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0:00 Intro
1:35 Steve’s Son’s Birthday Sale
2:15 Bear Market Bottoms
2:53 Double Top
3:50 Bullish Divergence
4:55 300 Days
5:01 245 Days
6:33 White Line
7:14 10,000
7:40 80,000
8:07 Ethereum
11:15 Fractal Pattern

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Bitcoin Is Going To Make You LOSE ALL YOUR MONEY – Do This Instead


Over 90 percent of people will lose Money in Bitcoin by making this silly Mistake I don't want it to happen to you In today's video I'm going to explain What this mistake is so you don't make It what you should do instead If you're new here welcome in my name is Steve and on this channel we do things Differently we go against the grain when Everyone goes left we go right and we Base it all on the facts in the charts Hit that subscribe button you're gonna Love it here now we're going to be doing Two things in today's video I'm going to Explain what's happening here which will Help you save a ton of money and make a Ton of money but also we're going to Explain what's happening over here with Ethereum now I do want to say for my Son's birthday as I mentioned it's next Week and by the way have you seen have You seen the line over here my son and I We got haircuts yesterday and we're the Line boys so that's why if you see if You see me looking this way and looking This way I mean we're looking fresh Right so Also giving back we're going to be Giving back in a huge way next week as I Mentioned I understand my indicator Bundle is expensive uh for most people And that's why next week we're going to Make it the lowest price it's ever been And you are going to have a chance to

Give back to people in need every single Person that signs up we're going to give Something for free to somebody in need That's going to help them in crypto make Better decisions financially for their Family so we're doing a buy one get one Give one so when you sign up to the Indicator bundle at the lowest price It's ever been not only are you getting That which helped make people a lot of Money and save a lot of stress and a lot Of time you're also going to get a free Masterclass course and you're going to Give a free Master Class course to Somebody in need single moms single dads Vets people from a less fortunate Country people in a tough financial Situation so it's all about giving back Next week I can't wait February 20th I'll see you there now let's get into This chart here this one is really cool This is Steve's bear Market bottoms and Bull market Tops This is a custom Indicator and it's incredible right you Can see that this beautiful red Channel Up above really marks the top of every Single market right getting into this Red Channel at our Market top was Critical back in the early days of Bitcoin and as the cycle matured we Started to lose a little bit of momentum Still getting inside of this red channel In 2017 not to the top of the channel But inside of the channel and then we

Lost a little bit of momentum with our Double top and having incredibly strong Resistance from this red Channel and at The same time the market bottoms Happened beautifully inside of this Green Channel dating back all the way to October of 2011 where the bottom and the Market happened right inside of this Green channel in 2015 happened right Inside of this green Channel like pound For pound move for move you see these Beautiful touch points here right inside Of this green Channel same thing 2018 Right inside coveted crash right inside The green channel so it's not often that Bitcoin is inside of the green Channel Plain and simple You can see we're inside of the green Channel and you can see it's happened The same way right this is what could be Our bottom number one you could see that This could be our double bottom same That this was our first top this was our Double top we had bearish Divergence Heavy at the top of this market right Just like we had bullish Divergence Heavy right what could be at the bottom Of this market right so now we're faced In this situation we're in Bitcoin you Want to be in Bitcoin to make more money Over 90 percent of people will lose Money in Bitcoin because they make the Same mistake over and over and again and What happens is people get too greedy

Right we are inside of this green Channel men lie women lie the charts Don't lie we can't deny that we're Inside of this green Channel we also Can't deny that we've been here before We also can't deny that usually it's Relatively short-lived and we also can't Deny that every time we were in this Green Channel previously it happened to Be a really really really good time to Buy there's no denying that we can Debate whether the bottom is in we can Debate all sorts of things but we can't Debate the facts that are right in front Of us you could see 2011 short-lived Right inside this green channel the Longest period of time was here Back in 2015 where we were inside of This green channel for about 300 days so Far we've been in this green channel for About 245 days so one could say that hey You know the clock is ticking sort of Thing as I mentioned in previous videos We Believe based on the facts on the Charts that Bitcoin has turned a very Large Corner inside of this bear market And it's starting to round out the bear Market that's what we've stated here and We're Mr consistency we don't change our Opinion very often however we will Change if facts come in but we've been Studying the charts the same way for Many years and what they're saying so Far is that Bitcoin is taking out uh and

