Binance Will Be OK? Dogecoin, Bitcoin & Shiba Inu News Today

Binance Will Be OK? Dogecoin News Today

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Dogecoin and Bitcoin are two of the most popular and valuable digital currencies on the market today. And things are only going to get better for them in the future!

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⚠️Note of caution: all of our videos are personal opinions. Do your own research. Never take one person’s opinion for financial advice. There are many strategies and there is not one strategy fits all people. Our videos ARE NOT financial advice.

Oh hey everyone this is Daryl from daily Crypto trade signals come to you live Live again from Bangkok guys it's a Great time to be live we're gonna be Talking about a whole bunch of stuff out There and don't forget today we've got The fomc meeting and uh we could be Seeing the interest rates going down Down and if that happens we're going to See most of crypto Market go up we're Going to see the stocks go up and that's Going to be good for everything guys and We definitely need a good relief rally Guys what's going on with Dogecoin we're Going to be talking about that Bitcoin And much much more of that so this Sounds interesting get ready to go down The OG crypto Rabbit Hole together guys Remember they're saying Financial Bicycle let's get it get it get it now Watch out for nasty scammers in the Contest and trying to reach out to you Guys so the big news is we've got the um The Fed chair is going to be uh making His announcement at 2 30. so that is Good good news out there And the majority of people out there are Saying that we're going to be seeing About 4.25 to 4.05 basis points and if That happens ladies and gentlemen we're Definitely going to be seeing the crypto Markets going uppity up up we're going To be seeing the stocks blast off so That is going to be cool beans in the

House guys so let's take a look what's Going on right now right now let's think Of what's going on with the U.S markets Right now so right now the pre-markets Are slightly down uh basically neutral You're going to see the volumes are Going to be uh pretty pretty pretty Narrow until we see the fomc meeting Happening at uh at two o'clock right Let's confirm that at yep 2 30 2 30. uh So guys my advice not Financial advice What I'm doing is I'm not going to be Doing any trading until after the after The uh the Fed chair uh tells us how Much is going to be increasing or Decreasing the interest rates out there So guys buckle up I wouldn't be doing Much of anything just sitting on the Sidelines and waiting for this big Announcement pow guys it's a great time To be live What else is coming in looks like UK Inflation OMG yeah you know Falls from 40 41 year highs as fuel prices search So inflation is still not so good so UK Inflation came in slightly below Expectations slightly at 10.7 in November 10.7 percent OMG that's still Pretty high as far as I'm concerned so I'm glad I'm not in the UK guys so let's Take a look what's going on with the Heated heat map now looks like the Crypto markets have just flipped right Out there aren't you we don't be seeing

Any red uh we still need to see uh Bitcoin get itself above 18 000 right Now uh Bitcoin is still in the green on The daily and it's at 17 883 dollars out There we still need to blow past the Nineteen thousand dollar level to be Confirming that we're moving into Bullish Direction guys so if we don't Get up there then we're going to get a Rejection that's going to push us back Down and we're going to be trading in This range out there homeowner range Guys dxy y's and dxy is also going down In the right direction so that is good Absolutely good when I change money Today in Bangkok I can definitely Getting more bang for my for for my Dollar out there so hopefully the dxy Continues to go down where I am overseas Because it's going to be good news of Bears for the oh gee and us guys so it's A great time to be live what else is Coming in right now let's take a take a A gander at the total marketing so we're Seeing a total market cap right now is Up at about 2.25 let me give this image Make sure we got all the right Information out there oh my bad it's now Down 0.21 oh no no it's the OG effect in The house time to get some this is this Is Coca-Cola in Thailand in case you're Wondering what that is uh yeah I like go Google Now if the Coca-Cola executives are

