Bitcoin Pressure Cooker ABOUT TO BURST

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0:00 – Intro
1:01 – Pressure Cooker
2:44 – Clues
3:31 – 2 WEEK CHART
4:42 – Green Bars
7:18 – Green Line
7:50 – Stochastic RSI
10:25 – 13.7K
11:33 – What I think
12:55 – Controversial Christmas Thing

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Bitcoin Pressure Cooker ABOUT TO BURST


This is the Calm before the storm this Bitcoin pressure cooker is about to Burst and it's going to be the Talk of The Town here's the latest and here's Everything you need to know right now my Name is Steve hit the Subscribe button Let's jump straight into the charts what I'm going to do is we're going to break Down a couple critical charts including This one that's right in front of us the Pressure cooker as well as the latest on The two-week close as well as the latest On our new green bar that just printed As well as the latest on this chart and The latest on this chart it's going to Be a jam-packed video so make sure you Sit down take some notes this is going To be very critical information at the End of the video I'm going to give you My take on all of the charts that we Covered on what I think is going to Happen and then I wanted to talk about Something controversial with Christmas Something that I did this Christmas That's a little bit controversial I Wanted to get your opinion on it we'll Talk about that at the end of the video As well Happy New Year let's jump Straight into it first and foremost We're on the weekly chart and what we've Noticed is that Bitcoin is in a massive Pressure cooker price action has been Incredibly quiet because the pressure Cooker is about to burst and we need to

Know some Clues as to what is going to Happen in Bitcoin let's break it down The biggest part of the pressure cooker Is right here in the RSI on the weekly Chart what we've been doing is this red Line has been our extreme resistance for Multiple years for the entire year of 2021 and the entire year of 2022. we Have multiple touch points one being Back in January of 2021 the next being In November of 2021 and most recently on Halloween October 31st of this past year At the same time we've been having Resistance from this what we've been Seeing is we've got some bullish Divergence playing out in the chart Meaning that price action we created a Low here and a lower low an indicator a Low and a higher low this indicator a Low and a higher low this indicator macd A low a higher low so we have this Bullish Divergence forming and at the Same time that we've had a multiple year Rejection from this level something's Got to give why because we have no more Space we literally have no more space in Our pressure cooker we are talking about It and before the close on January 9th Right on January 9th we literally are Not going to have much room to play with So in one two one and a half weeks from Now this thing's gonna burst this is Literally the Calm before the storm now We're going to talk about some Clues as

To what's going to happen but make no Mistake we have bullish Divergence make No mistake we have a multi-year Objection make no mistake right now on Our weekly stochastic RSI it's not Looking good we've just had a cross down In the weekly stochastic RSI that just Printed some new parts that are not very Pleasant and we're going to get into a Few other charts but what we're going to Do is break down chart for chart we've Got Three or four other charts to cover and Then I'm going to give my summary for Everything that we're seeing right we've Got this bullish Divergence we've got This multi-year rejection we've got the Cross down and stochastic RSI but what Can we make of it we have to look at Some more facts two-week chart two week Chart is a little more powerful less False signals more on the momentum side Let's take a look at what our momentum Is doing we just had to cross down in Our two-week stochastic RSI now granted We had a little bit of a cross down back In August that we covered right here That was a bit of a fake out we wanted To see that continue to rise and it did Though two week stochastic RSI is very Significant we don't often have Cross-ups and cross Downs there's not a Lot of false signals you can see we had A cross here and then across here you

Know months and months later this is in December this is in March so often times You'll see we had the December cross Here and not again until the fall Following year so sometimes these go for Quite a while and we have to pay Attention because that's our momentum on Our weekly chart as we just covered our Momentum is pointing down on the Two-week chart our momentum is also Pointing down these are not good if you Wanted to see price action rise in q1 of 2023. now our next chart here we have Broken a record in Bitcoin this is a Record that was withstanding for Cycles Cycle after cycle after cycle we printed These four green bars and when we Stopped printing the green bars that's When the bear Market was over we printed These green bars as kind of a warning to Everybody like hey if you didn't buy Bitcoin yet you should be buying during These green bars and stop buying when The green bars stop plain and simple That's what it means right it's the CM Williams vix fix you can get it for free By going to your indicators and typing It in and then we got to our next cycle 2018 we printed precisely four green Bars that was at the best time to buy Bitcoin during these four green bars and Once we stopped printing these green Bars it was time to stop adding to your Positions right and again this is kind

