Binance will be the next domino to FALL!! We have proof CZ Binance will be criminally charged SOON!! Chanpeng Zhao (CZ) is involved in a chat group named “exchange coordination” where crypto exchanges are coordinating together to manipulate crypto. Chats were leaked from this group & more damaging chats could be in law enforcements hands. Also we uncover that the Binance chain and the BNB token is a centralized honeypot for washtrading!! When will Binance fall & how low will Bitcoin go? Tune in to find out…

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⏰ Time Stamps ⏰
00:00 Intro: BINANCE going DOWN?!?
00:37 Proof of Top Binance Executives jumping ship
03:34 Binance to be charged by U.S. Regulators?
04:29 Binance wash-trading evidence
06:45 CZ squirming on CNBC
07:47 CZ audit claims laughable
09:01 Proof of Binance performing illegal Exchange Coordination

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Well what a crazy week it has been. SBF arrested, Congressional hearing on FTX,
fed raises rates…but the BIG Question looming Over the markets…is Binance going to go
down!!?? Are they the next domino to fall? How low would Bitcoin go if this happens? Well find out in around ten minutes, because
it’s time for Chico Crypto!!! Rumors are running wild that the Binance exchange
doesn’t have full reserves, and their demise Could be coming very soon!! They hype of this came from popular twitter
influencer, Dylan Leclair, who posted screengrabs About Binance. The person warning Dylan said “let people
know to get their funds off Binance. Use my tweet if you want to, or create your
own. People need to know: Executives are bailing,
institutional (Jump Capital) Fleeing, and Charges coming. Dylan asks for more info. The leaker says “they’ve confirmed leadership
losses, accounting contacts have serious issues With their POR, no reporter can confirm the
identify the parent or ownership structure Of Binance, and can’t track down a meaningful
listing of executives beyond CZ. All items and stories are set to come out
from outlets like CNBC, Bloomberg, TruthDAO. Well guess who warned Binance would come after
FTX 2 weeks ago? Chico Crypto did…we posted this video “BINANCE
IS NEXT!! We Have *100% PROOF* They Run On Fractional
Reserves!!!??” And in the video I showed that their proof
of reserves website may have released their Liabilities instead of their reserves, and
things do NOT look good…that video is down In the description if you would like to check
it out! But is anything Dylan tweeted true?? Well yes over the past 6 months, 7 high level
Binance executives have jumped ship including Brian Qian, head of Binance Labs. Binance US “QUIT” the major US crypto
lobbying association in April of this year…aka They were booted out for some reason. No one amidst when they were fired or broken
up with…same goes with this. So they will set up their own…aka no US
lobbying association will let them join. How about institutional capital fleeing the
exchange? Like from their main market maker JUMP??

Well large amounts of capital started leaving
the exchange, billions in 24 hours…I’ll Tell you what…that isn’t all retail! Well an Andrew, @AP_ArchPublic on twitter,
tweeted earlier this week. “Take a look at the
jump withdrawals from Binance in the last 7 days… **this is a significant uptick for
Jump and others with a screenshot of withdrawals From Binance. And yup, JUMP who is Binance’s biggest market
maker is withdrawing like mad…so are many Other large institutional players and they
were doing it before this FUD started. What about charges coming for Binance from
US authorities and regulators? Well rooters put an article this week “Exclusive:
U.S. Justice Dept is split over charging Binance As crypto world falters” and the article
says “Splits between U.S. Department of Justice prosecutors are delaying the conclusion
of a long-running criminal investigation into The world's largest cryptocurrency exchange
Binance. Some of the at least half dozen federal prosecutors
involved in the case believe the evidence Already gathered justifies moving aggressively
against the exchange and filing criminal charges Against individual executives including founder
Changpeng Zhao, said two of the sources.” Wuh OH Binance is in trouble, the DOJ is coming
to burst the exchange bubble!!! I wonder why Binance is in the DOJ and regulators
crosshairs? Well they are doing some terrible and shady
shiznit, in my opinion….like the BNB chain Being used as a centralized honeypot…wash
trading funds… Deso, God of Vision on twitter tweeted “Just
a heads up; i've got more digging to do but I've got some damning evidence that BNB's
mostly a Binance shell game.”Binance hot Wallet 22 with 1,006,999.98 BNB in balance. How did it get there?” They then show onchain proof of what happened
and say “Well OK maybe it's "normal market Operations" moving a million BNB. Checking Wallet 20 (which has a lot more transactions)
to see where *it* got 1 million BNB from; I came across this…showing the onchain activity. He then says “Now i can't for the life of
me figure out why Binance moved, in aggregate, 2.4 MILLION BNB out of Binance Hot wallet
6, to Hot wallet 20, only to move it back To 6 2 days later, and drop a million in Hot
wallet 22 a few days after that. Meaning Hot wallet 6 sends to 20 which sends
it back to 6; but that's the VAST majority Of BNB token movements! Here's some smaller ones to show that they
do happen and do get shown; but you have to

