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0:00 – Intro
1:38 – Stochastic Rsi
5:14 – TDGIM
7:49 – 12-Day MACD Cross
10:24 – CM Ultimate
11:58 – ADX & DI
13:43 – What’s Going to Happen
17:33 – What I learned

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Bitcoin WAKE UP CALL – Surprise Coming


Bitcoin has just closed some of its most Crucial monthly charts and these monthly Charts are screaming that a very large Surprise is coming to the crypto markets In today's video we're going to talk About what that surprise is so you are Ready if you're new here welcome in my Name is Steve on this channel we go Against the herd when everyone goes left We go right we're rule Breakers we stand Out from the crowd and we talk about Just the facts in the charts hit that Subscribe button you're gonna love it Here on today's video we've got to cover Several key charts including this one Look down here right here on the chart We haven't seen this action since 2019 The only other time we've seen this Action is way back here in the other Previous bear markets it spells Something drastic something is cooking Up as well as this chart one of the Major closes of the month was right here This red line we're going to get to all Of that in more in a second but do you Want tremendous value and something that Will help you trade better right now I'm Doing you a major favor because right Now the free course on our website is going to Give you tremendous value and it's going To help you trade better right now go to this little Cool pop-up will come you plug in your

Stuff and you're going to get it right Away a thousand percent free it's major For you right now go there get that Tremendous help right now to you let's Get back to this chart on the monthly Chart we've got the stochastic RSI at The bottom the stochastic RSI is our Momentum and this chart had major major Clues including the largest fake out Rally of 2022 we called using this chart Right here So we got that stochastic RSI cross down Here it's only happened a few other Times and by the way each of the times We had a rally after that and then it Was a dead cat bound because every Single Market cycle we have a very large Fake out rally prior to a mega crash it Did so in 2018 and 2014 we had a very Large rally of 50 rally right before a Mega crash okay and we did the same Thing in 2022 if you missed those we Were calling it right here on our Channel that's why you just subscribed We talk about just the facts Non-emotional and we told our audience Just get ready there's going to be some Sort of large fake out rally we have no Idea how large it's going to be but We're following this chart and we're Getting ready and boy did we ever we had A 47 rally all the way up to 48k and Then we had a mega crash and now we're Showing major major signs here you can

See on the stochastic RSI when we zoom In we have our fast line all already Above the 20. our Slow line is not yet There so what does that mean we're going To get in then into that in a second but Let's go back in time 2018. obviously we Had that large rally obviously we had That Mega crash and then we started Building our beautiful base in the Stochastic RSI which is our momentum we Have to have momentum come into the Market to really shift from a bear Market into a bull market there's got to Be momentum momentum is the number one Thing and the stochastic RSI is our Secret to the momentum once the momentum Gets above the 20 Level that's when the Bear Market is over and that's when we Shift from a bear Market to a bull Market okay that's exactly what happened In 2018 once we peaked our head above Here it was Off to the Races as well as 2014. right we built this beautiful Market base here this Market structure And again we on this channel have been Comparing this bear Market to the 2015 Bear Market The fractal patterns are beautifully set Up and we built a beautiful base right Down here right and then we had this Stochastic RSI finally get above this 20 Level here and that's when the bear Market was officially over and that's When we made that transition right we

Are going down down for a while we built A beautiful base we went sideways and Then that transition from going sideways To a bull run is all defined here in This chart that's why this is so Spectacular this is something that we've Been monitoring for quite a while and It's been several hundred days of us Since we crossed below here and we are Getting ready but let's make no mistake We are not above it yet we've got to be Above with the fast line and the Slow Line and it's going to be one hopefully One month from now we're going to look At how we close and we're going to make A sound decision so are we out of the Woods yet according to the facts in this Chart no are we getting really really Close Yes Can we still have a crash from here in Prices and retest the bottom we'll get To that in a moment but let's go into Our next chart because our next chart Has several things happening we're going To draw our attention down right here to The bottom right we've got we're going To cover this in a moment here but we've Got price action on top we're on the Monthly chart and this is the Tdigm or the Traders Dynamic index that Traders Dynamic index at the bottom has Several lines but let's keep it simple Essentially it's it's like the it's like

