BitBoy Tells ALL About Getting Swatted

Thank you all for your continued support as I share my story. It’s only together that we can create a SAFE space for all!
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This is when I walk back this way I go To this window because I'm thinking Maybe I'll see something but nothing so It's at this point to go look out front I see police lights flashing everywhere And I showed her I said honey honey There's something going on there's Something going on downstairs you've got To come see it there's cops everywhere So she was really excited to be a nosy Neighbor with me and this is when my Wife says Let's go out the front you can't go out The front they're going to see us Creeping we don't want that let's go out The back door and we'll walk around She's got to go get shoes and I say okay Honey don't worry I'm gonna go by myself And I walk out I walk right here and Right about the time I get here all of a Sudden the seven SWAT team members bust Through and it's very surreal because I Heard the walkie-talkies on the other Side I knew they were close but they Busted in through the gate and they came In guns drawn like seven AR-15s pointed Right at me and they are on me in a Second and the first thing I hear is

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