Look for them in a sea of zeroes. Other large transactions are very rare. HOT wallets *should* be FAR more active. How convenient is that? Aside from these things acting like crypto
tumblers to begin with, CZ can claim ANYTHING About Hot Wallet 6's activity as it's unverifiable. If the people they say are trading BNB on
their platform don't actually exist and they're Washtrading bots instead, that would look
*exactly* the same as it does now. So there you go. It's up to cz_binance to explain why the vast
bulk of BNB in wallets moves in chunks or Doesn't move at all. And if it's because it's all internally settled
on Binance; we need PROOF of THAT, because The whole point of crypto is on-chain verification. Well, isn't this just convenient? CZ was on CNBC yesterday, and was asked why
his exchange didn’t do a full audit and Proof of reserve….let’s watch CZ squirm
and say the BIG 4 doesn’t know how to audit Crypto exchanges….let’s listen in…. CZ Is obviously squirming, stuttering left and
right throughout that entire question…and He says the BIG 4 don’t have the skills
to audit his exchange….I’ll have to say IS Laugh out Loud. Because if they were audited, it would be
revealed BNB chain is a honeypot…used for Washtrading… And the BIG 4 does know how to audit crypto
companies and exchanges. Deloitte is a BIG 4 auditor, and as we can
see…they have blockchain services. They even have a section on the website titled
“An internal auditor’s guide to auditing Blockchain”…Same goes for another BIG
4, Ernst & Young….they offer blockchain Services, including many blockchain auditing
tools, even a blockchain reconciler… Again why no audit when these guys can obviously
do it. Well also it would be found out, the Binance
Charity is being used in nefarious ways. I created a video on this back in 2019 tracking
funds from their charity titled “ Binance & Justin Sun. Million Dollar Donation Lies! Charity Funds Tracked” and let me tell you
some REAL shady stuff was happening with the

Funds. That video is in the description too if you
want to give it a watch! And finally there is this!! Bitfinex’d on twitter tweeted “EXCHANGE
COORDINATION ROOM IS REAL. 🚨1. Messages are set to expire after 4 weeks. 2. CZ demands a pause of trading & withdrawals
except for… TRON shitcoins? 3. Former Bitfinex employee Zane Tackett, who
wanted to bet against Tether with him, is In the room with proof of the room and CZ
in there! Exchange coordination? Exchanges are coordinating together? Yeah that is illegal…. Bitfinex’d continued, dropping more…So
let's review:SDNY takes over Tethers criminal Investigation. Tether PR increasingly going on cocaine benders. SBF, Tethers largest customer, arrested for
fraud. Paolo Ardoino freaking out about a 250,000USDT
trade depegging Tether. CZ freaking out in "Exchange Coordination"…with
the proof of chat. Then there is this from Bitfinex’d…he
tweeted with proof “Meet Zane Tackett.Zane Tackett was allegedly an employee of SBF. Zane Tackett is an admin of "Exchange Coordination"
Zane Tackett, while working for SBF, makes CZ an admin of Exchange Coordination
CZ then asks to eject Zane Tacketts boss (SBF) From the room. WHO DOES ZANE WORK FOR?” And finally this…Bitfinexed tweets “Paolo
to CZ: “Kudos, by the way for exposing the FTX fraud, that was masterfully executed”… Obviously this exchange coordination room
had a major leak….and we are just getting The leftovers. I bet there are more damaging conversations…and
they could be in the hands of the DOJ and Regulators!!! Well viewers, I do hope Binance goes down…as
BAD actors in the space NEED to go!!

Bitcoin would crash yes, but it would bounce
back hard around 10k…and another exchange Would take over right where Binance left of…crypto
doesn’t needCZ or binance…it doesn’t Need anyone. Because it’s trustless….Cheers I’ll
see you next time!!

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