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Bitcoin Is Going To Make You LOSE ALL YOUR MONEY – Do This Instead


Bitcoin has a history of shocking Everybody and it's on course to do yet Another big shock to everybody and Usually it makes everybody lose their Money in today's video I'm going to Teach you how to avoid that in some of The big signs coming into the market That foreshadow this big shock that's Coming our way if you're new here Welcome in my name is Steve hit that Subscribe button let's jump into the Video first I wanted to ask you did you Know 8 out of 10 people watching this Video or 80 percent when you get old in Order for you to survive when you're old You're gonna either have to rely on Government money to survive or you're Still gonna have to be working just to Survive eighty percent of you that's why For the past year I've been in the lab Working around the clock to develop the First ever system that combines crypto With Financial Freedom we just opened The doors yet yesterday and the seats Are almost gone go check your email if You're on our list to see if there are Any seats left to join the exclusive Club we're still in the testing phase But people have been begging for us to Let more people in during this testing Phase and we just opened the doors but It's almost gone go to your email list And if you have any questions info at I'll see you

On the inside I hope you make it into The exclusive club that is focused on Financial Freedom and crypto now let's Get to these charts this is really Really fascinating stuff down here I Want to draw your attention to this Yellow circle that happened here in 2015 This yellow circle that happened in 2019 And this yellow circle that we're in Today this is the Traders Dynamic index Okay the Traders Dynamic index you can Find it by going to your indicators and Typing it in and basically what it is is It combines the r RSI like overbought Oversold with volatility bands Volatility bands you know like the Bollinger Bands and it combines these Two indicators as well as some other Things to make the picture very clear of What's Happening we could spend an hour Talking about them but I want to keep it Really really simple today right we can All see that there's a red line right You can all see this red line right if You follow this Red Line This is the Most important line we're going to talk About today the other on is the green so If you can see this green line and you Can see this red line how they interact With each other tells a very distinct Story for example when this red line Holds support on this green line the Bear Market was over in 2015 when this Red line actually held support in this

Green line and it's not like every other Day they're holding support and Resistance and moving back and forth no During a bear Market it's very distinct The red line plummets the green line Also plummets but not at the same speed And as soon as this red line regains its Power above this green line the bear Market was officially over and it was Time to start the bull run now if we Fast forward to 2018 right we had that 20K top we had the long extended bear Market you can see what happened with The green and the red line huge gap and We started getting a little bit closer And right here at about April 1st just a Slightly before April 1st we crossed Through and officially the bear Market Was over as of April 1st now why is that Important right why is that important The past two bear markets this was the Distinct signal and we have our head Above the green line right now the issue Is we haven't closed this month right so What I'm showing you here is not Official it's what's happening live it's What's happening right now but we have To wait till the close we have to wait To the end of the month to see what's Happening here but make no mistake we Have two clear data point points on the Chart both of which happened at the bear Market both of which say the same exact Thing as soon as this red line holds the

Green line of support the bear Market is Officially over so I tell you this Because markets like to surprise Everybody markets always surprise Everybody you can pick any time in the History of markets and put your finger On what the pulse of the community was At that point the market will always do The opposite time and time again all Right now I want to show you the next One this indicator here is well we're Going to look at two of them we have the CM ultimate RSI MTF here each time we Posted one of these nice green bars that Was the most beautiful time to buy this Market gave us two most beautiful time To buy and one thing is the snap RSI EMA Down here at the bottom that you can Find on your indicators simply put when This green line crosses above the red Line also the bear Market is officially Oh over and it said so that it was over Here and also in 2018 it said that it Was over here you can see it around the Chart and we are getting close right This is a little bit of a nicer view Sometimes we rally up to this red line Have a little bit of rejection and then Bounce through sometimes we just Barrel Through it like in 2018 there was just So much bullishness coming into the Market at that time and it just wasn't Sustainable but you can see we're Rallying up to it as we speak so these

Are things to pay attention to another Little tip with the CM ultimate RSI MTF When we stop having this green color That's when these buy signals are are Finished and it's time to really focus On the start of the next run okay and We're still in green now we need to see What happens at the end of the month if We stop being green and we need to see At the end of the month what's happening Here but Bitcoin is going to make you Lose all your money it always does time And time again you come to this channel Because I talk facts and I talk about The market through a very very different Lens than what you're expecting right It's not the herd talk here it's not What everybody is saying I give you Actual evidence to support what I'm Saying and we talk about just the facts Right now the next chart is a beautiful One this is one of my favorite charts of All time for Bitcoin and it helped us Call the mega crash at 48k it helped us Call a fake rally before the mega crash It helped us call the moves of the 2018 Bear Market including the bottom and Including when the bear Market was over We used this chart right here that's in Front of you and simply put this is the Stochastic RSI on the monthly when the Stochastic RSI on the monthly gets Above This 20 Level the bear Market is Finished and the bull market has started