The RSI overbought oversold and Volatility bands measuring volatility Some of you may be familiar with Bollinger Bands that are covered in my Courses it's very similar to that Volatility bands and a combination of The RSI it's a beautiful indicator and What we notice is we have one yellow Circle here we have another yellow Circle in 2019 and we have another Yellow circle in 2015. these yellow Circles identify when this red line you Can follow this red line when this red Line crosses back above the green line It happens at a very critical time in The market when we go all the way back To 2015 once this red line really Crossed above the green and held as Support that was the end of the bear Market in the absolute beginning of the Bull run right so what happened right Here we actually crossed above and we Crossed down momentarily holding support And that's when it actually happened Right here between these candles here Now fast forward to 2018 you can see This Red Line crossing above here what Does it mean that's the start of the Bull run you can see that back here when We actually had this cross Bitcoin was At about 5 000 a little below 5 000. Right and we actually rallied all the Way up to almost 70 000 right the first Rally was five to fourteen which is

Major right so these are huge huge Momentum shifts in the market right and What we're doing right now is Bitcoin Just closed the month Crossing above This green line now the question is hey Could we actually come back down and Hold support similar to what we did in 2015 I'm going to discuss that in a Moment but let's cover some more facts And if you like facts in the charts men Lie women lie the charts don't lie hit That subscribe button you will love it Here let's continue with our facts we're Going to get into a couple more facts And I want to revisit this chart here in This chart here and give my honest take With some more facts right so another Fact is look We had the 12 Day macd cross it happens Every single time in the bear Market Every bear Market Bitcoin has ever had We had a beautiful macd cross after the Bottom was already in it did so in 2012 And then we went on a 20 000 rally which Is just absurd and then 2015 we had a Beautiful macd cross after the bottom Was already in eight thousand percent Run 2019 beautiful macd cross after the Bottom was in 230 percent run 2020 Coveted crash we had a macd cross after The bottom was already in 660 percent Run now here we are in 2020 we had a Macd cross back here we had a macd cross Back when Bitcoin was at fifteen sixteen

Thousand we covered it right here in This channel if you missed it make sure You subscribe so you don't miss these Big calls we cover the largest moves in Crypto who cares about the day-to-day And all the stress and Agony of the Day-to-day if you know what the big Picture is doing that's where you're Either going to make all of your money Or lose all of your money It's really that simple so macd cross we Said time and time again It's more risky to be out of Bitcoin Than to be in Bitcoin we said it Repeatedly we said that the bottom was In repeatedly and what's beautiful is This top And our double Top This is a double top Right back here in 2021 we had this top And then we had a double top this double Top went higher right Higher by a wide Margin right at the same time that we Had this top and double top we had very Strong bearish Divergence okay so the Top was in there the bottom we had this Bottom and this bottom an incredibly Strong bullish Divergence it's it's it's What we've said time and time again Right we covered this bullish Divergence Here where we had a low a lower low and A low a higher low you know our top had Bearish Divergence our bottom Potentially has bullish Divergence right It's not it's not a fact yet that the

Bottom is in I'm just illustrating the Facts and the charts as we see them and Then at the end of the video we'll talk About is it possible that the bottom Could not be in could we go lower and Could we crash down to retest our bottom These are major questions I want to Address but I want to cover the facts in A pure and honest way so that you have a Very clear picture of what's going on This chart right this is the CM ultimate Ma MTF version two you can go and get it It's free on your indicators and we're On the two month chart Because it's so clean right we have a Green line when we're in a bull run we Have a red line when we're in a bear Market it's very simple and before we Transition we always look for that Transition point of how do you know when You go from a bear Market to a bull Market how do you really know and on This channel we really hone in on the Facts and the charts with specifically That because that's where you're going To really make all of your money and we Talked about there's this when the red Line is going down there's a transition Right comment down below if you remember This months ago we started talking about This transition from the red line Starting to point upward right it points Upward right before it turns green it Did so here in 2012 it points upward

