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0:00 – Intro
0:10 – Christmas Sale
1:01 – This Chart is ABSURD
1:58 – Price Action
2:33 – Bullish Divergence
3:09 – RSI
4:06 – MACD
4:52 – Red Line History
5:53 – Stochastic RSI
6:14 – Momentum

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Have you seen this chart right here and Here and here Bitcoin is about to burst It's about to get crazy my name is Steve Hit that subscribe button do you wish Your financial situation was better do You want to recover your losses wouldn't It be great if there was a simple and Easy solution that could help you turn It all around not only do I have your Solution I just made it 75 off for a Limited time only introducing our Largest sale of the year go to Sergio was a Lot like you he wanted to improve his Financial situation he went to crypto he signed up and he Made three times what the classes cost Go to largest sale Of the Year limited time only this is The all-in-one this is the most popular This is the one everyone Raves about you Can sign up right here I look forward to Seeing you on the inside happy holidays Let's go jumping back into here this Chart is absurd especially this one in In the middle Bitcoin has been in this Descending line here for the past two Years we had our high our lower high Another lower high another lower high Another lower high and now we're in this Phase where we have some Divergence Happening right something's got to give This is a pressure cooker we've got

Divergence heading up like this and We've got this down trending line for The past two years heading down like This and there's not much room Bitcoin Is about to burst and I wanted to break It down because we've got a lot Happening in price action up here we Just briefly briefly discussed this Pressure cooker here we've got some Major things happening on the macd and In today's video later today we're going To discuss what's happening down here in The stochastic RSI cross so make sure You hit that subscribe button we're Going to cover components one two and Three right now in this video let's Start with price action with price Action you can see what Bitcoin has been Doing we've got a low here and we have a Lower low here and the these lines are Just the weekly death cross which is Going to be ridiculous it's going to be Literally the first weekly death cross That Bitcoin has ever had in its history And it's scheduled to happen right now At the end of January but when you start To understand that Bitcoin has created a Low and a lower low and at the same time Are indicators not only the RSI but also The macd and other indicators are Signaling some bullish Divergence so What is bullish Divergence bullish Divergence is when the price action made A low and a lower low and the indicators

Made a low and a higher low signaling That a reversal could be on its way one Thing to keep in mind is that these Divergences could continue for months And sometimes they play out over years And we'll discuss that a little more as We continue but make no mistake about it Men lie women lie the charts don't lie There is bullish Divergence at the Moment but it can could all be wiped Away it could all be wiped away from Here with this RSI right this started in January of 2021 so literally the entire Year of 2021 and the entire year of 2022 We've been following this specific trend Line but something's got to give this is A pressure cooker and it's mounting we Had our low and our higher low here Right in to this pressure cooker but if Bitcoin comes up here to this red line In the RSI and gets rejected down here And the RSI gets rejected down here Similar to this pivot low here our Bullish Divergence will be wiped it will Be wiped it will be a failed attempt at Our bullish Divergence it will play out To the downside and Bitcoin will Continue down so this is one thing to Keep in mind we do have bullish Divergence forming but that doesn't mean It's a hundred percent going to play out There is nothing a hundred percent in Trading we have to go with probabilities You can also see here the macd the macd

Had its low and we're forming our higher Low and we're continuing on that stream Of bullish Divergence so are we going to Get to a situation where Bitcoin comes Up here and finally breaks through this Red line for literally the first time in Two years if that were the case that Means the the bullish Divergence may Have played out that Domino may have Fallen which would send price action Reversing now does this mean that price Action will reach you know up here into The thirty thousands it's not likely but What is a major level right now is this Red line right this red line that is Representing major major support for our Other bear markets case in point 2018 Major support at this red line covid Crash support at this red line and even When we go all the way back to 2015 to Our prior bear Market support and Support so we've had some major run-ins With this red line before and Bitcoin May rally all the way up to this red Line and be met with heavy resistance Again so it could be a case in point Where the bullish Divergence plays out We rally up here and we're met with even More problems so as it stands now we Have to be honest with ourselves about The facts we can be a tiny bit excited About some bullish Divergence but we Also have to be level-headed that this Red line is an even more powerful line

To get through and we may not get Through this red line we may get Rejected from this red line and it may Wipe out our bullish Divergence we have To be open and honest that that is a Possibility one thing that could really Throw a wrench into what's happening is This stochastic RSI cross that we've Just recently seen on the weekly that We're going to be covering later today So make sure you subscribe for that but I love what's happening in the charts And we can't deny AI that it's getting Very very exciting what often happens in Situations like this is it takes a lot Of momentum to come to the market to Turn something like this around keep in Mind this is literally two years of Trending downwards it's not just a snap Of a finger and we reverse that Trend It's going to take a huge amount of Momentum and momentum usually comes in With some Divergence Divergence will Impact a lot of momentum and inject a Lot of momentum into the market and That's one trigger that could help us Start to reverse the trend it's a big Ask it's a big uphill battle for Bitcoin But make no mistake the pressure cooker Is coming so as we look at the time that We have remaining you can see that right Now we're at this candle and we've got Until literally the beginning of January Will break so this calendar year for the

Next couple weeks we're going to break Either we're going to break to the Downside and potentially void this Bullish Divergence or we're going to Break to the upside and potentially have This bullish Divergence play out these Are the two scenarios on the table right Now it's too early to tell there are a Lot of factors happening in the market And because it's the holiday season we Including last week and the party of the Week before we've been pumping out a lot More content and there's a lot of charts That we're going to get to this week I Have a lot to share with you so make Sure you hit that subscribe button I'll See you right back here later today to Discuss the weekly stochastic RSI cross And how that could impact what we just Discussed peace and love to the fellow Underdogs [Music] Thank you [Music]

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