Bitcoin Just Flashed The Most Bullish Signal In Years – WILL IT LAST

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0:00 – Intro
0:11 – Holiday Sale
1:11 – Major Developments
1:28 – MACD Cross
2:48 – Backtrack to fully understand
3:22 – When It Came In
4:13 – 2015
5:23 – 2015
6:14 – Covid Crash
7:12 – Wrench in the MACD Cross
8:17 – The Bottom
10:45 – Recent Developments

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Bitcoin Just Flashed The Most Bullish Signal In Years – WILL IT LAST


Major developments and bitcoin's most Widely discussed chart bullish signals Are emerging after years of being quiet But will they last my name is Steve hit That subscribe button the clock is Ticking there's only five days left in The largest sale of the year go to with that all In one bundle start dominating your Trades start recovering those losses and Have much less stress I have been where You are and I know how to take you where I am one time payment gets immediate Access and lifetime access take my Program at your own speed reach out to Me 24 7 with any questions you have if Price is a problem at checkout we have Payment plans if you like my videos You're going to absolutely love my Program because you're going to get my Personal strategy that will help you Multiply your portfolio how would it Feel to multiply your portfolio the Clock is ticking largest sale of The year do not miss out go there right Now now back to the video major major Developments in Bitcoin as you know over The last five or six weeks I told you There was only one thing I wanted for Christmas and it looks like we might be Getting it but we have to cover all of The major developments that have been Going on this is the macd cross okay the

Macd cross has zero false signals and Has a repeating pattern literally every Single bear Market it repeats the same Pattern with this macd cross it repeated It back here in 2012 and after this macd Cross Bitcoin went up twenty thousand Percent which is absurd fast forward 2015 it repeated the same pattern during The bear Market with this macd cross There are no false signals with this Macd cross it's a Monumental signal that Comes into the market during a bear Market and surprises everybody fast Forward to the next cycle 2019 we had This macd cross right here Bitcoin went Up 230 percent after that macd cross and Then the coveted crash we had another Macd cross after that we went up 666 so what's going to happen this time How powerful are these macd crosses and What's it looking like as we speak Because we've been covering this chart For well over a month anticipating an Upcoming macd cross and that was the Only thing I wanted for Christmas so What's happening now because we've just Had some new data come into the market Let's backtrack so we fully understand This macd cross and then we're gonna get To what's happening right now with these New developments I'm going to give my Honest opinion on what I see because This acting cross on the 12th day is Absurdly important so let's take a look

A little bit deeper because there's one Thing we can conclude from all of these Macd crosses from the one in 2012 from The one in 2015 From the one in 2019 from the one in 2020. do you know what I'm about to say Do you see what I'm seeing it has to do With when this macd cross came in it Didn't come in back here before we Bottomed that's not the case if we look A little bit deeper there's a repeating Pattern one can conclude unequivocally Without a doubt we can't deny it that This macd cross right here was after the Market had bottom can we all agree with That we had a macd cross here we can all In retrospect look back that that was The Bottom now at the time of the macd Cross nobody on planet Earth knew if Bitcoin was going to fall further or Create another new bottom or double Bottom or whatever the case may be we Can say at the time of the macd cross it Was unclear now in retrospect we can say Unequivocally the bottom was in and then We had a macd cross are we aligned on That let's take that theory and apply it To 2015. 2015 we've had the this Gruesome bear Market which we're Following 2015 more closely than any of The other bear Market Cycles 2015 it was Pretty long it was pretty gruesome and Bear markets are tough and I give you Credit you are still in crypto when

Everyone else in the herd gave up so Give yourself a pat on the bat these are Tough times but there could be light at The end of the tunnel and I'm going to Explain in more detail in this video but 2015 we had the macd cross right here And keep in mind there are no false Signals we're not on a time frame of a One minute a five minute a one day a Four hour those charts are decent for Right now but these charts are going to Either make you all of your money or Lose you all of your money it's very Very simple the big picture charts have Substantially more power so we can look Back and retrospect and say okay this Was the bottom and the macd cross Happened here which is what happened in 2012 we had the macd cross after the Bottom was in so we had the macd cross Here and then you know Bitcoin went up a Little eight thousand percent nothing New for a Tuesday 2019 we had the macd Cross again we can unequivocally say the Bottom was already in now at the time of The macd Cross there was a lot of Uncertainty everybody was wondering hey Are we going to go down a lot more this Thing is going to get worse and by the Way if you're wondering and you want to Go back and watch any videos during this Period of time everybody was saying that We were going a lot lower our Channel Actually during this period called for