Right here in 2015 before it turns green In 2018 it points upward before it turns Green and here in 2022 it started to Point upward before it turned green we Started saying several months ago that We expected in January for it to turn Green it never turns green unless the Bottom is in the facts in this chart are Very clear now let's get to our next Chart And then I'm going to give my honest Take I also want to give something that Really impacted my life I'm going to Talk about that at the end of the video If you want to really impact your life You're looking to improve your life You're looking to get out of the Situation you're in now I'm going to Share something that really expanded my Mind here in a moment but let's look at This we're on the three-day chart this Is the adx DI here at the bottom Basically when the red line is on top Prices go down when green is on top Prices go up it's very very simple now We just had a major cross of green Really the second time in the last year And a half right that we've had such a Cross and we had a little bit of Bullishness come in in March that's when We had the fake out rally that's when we Went to 48k we were all over that with The previous chart I showed you we Called that there was going to be a fake

Out rally again we didn't have a crystal Ball to know the percentage but we just Said be ready for a fake out rally That's what this tiny little bullishness Here you can see how far the mouth is Open the mouth is open wide open here And if you if you really study Volatility bands and you look for pivot Points in the market you want to look For how wide open the mouth is that Tells you how much momentum is in it and We happen to have a bullish cross in its Major momentum and if you look at how High on the trajectory here we're at 43. Why is that important we haven't been at 43 since the beginning of this major Rally here that's just a fact in the Chart call it what you want but we can Argue that we can argue other minor Points but when red is on top price goes Down when green is on top price goes up The higher the green the more power Those things we cannot argue men lie Women lie the charts don't lie there's a Tremendous amount of bullishness that Just came in and it just so happened to Be at the pivot point of our break of Our our bullish Divergence we've been Covering the bullish Divergence for Months we had a break of bullish Divergence and major momentum come into The market at that time And again just stating the facts we had Incredible bearish Divergence at our

Double top and so far incredible bullish Divergence at what could be our double Bottom now let's get into what is going Further with this chart how much longer Could it last in this chart because These charts are saying a little bit Different story uh well different facts Same theme right the theme is very very Clear the theme is hey we are either Just about to start our Bull Run or we May have just started our bull run Though that's the theme right this chart We need to wait until the close of February to really see what's happening But so far it's saying hey this is a Pretty big surprise we could be starting Our Bull Run and this chart is saying Hold on We haven't officially started our bull Run we're getting pretty damn close Let's wait until the end of the month uh The end of February close to see what's Happening so the facts are in I think a Lot of people are going to be surprised By this because 2023 according to most Experts on planet Earth are calling for It to be a bloodbath the worst recession A global pandemic recession Um you know inflation rates Etc etc etc 2023 according to the high Majority of experts in the world economy Are saying the same thing which is it Makes me have a lot of red flags because On this channel as you know when

Everyone goes left we go right When everyone says something else we Look at the facts in the charts and the Facts are screaming Bitcoins bottom is in and the Bull Run Is about to start so now the question Comes well is it possible that Bitcoin Has a little bit of a crash from here is It possible that the bottom is not in Both of those things are definitely Possible if new facts come in you'll see Us change our tune but it's it's not Likely uh that that's going to happen Right what I will say is we have called We called the 2018 bottom we got a lot Of flack for it and when we called it a Lot of people said that we're crazy and We don't know what's going on blah blah Blah we got it right we called the Double bottom here Who knows we may be wrong we may be Right I don't know nobody knows but we Got probably 10 times the amount of Flack for that as we did for the 2018 Bottom so I think if we are right and I Said it's a long shot but I'm calling The facts and the charts I'm not not Emotional we don't get paid uh for our Words my words are not paid for it's my Pure opinion reading the charts to you Like a book if we're right on this Double bottom we deserve a Nobel Prize Plain and simple that would be the call Of the century we called that that

