Bitcoin Just Printed LEGENDARY Signal: First Since 2021 – Here’s What It Means

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0:00 – Intro
0:40 – Hash Ribbons
1:22 – First Signal
2:43 – Covid Crash
2:55 – Price Went Up
4:18 – MACD Cross
6:43 – Boils Down to 2 Things
7:45 – FFA Coming Soon

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Bitcoin Just Printed LEGENDARY Signal: First Since 2021 – Here’s What It Means


Coin has just printed a legendary signal The first such signal since 2021. in This video I'm going to explain what it Is and what you should do about it right If you're new here welcome in my name is Steve hit that subscribe button right Now you're gonna love this channel we Just covered the facts in the charts and That's it if you love facts hit that Subscribe button right now we're jumping In on the weekly chart we're on the Bitcoin chart and we just printed this Beautiful blue circle it's the first of Its kind since back in 2021 what is it This is the miners capitulation this is The hash ribbon on the weekly chart on The weekly chart it's much more accurate Than the daily or two day or three day Or whatever the case may be the weekly Chart is legendary and this is hot off The press this blue buy button just came In let's break down what's happened over The past handful of years when we've Printed such blue dots what's happened After that what can we make of it and if You're sitting on your hands right now And you're wondering hey should I be Buying like what should I be doing is it Too late to buy or should I wait for us To drop down again let's talk about that As well because that's going to help you And then I've got something special for You at the end of the video but let's Break it down way back here we had this

20K top in this crash down right we were In the midst of a brutal bear market and Everybody was predicting we were going To go a lot lower and if you follow our Channel we actually called for this Crash from up here to down here when it Was legitimately laughable after we made This call that we were gonna Crash from 6005 all the way down to our 200 week Moving average we got ridiculed in the Comments it was laughable and then it Happened and then once it happened Everybody flipped and they said we're Gonna fall a lot lower and we called That the bottom was in and that call was Also laughable for quite a while we got A lot of hate for that and it turned out To be true again and right in the middle Of that mix we had this beautiful blide Button come in we covered it right here On the channel and again that was a very Very large rally we had a 300 rally After this beautiful blue button came in And you guys remember we called you see This candle right here this is a Gravestone doji candle we called the top Of that rally at 14k we said the rally Is over this candle is a trend reversal Candle that again was laughable Everybody said no way we're going to a New all-time high and then we crashed Down and the next Blue Button we had a 48 Rally from here to here and then then We had this little coveted crash and you

Remember that that was a fun period Right and then we had a 850 rally we Continued to print some blue buttons Here make no mistake each blue button That we've covered so far after it Printed price went up right after it Printed here price went up after it Printed here price this one up 48 after It printed here price went up 850 but Even these little minuscule ones price Went up from here from here to here Price went up from here from here to Here and then you get this little crash Here we had this our first top this was Our double top classic double top but Our first drop plummeted prices here and About a year ago is when we started Saying hey in 2022 there's going to be a Mega crash just be prepared there will Be a mega crash and you can see that We've had a mega crash since then but Before we had a mega crash we had this Beautiful rally here to reach our double Top that was a 70 rally so in the past Four five years these are all of our Signals with this beautiful blue button That you can pull up by going to your Indicators and type in hash ribbons and This represents essentially Miner's Capitulation it's a nice little signal In Bitcoin and it's printing by so Should we listen to it but now we had This Mega crash in 2022 now it's Undeniable now it wasn't laughable when

We said that now everybody's taking back Those words but now we have another Laughable thing we said we said that the Bottom very well may be in and we backed It up again with facts in the charts we Had a macd cross on the 12th day this is The only thing I wanted for Christmas we Had it and why is that important every Single bear Market we have a macd cross And we have it after the bottom is Already in we also showed the market Structure here that the bottom could Very well be in and we were waiting for This green to print in January we Projected it out a few months prior to It happening what we were checked we Projected it happened in January so the Jury's still out there is no certainty One way or another that the bottom is in Or not in we can just go based on the Facts and we haven't changed our tune And you can see based on the history of The past four or five years we're Usually on the other side of the fence Where things are laughable for a while And then oftentimes they turn out to be True so we'll have to wait and see but Make no mistake we cannot deny that this Is a blue dot we cannot deny that the Past one two three four five six blue Dots in a row price went up some things Are up for debate but that's not we all Can see there are six blue dots here and We can all see after the blue dot

Printed price went up further that's a Fact a cold hard fact so one can expect We just printed the blue dot we didn't Print it here we're not finished yet so We'll see we'll see if we we did six in A row we'll see what this does right now We're met with some resistance from our Halloween pivot high and after that We're gonna look at some resistance at This level up to 22 6 from 20 almost 21 8 to 22 6 and then our next to Pivot High that we're hopefully going to play With in the coming months is this 25 Level that 25 level is a bit more Critical than the other levels that we Just recommended but we still have some Other facts in the charts where we have This yearly candle that is not very Pretty and we had our previous monthly Closes that weren't as pretty but They're still a little bit more evidence On the side that the bottom is in in the Bigger picture but we have to wait and See now for the folks and maybe I'm Talking to you if you're thinking about Buying more Bitcoin now versus waiting For it to crash lower what should you do I want to talk to that person now and it Really as I mentioned in the last video It comes down to two things it comes Down to what are you in Bitcoin for are You in it for Fast Money meaning you Know you're just looking to make some Quick profits and and get the hell out

