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We have some big crypto news to talk About on the channel today but I also Want to do a special video because it is New Year's Eve so happy New Year I hope The new year brings you lots of Fortune And what I want to do in this video is We'll have a quick touch on some news And then I actually just want to talk Through some crypto projects uh some Poll results that you guys have given me As well and then also I want to talk About some cryptos you guys want me to Talk about as well so it's a different Style of video we're going to be looking At some top altcoins for 2023. what do I Think of them what what needs to happen With some of them and also what other Things big picture do you need to be Aware of for 2023 that I think is coming And we're going to talk about the impact In this video so very important video Happy New Year guys hope you guys have a Good night tonight uh hit the thumbs up Button on the video I pre really Appreciate that as always strictly not Financial advice let's get straight in To this video so just want to kick off By reflecting on the year where we are Right now on the grand scheme of things And I've just got the Bitcoin price and If we actually reflect back you know Roughly a year it has been you know a Bit of a year of a slide down in price So you guys can see uh roughly we have

Been in a bit of a bear Market I would Say overall for the last uh 12 months Roughly you can see the uh slide down a Trajectory but you've also seen this Massive run up back in uh 2020-2021 where we had the altcoin boom And boy were they some good times in Cryptocurrency but uh you know I don't Think the crypto journey is over even Though the crypto prices have went down I still think you know crypto is going To be sticking around pretty much Forever now and I'm bullish on Cryptocurrency long term even though the Prices are down I actually think it's a Great time when the prices are down when A lot of people have left some left the Market to the time to really research Cryptos as well so what are some things You need to be aware of in 2023 so I saw This good video was actually posted by LGV was part of the membership group and It's a video about our regulation in 2023 so I'm a believer that regulation Will happen in 2023 I think some of it Will be very good because at the end of The day we don't want scammers and we Don't want frauds uh in the crypto space Especially those ones who basically Mislead people take their money and use Custom customer deposits and things like That so I think regulation is going to Happen I reckon you know to make a Little bit of a prediction I reckon

Around the middle of 2023 we might get Some crypto regulation so we know the Politicians are always slow to do Regulation but I reckon around then We're probably going to get some but What that can potentially do as well Once crypto gets that green light so Regulation comes in and it's good Regulation I reckon that could be the Potential you know next Catalyst to push The crypto prices back up because some Cryptos out there they're going to get The green light and they're really going To push up northwards I think anyway in Price and I think that's going to be Very very exciting indeed so watch out For regulation in 2023 the other thing We need to watch out for in 2023 big Picture is going to be the world economy As well so you guys know the situation That we've been dealing with around the World last couple of years it definitely Could be better but uh we want this to Get sorted out as well so the quicker we Get the world economy back on track the Better and I think that's going to be Another bullish Catalyst for crypto Prices and guys in particular let's talk Through some questions now that I asked You over on YouTube and let's talk Through some results so ask the question In addition to General crypto news and Lunar classic what else would you want To see me cover in 2023 so some people

Have said more ship updates 42 so that's The majority so people want to see more Ship I can definitely arrange for some More shiv updates more xrp updates Coming in at 32 percent more crew Updates coming out at 16 and some other Coins so I'm getting lots of requests For safe Moon uh meta hero ciscoin Okonami Luna classic what's with safe Moon we mentioned safe moon in this Video drip Network faucet and Animal Farm growth token safe Moon and Grove Cadano safe Moon Dojo on Mars lunar Classic xrp and uh a lot of other ones Right there but appreciate all the Feedback you guys give me right there so I'm always trying to deliver as much Value as I can and I always want to take On what you think what's important in Your crypto portfolio as well so I Always want to take your points of view On board right there so we'll mention Some of those cryptos in this video as Well and I also asked you the question Right here overall are you currently up Or down in your crypto investing Journey 16 of you guys say you're in profits 84 Say you're in loss so not Financial Advice but what I would say is that in Crypto always have a strategy to take Profits okay so when you're up in crypto You know one of the biggest things You're going to be working against is Your own emotions so people get greedy

