Bitcoin WON’T Hit All Time High Until 2030? (Top 3 BTC Scenarios)

Which scenario do you think will happen?

Go welcome to Bible crypto my name is Ben today we're going to be talking About the future of Bitcoin so basically I asked on a poll today I said uh on Twitter where do you think do you think The Bitcoin bottom is in uh and of Course we had a yes and a no Um it came in 60 that's not correct it Came in 66 percent no 34 yes okay now Last week I saw I think it was David Gockstein did a a similar poll and this Was 70 percent no thirty percent yes so This was last week so some people are Starting to come around to the idea that Maybe Bitcoin has bottomed so really When it comes to Bitcoin in my mind Um we only have three Possible scenarios here okay we have Three possible scenarios and now by the Future of Bitcoin I mean what the next Few years are going to look like we're Not forecasting 20 years down the road We're not forecasting this month what We're saying is what are the three Possibilities Uh number one you have Bubble I'll explain that for our friend crypto Savvy our Frenemy crypto Savvy Um He's okay I I like him uh then we have Our traditional Cycle Theory Y'all figure out where I'm at here Um and then number three we have kind of Um I'm gonna call it cycle outlier okay

So this is where it kind of follows on The cycle not not quite close or not Exactly okay so basically let's let's Tackle these here and uh you come over This way we're gonna basically be Looking at kind of what we can expect The chart to look like here okay so Obviously uh you know all these are Going to kind of look the same you know We went up We had a double top and now we've been Going like this okay bubble Theory follows along the Idea that we're the very we're in a Crypto bus period which is hard for me To believe uh because we're only down 80 Right now even if we go down another 50 We're only down 90 we've been down 90 Before Um but basically what this Theory says Is it's gonna go way further and then It's gonna kind of slowly slowly slowly Make an all-time high and this would be Like 2028-2030 okay that's where we would Have new all-time high for Bitcoin That's pretty scary this is always kind Of along the uh the Amazon chart okay Now your traditional Cycle Theory which This is which one I subscribe to I Believe this I actually believe that the Bottom is in not 100 I can't you know These are certainly both uh Possibilities but what are we looking at

Here Well in this Theory we go up we have the Double top okay then we come down we Come down And then this is where we're at right Now that's where we're at and then we Slowly Do something like this And then let's say we have the having Let's say this is the BTC having Okay And then it goes like this okay and this Would actually be uh a new all-time high Would be uh November to December 2024 and then you'd have the the peak Bull Run Peak Bowl would be 20 25. and that's What I'm honestly expecting then you Have kind of the outlier theory that Basically says uh here we go we got our Double top We go down and this one says that even Though right now we're in the time Period where we should see another low That because the economic downswing and The macroeconomics is going to you know Some kind of Black Swan event in the Economy and even though we've never seen That before how it would relate to Bitcoin is going to absolutely punish Bitcoin and then we're gonna we're gonna Go down much further and then we're Going to follow along with the same Basically uh you know this same exact

Thing here where you'd have the BC Having now we can talk on another video About where we think tops are going to Be I was asking that question as well on Twitter what people think we may talk About that on the live stream today Obviously it's a three o'clock video Right now so you've probably already Seen that Um but you know they and the these Things these things right here Wouldn't would all this would apply to Both of these Both of these we get that right there Um so these are your three basic basic You know things uh that we think could Happen like I said I I'm of the opinion That we're gonna see this why why is This my opinion Because it's always been that way Because this would be something Different this would be something Different we have seen some sites some Temporary cycle outliers if you go back To the when the pandemic crash Curt Bitcoin crashed to 3900 it wasn't a new Low though but we did get a very uh a Very dramatic drop but I want to know Which one of these three things do you Think is going to happen with Bitcoin Maybe next week we can uh do a video on Money where we talk about some of the Numbers what some of the numbers we're Expecting are or who knows maybe we'll

Do a 2022 in a review or 2023 what's Going forward those videos don't perform Very well so I don't know if I'm gonna Do them but anyways guys that's all I Got be blessed way out

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