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0:00 – Intro
0:31 – Holiday Sale
1:19 – Force Field
1:30 – Red Line and Yellow Line
2:08 – Total Market Cap
2:41 – History of Red Line and Yellow Line
3:07 – 2015
3:13 – 2022
4:17 – Change In Momentum
5:17 – Lagging Indicator

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Bitcoin is facing a mega force field but Not to worry we Face the same force Field in 2015. I'm going to show you What happened in 2015 and what's Happening in 2022 and we're going to Look at when Bitcoin could potentially Break through this major major course Field or is this force field going to Push us down further and further hit That subscribe button my name is Steve Don't you wish you can improve your Financial situation would you like to Recover those painful losses wouldn't it Be great if there was a simple and easy Solution that could help you turn it all Around I not only have your solution and Credit your solution I just made it 75 Off for a limited time only to celebrate The holidays introducing our largest Sale of the Year time is running out go To sign up to the All-in-one right here if you have a Question info at And I want you to be like Waldo Waldo Was trying to improve his financial Situation he went to signed up to The all-in-one and he says quote Actually I could pay off my house with The profits from my courses go to I'll see you on The inside now to our force field first

We're going to discuss what this force Field is and how these similar force Field has played out over time so in This scenario we have a yellow line and A red line and the yellow line and the Red line are moving averages and when These yellow line and Crosses through The red line it generally marks the Bottom of the market it did so in 2015 And then we did not cross again did not Cross again until 2018 and that crossed At precisely the market bottom in 2018 And we did not cross again until 2022 at 17 500 which could be Market bottom Number one and this could be a double Bottom nobody knows yet but it's a Possibility we've discussed it and our Recent chart of the total market cap Being this is 17.5 and this is our Double bottom right now we can't argue That it's not a possibility it's a Possibility there's a possibility we can Go up there's a possibility we can go Down but when you look at this chart in How much significance is at this level And how we reacted with our candles it's A possibility it would be unwise to say There's no possibility that we just Double bottom with this chart right here It would be very unwise to do that as we Continue with our force field we have to Take into consideration that these lines When they crossed previously it marked Market bottom but also more importantly

What did it take for us to finally get Through because if we relate it to 2015 Which we've been doing for a long time This bear Market has acted very Similarly to 2015. we've Illustrated That in many charts now what are the Facts in these charts saying the facts Are saying hey we had this cross and Then we got rejected once twice three Times pretty heavily and then we finally Got through and we had a cross in 2022 We got rejected once twice three times And here we are so we're getting heavy Heavy resistance from this yellow line This yellow line has not been friendly We literally haven't closed a candle Above the other line since March of this Year this and it was just one candle Literally you have to date back all the Way here to last year November 2021 uh Which we were truly Above This was Literally the only candle all year that We closed above it and it was a fake out So this line this this yellow line has Not been friendly to Bitcoin in the Slightest bit for this entire bear Market and again I'm just stating the Facts everything in this video is just Purely fact-based what we can say about 2015 is we were met very similarly this Wick is pretty similar to here and we Held some support here which we held Some support here and once we broke it It was game over that's when the market

Saw its bottom one thing that we saw With this yellow line is we started to Change our momentum you can see this Yellow line heading down heading down Spiraling down spiraling down and Towards this area of the market we Actually started to change our momentum Slightly okay you started to see some Curvature in this yellow line and Started to see some curvature to the Upside now granted this is when we Actually double bottomed in 2015 and our Curvature was still remaining solid even Though we plummeted in price so we Really started to turn it around right Here a little bit after our third Rejection so if we compare it to here You don't see that curvature yet right In fact you see it really pointing down We started to have a little bit of a Curvature change here but again we've Struggled so we're showing a lot of Weakness with this yellow line we do not See it playing out exactly like it did In 2015 but that's what you want to look For you need to look for this curvature Change and because this is a lagging Indicator for Price movements and our Recent price movement was down here that This indicator it literally has to go Down a little bit further it cannot Change unless Bitcoin went on a large Rally so right now we're showing some Even more resistance to this yellow line

This yellow line has been our key Headache of the whole calendar year and It looks like that's going to continue Right now the line is at 19 000. now We're looking for something to come into The market that could change our Momentum earlier today we talked about The stochastic RSI on Sunday that could Be that little Domino to fall in the Fear and greed we're watching that 20 And 40 level we're looking at that Pressure cooker on the weekly chart we Have our weekly stochastic RSI it's just Not enough right now we're looking for Something a little bit bigger to help This bullish Divergence play out we do Not want to avoid the bullish Divergence We don't want to make it null and void And here's where we're at right this Yellow line is going to be a major major Level for US 19 and 300 right now but Again we need to see some action in the Market we have to see some momentum we Have to see some shift or this other Line is going to continue to push us Down potentially to 13 700. Subscribe [Music]

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