Bitcoin BAD NEWS: Here’s What You Need To Know

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0:00 Intro
0:58 Yearly Close
1:15 Bearish Engulfing Candle
1:45 Bullish Engulfing Candle
2:03 Trend Reversal Candles
2:23 13.7
2:43 Total market cap
2:49 Resistance
3:06 751 Billion
3:18 578
3:22 533
3:47 19.5
3:53 Breakdown candle
4:22 17.2
5:39 Pivot High 69k
7:01 Thin Ice
7:17 Big Snowball
8:56 Support

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Bitcoin BAD NEWS: Here’s What You Need To Know


Bitcoin has just closed four critical Charts we're gonna cover each of the Four this is one of them here this is Another one here here's a very critical One and the last one is here four Critical charts that Bitcoin has just Closed there is some very bad news Associated with some of these but is it All bad news we will uncover the facts In the charts and deliver to you right Here in today's video my name is Steve Hit that subscribe button let's jump Straight into it first and foremost Happy New Year Happy New Year to you and Your family hope it was incredible and At the end of the video I'm gonna give a Little tip because at this time of the Year people do New Year's resolutions And they're absolutely garbage I'm gonna Give you one simple thing to do instead That will actually impact your life now To the charts What we're starting off with is our Yearly close right we've covered this at Length we were looking for some certain Things to play out in the charts to Avoid some turmoil but we didn't avoid It we printed this candle right here on The yearly chart and for the first time Ever Bitcoin has printed a bearish Engulfing candle a bearish engulfing Candle is a red candle in the body of The red candle is bigger than the prior Green candle if the prior green candle

Is red and this one is bigger that's not A bearish engulfing a bearish engulfing Has to have a red body that is bigger Than the previous body which is green And it's it signals a trend reversal Plain and simple right now does every Single bearish engulfing candle in Bullish engulfing Kindle work on every Single time frame no there's all it's Trading and charts are all about Probability and statistics but make no Mistake about it this is a Irish Engulfing candle there's no way to argue Against it and there's no way to argue That the majority of the time these are Trend reversal candles no way to argue That right the facts are the facts now What does it mean well we're going to Uncover some more facts and a couple Other charts and we'll put some things Together but Basically you've got this green candle Here you've got this red Kindle here and You don't have a whole lot of action Obviously we have a lot of action at 13.7 right we have this yearly close This one as well as this Wick right here This 13.7 is is the most prominent level It's always been the most prominent Level and we'll talk about is that a Realistic option for Bitcoin let's get Into the second chart total market cap Right we had talked about back in the Day back in 2018 we had resistance at

This white line right and this is a Total market cap this is Bitcoin in all The altcoins right resistance here it's Been support so far and we just had a Close still holding as support this Level right here in the total market cap We're talking about 751 billion we've got to watch that Level that's a very critical level if we Break that it we're in a bit of a free Fall right our next level of little Support would be here at 578 And then you talk at the bodies here Which is 531 so 531 to 578 would be our Next levels right so we've got to watch That like a hawk and we've got to remain Above that level we did close as support So that's good news uh albeit for the Short term Now let's talk about this monthly chart Monthly chart for Bitcoin we talked a Lot about this 1905 we needed to hold That with bodies and we did month after Month after month after month this was Our breakdown candle our breakdown Candle did something that is not very Good and we just had this close which Was also not very good so this breakdown Candle actually breached this level this Little yellow line here and this little Yellow line reverts back to the wick and That's the wick of January 2018 that Wick was our thin ice our thin ice was Right here at 17.2 and this breakdown

Candle breached it momentarily and then The next month we closed as resistance To our thin ice What's below thin ice if you've ever Been standing on thin ice and it broke It's not that it's not a very pleasant Thing We just closed as resistance to our thin Ice and if you're looking at the market Structure and a very very simplistic way Right in front of us with all of the Facts you can see that there's not a Whole lot of Market structure from where We are now down to thirteen seven There's just not a lot of structure Those are just the facts brutal as they May be they are the facts okay and you Can see we don't have any Market Structure here or here or here to help Us when we're having resistance from our Thin ice right now This 13.7 level we had talked about it At length Um a long long time ago back when it was Really really laughable this was always The strongest level we've always called It the strongest level and it was always A possibility when we had this candle Right here which is a trend reversal Candle from our pivot high of 69k we Called this candle out you know a couple Years ago and after this candle printed We always said 13.7 was a possibility we Got laughed off the stage back then and