Really really really really really Really early and who knows we could be Right we could be wrong but the facts Are the facts these charts that I'm Explaining to you here these are the Charts that we've been using for for Years to talk about when the bottom is In and it's screaming not only as the Bottom is in but it's screaming that the Bull Run could be in the very very early Early early stages of starting so this Is really exciting now the question Becomes well hey I'm not in Bitcoin Steve I'm waiting for prices to drop or I want to add to my position should I Add now or should I wait and this is the Question that really gets a lot of folks That are potentially in Bitcoin for the Wrong reason if you're in Bitcoin and You're thinking about the day-to-day and You're on the four hour chart and the One hour chart and you're should I buy Now at 23 000 or should I wait to 22 or Maybe I should wait to 21 those Conversations are laughable in the big Picture it really is I've been saying it Time and time again it's more risky to Be out of Bitcoin than be in Bitcoin if You're in Bitcoin to make fast money You're going to get destroyed no matter What you do just plain and simple just Honestly I've been in markets for over 20 years if you're in here for quick Money you should get the hell out now

And go do something else period if You're in Bitcoin because you think it's Really cool and you think it's the Future and you want to be in Bitcoin for Five plus you years close your eyes buy Bitcoin and you're going to look like a Superhero this is not Financial advice But let's make it simple don't make it So complicated there is really no Significant difference between 23 and 22 And 21. could Bitcoin retest its bottom Hell yeah it definitely could and There's some other facts that I'm going To show you later in the week but in the Big picture it's more risky to be out of Bitcoin than to be in Bitcoin period That's just a fact okay now I want to Get to one of the biggest things that Really impacted my life if you're Looking to impact your life if you're Looking to get out of the rut you're in I want to share something that really Altered my life this goes back to when I Was 20 20 years old yeah I was 20 years old And I got on a plane for like the first Time in my life and I left the east Coast in the U.S for the first time ever In my life I had never been onto the East Coast I barely had been out on my State and I was on a plane to California To go do an internship for my university In California I had no idea what the Hell California was going to be like I

Had no idea what it was going to be like Out of the East Coast I absolutely fell In love with it I couldn't believe how Sunny it was and how warm it was day After day after day I I fell in love With traveling and from that day forward I made it a life goal that I wanted to Travel around the world I wanted to live Wherever the hell I wanted and I really Wanted this to be my lifestyle I wanted To be my own boss I wanted to impact Lives and do it my way who cares what Everyone else says so a little more than 10 years ago I I left to travel the World I left my friends family my country I Got on a plane with a backpack and I Went to travel the world before being a Digital Nomad was cool now I think it's Cool a lot of people are being digital Nomads especially after it's a covid Crash I was in pretty early being Indigenous Nomad almost 11 years ago I Started being a digital Nomad and I Haven't stopped since and traveling is Has impacted my life beyond belief it's Shown me the world I've learned so much About myself in different cultures and Music and religion and food and the way People live in people's homes and it's Incredible every year I live in a few Different countries a year and it's been The best thing my son is three years old He's been to 12 countries it's in it's

Been incredible learning for him he gets To talk to all sorts of kids that speak All different languages and some of them Don't even speak English and he has to Learn how to communicate with them and How to play with them and how to get Along and we get to see so many Different things I've seen some of the Most beautiful things in my life I'm Just truly blessed but it all happened On that plane my first time ever on a Plane to California stepping out of my Comfort zone into something I don't know What happen But traveling has impacted my life Beyond belief it's impacted me as a Human to learn more about myself and the World and to really understand how this World works I highly highly recommend You travel more so far I've been blessed To go to 65 countries I want to go to a Lot more before I leave this planet I Hope you travel more comment down below If you're also into traveling let me Know where you've been your best story I Want to hear it and you'll Inspire Somebody with your comment hit that Subscribe button go get your free course And I'll see you right back here on the Next video peace and love to the fellow Underdogs do you want to know when to Buy and when to sell click this video Right now

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