You can look no further than 2015 when You cross down here this is when our Momentum is almost dead picture like a Rocket ship that's trying to go go go go Go go and it moves that pivot point of Starting to go down when it starts going Down our momentum is gone and that's What happens the entire bear Market the Momentum is gone and when momentum Starts coming back in that is a momentum Shift that's when the Bull Run starts Right and a bull run started here Bull Run started here and we're not yet close We still have a ways to go but what we Can say is at the end of the month we're Going to get a lot of information Because our Pivot Point High where the Blue line was way back in March of 2022 Way back in March of 2022 and if we Close the way we are now in 2023 this is Major news this is a major turning point There's no denying what's happening in The charts there's a lot of information That says you know 2023 is going to be Devastating it's going to be the the Worst downfall in the history of mankind You know similar to the 1929 crash you Know things of that nature there's a lot Of all the world experts in all the Major countries in the world economic Forums Etc but I just like to go based On the facts and Bitcoin is telling a Different story Bitcoin is telling a Story of it's trying like hell to end

This bear market and it's getting closer Right we've been following this the Whole way month after month and again Case in point with the fear and greed Index for the first time in uh years Making a higher high showing a momentum Shift okay so also our momentum on the Two-week you know it it's wide open and We showed you on the adx and Di on the Three day we haven't had this amount of Bullishness come in literally since our Last bull run right over here right the Facts are in front of us whether we'd Like to believe them or not Bitcoin is Getting close to ending the bear Market It has not ended it and it still has a Ways to go but it's getting closer to Ending it than starting it and for for You to think think that Bitcoin will be In a bear Market the entire year of 2023 It's just not realistic at the moment The way that the facts are now for Bitcoin to be in a bear Market of 2023 Something drastic would have to happen And something that's never ever happened In the history of Bitcoin plain and Simple Bitcoin is showing that it's Turned a corner and it's on the last Legs of the bear Market okay so Bitcoin Will like make you lose all your money Like it always does also I forgot to Mention this at the beginning of the Video this is something cool I wanted to Share with you this is a major life tip

That will impact your life this might be A video that you remember for the rest Of your life and it's something that I Learned from Jack Dorsey and he learned It from winhof so stay tuned at the end Of the video I'm going to share that With you okay let me follow up with These charts and let's make some sense Of it Bitcoin historically shocks the High majority of people if you are Believing with the highest majority of People believe you're going to get Shocked along with all of them if this Happens time and time again so if you Believe that Bitcoin is going to have a Really really bad year 2023 is just Going to be horrendous and we're going To drop further in prices and we're Going to have the whole year down which Is what everyone believes you're going To get surprised I guarantee it I Guarantee it the charts have spoken the Evidence is not saying the Bull Run has Started let's make that really clear Because somebody's gonna watch this and They're going to have like one eye Closed and the other ear is going to be Closed and they're gonna be like oh my God Steve said the Bull Run started no Steve did not say that let's be honest The Bull Run has not started Bitcoin is Showing it's clearly turned to corner And it's on the last legs of the bear Market the Bull Run has not started but

It's getting close and I really believe 2023 is going to be the start of the Bull run for Bitcoin and I think it's Going to shock everybody so what should You do now if you haven't invested yet In Bitcoin and there there's two Scenarios either you're in Bitcoin to Make fast money you know you're wanting To make fast money and do something for Your family more than likely you're Going to get burned no matter what you Do that's just the wrong mindset you Shouldn't be in crypto you really Shouldn't if you're in crypto for at Least five years you can close your eyes During this bear market and buy at any Time and you will look like a superhero That's just the facts don't go with the Herd okay now let me get to the biggest Lesson I learned that I think is going To really really help you but make no Mistake we're going to give follow-ups At the end of the month with all of These beautiful charts but let me tell You this lesson that I learned from Jack Dorsey who learned it from winhof that Really impacted my life and I think About it all the time and I wanted to Share it with you a little over two Years ago I stepped on the scale and I Couldn't believe the number that the Scale said I had never been that heavy In my whole life in fact I've always Been just a tall skinny dude forever and

When I stepped on the scale two years Ago I was like like wow this is what Everyone was warning me about they kept Warning me hey when you get into your 30s when you get into your 30s it's Going to catch up to you your metabolism Is going to catch up to you and I'm like Yeah whatever the hell they say I don't Care what they say and you know I Reached 30 and it's still I was still a Skinny dude and you know I was like yeah Screw those guys they were wrong again And then you know two years ago what was I 36 so I'm 36 years old and that was The moment where I stepped on the scale And I'm like man that's what they were Talking about I couldn't believe the Number right so I started digging into It I started researching it more I Didn't want to do a diet because that's What all the Sheep do and I'm just not Interested in anything that they do I Really wanted to learn about how can I Do this like an imp to impact my life Right what's a life change I can make Rather than some short-term diet that Everybody will give up on so I didn't Want to diet I still wanted to eat my Candy bars and Skittles and because That's what I love let's be honest so I Started doing more and more research and I came across in interview with Jack Dorsey so I'm listening to interviews And podcasts every day I have to learn