You know you get greedy in crypto and That's probably the number one thing That can stifle people's plans to Actually be overall up in cryptocurrency So you know know where you can get the Opportunity to take profits definitely Take profit so you know 2022 there's Opportunities for me to take a lot of Profits I did take those profits and I'm Up in money but again if you're down in Money I wouldn't worry about that as Well because there is going to be that Opportunity to learn you know refine Your strategy continue to research and You never know the cryptos in your Portfolio they may potentially over time You know go back up in value as well so That's what happens in crypto as well it Comes in cycles and if you do need help With your profit taking strategies I Have a whole section on it in my course I've just released as well so this is Early Access is now available 75 Discount only for you guys on the Channel listening in early before the 6th of January but I have a whole Section on profit taking strategy and That's how I've made money in crypto as Well so I don't make money in crypto Just by holding cryptocurrencies you Have to also have a plan to sell you Have to you know take profits on cryptos Especially you know if you hit it big so If you hit a 20x you hit a 30X you're

Going for a pre-sale a new crypto you Hit a 50x guys I'm taking profits on That that's how you make money in crypto So that is probably the one thing I Would uh you know talk to people about Is you know set up a strategy set up a Profit taking strategy and if there's Opportunities you know watch your Emotions as well so crypto is very Emotional as well and let's talk about Some cryptos that I think you know 2023 Will be very exciting for so Bitcoin is The number one so I know a lot of you Guys don't bother to buy any Bitcoin Because you love the altcoin gems on the Channel and I have done polls about this Before but I do like Bitcoin it's the Least risky one I do hold some Bitcoin In my portfolio and uh you can see right Here it's way down in price but again This one has the green light from the SEC so they don't think Bitcoin is a Security and uh there's a lot of belief In the Bitcoin system the big fud around Bitcoin is probably the energy use That's probably one thing to watch out For but I'm still bullish on bitcoin I'm Still holding Bitcoin and look how low It is down in comparison to you know Where it was before as well so 2023 Could Bitcoin and have a big reverse or In a price or would it be the year after We'll find out but our Bitcoin is a nice One and I think uh you know people

Should pay attention to bitcoin another Crypto that is uh you know way down in Price but I do think has lots of Potential I think there's a lot of Political fud around this one they're Trying to Target BNB but I love BNB and You guys know it's the home of many many Great altcoin gems out on the market and Uh so BNB coin currently trading around 2 245 and uh this one in the past is Well this one got up to around 625 as well so again this was another Crypto that I had a strategy you know Got into this one at fifty dollars took Some really nice profits at 600 plus and That's how you make money in crypto guys But I think in the long term with um B And B you know I reckon this one is Going to go places as well because it's Backed by it's backed by CZ And uh you know these guys are doing Their best to comply with all the Regulations out there and uh you know it Already has massive utility and I think The utility is going to get stronger and Stronger with BNB as time goes on but I Really like BNB right there another Crypto to watch out for is ethereum too So ethereum the second biggest crypto Out there it has now moved to proof of Stake reduced energy cost and uh again You know for this crypto it's going to Come down to adoption in 2023 people Adopting this crypto and you can see how

Much of a discount is currently trading From its all-time high so this one got Up to four thousand eight hundred Dollars currently around nearly a Thousand bucks right here and you can See back in the altcoin rush of 2017-18 I got up to about fourteen hundred Dollars as well but ethereum is another Big one to watch out for so I think Ethereum has some nice potential as well Another crypto that's very popular on The channel is xrp so this one is locked In a court case against the SEC and you Guys know xrp you know it has the Potential to revolutionize uh you know The payment industry to some degree xrp Ripple and if we have a look at how much This one is trading off its all-time High currently and what's interesting About xrp is actually got higher back in The 2017-2018 uh run right here so what did It get up to around 3.50 and uh recently What was the all-time high in the last You know altcoin Rush looks to be nearly Two dollars right there but we know There's some crazy predictions out there For xrp and again you know if they win The court case and they get the green Light this one could potentially explode As well so xrp very exciting Cryptocurrency to watch out for as well Another crypto to watch out for that is Tied heavily into Twitter is Dogecoin as