Or are you in Bitcoin for the next five Plus years if you're in Bitcoin for the Next five plus years you basically can Close your eyes in any bear market and Buy and you're going to look like a Superhero and that's still the case it's Still the case right now can Bitcoin Rally up a little more you know up to The 23 24K and then crash all the way Back down to 15. absolutely absolutely And I'll show you some charts that say That might happen we have to be honest With ourselves this is a bear Market the Bear Market is not over the Bull Run has Not started there still could be that Crash and there are some very Interesting charts that I'll show you a Bit later and now I wanted to give you Another piece of information so one Thing is true in crypto is I pulled a Lot of people and everybody wanted Financial Freedom so I've been building This with my team for over the past year We've been building something the best Thing in the world for Financial Freedom That also involves crypto there's nobody Doing anything like it and I want to Make one thing clear we could have Launched this a year ago to the public And just collected a whole bunch of Money I'm really not interested in that We have not launched it to the public Yet it's been in beta and we only have a Small group of students in and every

Single day we're getting feedback from The students and every day we're making It better every single day you know I Could be money hungry in a year ago we Just launch it to the public get all Sorts of people to sign up collect all This money that's not what I'm in it for What a minute for is to change lives I Understand people want Financial Freedom And there's no better person on planet Earth that can combine Financial Freedom With crypto than me period there's Nobody that can teach it better than me Period those are facts and this is what I believe this is genuinely what I Believe I don't want to launch something Just to collect a whole bunch of money I Want to make it the best damn thing in The world and then launch it to the Public so what we're going to do is we Only have a small group of students in Now like I said getting feedback every Day making it better every day and we're Gonna introduce the next small group of Students and maybe people on our email List on the 24th of this month we're Going to open the doors for a moment We're gonna let some more folks in and Get even more feedback and make it even Better and then very soon we'll launch To the public so if you're on our email List uh if you're not just go to sign up to The email list we may open it also on

The 24th to some folks on the email list But it's going to be really really Awesome and I'm just so passionate about this one You know my courses don't teach Financial Freedom they teach you how to Make a lot more money and have a very Strong strategy and and you know have a Lot of between the lines we always talk About between the lines having a lot of Stability there and and The membership site that we're going to Launch takes it like 100 steps further It's going to be absolutely incredible And I'm very pumped about it so on the 24th of this month we will open the Doors for another small group and we're Going to make it even better and better Every single day and very soon we'll Launch it to the public but only when It's ready So I wanted to give that little update And and just be really transparent black And white of where we're at with that I Know there's a lot of excitement a lot Of people wanted to sign up when we Opened the doors a month ago to a small Group of students and a lot of people Didn't get in and they're very upset so January 24th I'll see you then peace and Love to the fellow underdogs is money That thing that always stresses you out You're living paycheck to paycheck to Paycheck but you don't know how to get

Out of that rut worry no more I'm Launching the Financial Freedom Academy A seven step program that's going to get You towards Financial Freedom all of our Professors have graduated from my Courses this will change your life Coming soon there's only going to be Limited seats

Top Crypto News Sites – How to Find the Next Crypto Gem

top crypto news|top crypto news

Top Crypto News Sites – How to Find the Next Crypto Gem

The crypto market is growing faster than ever before. There are now over 12,000 cryptocurrencies to choose from. It’s an exciting time to be a crypto enthusiast, and many media outlets cover this industry. Whether you are looking for information on investing, trading, or the latest trends, there are plenty of websites out there to help you stay up-to-date on the latest news and developments.

The Bitcoin News is one of the best sources of news in the industry. In addition to covering bitcoin, the news also covers the broader crypto space. Aside from articles and reviews, the site has exclusive interviews with industry experts.

Crypto Insider is an independent, serious news outlet. They focus on investigative journalism and long form content, and are dedicated to high journalistic standards. Their articles cover a wide range of topics, from the emerging markets to the frontiers of cryptocurrencies.

CryptoPanic is another great resource for anyone who wants to stay up-to-date on all things relating to cryptocurrencies. This news aggregator also includes a portfolio tracking feature, allowing subscribers to track the performance of their own coins. Another great feature is the ability to add Twitter and Reddit sources to your subscriptions.

AMBCrypto is a well-established website, and they offer a ton of information on a variety of digital assets. They also have a section that covers biotechnology, as well as news on virtual reality and 3D printing. As of December 2018, their cryptocurrency news site received more than one million visits per month.

Coinspeaker is another top crypto news website. Their coverage spans everything from altcoin markets to the crypto lending industry. The articles are updated frequently and contain professional advice from experts. Besides the regular posts, their YouTube channel features daily videos. Founded in 2014, they’ve quickly become one of the biggest online news sites in the industry.

Crypt0 provides excellent cryptocurrency news, including long videos and easy to digest commentary. Created by a stock investor and Ethereum Miner, they have more than a hundred thousand subscribers. Unlike most other news websites, they don’t beat their posts to death. You can follow the latest developments in the cryptocurrency world, including upcoming ICOs and price predictions.

TodayOnChain is a news aggregator that focuses on a wide range of subjects, from ICOs to exchanges. The site has a strong community of cutting-edge technology enthusiasts. While their articles are usually unbiased, they do occasionally report on shady dealings in the crypto space.

The Trace Mayer show is a popular podcast that covers various topics in the fintech and crypto industries. Though it isn’t as regular as some other news outlets, it’s worth watching for the interviews with the industry’s top experts.

If you are looking for a more specialized resource, check out the sites listed below. Each of these sites has its own unique take on the latest in the crypto world. Hopefully, you will find one that suits your needs. However, if you are still having trouble finding a site that meets all your needs, you can always sign up for a newsletter, which will deliver you the news in an email format every day.

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