Breaking: Bitcoin Just Entered Gaussian Channel For FIRST TIME SINCE 2018

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0:00 – Intro
1:15 – Gaussian Channel
1:44 – Quicksand
2:31 – Mega Crash
2:48 – Reentry
4:21 – Pressure Cooker
6:01 – Daily Chart
6:53 – 100 MA & 200 MA
8:51 – Revisit the Gaussian Channel
12:00 – My Personal Tip

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Breaking: Bitcoin Just Entered Gaussian Channel For FIRST TIME SINCE 2018


Have you seen this chart right here take A look Bitcoin has just entered this Legendary gaussian channel for the first Time since 2018. in today's video I'm Going to explain exactly what you need To know because this is a major Development that can also entered the Gaussian channel in 2014 we will compare That as well buckle up it's going to get Serious if you're new here my name is Steve on this channel we go against the Grain we go against the herd and we just Talk about the facts in the charts hit That subscribe button right now you're Going to absolutely love it here in Today's video we've got a lot going on I'm going to cover the legendary Gaussian channel the one that everyone Has been craving and also we're going to Talk about the latest with this chart Right here major developments happening On the daily here and then we're going To follow it up with what could be Coming right around the corner before we Get too far into it if you guys like Charts and you like fat tax in the Charts and you like charts that really Go against the grain and provide a lot Of value and knowledge go follow us on The twitters right now crypto crew you Over on the twitters pause this video Crypto crew you on the twitters now the Legendary gaussian Channel what we see Right now is something that we haven't

Done since 2018. obviously when we Changed colors from green to Red this Was one of the major major signals that We called out right here on our Channel Because the gaussian channel has a lot Of tricks up its sleeve the gaussian Channel can give us a lot of Clues as to What's coming before the market takes Place for example a little over a year And a half ago right here on this Channel we entered the gaussian channel And it was May 2021 and we said right Here on this channel when you enter the Gaussian channel it acts as quicksand And it's likely we're gonna be in there For about a year here we are a year and A half later we're still knee-deep in The gaussian channel and we didn't just Flip a coin and try to decide what to do Anytime we've entered the gaussian Channel and bitcoin's entire history it Spends about a year inside of quicksand And that was the start of the bear Market right same thing happened in 2014 Same thing happened even way back in 2011. the gaussian channel has a lot of Tricks up its sleeve and then we changed From green to red and we got rejection From the median line We did the same thing in 2018 we changed From green to Red rejection from the Median line Mega crash in 2014 we Changed from green to Red rejection from The median line it was a mega crash so

Right here on this channel at 48k that's When we called for the Mega crash to Start you can see the mega crash Continued and now we've just re-entered The gaussian channel we haven't seen This action literally since 2018 and we Also had similar action in 2014. so what Does it mean what does this mean for Bitcoin because this is a big big clue Right this is a major clue also a little Bit later in the video I'm going to give One of the biggest tips that helped me Really succeed I'm gonna give that at The end of the video so stay tuned for That but re-entering the gaussian Channel this this is major right you can See what happened in 2018 after we had That Mega crash right change from green To Red rejection from The Medium 9 Mega Crash we spent some time down there Consolidating billing our base and then We broke up here and you can see in 2014 It was a little bit of a different story But there are some Clues let me know if You can see them now you can see that That's when the mega crash started to Happen we started to build a beautiful Base as a textbook base double bottom re Re-entered the gaussian channel and we Had a final flush out To retest our base that we've been Building for so long and then the Bull Run continued right the bull Barn really Started at that point so I want to

Discuss what I think is happening here Along with some of the clues that we can Gather from the previous times I want to Jump into some other charts and we're Going to come back to revisit that and Give the latest now this is a major Development here that we have on the Weekly chart also for Bitcoin right we Broke out of this trend line a two-year Trend line we were covering it here Right here on the channel for a while This was our pressure cooker at the same Time that we were in our pressure cooker We had bullish Divergence bullish Divergence so we had a low here and a Lower low at the same time that we had a Low in our indicators and a higher low In our indicators whenever your Indicators are not coinciding with price Action it's Divergence right this Happened to be bullish Divergence and we Said right here on this channel even Back in November watch out for this Weekly stochastic RSI cross happens About every six months it's very bullish At the same time we had this bullish Divergence at the same time we were in This pressure cooker it was kind of um A perfect storm for Bitcoin and we said Don't be surprised if it rallies up here Right and simply because in bitcoin's Entire history this red line has played A critical role in every single bear Market just the facts just the facts