Here we are you know this was our Trend Reversal candle way way back in the day You're talking about a January 2021 Candle close on the sixth month as a Trend reversal at its peak and here's Another bearish engulfing candle that we Had printed on the six month chart so You can see here's a bearish engulfing Candle on a six-month chart and what Happened as the next candle and we just Had a bearish engulfing Candle on the Yearly chart and we just started our Next candle so things aren't looking so Pleasant for Bitcoin I'll try to talk About some more pleasant things but Let's first talk about this chart this Chart's very critical this chart paints A very very clear picture that 3 6 9 Months in a row We were holding on for dear life on our Thin ice we created this little channel Here with this yellow line in this Yellow line the topula line being the Top of this Wick and the bottom of the Yellow line being the top of this Wick And for nine months we respected the Hell out of this channel this was our Thin ice right we had and again we Talked about this candle printing on the Three-month chart is a ridiculous Ridiculous selling pressure profit Taking coming in to the market and it Would we talked about that big snowball Rolling down the hill and we we stopped

Our snowball on that thin ice for three Six nine months however we just closed This candle and in the final days we Broke our thin ice and we closed below Our body is below that thin ice and now We're in a new candle which is going to Have resistance from this thin ice and The only thing below it is thirteen Seven right it's the sevens Bitcoins Like likes the sevens thirteen seven and Ten seven Are the levels to watch with bodies Again if a wick goes through who cares If a body goes through we've got trouble Right thirteen Seven Ten seven are the Levels to watch now what becomes Realistic is it still possible that Bitcoin has bottomed according to the Facts in this chart yes and according to The facts and some other charts yes we Have to take all of the facts and look At some probabilities in statistics Again there are no certainties in Trading there are probabilities and Statistics and again some charts are Still strongly suggesting that the Bottom could be in as a surprise bottom In and other charts are suggesting that We have a trend reversal still on the Horizon we're having significant Resistance at key levels and a lot of Charts are starting to suggest 13 7 is Is the only level left that is very very Strong that could hold us as support

Because our thin ice didn't play out so These are the facts again you come to This channel for facts I give you facts Whether you like them or not I read the Charts as they are I don't tell you what You want to hear we don't take paid ads It's just pure facts so Bitcoin is in This situation now with these recent Clothes that just happened that are Suggesting We've broken our thin ice Our next level is 13 7 but some of the Facts are still saying that the bottom Could still be in that we're having some Final flush out stage okay so that's What the facts are saying I do want to Say that later this month probably in The middle of the month uh something Very exciting is going to come something That we have been in beta for a while What I've realized is you and probably Everybody else want Financial Freedom so For over a year we've been building the Best system for Financial Freedom it's a Seven step program and if you're willing To put in the work you're going to get a Lot closer to Financial Freedom it's That simple so it's my life's work and It's still in beta we've had people in It for over the past month and they're Going crazy about it they're learning so Much they're making a lot of progress And it's a lot about crypto our students Are posting form alerts everybody is

Learning from each other it's all Like-minded people and it's only going To be open to folks on our email list In the middle of the month so make sure You get on our email list just go to our Website jump on there and it's going to Be awesome there's not going to be a lot Of people we're going to let in because We're keeping it small we're continuing To learn and mold and grow and make it Different according to what our students Are wanting so it's super super exciting That is coming a little bit later now I Promised you At the beginning of the video that This is the new year right it's happy New Year and now you're going to hear From all of these ridiculous people that They have some New Year's resolution What I want you to tell them and if you Have one I want you to take it and throw It right in the trash that's where it Belongs New Year's resolutions are just Garbage What you have to realize is humans Mostly all of the day we run on programs We run on automated programs and these Are called habits we've built habits When we were little kids and we still Have those habits today unfortunately The only way to change anything in your Life is to change a habit plain and Simple a New Year's resolution will Never do that because humans create

