see him here potentially is he on The way into court right there and it Looks like here so the media scrum is All around him right now and uh things Are definitely heating up for SPF and as A big prediction for 2023 I think this Year is going to be the year of crypto Regulation so I think the government and The politicians they've sat on the Sidelines long enough and I reckon this

Year because of FTX last year we're Gonna get some crypto regulation but Potentially there could be some massive Upside to that because then crypto gets A legitimate and potentially lots of More money can come into the market uh Some other interesting Innovations I've Seen in the crypto markets today check It out Ukrainian pharmacies enable Crypto payments via binance pay so Binance exchange is really spreading its Wings all the way over to Ukraine and it Says right here you know pharmacies can Basically use digital payments with Crypto and ANC Pharmacy one of the Biggest Pharmacy chains in the country Has partnered with binance Ukraine to Debut cryptocurrency payments via Contactless crypto payment service Binance pay so this is really big and uh They have over a thousand pharmacies in The Ukraine and uh what is really Interesting is this adoption is really Going to the next level so we actually Saw in 2022 how crypto can play a role In our conflicts and right now you know Binance is on the front line of a Conflict uh providing payment services To Ukrainian pharmacies which is really Interesting and on top of that we also Have some bullish news coming out for Xrp ripple so the Ripple CEO he is Optimistic about U.S regulatory Clarity For crypto this year so Brian

Garlinghouse so he is cautiously Optimistic about you know there's going To be breakthrough regular regulatory Clarity in 2023 so I agree with exactly What he's saying right here and you have To remember once that regulatory Clarity Comes through for the crypto Market that In my opinion is when some huge Investments May potentially happen for Crypto so a lot of those big money Players on the sideline who don't want To invest in crypto because it's too Risky maybe that risk will get Eliminated because of all the regulation That happens and all the laws that get Put into place so guys just watch out For 2023 some big things might really Happen and uh also you know people are Having fun sees out of binance is having Fun over on Twitter because Jim Cramer Is uh coming up with some bearish tweets Right here he says as I predict another Week year for crypto I do Ponder how Many people are still involved now many Millions of people and uh people are Saying the Bottom's in so anytime Jim Cramer comes out with her prediction It's always the opposite generally of What he says and uh Cesar to binance Says finally we are all going to make it And with that guys let's check out the Crypto prices today so what are some big Winners Solano is up 23 so doing some Highly unpredictable moves uh with

Solana so you know potentially can this One explode from rock bottom prices uh Eight coin Mina is up and uh the rest of The crypto Market is actually looking Relatively green today so a good day on The crypto market and if we have a look You know these gains are being led Slightly by Bitcoin so Bitcoin is up 0.2 Percent ethereum is up 0.9 and uh if we Scroll down you know Solana is the big Standout today so up 22.8 really pumping Avax is up four percent a ship holding Steady around 0.2 percent movement right There and uh apecoin is uh looking Strong up 5.4 percent and Terra classic You know holding steady down slightly Today in the crypto Market but the Crypto Market is looking pretty nice and I think 2023 it's going to be this big Year of uh regulation but once the Regulation happens but uh it could Potentially be the next push-up in the Crypto prices and if you guys want to Take your crypto investing to the next Level in 2023 you can get some nice time Limited bonuses on my 100x crypto Mastery course out now the discounts are Run until this Friday after that the Price will go up that are all my best Lessons in crypto how to make money with Not much money what are the key Strategies and key learnings we go Through it indeed detail in the crypto Mastery course but guys that is a big

Update I appreciate you guys tuning into The video have a good day and I'll see You in the next one crypto Zeus signing Out

Top Crypto News Sources – How to Find the Next Crypto Gem

top crypto news|top crypto news

Top Crypto News Sources – How to Find the Next Crypto Gem

Whether you are just starting to learn about cryptocurrencies or have been investing in them for years, you need to keep up with the latest news in this rapidly growing field. Luckily, there are a variety of sites that offer a good mix of content. The key is finding a site that is authentic and reliable. Below are some of the best crypto and blockchain news sources that you can choose from.

CoinDesk is one of the most prominent news outlets in the crypto world. They provide breaking news, technical analysis, opinions, and more. Their editorial team believes in the power of cryptocurrencies and provides an unbiased look at the latest developments in the space. You can subscribe to their newsletters to get a daily dose of news, and the company also hosts a yearly Consensus summit in New York City.

One of the oldest and most popular news outlets in the cryptocurrencies industry, the Bitcoin Magazine is a must read for anyone interested in the digital currency space. In addition to providing expert commentary, the publication also provides an educational component with its extensive research and data.

Another popular site that provides a good blend of information is Cointelegraph. Although they began as a forex site, the team has expanded their coverage to include a wide range of subjects, including crypto and blockchain technology. Its articles focus on the use cases of a variety of blockchain technologies, as well as the economic and regulatory impacts of cryptocurrencies.

Another great resource for cryptocurrency news is CryptoPanic. This site offers a portfolio tracking feature, social signals, and a variety of RSS feeds to keep you updated on price action. Subscribers can also add their own Reddit and Twitter sources, and choose which cryptocurrencies they want to follow.

Coinspeaker is a newer site with a rapidly growing following. Their reporters cover every aspect of the cryptocurrency market. From altcoins and money politics to crowd sales and legislative changes, the team covers it all. Aside from the news, you can also access their blog, which features core stories delivered in a straightforward, factual style.

The creator of Crypt0 is an avid bitcoin user and stock investor. He started the site with the intention of spreading the word about cryptocurrencies. He also posts longer videos that can help you understand the latest developments. With more than 100k subscribers and over a million views, Crypt0 is a favorite among crypto enthusiasts.

Live Bitcoin News is a team of young reporters who are passionate about the crypto industry. Their reporting is fresh, curious, and features unique angles on the crypto world. There are also videos, interviews, and articles to explore.

TodayOnChain was launched in October 2013. The site provides news from various sources and caters to the crypto community. You can also join the weekly Token Economy newsletter, which includes news from thought leaders in the crypto industry. Regardless of whether you’re just starting out or an experienced investor, these sites will give you all the information you need to keep up with the latest developments in the booming world of crypto and blockchain.

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