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0:00 Intro
0:59 Price Action
1:09 Bullish Divergence
1:54 RSI
2:17 Major Resistance
4:23 Stochastic RSI
4:48 Bearish Cross
5:50 January 9
6:17 Bearish
7:02 $3,000
7:05 14k
8:04 Strong base
10:06 Deciding Factor

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Bitcoin is getting close to bursting It's been stagnant for a while it's time To pay attention we've got significant Action happening in the price action With the indicators we've got our Pressure cooker and we're gonna give a Key update on a two-week chart with our Momentum all of that and more in today's Video hit that subscribe button my name Is Steve or should I say Santa happy Holidays to you and your family I Currently have Santa's mustache inside Of my nose and for the first time no Bullish hair in my videos but happy Holidays to you and your family I hope It's going to be incredible hit that Subscribe button let's jump into the Charts if you're new here we just cover The facts in the charts normally we're Not in Santa gear but we're in holiday Spirit and I hope you are as well So we've got what's happening on the Price action here we've got a low here And a lower low right and we wanted to Give the latest update we clearly have Bullish Divergence there's no arguing Bullish Divergence what is bullet Divergence that is when price is making A low and a lower low and the indicators Are making low and a higher low Essentially the indicators are doing the Exact opposite of price action what Often happens is when price goes down The indicators go down when price goes

Up the indicators go up on rare Occasions you'll have the opposite Happen which is Divergence sometimes There's bullish Divergence sometimes There's bearish Divergence there's Hidden Divergence and there's all sorts Of other divergences but for today's Video we'll keep it simple we have Bullish Divergence no arguing that but What's very very interesting is what's Happening over here in the RSI So since January of 2021 So for the past two years literally for The past two years we've been following This red line as resistance we made a Low here our high here and then a lower High and another lower high and another Lower high and we've been having major Major resistance from this red line here Right for the past two years at the same Time we're forming this bullish Divergence and we're trying to continue Making higher lows right we made a low Here and a higher low we want to Continue making higher lows but that Would mean that we would literally have To break this line that's been our Resistance for two years so something Has to give we want to give the latest And greatest update on this pressure Cooker situation that's happening here For Bitcoin but something's got to give Either this line that's been our Resistance for two years or we're going

To null and void our bullish Divergence That Bitcoin has worked so hard for Pairing since June than since the middle Of this year We've been preparing this bullish Divergence right so we're getting to the Spot into this end here where literally We don't have any room to go either this Red line is going to break or we're Going to break this yellow line which Would null and void our bullish Divergence all right so there are some Clues in the charts right we still have The macd rising that's looking great and Again Santa has beard in my mouth and in My nose but I am dedicated to you and by The way I just want to say I hope you've appreciated I'm a man of My word I told you at the beginning of This month I was going to pump out a lot More videos than normal to give back to You and to our community and to Celebrate the holidays and we've pumped Out all sorts of videos this month so I Hope you've appreciated it and if you're New here welcome in we covered just the Facts in the charts not my emotional Opinion and we help you make better Decisions in crypto we don't take paid Ads we don't have sponsorship deals Where we have to promote things that Turn out to be scams we promote Everything that we built with our two Hands that are proven to help people

Make better decisions and get closer to Financial Freedom so what's down here is A little bit more interesting our Stochastic car PSI on the weekly right What you see here is our blue line is on Top we like that however we're starting To point down with our red line pointing Up it it's getting close here we're very Close to some action over here we want This to maintain bullish okay we want This to maintain bullish it's looking Like it's trying to cross down Potentially in a bearish cross which Means our momentum will be heading down We'll keep a close eye on that our macd Is heading up another thing to pay Attention to with the stochastic RSI is Our our Divergence right we had a low Here and a higher low here if this does Cross down we're going to want to hold Support on this yellow line while Breaking out through this red line all Right and we'll give a quick update On here as well but I want to make a Very very clear picture That something has to give for Bitcoin Here very very soon and if you ask for a Time Horizon if we look at our pressure Cooker situation we don't have a lot of Time right you can see that potentially A little bit after Christmas we'll be Closing here and then you know at the Very very latest we can get into like January 9th but that would be there