Of a big picture holistic approach to The Bitcoin to make it more simple and More easy we're trying to see these big Picture Trends and again if you haven't Subscribed yet hit that subscribe button This is where we just talk about the Facts and the charts we present them as Evidence and we make sound decisions Based on these pieces of evidence this Cycle has been a little bit different so Far we've printed three six eight of These which is double what we've ever Printed in any other cycle but again we Started printing them when it was a Fairly good time to buy price hasn't Fluctuated very much during this period It's been very very quiet and what we're Doing now is we're saying to the market Like hey these are some pretty good Times to buy but it's not time to stop Buying yet we haven't stopped printing These green bars so therefore we're not Out of the woods right how many more Green bars are we going to print nobody Knows but what we do know is that when We stop printing them more than likely The turmoil is over as we go to our next Chart it will also tell us some Clues as To what's going on we usually print These nice little green bars at the most Opportune time to buy Bitcoin right we Printed it right here in February 2015 We printed it right here in February 2019 and then we printed it right here

In July 2022. more often than not these Have been the best buying opportunities In Bitcoin you can say oh my God Steve Price went down a little bit after we Printed this that that's irrelevant in The grand scheme of things this is Irrelevant we're looking at the big Picture we're trying to get a better Understanding and we're talking about What the market has done previously with These green bars and what we can tell is That when this green line crosses back Above the red line that's also when the Turmoil is over it did so in 2018 again We had this green line cross above this Red line that's when the bear Market was Over and we switched to a bull market We're not quite there yet pretty far Away we've got to fill this Gap in over The coming months but what this chart Says is that we're not close to being Out of the bear market yet and plain and Simple that's basically what it's saying This chart will take it a step further Right this is our our chart that we've Been following for cycle after cycle After cycle Bitcoin repeats the same Cycle every four years Um you remember at this time last year Like one year ago we called for a mega Crash to be coming but before the mega Crash that we were gonna have a big fake Out rally that was our big call a year Ago and nobody wanted to believe us

Everybody thought we were about to go to A hundred thousand and we said well just Based on the facts in this chart that We've been covering for years we're Gonna have a mega crash later in the Year but first we're gonna have this big Fake out rally we had a big fake out Rally of 48 in 2018 we had a big fake Out rally for four years earlier of Fifty percent we didn't know how much it Would be we just said it's probably Going to be similar to them and it ended Up being a 47 rally it got everybody Really excited and that's when you know Everyone was chanting Bitcoin 100K and We called for a mega crash at 48k now When we fell down into the abyss we have No momentum for almost 600 days in our 2014 cycle our 2018 cycle almost 400 Days which again this cycle was not a Normal cycle this there was too much Exuberance in Bitcoin still we didn't Have the proper structure of a bear Market and it was short-lived just 400 Days we're right now at 365 days 365 Days of having no momentum in the market What would have to happen if a lot of Bullishness suddenly came in for Whatever reason it would take us Multiple months to reach this top so Still q1 We're Not Gonna reach Above This level it's not likely in Q2 we Might try to reach Above This level but Again later in the year would be more

Likely for Bitcoin to reach Above This Level we're just too far from it even if A lot of bullishness came in right now It's a huge mountain to climb just based On the facts and the charts so I want to Paint a very clear picture now I think An interesting thing to talk about is When Bitcoin was falling and at this Time we called for a mega crash to come What's really funny and maybe not so Funny for you but really funny for me I Believe funny for everybody is our first Prediction was that Bitcoin was going to Fall to 13.7 K that was our first Prediction when we called for a mega Crash like one year ago at this time we Called for a mega crash that's coming we Called for this fake out rally the Number we were always looking at was 13.7 always we changed our mind when Bitcoin actually fell down to the levels It was because because we changed our Mind based on the facts and charts which You should also do as well don't be Emotionally attached to any outcome or Another you have to react to the facts In the charts and make sound decisions Based on probabilities so that's what we Did it was a prediction kind of a blue Sky prediction of well where's the Strongest level in Bitcoin when we're at 48k we're like well it's clearly 13.7 Nobody can argue that and we said it Non-stop we said it until today it's