Well so ranked number eight trading at 6.8 cents currently Um you know this one in my opinion is Going to come down to Elon Musk and it's Going to come down to Twitter there was A lot of speculation that uh Elon Musk Would Implement something quicker on Twitter he hasn't done that yet but I Still think 2023 there's going to be Potential for Dogecoin to get integrated Into to Twitter and you can see this one Got up to around 14 cents so you know it Could Dogecoin hit anything crazy in 2023 we'll find out but I do think I do Think it's going to be very important For uh Dogecoin to get that utility over On Twitter so if we get utility on Twitter you know that's going to be Another massive Catalyst because you can See right here in October that was the Speculation phase for Dogecoin Um people thinking it was going to go Over onto Twitter that kind of fizzled Slightly it's trading back at its you Know nearly previous levels now 6.8 Cents and uh but again if we get that Big Twitter integration it's going to be Uh very exciting another crypto that we Will be doing some more updates next Year on is Shiba Inu so I know this one Has a super powerful Community I'm Holding some ship and I know the ship Army is extremely strong as well and uh You know this one is just going to come

Down to in my opinion Community adoption Of all the services coming out for Shiba Inu so you guys know metaverse the games You know shibarium that type of stuff uh You know shiver in you this is the one So it really will come down to Mass Community adoption so I'd love to see Everyone who holds Shiva in you actually Participate in the ecosystem for 2023 so I think there's a massive difference Sometimes with cryptos where you know People buy cryptocurrencies but you know Do they actually use them in the Ecosystem so shiv I want to see anyone Who's part of the ship Army you've got To help out the crypto by participating In the ecosystem and maybe it's eating Up Wellies or maybe it's uh you know Doing other things in the sugar Ecosystem but I think Shiba Inus one to Watch out for so it could potentially This one explode in 2023 we will find Out another crypto that we've been Having a massive focus on the channel You guys know it terrolina classic so The people's coin lots of massive Community Support behind this Cryptocurrency and uh you know what what Do you need to watch out for for Terra Classic so this one I would I would Classify this one as a high utility Cryptocurrency uh they're building out The ecosystem at the moment so there's a Lot of community over on Twitter people

Are building out things all the time and I think it's just a matter of you know Sorting out the leadership of Terror Classic getting that utility getting the Development going and this is one to Watch out for in 2023 so could Luna Classic be a sleeping giant in the Crypto space could we see it explode and Uh pass its recent all-time highs of Either three zeros and uh the five one Level so it nearly got up to the sixth Level but I'd love to see Tara classic Um really grow in value in 2023 and Let's not mention some other cryptos as Well so crypto I haven't mentioned on The channel for a while let's talk about It matter hero because so can meta hero Recover let's talk about some bullish Signs for meta hero one thing I do like About meta hero is the circulating Supply is pretty high in comparison to The total Supply so I really like it When cryptos have a lot of the supply Unlocked and it's circulating around the Ecosystem that potentially means there's Going to be less dumps on the price and If we have a look at metahero can this One you know potentially recover it did Hit it did hit a nearly get up to 25 Cents and uh you know this one kind of This one kind of fractured off into two Because you guys remember everdome kind Of took a lot of the focus away from a Meta hero uh when that big metaverse