That played a critical role here a Critical role here even in the coveted Crash a critical role and right now it's Our resistance right and you can see That our candles were big and they're Getting smaller as we approach this Major level of resistance you do not Want to see smaller candles as you Approach resistance you want to see Bigger candles as you approach Resistance this is not the case you Could see week by week it's getting Smaller that's not a good sign for Bitcoin and we'll get into some reasons As to what's happening here in a moment But we've got to cover some more facts We have to get a clearer picture of What's going on now we're on the daily Right we're on some higher time time Frames a moment ago we just talked about Previously some bullish Divergence that Formed over six months now we're going To talk about some bearish Divergence That's forming over the last two weeks Right you can see here price action made A high and then it made a higher high While our indicators made a high and the Lower high and another lower high right This is not good for the short term this Is not a six month bearish Divergence This is like a two-week bearish Divergence okay and you can see our Indicator even the stochastic RSI a high A lower high a lower high you can see

What's happening here over the past Couple weeks we've had some bullishness Come into the market and we're showing Signs of some sort of short-term Reversal now what could that reversal Look like I want to explain it with this Chart and then we'll get back to our the Legendary gaussian Channel and we'll do Some follow-ups there with my my actual Take on what's Happening 2015 over here 2022 over here in 2015 you can see this Yellow line and there's a red line when This yellow line crossed through the red Line there was one two three rejections Of this yellow line over a long period Of time three rejections of the Seattle Line and then a final breakthrough it Wasn't a small breakthrough it was like An explosion breakthrough a big Bullishness came into the market and it Was the first time that we were above This yellow line since way back here Right so in a long period of time we Held resistance from the steel line and When we broke through it was like a huge Explosion 2022 we're seeing the same Action right this yellow line crossed Through this red line and once it did we Had one two three rejections from this Yellow line and then we broke through we Didn't just pop our head through we Exploded through right a very similar Action to what we saw here now what Followed was that beautiful base that we

Had built been building month after Month after month it came down to retest That Base this could be in the cards for Bitcoin do not be surprised if this Happens and don't be too emotional if it Does happen if it did this would flush Out all the weekends this would be a Perfect move for Bitcoin because it Would take Everybody by surprise and if It did come down to retest its base Everybody would be incredibly bearish More bearish than you can ever believe The people are bearish now imagine what Would happen if Bitcoin actually Retested its base it would be a perfect Move for Bitcoin this is not out of the Cards this is definitely a possibility More to come on that in a moment let's Revisit the gaussian channel right the Legendary gaussian Channel gives us so Many Clues what we know for a fact is That Bitcoin just re-entered the Gaussian channel that's a fact nobody Can deny it and again we're on the five Day glossian Channel which is the one That's helped us predict a lot of move Well in advance including the the Quicksand entering it one and a half Years ago you know the 48 Mega crash we Just re-entered so what does it mean Right what we have to do is look left When you look left at our previous bear Market 2018 textbook bear Market when we Re-entered it there was so much

Bullishness in Bitcoin back here that Prices continue to explode now what we Do know based on a lot of facts in the Charts is that Bitcoin has never Resembled the 2018 bear Market this Entire time from start to finish it just Hasn't lined up the fractal patterns Haven't lined up not even close it's a Very very different Market what we do Know is that for months and months and Months and months we've been comparing This Mega crash to 2015 2014. a lot of The fractal patterns line up case in Point what we just showed you this is 2015 breakthrough here 3 rejections and Then a major breakthrough in price first Time in a very long time you can see First breakthrough of this yellow line In a very long time right it really Lines up to 2015 so we have to look for 2015 for Clues not necessarily for Answers but for big Clues what did we do In 2015 well 2015 we changed colors Rejection Mega crash built a beautiful Base it took us a long time we had an Explosion in price up near our previous Pivot highs and that pivot High brought Us finally into the gaussian channel and It was short-lived we spent a couple Weeks in the gaussian channel and then We came back down to crash and retest Our base I tell you that to show you this right Now today we've built a beautiful base