Still the strongest level and nobody can Argue it and it's just a little bit Funny that that was our first prediction And maybe it comes true maybe it doesn't Nobody on Earth will know but I would Still not change anything because we Reacted to the facts in the charts and Still there's no clear-cut evidence one Way or another is the bottom in or not There's still some evidence to support Each Theory there's no clear-cut Evidence yet we're not quite there in Our Market stability yet to make a Clear-cut call as a definitive call We're not there we're getting closer sir But now I wanted to talk about what I Think my synopsis of these charts that We just covered and I want to talk about My controversial Christmas thing because I wanted to generally get your if you Have kids or you're thinking to have Kids this this is a topic that's um Quite controversial but I wanted to Explain uh my thought process and get Your side so what what do I think first I think that Bitcoin this is the con Before the storm you can feel it in the Coming weeks we're gonna have a big move Right now our momentum is starting to Point to the downside this 13.7 is Becoming a realistic place that we could End up we also have 10.7 that's a strong Number but I do believe that some Evidence in the charts is saying that

The bottom could potentially still be in And that that the jury is still out we Do have this bullish Divergence this is The only thing that could really save us At this moment from from some more Turmoil but I think in the big picture Q1 of this year is going to be a little Bit tough I think Q2 will also be tough But I do think some evidence in the Charts are saying that towards the Middle or later part of the year we Could start to move out of the turmoil Move away from the blood in the streets And start looking to a brighter future For Bitcoin that's my general take as we Stand now now controversial Christmas Thing if you follow my channel you're Probably going to appreciate what I say Maybe you hate what I say maybe you're Going to love it maybe it will change Your outlook but I'm just generally I'm Curious so for me as a human I was never A big fan of Christmas and by the way Society marketed it phenomenally because It gets people to spend money on things That they don't need or to fit in Basically that's basically what Christmas is and again this is not a Religious thing I'm just saying it from My point of view I think Christmas is a Big waste of money to be honest people Buy things just to fit in so they can Give it to people even though they know They don't want it because that's what

You're supposed to do on Christmas and I I hate that about Christmas I really do This is why my favorite holiday has Always been Thanksgiving because on that Holiday you actually tell people what You're thankful for instead of giving Them a gift that they don't need because You're trying to fit into this society That is getting people to spend money to Keep the economy running basically That's basically what this holiday has Turned into unfortunately so I already Have this kind of negative perception of This point of giving gifts I think it's A little bit silly and this comes from Somebody who a little over 10 years ago I'm living in Center City Philadelphia In a nice house a nice apartment with All of these things I don't really need And then I sold it all and gave it all Away and I left with a little backpack On my back to travel the world that was 10 years ago I'm still on that trip so I Have a little bit of a different Perspective now that I've seen the world I've traveled to all these countries I've lived all all over the place and With a little backpack for probably half The time so I have a little bit of a Different perspective with things I Think people should really focus on Memories and not things you know case in Point traveling the world I have Memories to last multiple lifetimes

Instead of like traveling around with All of my things that what are they Going to do for me so there's that piece Of it now I have a child I don't know if You're aware of this my son is amazing His name is Prague he's going to be four At the end of February so we're at this Stage we're like it's like Santa Christmas all these things and what I've Noticed my whole life is that parents Will lie to the kids about Santa and Then use it against them as like Collateral damage like oh if you're not Good Santa's not gonna come if you're This and for me building a relationship With a child based on a lie is just not My thing I don't believe in it I don't Believe in lying to my son for any Reason so this year I'm like you know What I'm gonna tell him the truth I'm Gonna tell that Santa doesn't exist and I wanted to get his reaction I wanted to See what did this change and you know I Have a Santa costume you saw me here With a Santa costume so I talked to him About it and I said look I don't like Christmas because of these things you Know we have to buy all these gifts that We don't need but also I don't like to Have a relationship with you based on me Telling you we should never lie but then I lied to you for years about maybe the Tooth Fairy and Santa and all of these Other things so I told him the truth and

