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0:00 – Intro
0:12 – Steve’s Son’s Birthday Sale
1:15 – Golden Ratio Multiplier
2:43 – Resistance
3:16 – 2014
4:12 – 2018
5:13 – 2023
5:56 – Other Charts
6:57 – Big Clues
8:52 – Double Top
10:14 Steve’s Son’s Birthday Sale

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Bitcoin WAKE UP CALL – Surprise Coming


Bitcoin does this exact move every Single bear Market it's time for you to Wake up if you're new here welcome in my Name is Steve hit that subscribe button Did you know 84 of Traders lose money It's not because they're unlucky it's Because the algorithms have outsmarted The average Joe but not to worry over The past 20 years I've been working on My own secret strategies to outsmart the Algorithms and give the power back to The people my custom indicators will Give you buy and sell alerts right to Your phone I literally can't make it any Easier imagine what it will feel like Effortlessly winning trades I'm doing You a huge favor to celebrate my son's Birthday I'm making my indicator bundle The lowest price it's ever been plus When you sign up you'll get a master Class course absolutely free and for Every person who signs up I'm going to Give a master class course to somebody In need I'm talking about single moms Single dads vets people in a tough Financial situation but this is only for A limited time go to the clock is Ticking do not miss out I'll see you on The inside now I'm gonna get to this Golden ratio multiplier and you can see Bitcoin has just reached this yellow Line right here and this is not the

First time during the bear Market that We had this long drawn out bear market And came and rallied up to this yellow Line Bitcoin does the same exact move Dating all the way back to here to 2012. You can see Bitcoin was in this bear Market long drawn out bear Market we Rallied all the way up to this yellow Line and you can see what happened we Did the same thing here in 2014 with This long drawn out bear Market nowhere Near the yellow line and we finally for The first time rallied up to this yellow Line and we reacted the same exact way As we did in 2012 fast forward to 2018 Long extended bear Market nowhere near This yellow line and our first rally up To the yellow line we reacted the exact Same way and here we are in 2023 long Extended bear Market nowhere near the Yellow line and we just rallied up to The yellow line for the very first time So let's break it down what's happened In the past and what do we expect to Happen in the future if we go all the Way back to 2012. by the way triple Upload today can we get a little bit of A round of applause I don't know if We've ever done a triple upload but We're all over it right now so I'm doing It for you guys it's my son's birthday We're rocking and rolling and we're Trying to give back as much as possible So here yellow line once we rallied up

To it you can see we held resistance for About one month so one month of Resistance at this yellow line and what Happened in 2012 we actually got some Resistance from this yellow line after Getting rejected for about one month we Showed pretty heavy weakness and we Actually plummeted in prices and started Regaining a new base to get up enough Courage to rally for a second time up to This yellow line and the second time it Was pure Bliss we rallied right through It and the rest was history fast forward To this 2014 long extended bear Market Nowhere close to this yellow line but The very first time we rallied up to This yellow line it was the exact same As 2012. it was about one month of Resistance you can see here if we go Ahead and zoom in on the chart we're at One month resistance from this yellow Line and the exact same thing happened We got some resistance from this yellow Line so not only holding resistance we Actually showed some weakness so any Time frame that gets to a particular Level that happens to be has an historic Level and we held resistance for a Longer period of time if during that Period of time we do not break through The market will reject us even further From that yellow line it will happen on Any time frame but it's clear as day a Right in front of us right one month of

Resistance here one month of resistance Here and both ended in a downfall in Price after that month of resistance now Fast forward to 2018 2018 long drawn out Bear Market nowhere near price to this Yellow line and you can see here in April we actually rallied up to this Yellow line for the first time and again Three for three it was about one month Of resistance from that yellow line However 2018 as I kept repeating time And time again it it was a unique bear Market where there was too much Bullishness in the market we didn't Build proper Market structure and it was The prices were too exuberant and they Exploded through this line uh just about After that month so again during that Month of resistance Bitcoin has a chance To break through if it doesn't break Through during that month of resistance Prices will get rejected even for Further and then start to build out our New base retest our base and then gain The courage to get there a second time During that month in 2018 after that Month was finished we actually plowed Through it and the rest was history so Here we are in 2023 we had this long Drawn out bear Market nowhere near the Yellow line and for the first time we Got up to this yellow line and people Are wondering you know what's going to Happen well first we got some resistance