Rounding out this bear Market as we've Shown in this chart where we had our top Our first bottom our second bottom in 2015 and that finished that entire move And started a fresh move and then we had Our top first bottom second bottom that Completed the entire move and we started Our fresh move and then we had our top First bottom and potentially second Bottom so here we are looking at the Market and we're trying to make better Decisions for ourself our pockets and Our future and you're wondering you know What what should you do The answers right in front of you we're Inside of this green Channel We may not be here 100 days from now we May not be still on this green channel Right three four months from now we may Be outside of this green channel so it's Time to to take some action right now we Have this beautiful white line this White line really spells when the market Is topping right when the market gets Above this white line we stay the prices Explode right plain and simple when We're above this white line prices Explode and as soon as we break this White line that's when Devastation Starts to come you can see it happen at About six hundred dollars here and then We got resistance from this white line And then we crashed from 600 all the way Down to 161. same in the 2018 right as

Soon as we got above this white line and Held some support Who's Off to the Races we broke through This white line at about ten thousand And we fell from ten thousand all the Way down to three thousand so pay Attention to this white line because it Was also resistance at this 14k top here And as soon as we got above it here As soon as we broke it we were at fifty Three thousand and we fell from fifty Three thousand down to 15 and change so This white line is important where is The white line now the white line is at About eighty thousand so one could say Hey in bitcoin's next Market cycle pay Close attention to this white line right It's going down as we speak because the Entire channel is going down uh catching Up for this bear Market but again pay Close attention to this white line Because it has all of the secrets now This is a custom indicator we will give You more updates on this I also wanted To give an update on ethereum who's Excited to see some ethereum fractal Patterns how about a fractal pattern With ethereum that's been playing out For Well let's see it's been since May of 2021 that this fractal pattern has been Playing out move for move pound for Pound and where are we at now if you if You can connect the dots like this chart

It may look a little bit funky there may Be a lot of moving pieces and maybe Overwhelming but let's keep it simple Do you remember going to school as a Little kid and they gave you the Connected dots if you can do that this Chart will make perfect sense because Item number one IT addresses exactly Item number one here item number two is Exactly item number two here item number Three is when the market topped item Number four happened after we dip below This this green line for the first time And then we got resistance from this Level that's exactly what happened with Item four item five is when we actually Fell to the red line for the first time And then item six Was our bottom in the market and you can See item seven was our resistance from This green line just like in uh back in What was this 2019 here we are in 2022 Resistance from this green line item Seven it brought us to this pullback Item number eight item number eight was Our pullback and item number nine was The first time getting above this green Line after years of not being above the Green line and that's precisely where we Are now we haven't been above this green Line literally uh since January 2020 or almost Christmas time 2021 or Early early 2022. so it's been more than A year since we've been above this green

Line and right on course this practical Pattern is playing out in front of us With ethereum so what's next right if we Look at what it did back here we broke Above this green line and then we had a Beautiful pullback all the way back down Onto this green line holding it as Support because remember it used to be Our resistance and now when we break Resistance it became our support we held Support and that's when ethereum really Started to move after we held support so We're inside of this period now where we May come all the way back down to this Green line right we rallied all the way Above it but we might come back and hold That support because again it was our Resistance here it was resistance here It was resistance all the way back in April of 2022 you could see that it held Beautiful support dating all the way Back to 2021 it's been critical support And resistance for years and years and Years and we may come back down to Confirm it as support if we did that Would put a price roughly of 1420 ish 1430 ish so don't be surprised if Ethereum fell down and held a support But if if it continues this fractal Pattern we may have some pretty Explosive fireworks coming with ethereum If this continues to play out as it's Done in the past now we don't have a

Crystal ball nobody knows what's going To happen but the facts are the facts Men lie the women lie the charts don't Lie I read the charts to you like a book And you take it for what it's worth so Hit that subscribe button I'll see you Right back here in the next video peace And love to the fellow underdogs Stressed out from your crypto portfolio Worry no more we went in the lab and for The last year we've been custom Designing the world's best indicators For when to buy and when to sell Bitcoin Whether you're a swing Trader a day Trader a long-term investor these will Blow everything you've seen out of the Water get text alerts right to your Phone and email and uh I've made I've Made money back and I started to now Have a structured plan I learned Something that I didn't know was Possible Thirty two thousand It's time for you to make some money [Music]

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