Would be a small probability that we're Still in this pressure cooker situation On January 9th very very small Probability there's a higher probability That before January 9th we're either Going to break through this red line or Break down through this yellow line I'll Give my take at the end of the video on What I think is going to happen in this Pressure cooker situation you probably Already have your theory as of right now Given the facts in the charts right but There's a lot happening and we also had A candle this past week that closed Bearish right and again it wasn't a Major major candle but it will affect The price action here and you can see We've had a little bit of momentum to The downside since then which is Affecting our stochastic RSI Pointing down so we had some bullishness Come into the market which was Overshadowed by some recent bearishness But overall we're trying to maintain This trend of this bullish Divergence One clue that we can look for is the Stochastic RSI on the two-week chart so The stochastic RSI and the two-week Chart proves to be legendary right as Soon as we have the blue line on top Back here in 2018 we went from around Three thousand dollars in up to 14K and Then we had a cross down in the Stochastic cross side so a lot less

False signals on these higher time Frames and the reason that's important Is we did have a moment in time where Bitcoin stopped being bullish and had a Cross down but that was quickly reversed And we still have our bullishness in the Two-week stochastic RSI so this could Potentially be influencing what's coming Here okay so what you want to watch out For In the coming weeks is you want to if You are bullish in Bitcoin you want this Stochastic to continue up and it's Really good for Bitcoin because at the Same time we have falling prices so this Pressure cooker situation Bitcoin has Been relatively stagnant for six months Which is phenomenal for the market right You want to build this and continue Building this incredibly strong base Okay and I know somebody in the comments Is going to be like oh my goodness Every video I watch of Steve he's got The bullish hair and is he now bearish He's wearing this crazy Santa hat and He's got this huge beard now is he still Bullish I think I'm a realist I'm a Bitcoin realist I talk about the facts And the charts we want to continue Building this base we want to continue Building the the pressure of this Bullish Divergence and we want it to Withstand if it breaks And we break this yellow line and we

Break this yellow line in the RSI we Could very well null and void all of This bullish Divergence that we've been Building for six months but it's going To come down to our momentum is our Momentum going to continue Rising while Price continues to fall that's the key Right and What you want to look for in the chart Is structure you want to look for Probabilities there are no certainties In the chart but I'll give my my honest Take But again I just wanted to say as we Round out the year here uh in the crypto Space just thank you thank you for your Continued support uh I'm trying to put Out videos that actually help people and I'm not trying to take money to promote All of these different things people are Always throwing money at me and they Have been for five years in this space And we've never taken a dime we always Stick to what we believe in we always Promote things that I literally built With my two hands that's proven to Actually provide value in people's lives And we will continue to do that and Thank you for your support over the Years I really appreciate it now for my Thoughts on the market we've got to look No further than this chart here it looks Like we're going to continue this Process and we're going to be riding up

To this red line and that's going to be Our deciding factor it's too early to Tell what is going to happen there are Some wild charts in the stock market That are saying we could have some Turmoil in 2023 we will cover those in Due time but this is going to be an Interesting situation I can't predict What's going to happen we don't have Enough facts in the charts in front of Us right now to make an educated guess But it's going to be very very Interesting I'm going to have my popcorn Ready this pressure cooker situation it Can't last until January 9th that's very Unlikely so before then we're going to Have either we break through this red Line and our bullish Divergence pops and We start to move upward or we're going To avoid and null and void all of our Bullish Divergence we've been forming For six months and we will plummet in Prices so those are the only two options On the table both of them are relatively Extreme because once a pressure cooker Actually pops that's when things really Start to move so hit that subscribe Button leave a comment down below happy Holidays to you and your family I'll see You right back here on the next video Do you want to know when to buy and when To sell click this video right now

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