These big goals that are lofty like oh I'm gonna start going to the gym three Days a week if you haven't been to the Gym in three years how the hell are you Gonna go to gym three days a week you're Never going to do it a habit you have to Break it first with a habit so instead Of saying I'm going to go to the gym Three days a week which you and I both Know that's never going to happen what You should say is tomorrow when I wake Up I'm gonna put my gym shoes on You start to break that daily Habit in The morning that becomes the first thing You do every morning every morning you Put your gym shoes on who cares if you Go or not we're baby steps here it's a Habit So then once you start to put on your Shoes every morning after a few days You're like all right I've got this then The next thing I'm gonna put my gym Clothes on Then a few days later you put your gym Shoes on every morning then you put your Gym clothes on every morning you're You're making these new habits that are Long lasting potentially lifetime long Lasting right so you start doing it in Baby steps like this and then you say to Yourself you know what I'm just gonna show up to the gym I Already have my gym shoes on I have my

Clothes on I'm just gonna show up you're Not gonna say I'm gonna go there for an Hour and a half and I'm gonna do this Exercise no that's too overwhelming for Humans and we'll just give up right so Habits are the key New Year's Resolutions belong right in the trash Okay so that's my take hit that Subscribe button I'll see you right back Here on the next video peace and love to The fellow underdogs do you want to know When to buy and when to sell click this Video right now

Top Sources of Crypto News

top crypto news|top crypto news

Top Sources of Crypto News

One of the best sources of crypto news is Reddit. The site is filled with great content and it encourages different perspectives on the subject. However, be wary of the people who post on the platform. They are not always honest, and some try to manipulate their readers for their own benefit.

Another good source of crypto news is Coinbase. It has a clean, streamlined interface that makes it easy to navigate. You can customize your lists and add your own RSS feeds, as well as YouTube and Twitter filters. If you are looking for a platform that will help you monitor the entire crypto space, this might be the right one for you.

Crypt0 is a popular website that is run by an Ethereum enthusiast. It provides a comprehensive collection of crypto-related videos and articles. The site is packed with information and it is also a great resource for those who are new to the crypto world. This is a site that is designed for easy digestibility and it has over 100k subscribers.

CryptoPanic is another news source that offers up to the minute coverage of the cryptocurrency and blockchain world. The site has a portfolio tracking feature that helps you keep track of your crypto portfolio. Additionally, the site includes social signals for price action. Plus, the site has a large list of ICOs, including Litecoin, ETH, and others.

While this news site doesn’t offer the most thorough ICO listing, it is still a worthwhile option. The site’s newsletters are delivered to your email address on a daily basis. When you sign up, you get a short recap of the top stories in cryptocurrencies. There are also charts of prices and technical analysis.

The Coin Report team believes that cryptocurrencies can change the way we do business. In their opinion, cryptocurrencies are an important part of the world of finance, and they have a dedicated section to help you learn more. The site is organized into various sections, such as cryptocurrencies, fintech, technology, and news, as well as guides for those new to the market.

Although the name may suggest that it is a blog, Coinsheet is actually a newsletter that delivers the latest news on a wide variety of cryptocurrencies and related projects. Aside from covering cryptocurrencies, the newsletter covers crypto-related topics such as ICOs, market sentiment, and other market indicators.

Bitcoin Magazine has been a popular online news site since 2012. It covers a variety of subjects related to the crypto industry, from ICOs and upcoming projects to the technology behind cryptocurrencies. Even though the magazine is a bit more conservative than many other publications, its team is devoted to providing solid, in-depth analysis of the world of crypto.

Cointelegraph is an online independent news website that provides detailed analysis on the latest developments in the world of crypto and finance. Its news coverage is focused on the decentralized applications and blockchain technology, as well as generation 3.0 web development.

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