From this yellow line we can't say That's a surprise we've done that ever Since 2012. every single bear Market has Reacted the same way we get up this Yellow line for the first time we can Experience up to a month of resistance From that yellow line it the key is During that month are we able to break Through that yellow line if we're not We're going to see further price Declines as a result of all of that Resistance above our head if you've Watched our other videos today we talked About how there's some bearish Divergence forming the only way to avoid It is get the RSI up into the 80s which Seems unlikely at the moment we also Talked about here on the gaussian Channel turning to Green on the two day Happens every single bear market and This one's no different and now we're Talking about this yellow line being our Resistance so we know for a fact there's Heavy heavy resistance above our head And it's not just in this chart we can Go to this chart right heavy heavy Resistance from this 200 week moving Average the 200 week moving average Played a critical role in every single Bear Market however this is the first Bear Market that it's our resistance It's always historically been our Support so some major signs there right We also have this chart here with the

Gaussian channel on the five day we're Getting some resistance from the median Line however it's happened every single Bear Market where we get some resistance From this median line so what we're Doing today with the resistance above Our head is no joke it happens every Single bear market and Bitcoin is Reacting the same way that it's done Every single bear Market one hidden clue Could be our bearish Divergence this Hidden clue could say that hey maybe We're going to react as we did in 2012 And as we did in 2014 where we see Further price decline after that month Of resistance this could be our big big Clue but we're ready for it we haven't Changed our tune where Mr consistency Worst case scenario as we've said many Times Bitcoin could retest our base but The facts are the facts and you can see It clear as day in front of you Bitcoin Has turned a major Corner in this bear Market you can see it look at when we've Rallied up to this yellow line it wasn't Like we were just starting the bear Market that there was a lot more worse Prices to come anytime we reach this Yellow line it was at the tail end of The bear market so we haven't and Changed our tune we will if new facts Come in but the facts are the facts I Know everyone who is a world Economist Who has a ton of clout in the world

Economy is screaming that we're going to Have a global recession in 2023 it's Going to be a bloodbath that's going to Be worse than 28 2008 Etc etc I don't think so I think that The charts that I study and the facts That I look at are saying that Bitcoin Is at the tail end of the bear market And that we're shifting momentum to a Bull market here in 2023. it's not a Popular opinion it's an opinion that I've held for many many many months we Will not change it unless facts in the Charts change and over the many many Many months that haven't changed right We've been saying that Bitcoin has Double bottomed it's shown in this chart Right here you can see our June bottom Here our November bottom here coincides With the market top of 2018 this is the Total market cap of crypto it's a Beautiful double bottom when we said That the bottom the first bottom was in There was about 85 percent of the people Were against us it was about 85 percent When we when we bought them in November Now people are starting to turn bullish But they could be caught on the wrong Side of the fence in the short term we Could retest our base but the facts are The facts we haven't changed our opinion And we will change our opinion if the Facts change but so far they haven't Bitcoin is is acting just as it's done

Every single bear Market until proven Otherwise so that's where we stand hit That subscribe button we'll come right Back with some more videos tomorrow Major things coming and go get that Indicator bundle I just want to give you A little bit of a glimpse at the power Of my custom indicators turn 10K into 155 000 here turn 10K into 19900 right Here turn 10K into 11 700 here if you like Ada uh my Indicators will work with stocks with Crypto whatever you wish okay go to before it's too Late I'll see you right back here in the Next video peace and love to the fellow Underdogs stressed out from your crypto Portfolio worry no more we went in the Lab and for the last year we've been Custom designing the world's best Indicators for when to buy and when to Sell Bitcoin whether you're a swing Trader a day trader a long-term investor These will blow everything you've seen Out of the water get text alerts right To your phone and email and uh I've made I've made money back and I started to Now have a structured plan I learned Something that I didn't know 32 000. Sign up now [Music]

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Top Crypto News

Top Crypto News

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First, you should choose a crypto currency that offers the most profitable trades and will remain popular in the market. You should also look for a trading platform that offers reasonable fees and low minimum deposit requirements.

You should also try to find a crypto exchange that accepts your preferred payment method, such as cash or credit card. This will make it easier to transfer funds between the exchange and your bank account.

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These groups can also be helpful for experienced traders who are looking to expand their portfolio. They’re a great place to find new ideas, share tips, and learn from the experts in the field.

Traders in the crypto space create groups on popular messaging platforms like Telegram and Discord to discuss new coins, send signals, and find gems together. These platforms are also a great way to find out about upcoming events and news releases.

The best part about these groups is that they’re usually free to join, so you won’t have to pay anything extra. However, it’s worth mentioning that some groups are scams and you should be careful before joining.

It’s a good idea to start small and slowly build up your crypto investments over time. This will help you gain a better understanding of the industry and avoid getting scammed.

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