Watching it I'm not chilling but I do Like to go and do like Coca-Cola it Keeps me keeps me up at my step guys and Don't forget it's getting pretty late Here in Bangkok and today weird weird Wacky Bangkok was cold Unbelievable I had to wear a sweater it Was like 26 degrees out there right now So if I take a look at the weather in Bangkok right now it's 24 degrees out There wow that is a cold day in Bangkok Guys so Bitcoin is uh down slightly Ethereum is also down about 0.75 we're Seeing much of everything going down Down uh doors just dropped to about 3.59 So hopefully we get a nice reversal uh Doubly wubbly reversal coming and when We get the data coming in uh for the Fomc fomc is trending like crazy right Now so people are waiting with baited Breath out there also seeing that uh This uh into the block looks like Yesterday binance had the second largest Usdc outflow ever so what is going on With binance we're going to cover that Talk about that a little bit more out There so Bitcoin has outperformed Believe It or Not Bitcoin has Outperformed markets in the seven out of The last 10 years guys so that is Interesting And you can see see here over the last Decade actually over the last decade Bitcoin has emerged as a best performing

Asset in seven out of those 10 years Industry for the three years where Bitcoin failed to emerge on top the Asset was the worst performing data Shared by uh investment strategist Paul Rao and on those years that uh Bitcoin Performed the worst it was because it Was uh we were we were in a bare period Guys uh because it was the Pre-accumulation before the next halving So we have seen that you know Bitcoin is Actually upper outperforming S P 500 Outperforming a lot of indices and also Definitely outperforming good outdoor Guys so we're seeing that I'm here macro Events could Rock Bitcoin crypto markets According to Alice guys so if you if you Take a look basically what sentiment is Saying here is that right now cryptos Have been moving pretty much in tandem For the year with the s p 500. so we're Seeing that the movement of s p 500 is Closely closely We're seeing Bitcoin and crypto is Closely tied to S P 500 so the S P 500 Goes down then crypto is going to go Down down we definitely need to see Crypto uncoupling out there and uh we Need crypto to basically do its own Thing and be free from the S P 500 out There so that is what that's all about Guys and gals what else is coming in Looks like this is from our friend this Is from the U.S Securities Exchange

Commission today we have charge FDX Trading limited CEO and co-founder Sam Bankman fried chicken with August Trading scheme to default Equity Investors investigation as to other Securities Law violations and into Entities persons related to the alleged Misconduct are opening so this is a Statement by this guy here Now he seemed to be he seemed to be kind Of uh under the gun right now maybe in Some Limelight situation right now there Could be some further investigations and Was his involvement well known so guys And gals looks like a crypto quantity Withdrawals has no effect on finance so We have seen that uh according to the CEO of uh cryptocon uh this is Kim Jong-joo not Kim Jong-il uh just let's Get back clear BTC reserves have dropped Over eight percent in the last two days For binance but uh up 24 joined the FTX Bank Run last month so things might be You know things you know things might Need to be clarified for regulation but I don't see any Shady unchain activities So if you take a look at the Unchained Activities for binance for Bitcoin and Ethereum according to cryptocorn nothing Looks unusual nothing looks out of the Place this could be fine and Danny Everything is looking okay out there out There so Justin binance CEO says the Company will survive any crypto winter

So it looks like CZ is saying look it's A-okay everything is okay do not panic Out there peeps so I mean I have a lot Of money on binance I mean 99 is on Harbor walls but I still have a lot on Binance and I'm not worried guys I'm Absolutely not worried out there looks Like Jack Dorsey has chimed in on the Twitter X-Files that came out and he Said look these are my thoughts and he's Saying look you know basically Twitter Needs to be looking at this social media Needs to be resilient to corporate and Government control I agree and only Original author may remove content they They produce and moderation is best done By AI choices and not human beings out There right because human beings are Fallible we're emotional and we may lean One way or other depending on How our emotions are affected guys so Looks like this also coming in from uh Dylan LeClaire out there And what he's saying is execs execs Bailing institutional jump Capital Fleeing and charges coming so this has Just been this whole uh binance flood That's been going on people been talking About charges I mean I am category Telling you there's been nothing Official nothing is happening I mean They're saying that there's going to be A whole bunch of Articles out uh next Week I mean we could be seeing a lot of

