Bitcoin Is Going To Make You LOSE ALL YOUR MONEY – Do This Instead

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02:21 – Stochastic RSI
02:23 – Monthly Chart
02:42 – Double Bottomed
02:57 – 20 Level
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Bitcoin Is Going To Make You LOSE ALL YOUR MONEY – Do This Instead


Bitcoin is gonna make the majority of People lose all of their money and I Don't want it to happen to you that I'm Gonna explain to you what you should be Doing right now so you don't end up like All of those people my name is Steve hit That subscribe button there's only one Day left to go largest sale of the year Go to do not Miss out on this This is your opportunity with that all In one bundle to recover those losses Dominate your trades have a lot less Stress I've been where you are and I Know how to take you to where I am one Time payment gets immediate access and Lifetime access take my program at your Own speed reach out to me 24 7 with any Questions you have the clock is Ticking don't miss out Now I'm going to explain some charts Happening right here but what happens in Crypto is right now you probably feel The largest urge to just give up it's Probably the largest urge or sense to Give up that you've ever had if this is Your first bear Market it's certainly The strongest feeling you had that You're like you know what I'm just gonna Give up this is too stressful it's too Much I'm too overwhelmed I'm gonna give Up what often happens in Market Cycles

Is they play with your emotions and Usually right when the market is around The bottom It's your highest urge to give up it's Really funny because when the market is At an all-time high it's your highest Urge to buy more and that's human Psychology and humans have never done Well historically with money because we Have these things called emotions and Emotions are a money killer if you want To kill your money Be like everybody else and be too Emotional but I guarantee when we're up At fifty thousand sixty thousand you Have the strongest sense to buy you Wanted to buy more because you didn't Want to miss out what if it kept going Up like everybody said it was going to So those senses are what is going to Destroy your portfolio and I want to Paint a clear picture here with the Stochastic RSI on the monthly chart Bitcoin right now is nowhere near uh Recovery Meaning to be completely out of the bear Market and to start a bull market we're Still far away right we know that Bitcoin May or the crypto Market may Have just double bottom but we were not Out of the woods yet we're not even Close and this chart that I'm just Explaining to you right now is going to Tell us because when the stochastic RSI

This blue line and this orange line Cross Above This 20 Level here we're Going to throw a party because that's When the bear Market is over and that's The start of the next Bull Run and you Can look no further than the facts and The charts when the blue line and orange Line crossed here Right here at this candle that was Literally literally The point to buy at where the turmoil Was over and the the start of the next Rally came same here end of the bear Market start of the bull market was Right here and one may say okay Bitcoin has some bullish Divergence Let's hypothetically say that plays out Let's hypothetically say our two weeks To Castro Garcia continues to point to The upside and we continue to have Momentum come to the market if all signs Point to hey we're going into a rally To get from here up to here At the fastest rate it would take Several months Several months You look no further than here we're in This turmoil right nobody knew what was Going on and we had this blue line cross Up in February Suddenly February March April May June July August September it wasn't until October that we actually crossed up Remember we said back here in February

Right it takes months to get from where We are up here many many months so is Bitcoin close to being out no what you Want to do in the meantime is you need To stay level-headed and I'll say this Again Bitcoin right now around seventeen Thousand can it go a lot lower sure but What we know based on facts and the Charts and the movement of Bitcoin over Its entire 13-year history in all of the Data we can say that there's a high Probability the price will double from Here in the next five years And if you have that mindset it's Irrelevant if we go down further or go Down further a lot and it's irrelevant Because you need to control your Emotions If you're in the day-to-day to bitcoin And you're always looking at hey is Price going up is price going down am I Losing money am I making money and all The stress and Agony and so roller Coaster and there's fear and there's Greed and there's all sorts of fud and Bear markets are full of fud and it's Going to be a roller coaster for you you Need to take a deep breath to get rid of All of those emotions you switch your Mindset to have a five-year time Horizon You're only focused on five years from Now and you want to double your money Within five years and you buy somewhere

Around 17 000 and you sell at 34 no Matter what the hell the market is doing Any investor or Trader would give the Right arm to double their money and you Can set a time period and you can do it It it's likely that Bitcoin will go to 34 000 within five years from now so why Deal with all the stress of the Day-to-day why deal with it why do you Need it you don't need it so if you're Thinking about giving up that's my Solution for you don't let Bitcoin lose All your money don't don't let that Happen that's pure emotion and I just Gave you a hell of a solution right You buy Bitcoin and you be patient for Five years it doesn't matter what Bitcoin does tomorrow the next day next Week next month you're only looking at You're going to sell at 34k and that's All you're doing right so these markets Are are funny every bear Market it'll be Your strongest strongest strongest sense To sell to give up because it's too Stressful it's too emotional all of Those feelings that you're feeling are Just emotions right you have to get Those emotions intact which is my course Is better than anything at controlling Your emotions giving you step by step How to do it in a step-by-step formula That you can follow but again if if Money is tight and you don't have money To take my courses that's perfectly fine

You come here and you get a lot of value Or you can do my courses on a 12-month Payment plan which is at the checkout But again you've got to learn how to Control your emotions whether you do it With me or on your own that is the key That is the absolute key so I wanted to Paint a clear picture that things are Starting to look good in the crypto Space that we could be turning a small Corner but this takes time bear markets Are methodical they're slow moving and Even if all systems were a go today it Would take many many months to get up Here I wanted to paint this clear Picture let me know in the comments down Below I'll see you right back here in The next video [Music] Foreign [Music]

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