Play came into line but you know Potentially you know meta hero I know They've got a new CEO I think his name's Marius and uh potentially could this one Recover other things I like about Metahiro as well guys rank number 511 I Like the ones that are down in market Cap so you know if you want to know Where I've made my money guys it's been The ones down in market caps you have to Remember in crypto you know the lower The market cap the bigger the potential To explode in the future if all the Variables go right and that's exactly What we talk about uh in the crypto Zeus 100x Mastery course so we speak about Market cap how important it is and uh You know often often more than not you Do want the ones that are really small In market cap because they can Potentially explode but watch out for Meta hero you know if this phone can get Some nice adoption I think you know it Would be very interesting to watch where This one goes in 2023 another crypto to Watch out for in 2023 everdone so this One is down in price but again you know If you have a look at the website it's a Sweet website they are building out a Realistic Um hyper metaverse cryptocurrency and They've delivered on a lot of the things They've said so far so you know there's Big differences between some cryptos out

There they say they're going to deliver Everdome's actually been delivering for The cryptocurrency and I love the look Of this crypto and again this one is Another one ranked way down 353 so could 2023 be a big year for everdome you know The recovery in this one we're gonna Find out but it has been trading nicely For the last 90 days but other things to Watch out for ever Dome so the Circulating Supply is relatively low so Again this is not a sponsored Mansion It's not a promotion of ever Dome or Anything like that but one thing you Have to watch out for is it does have a Low circulating Supply so I wonder when All this will be released fully into the Ecosystem them so it's only about 21 Billion circulating Supply according to Coin gecko total Supply is a hundred Billion so I'd love to see that number Go up and that means you know Potentially Less Price impact when you Know the rest of the ecosystem tokens Are released but everdome you know doing Some good things and it's going to be Very very interesting in 2023 and some Other cryptos as well so zero Ducks Wants an update on safe mode so let's Have a look at safe mode so save me in The crypto number 171 and if we have a Look at the price you know safe moon is Way down and I have seen some news over On Twitter so one thing for real for

Safe moon is uh very strong over on Twitter so the community is still very Much alive and safer in the Cryptocurrency I have seen uh jonker I Have seen the team will release the Orbital Shield safe Moon uh password Manager for cryptos which is definitely Interesting and I think for safe moon What what would I say for this crypto I Think you know it is just a matter of Delivering on the roadmap and clearing Up fight as well so let's be honest There is fun around safe Moon and I Definitely think you know John caroni Should address some of the fun of the Past and just clear it up for people and Then also it comes down to you know Delivering on roadmap goals so safe Moon Blockchain safe Moon centralized Exchange and that's probably what needs To happen for safe Moon the crypto clear Out the flood and then deliver on the Safe Moon blockchain and centralized Exchange as well so they are the big Things for 2023 for safe Moon another Crypto I got requested for as well is Grove tokens let's give a growth token a Little bit of uh time right here and you Can see right here gov token had a big Spike in July 2022 got up to some pretty Big all-time highs and what's impressive About growth token is the price hasn't Fully crashed so it did have that huge Spike right here and uh so you know

People are believing in this crypto and I have had a look at the roadmap and I Do have a big road map for a growth Token and it looks like they've achieved A lot already so I gotta say uh these Guys have been doing some good things And there's something else that Grove Token does very well I speak it about it In my course that are just the way this Crypto is run as well I am impressed and I know they had a very good marketing Campaign to kind of get this one on the Radar which is another really good at Signal as well so there's 12 altcoin gem Factors you've got to look out for Growth token definitely hitting some of Them right here and what else is Grovetaking going to be releasing for 2023. so the Grove blockchain that Sounds pretty exciting and do they have An exchange as well coming out so the Grove X exchange that's a big one as Well so two big things for Grove in the First half of 2023 that is probably what You need to watch out for and I do like How they have a very big road map as Well so another Factor we spoke we speak About in the course as well we go into Roadmaps and details what you need to be Paying attention to but I like how Grove Token has a big one and they end with Metaverse release right there guys that Is a look at some exciting cryptos to Watch out for in 2023 lots of cryptos

