Bitcoin Is About To Do Something For The First Time ALL YEAR

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0:00 Intro
00:11 – Promo
01:04 – Hash Ribbons
01:49 – Buy Signals
02:23 – Falling Out
02:42 – 3 Buy Signals
03:12 – Signal to Buy
03:37 – Way Before the Market Top
04:33 – The Bottom Is In
05:56 – Build Up Momentum
06:11 – Textbook Double Bottom
06:47 – First Downfall
06:55 – Double Top
06:58 – Bearish Divergence

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Bitcoin Is About To Do Something For The First Time ALL YEAR


Bitcoin is about to do something for the First time all year will it actually Happen what is it and what does it mean For you hit that subscribe button my Name is Steve do you wish your financial Situation was better do you want to Recover your losses wouldn't it be great If there was a simple and easy solution That could help turn it all around for You not only do I have your solution I Just made it 75 off but only for a Limited time go to we just Launched our largest sale of the year go To and Sergio Was a lot like you he wanted to improve His financial situation he went to he signed up To the all-in-one and he made three Times what the courses cost I want that To be you I want you to be next go to largest sale of The Year limited time only I'll see you On the inside this is the hash ribbons The miners capitulation the last time we Visited this chart was on the two day Now we're on the week the weekly is a Little bit cleaner it eliminates a Couple of the false signals and we want To examine what's the difference we we Did that analysis on the two day what's The difference with the weekly and why Haven't we received any buy signals on The weekly and I'm going to unveil a

Hidden clue one clue that references Market Bottoms in relation to these Bicycles and I'm going to give that at The end of the video so stay tuned for That because there's one really really Crystal Clear thing that comes after Studying this chart that's in front of Us right here because there are a lot of Buy signals but they happen in distinct Order when the bear Market is finished Or when the bottom is already in and I'm Going to unveil it here in a moment but Let's take take a look because all year Right our last Buy Signal was literally In August of 2021 it happened to be a Relatively good Buy Signal coming in Around 40K and we went up to 69. so we Almost had a Buy Signal earlier in the Year back in the middle of the year Right we had a Minor's capitulation and We had a falling out and we just did not Print that blue circle that we're Looking for and we're in that situation Again and we're waiting for that blue Circle to come the last one we got was In August of 2021 the time before that Was after the covet crash had finished We had one two three buy signals just Screaming to get into the market that we Are going to a new all-time high so hash Ribbons I do respect this indicator this Is not my indicator and it's it's a good One right it represents miners it Represents miners capitulation and it

Gives us a little inside track now as You're studying these one thing becomes Abundantly clear it's like hey When we have a bear Market we get a lot Of signals right we're getting a lot of Signals to buy during a bear Market These do not come during a bull market They do not come you know when we're up Here at 55 000 The the buy signals are not coming right You can look through the whole history These traditionally come towards the Bottoms of the market and sometimes like This one is an outlier where it comes Months and months after but still way Before the market top okay you can see That this one would be very very similar To this one right where you've got a Group that happens at the bottom of the Bear market and you've got that kind of Final Call like hey wake the hell up It's time to get into Bitcoin and that's Why this indicator is good if you are Focused on long term and you're really In crypto and you really believe in Krypton you're looking for good Opportunities to put in some more money And again they give multiple multiple Opportunities but now here's where the Juice comes in because as you're Studying this you can see a distinct Pattern of when these start to flash Okay now the first time it flashed was Here what can we unequivocally say about

The market at this point in time right Here we can unequivocally say that the Bottom was in right you can see that it Printed a buy here and here and here you Can say that when all of these printed All of these buy signals printed the Bottom is already in we can say in Retrospect the bottom is here right Unequivocally we can't deny that right Let's move on to the next one we printed A whole bunch you know we printed a buy A buy a Buy and another Buy We can say unequivocally That each of these buy signals came After The bottom was in right the bottom was Here we printed a Buy Signal here and Then here and then here and then here Okay One thing that we can also say Is that before our second bottom we had Multiple right Same here right Now when we go to 2018 We printed a Buy Signal here We can unequivocally say That at this point in time The bottom was already in right at the Time nobody knew is the bottom end is The bottom line and at the time the high Majority was saying that we were going a Lot lower And this Buy Signal printed the miners Had their capitulation they were giving

Up and you can see what happened next Okay this is a little bit of a rarity Where we had a lot of built up momentum In the crypto markets and this was a Very short-lived bear Market although a Textbook bear Market but very Short-lived this is a little bit Unorthodox a more traditional bear Market would be represented in 2015 Where we had a textbook a double bottom And a beautiful Market structure forming In the middle of that and the coveted Crash ended up playing as our double Bottom uh months and months and months Later right but again once we started Printing these buy signals here and here And here that code crash bottom was Already in and our true bottom was Already in so that's where it gets very Interesting here All right we gave the one final Buy Signal here before our top this is when The market actually topped here and this Was our first downfall which confused This indicator Printing and Buy Signal Here which turned out to be true and we Had our double top here with pretty Heavy bearish Divergence and it took us Down right and now here we are and we're Wondering you know when is this Buy Signal gonna come and what does it mean I would say that if it came here and we Don't know if it's going to come but if It if it comes here it would likely come

Let's see how long this has been going Yeah it would likely come within the Next month right you can see that these Red points in time prior to the Buy Signal they usually are about one or two Months meaning one or two months from That time period it usually prints that Buy Signal so we're waiting right we're Waiting now for the next couple weeks And if a Buy Signal comes in it would Represent that the bottom is already in According to the facts in this chart now There's a lot of charts to analyze with That theory I'm just giving the facts on This particular chart every piece of Detail every fact that I can see in this Chart that we can unequivocally say we Can't debate or deny I'm pointing out And with this chart we've never had a Buy Signal come in before the bottom was Up We can't there there hasn't been one Right so One could expect that if this Buy Signal Came the bottom would be in we have no Idea but this is one thing I want to Keep our eyes on as a community and We'll be giving you more updates as we Come let me know in the comments down Below do you think this Buy Signal is Going to come or do you think it will be A fake out like the previous one comment Down below I'll see you right back here Later today hit that subscribe button

I'll see you later today with another Banger peace and love to the fellow Underdogs foreign [Music]

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