Hit pieces coming out uh against binance But you know I think a lot of it is fun So don't panic don't absolutely Panic Looks like Elon Musk has just confirmed That he's going to be moving his uh Twitter headquarters guys so maybe he's Going to be moving his Twitter Headquarters to Texas out there what do You guys think smash the likes social Love he'll get the licked and don't Forget to subscribe your wife and hey if You're still watching thank you very Much thank you community and YouTube if You're listening want to say much love I Appreciate it appreciate for giving it As a meeting and the chance to get our Voices heard guys it's a great time to Be alive and also too hey if you got Your if you got any money on centralized Exchanges I always suggest the best thing to do is Get it on a nano Ledger uh product get It on a tracer software wallet whatever Wallet but if you don't own the keys you Don't own the crypto guys so own that Guys sleep uh save at night guys and Also guys be part of the freaking Conversation and join our Discord I just Updated the link looks like our previous Link had expired so this link is okay Guys so go on there and join the Freaking conversation guys don't miss a Beat and if you're missing any of the uh The notifications from our dear friends

Our beautiful YouTube friends out there This will actually help you guys uh it's A great time to be live guys so what Else is coming in so we've got Elon Musk Moving his headquarters most likely to Texas not confirm yet and guys this is Just a reminder in the house that you Know It's just a reminder that Dogecoin uh is Not just a token has its own blockchain A much utility Dogecoin is the people's Crypto period guys I remember Dogecoin is a fantastic Factor crypto And remember those questions don't talk It's it's on blockchain and remember That you know one of the biggest things Behind the blockchain is the people guys And we have a significant Community a Great Community let's get it guys so it Has much utility out there you know AMC Theaters twitch you know a lot of people A lot of utility out there so those guys Become memes and it makes crypto fun and Remember Dogecoin is so is such a great Cryptocurrency it makes also a great Entry into the space because it's not Expensive it's cheap and it gets it gets People kind of introduced to what crypto Is and that allows them to you know Dogecoin is a gateway crypto guys Absolutely Gateway crypto I love it you Love it guys so let's get it guys and if You want to show your love for those Kind what you need to do is you need to

Get the message out there take action Take action and get to Twitter guys it Is a great time we all need you to Succeed out there is a great time to be Live let's take what's going on with Dude guys let me give this a minute to Refresh let's get it right now pop we're Seeing the Dogecoin uh is up again well That's pretty good and we're seeing the Dogecoin a market cap is at 12 billion And we're seeing that the volume is up 28.83 in the house guys so that's a Great time to be live uh let's take a Look what's going on with the Jewish Coin Right now Dogecoin is just going Sideways right now we definitely like I Said we need to get ourselves above zero Nine four looks like the Bears have Taken control right now and there is Some risk that uh price could collapse And we could be seeing ourselves going Down to around about eight cents guys so We definitely need to see Doge make some Movement and get ourselves above zero Nine four to confirm a breakout we Definitely need to get above the blue Line out there so guys and gals buckle Up those are still in the seventh spot In terms of social engagement 21.92 Million social engagements let's get it Guys who's in the money who's in the Money are you in the money out there Let's take a look right now

All right now let's go internet there we Go six percent or in 38 out and if you Take a look at uh the bearish uh Momentum it's basically bearish right Now so like I said the Bears are taking Control and if and if and if if we can't Get ourselves up to zero nine four we Could be seeing some Landslide down guys We don't want to say dxy we talked about Let's take a look at what is going on With shibi weeby weeby right now shibi WIBI is looking kind of uh on the Precipice of losing that nine and losing And going down to eight and some change Out there so she beats not looking good Uh ethereum is just barely holding on to Our support level here at 13 27. so Hopefully we can keep on going keeping On but we're going to see uh also we're Seeing a long token is also down guys And girls so you know what to expect Today do not expect anything until after 2 30 after we have the fomc meeting out There we need that to happen let's Hopefully keep our fingers crossed that We're going to see the interest rates go Down and that will pump up crypto like Crazy guys don't forget to go follow me On my Twitter guys follow follow go back And watch all the other videos don't Forget to smash the likes share and Super chats would be much much Appreciated guys show some love out There guys don't forget to get all of

The merch guys and also you can check Out the links below as well guys so get It get it get it so this is a great one Coming to you live from Bangkok it's Time for OG to get some shut eye it's Laid in Bangkok I'll see you absolutely Absolutely next one be blessed be well Peace out Foreign Thank you Foreign Foreign

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