Out there as I always say you know what Do I do personally in the crypto space So I do diversify in cryptocurrency I Also limit you know the amount of Investments I put in and often more than Not you know when I've been making money In crypto I haven't been putting in like A big amounts of money it's been little Amounts of money that explode it grows In value and then you have to also have That strategy into in place to actually Take profits off the table and then you Can put it into other assets as well but That's how I've been making my money and I think all you have to do if you're Down in money guys just rethink your Strategy and uh you know keep doing your Research and uh look I think crypto's Not going away I think 2023 is going to Be strong for crypto I think regulation Is coming World economy will get sorted Out and I think there's lots of great Cryptos out there for people to research And uh to you know to potentially buy And I always you know be comfortable With the levels of risk and reward You're taking on and if you're Researching execution goes well you can Make lots of money in crypto because That's a massive update if you guys want To learn more about crypto strategy you Know how to do research how to buy how To take profits you can't get those Discounts on the uh on the crypto course

That is now available early access just For you guys on the channel before the Sixth January right there but that is a Big update I hope you enjoyed it and I Genuinely hope you have a great 2023 Really appreciate you tuning into these Videos means a lot to me and uh guys I Will see you next year crypto Zeus Signing out

Top Crypto News Sites – How to Find the Next Crypto Gem

top crypto news|top crypto news

Top Crypto News Sites – How to Find the Next Crypto Gem

Cryptocurrency news sites provide a wide range of content about cryptocurrencies and related tech. These sites can be useful to anyone interested in gaining a more in-depth understanding of the market. They can also serve as a reliable source of information to investors. Despite the volatile nature of the market, there are still a number of sites that provide unbiased, useful information.

Among the top crypto news websites are CoinDesk, Coinsheet, and Altcoin Today. All of these websites are highly reputable and are a great way to keep up with all of the news happening in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Cointelegraph, a website that was launched in 2013, covers all aspects of the digital money and crypto space. It offers a broad range of news and analysis, from technology to finance. The site’s focus is on bringing the most recent and important information. Their technical perspective on the Bitcoin and Ethereum markets is an invaluable resource for newcomers to the industry.

Another site is Blokt, which was created in September of 2017. This site focuses on financial analysis and news, including ICOs. There are a variety of articles to read and guides to follow. In addition, the site provides a comprehensive ICO listing.

Another popular site is Crypto mode, which is a more unbiased source of news. Crush Crypto manages the Digital Asset Array, which is an actively managed portfolio of cryptocurrencies based on the Ethereum blockchain. Aside from the ICO listing, the site also provides in-depth research and reviews on all types of cryptocurrencies.

A good source of news, Coinspeaker was launched in late 2014. Coinspeaker provides a core story in an easy-to-digest format. Users can access articles about ICOs, mining, and trading. They also offer a portfolio tracking feature, which allows subscribers to customize which cryptocurrencies they want to follow.

Another great site is ZyCrypto, which focuses on digital money and investing tips. Users can learn how to buy, sell, and exchange currencies and also how to store and use them. While the site is not as cluttered as other competitors, it does have a wide range of guides for investors.

Finally, CryptoPanic is a good site for catching up on all of the latest cryptocurrency news. They provide a broad spectrum of information on all facets of the crypto space, and it is one of the first aggregators to start providing this type of coverage. They also report on irregularities in the crypto industry and provide guides and reviews for users who are just starting out.

Some people consider Reddit to be a bit of a shady source of information. Although Reddit encourages discussions, it is not a safe place to get your news from. That is not to say that the site does not have some legitimate news, but it is best to check the facts before making any final decisions.

If you’re looking for a different approach to the news that you get about the crypto market, check out the latest issue of the Crypto Magazine. This publication covers a diverse range of topics, such as artificial intelligence, generation 3.0 web development, and blockchain technology. For those who prefer the convenience of a monthly subscription, this site has a newsletter that is delivered to your inbox Monday through Friday.

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