It didn't change anything his excitement About Christmas and Santa didn't change At all but he really appreciated that I'm honest with him and I'm wondering What do other parents do I have no idea If this is like usually I'm way on the Other side of the fence with most things I do in this world so I I did a little Research it looks like I'm way on the Other side of the fence so I don't know What do you do as a parent I don't like The threats that parents make oh if You're not good said Santa's not coming If you don't do this and it's like Meanwhile it's like September and they Use it as a threat like all year I don't Agree with that and I don't agree with Building a relationship based on a Foundation of of lies and then you tell The kids oh you shouldn't lie lying's Bad so I don't know this is my Predicament I told my son the truth and It actually was perfect because we still Celebrated I still dressed up like Santa There was still that imagination that Majestic place he still loved it just as Much but he knew the truth and for me That that's where I stand I don't know Controversial and not it's probably Controversial but I would love to hear Your sense as a parent and what you've Learned over the years I'll read some Comments down below peace and love to Fellow underdogs do you want to know

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Top Crypto News Sites – How to Find the Next Crypto Gem

top crypto news|top crypto news

Top Crypto News Sites – How to Find the Next Crypto Gem

When looking for a place to get the latest and greatest crypto news, there are plenty of options to choose from. From breaking news to price analyses, these sites will keep you abreast of all the best developments in the space. If you’re interested in investing in cryptocurrencies, these sites can give you the information you need.

Cointelegraph is one of the largest news sites in the industry. The team behind this site is passionate about covering the crypto market and believes in the potential of blockchain technology. In addition to the news site, the team also publishes a number of informative articles that focus on the market and the technology behind cryptocurrencies.

The Coin Report is another unbiased resource for cryptocurrency news. Its reporting is unfiltered, and the team focuses on the most important aspects of the market. They cover the industry’s biggest players, the regulatory landscape, and the latest developments in crypto.

Another good source of cryptocurrency news is CryptoPanic. This site offers the ability to track portfolios, a social media feed for price action, and a portfolio tracking feature. There is a free version available, but if you want access to more than the basics, you can purchase a subscription. With the site, you can also specify which cryptocurrencies you’d like to follow. You can add Twitter and Reddit sources to your subscription list, too.

Another reputable source of crypto news is Ethereum World News. Their newsletter covers the latest news from around the world, including ICOs, conferences, and other events related to the industry. EWN is owned by a company called Blokt, which was started in September of 2017. Although its name may imply a financial or trading focused site, it actually has a very wide range of content.

Another site to check out is ZyCrypto. The site provides daily news, in-depth analysis, and educational information on the latest in the cryptocurrency market. It’s an independent news site that covers all of the top cryptocurrencies.

One of the first news outlets to get into the crypto market was CryptoPanic. During its early days, it covered just the major cryptocurrencies. However, as the market matured, its coverage expanded to include the entire digital asset market.

Another outlet that covers the most significant aspects of the crypto space is The Bitcoin News. The reporting team is highly knowledgeable about the technology, and their editorial and technical analysis is accurate and unbiased. While not as big as the top crypto news websites, The Bitcoin News is still a great resource for those looking to stay on top of the newest trends in the space.

Finally, you should also check out Crypto Hackers. Here, you’ll find inspiring success stories from crypto entrepreneurs. Not only does the site report the latest news, but it also features “how to” guides for creating your own cryptocurrency.

Lastly, if you’re a fan of long-form content, you should check out Crypto Insider. This website is dedicated to bringing serious journalistic standards to the cryptocurrency space. Their articles are detailed and focus on both the frontiers of cryptocurrencies and the emerging markets.

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