Quote unquote alleged Dairy rally we had Already called that the bottom was in And we called that the mega Crash from Up here was going to drop us to these Levels nobody wanted to believe any of It but in retrospect we can look back And we know how it played out these Situations are tough bear markets are Tough we had this macd cross after the Bottom was already in so Bitcoin has Been three for three with having this Macd cross after the bottom was already In we'll fast forward to to the coven Crash because the covet crash it Supposedly threw a curveball at the Market taking Everybody by surprise Leaving everybody wondering what the Hell is going on and just like the other Market bottoms at that covet crash Bottom everybody was very very certain We were going substantially lower we got This macd cross right here keep in mind These macd crosses are not Crossing and Crossing back and crossing and Crossing Back like they do on the smaller time Frames if you go to the Daily there's Going to be all sorts of false signals You go to the four hour ridiculous Amounts of false signals on the 12th day Zero false signals literally quite Literally zero all signals so we had This macd cross right here and we can Say in retrospect unequivocally the Bottom was already in and then we had

The macd cross so Bitcoin becomes four For four with having this Mac T cross After the bottom is already in so now we Fast forward to what's happening present Day this was the only little wrench that This macd cross threw into the the mix It was a little bit of a curveball Because normally we have macd cross on The 12th day in the bear market and only In the bear Market we had one here which Told us that we were going up in price And we went up 33 percent and then it Was a huge warning sign because when Bitcoin was up around 50k 50 54 55k we Had the macd cross down which is a major Major major major warning sign that Turmoil was coming and boy is it right So this macd cross has substantial power But back to our storyline it's four Times in a row that we flashed this Signal when the bottom was already in I Tell you that because we just had this Macd cross and then we had new Developments on it which we're going to Get to in a moment but we just had this Macd cross everybody can agree that this Blue line just crossed above this red Line we can say that this is a cross we Know there's no false signals we we can All agree we had a cross now how about The bottom because for us for our Channel we called that the bottom was in Here back in June now nobody on planet Earth knows if that's going to play out

Or not including me including you and The rest of the humans in crypto we have No idea but we can look at the facts in The charts and we can try to make sound Decisions there are no certainties in The charts but there are a lot of Probabilities in the charts we had a Higher probability here that the bottom Was in at 17.5 and then we were waiting For a double bottom because we had been Following the market of 2015 and we may Have just gotten that double bottom and You can see on this chart it's super Super clean that the bottom has a chance Of being in we can't deny that now when We look at this chart we just had a macd Cross the bottom must be in because the Every single bear Market that Bitcoin Has ever had in its entire history four For four we had this macd cross after The bottom was already in so it leads to Believe hey things are looking decent For Bitcoin now we can go back to the 2015 Market because we had this macd Cross kind of in the middle of the bear Market and there were still a little bit Of turmoil to come before we flushed That all out and we started going up That could very well be the case now we Could still have some time to go in the Bear Market we could be maybe in the Middle of the bear market and we have a Little bit of turmoil coming up ahead But it's not going to be turmoil that

Drops us substantially further than our Market bottom right we might have Another triple bottom there might be a a Swing down low to 15K 14k something Right in that vicinity we have no idea But what we can say is based on the Facts and the charts the bottom is in And based on the facts and the charts The worst of it is kind of over if the Bottom is in that means the worst of it Is kind of over and we're going to have Like a quiet period where the market Continues to build some Market structure Sure for the next Bull Run so this has Been a long drawn out bear market right It's hard it's stressful it's Overwhelming but this chart right here With the facts that are in front of us Are saying that the worst of it might be Over those are the facts we can't deny That but it's also one chart it's one Chart on a higher time frame but all of The data points all of the facts inside Of this chart are yelling the same thing A lot of people won't want to believe This and now let's get to the recent Developments because where were we at in Our previous video when we just had the Cross we were literally right here the Mouth was open this far it was December 3rd a little after December 3rd we made That video and we just crossed up now we Had closed a whole new section of the Chart and our mouth is widening I

Mentioned by the end of this calendar Year we'll have a better understanding Now could it be a case where we have the Mouth wide open like this and it turns Into a little bit of a false signal and We fall further it's a possibility There's always a chance in charts There's no certainties in charts there's Only probability we can say that there's A smaller probability that that will Happen based on all of the facts that we Have in front of us because we've never Had a cross during a bear Market that Didn't prove that the bottom was already In we've never had it so we can say that There's a higher probability that won't Be the case just based on the facts Right now what's interesting is things Are heating up we have some pretty Strong bullish Divergence forming we had This beautiful cross the market may have Just double bottomed with a textbook Double bot by the way this is the total Market cap on the monthly so all signs Are pointing to hey the worst of it Might be over this might be a period of Next handful of months trying to recover From that worst over trying to build Some beautiful Market structure and then We may turn the corner in the middle Towards the end of 2023 so I want to to Bring this to your attention we will Continue to follow this hit that Subscribe button go to the clock is Ticking on the largest discount of the Year peace and love to the fellow Underdogs [Music]

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