Bitcoin Is About To Close WORST CANDLE In 13 Years

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0:00 Intro
1:22 Bitcoin Yearly Chart
1:34 Red Candles
2:39 Bearish Engulfing
3:16 Market Cycle
4:36 False Signals
5:25 Under 29,000
5:46 Major Support
6:03 Major Resistance
6:17 Stochastic RSI
7:00 Large Red Candles

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Bitcoin Is About To Close WORST CANDLE In 13 Years


Bitcoin is about to close its worst Candle in its entire history but what Does that mean for Bitcoin what's coming Next hit that subscribe button my name Is Steve there's only two days left 48 Hours only and the largest sale of the Year go to with that all In one bundle you're going to start to Dominate your trades start to recover Those losses and have much less stress I Have been where you are and I know how To take you where I am One-time payment gets immediate access And lifetime access take my program at Your own speed reach out to me 24 7 with Any questions you have if price is your Concern At checkout we have payment plans if you Like my videos you're going to Absolutely love my program because You're going to get my personal strategy That's going to help you Multiply your portfolio How would it feel to multiply your Portfolio the clock is ticking two days Left go there now Before it's too late now let's jump into This chart these are yearly candles We're on the Bitcoin yearly chart right Each candle represents the entire Year's Price action now we can say looking at This chart there's been one two three

Red candles okay that's not quite what We're concerned with but we can say Unequivocally three red candles we can Say that the green candles outnumber the Red candles by a large margin but the Red candles are telling a distinct story Yes this is the largest body red candle That we've had in bitcoin's entire History but luckily for us it didn't Represent much because our green body Right before it was so damn big it just Overshadowed anything that this one Could do sometimes in the markets there Are candles that have the power to Influence the next several candles after It okay we talked about you know Gravestone doji candles dragonfly Candles those ones are super super super Powerful Right under the power level there's a Lesser power one but still incredibly Powerful called bearish engulfing and Bullish engulfing candles this one Has the potential to be a bearish Engulfing candle now what does that mean Engulfing just means that basically this Candle has is red and the prior candle Is green and that red candle has a Bigger body than that prior green candle If that red candle has a bigger body Than the prior green candle it's called The bearish engulfing candle it just Basically can engulf it it can eat this Whole candle for a snack basically right

And what does that mean it just it Represents momentum in the market Essentially right what you see here is That our Market cycle our top you can See that there was a pretty big selling Wick here right meaning a lot of people Took profits here and we turned into This green candle we printed this green Candle and then the next candle was so Powerful and we're still printing it now Right at the end of this year we're Going to officially print this candle And I'm about to say what I think is Going to happen and what Bitcoin would Have to do to completely avoid this Bearish engulfing candle there is a Possibility Right now it seems like a an outlier it Seems like that's not realistic we'll Talk about it in a moment if it is Realistic because we are getting closer To this candle closing but make no Mistake this is a big old red candle and If it closed where it is today it would Be a textbook bearish engulfing candle Now bearish engulfing candle bullish Engulfing candle is there ever a time When you're looking at a chart and we Have a bearish golfing or a bullish Engulfing and it doesn't play out yes Oftentimes oftentimes we can have a Bearish engulfing candle or a burgeon Golfing candle print on any time frame And it doesn't actually play out the way

It's supposed to these are called false Signals it happens a lot in bearish and Bullish engulfing candles the majority Of the time these do play out and what You want to look at is we're in we're in The highest time frame we could be in Right we're in the yearly chart this is A major thing and again what we talked About earlier it's really about momentum And it tells us momentum more than Anything If This Were to print where it is now it Would be a bearish engulfing candle and It has the power to affect the next Multiple candles right now how can we Avoid it the only way we can avoid it is We have to have the same body of this Red candle has to be the same size of This green candle or smaller the only Way to do that is if this candle closed At 20 just under 29 000. Now As it stands now with all of the facts That we have in the market it's not Probable that we close at that level and I'll tell you why Earlier we talked about this red line Right this red line that has acted as Major major support during every single Bear Market in 2015 this red line right Here major support major support 2018 This red line right here major support 2022 this red line right here broke it's Now major resistance

So the likelihood that we would rally Above This major resistance in a short Period of time it's not probable it's Not probable what we do have on our side Is momentum we have our stochastic RSI Cross up on the weekly and we have some Bullish Divergence forming over the Course of a couple weeks So there is a possibility but it's not Probable right now it's more probable That Bitcoin is going to print the worst Kindle that we've ever printed in Bitcoin's history all right Now you can see this bearish engulfing Candle is nothing to play with so I Wanted to bring it to your attention We're going to cover it more at length As it gets closer and especially as we Close but these candles tell a pretty Big story and this is a very very large Red candle okay we can avoid it it might Be a little bit out of our reach leave It in the comments down below where do You think Bitcoin is going to close this Year at peace and love to the fellow Underdogs Foreign [Music]

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