Every day it's like an addiction this is My addiction so I wasn't focused on like How do I lose weight how do I make a Lifestyle change I was focused on let me Learn something from Jack Dorsey and he Was talking about all of these different Things in life that have really helped Him and he talked about this one thing In particular that really changed his Life and he talked about eating one meal A day and that really caught me off Guard because you don't really hear Humans talking about eating one meal a Day and he really stood by it like this Completely changed my life and he Learned that from winhof who you may Know or you may not know you can Google Him so I was like all right let me try It I started this one meal a day thing Where I just eat dinner and it was so Easy you know you're probably thinking Like oh my God were you hungry all day No because in the mornings I drink like Two liters of water so my body is not Hungry like at all and during lunch time I drank juice fresh juice so my body's Never hungry and it made me appreciate The food at a substantially higher level Than I ever had before because when you Eat that meal you really taste each bite You appreciate your appreciation for Food you have to think we used to all Live in caves and we used to fight for Our food and nearly die for our food now

We just pick up our phone press a couple Buttons and they deliver it to our door So our appreciation for food has gone Downhill over the history of mankind This has changed my life not only have I Lost 30 pounds I'm the same weight that I was when I was 16 or 17 years old let That sink in the weight I am right now I've always been a skinny dude but I've Always been really really consistent With my weight except for two years ago But I'm at the weight right now that I Was when I was 16 or 17 years old most People are like I want to get down to The way I was on my wedding day but if You just feed your body less food it Will help you dramatically and I still Haven't changed my ways at night time After I eat my meal I'm still like a fat Kid trapped in a skinny body you can't Get me away from the Sour Patch Kids and The Skittles and the and the Snickers Bars and the dark chocolate peanut Butter cups God I love those things so I Didn't want to change my life I just Wanted to make a lifestyle change and This change of one meal a day with Breakfast just in in taking a whole Bunch of water and then lunch drinking Beautiful fresh juice and dinner having That appreciation and still being a fat Kid at night it's changed it's changed Everything so I wanted to share it with You hopefully you appreciate it I think

Every single human on earth has really Contemplated their weight at one point Or another wondering what they can do I Just gave you the golden answer that has Really changed my life so shout out to Windhof and Jack Dorsey for educating me On this and hopefully this will impact You as well I'll see you right back here In the next video peace and love to the Fellow underdogs is money that thing That always stresses you out you're Living paycheck to paycheck to paycheck But you don't know how to get out of That rut worry no more I'm launching the Financial Freedom Academy a seven step Program that's going to get you towards Financial Freedom all of our professors Have graduated from my courses this will Change your life there's only going to Be limited seats

Top Crypto News Sites For Keeping Up With the Latest in the Industry

top crypto news|top crypto news

Top Crypto News Sites For Keeping Up With the Latest in the Industry

If you want to keep up with the latest in the crypto world, there are a number of different news sites you can look into. Some of these sites are dedicated to a specific coin or type of cryptocurrencies, while others are more general and cover a variety of different topics. These sites all serve to help you understand what’s going on in the industry, and which ones are worth paying attention to. There are also some crypto news newsletters, which are a great resource for anyone interested in the field.

CoinMarketCap is a popular crypto news site. It provides detailed information on various cryptocurrencies, and you can even create your own portfolio to track your investments. You’ll also be able to get real-time updates via email. Aside from being an excellent source of unbiased information, the site is also a great way to keep up with upcoming ICOs.

CryptoSlate is a news and journalism website that has a reputation for covering factual news. You can find a wide variety of articles, and they frequently have videos as well. They cover a variety of topics, such as ICOs, events, and blockchain technology.

Another excellent source for all things crypto is Cointelegraph. They focus on decentralized applications, the internet of finance, and blockchain technology. The site offers in-depth news pieces, investigative journalism, and op-eds. Their articles are well-written and highly informative.

Another crypto news site that’s a great source for learning about a variety of different cryptocurrencies is Crypt0. They have over 100k subscribers and produce long-form videos and commentary about a range of cryptocurrencies. Users can also subscribe to their Reddit and Twitter sources. This means that you’ll always have access to the latest news, and you’ll also have the option to mark any news that you think is bullish or bearish.

The team at Cointelegraph is extremely dedicated to presenting their readers with the best possible information on the hottest new developments in the industry. The site’s team believes in the power of cryptocurrencies. In addition to delivering the latest news, they offer guides for users who aren’t familiar with the space.

For a more focused, more thorough news service, you can sign up for Coinspeaker. This news site covers all aspects of the bitcoin market. Their articles are constantly updated, and they often feature professional advice from crypto experts. They also feature articles that cover investing strategies and ICOs.

While a number of media outlets have already started covering the crypto space, there are still many more out there. Most of these sites only cover the general market, but you’ll find a couple of sites that specialize in crypto news. One of these is Bitfalls. Not only does it provide reviews on a variety of cryptocurrencies, it also uncovers shady business practices and irregularities in the crypto industry.

Finally, CryptoPanic is an all-in-one news platform for the crypto community. Subscribers can customize their profiles to receive news about specific coins, and they can use the social signals provided to follow the price action in a variety of different currencies. They’ll also receive a portfolio tracking feature and access to Reddit and Twitter sources.

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