And we finally have some action inside The gaussian channel And we've been in here for a little bit Not too long do not be surprised if Bitcoin comes to retest its base that's What it did in 2015 and that would be a Move that would shock everybody that Would be a move that would shake out Weak hands and that would be a move that Could start our next Bull Run okay just Stating the facts looking at the facts And being level-headed later in the week There's going to be some major major Closes on the monthly charts I have About seven charts that are going to be Game changing make sure you hit that Subscribe button right now and I'm going To jump into the tip that really helped Me so if you didn't already go over on The twitters do yourself a favor this Will be a major win for you tons of Value crypto crew you on the Twitter now We talked about the gaussian channel we Talked about what could be happening I Want to give you my perspective of What's helped me so much in life right a Lot of you guys have been going crazy About these little tips at the end of The videos I'm going to give you another One in here a banger this has helped me Tremendously so years ago this is what It looked like when I wanted to work on A project right so I've got my computer My my phone Etc notebook and I'm working

On a project let's say I'm working for a Company or I've always worked for myself For the past you know a little over a Decade but regardless I'm working right I'm working and suddenly I'm working on This project it's so cool and then boom I get a notification on my phone I open That notification on my phone and then Suddenly I have to respond to this email And then I have to respond to this Message and then a friend text me and Then suddenly I open up some social Media I'm down a rabbit hole 45 minutes Later I'm asking myself what the hell Happened Okay let's go back to the project so I Go back to the project I'm in the zone For the project and then boom and alert I got an email I gotta jump into email I Respond to that then I'm responding to Another email then I'm down some other Rabbit hole and I'm like oh yeah the Project and this is what's a reoccurring Thing day after day and I had to wake up I had to wake up and completely change The way I'm doing things and I had to Implement some new habits life is all About habits you are your habits plain And simple so now when I'm working I Have all of my notifications off my Computer won't make any sound whatsoever My phone will never ring my phone will Never give me a notification for Anything I literally have all the things

Off and I'm focused on a project and Then when I complete that project then I Can reward myself with the next task and The next task I'm solely focused on that Task oh my 100 in on that task that's Allowed me to 2x 3x 5x 10x my Productivity the phone is the biggest Drug in human history the most addictive Drug in human history they're all sorts Of rabbit holes you can go down but if You're continuously looking at the Notifications coming in the emails the Text messages Etc if you just silence everything and You're solely focused on one single task At a time you can be incredibly Dangerous so for the past handful of Years this is the philosophy I've done And it's completely changed everything I Want you to try it comment down below if You have tried this before or you have Experience with it it's a game changer Your productivity will go through the Roof and you can say goodbye to all the Noise it's the same approach that I Teach everybody in trading trading is The same way there's so many shiny Object there's so many different rabbit Holes you can go down but you have to Focus on one thing be great at one thing And then you can go to the next thing And you can be great at that thing if You have that philosophy with trading as Well it's a game changer I'll see you

Right back here in the video make sure You hit that subscribe button I look Forward to your comments down below Peace and love to the fellow underdogs Do you want to know when to buy and when To sell click this video right now

Top Crypto News Sites – How to Find the Next Crypto Gem

top crypto news|top crypto news

Top Crypto News Sites – How to Find the Next Crypto Gem

Top crypto news sites are a good way to keep up with the latest crypto developments. However, you should make sure that the sites you’re browsing are reliable and trustworthy. For this, you need to determine whether or not the platforms you’re considering have credible sources and an inclusive business model.

One of the first crypto news aggregators was CryptoPanic. This site is an interesting blend of technical and editorial analysis for many of the popular cryptocurrencies. You can subscribe to a newsletter or subscribe to its Twitter feed to get a plethora of updates on current events and trends. It also features an ICO listing that can be accessed by its users. The site also has a social signals for price action feature.

Another top crypto news site is Coinspeaker. This site was created late 2014 and has rapidly grown into one of the largest and most widely respected online news outlets. Not only does it provide news, it also has a comprehensive ICO listing that is updated frequently.

Another must-read site is the Trace Mayer show. This show features interviews with prominent figures in the fintech, machine intelligence, and crypto communities. They also post podcasts on occasion. Aside from the usual news articles, you can also find guides to help you become a more knowledgeable consumer of crypto.

There are many other top crypto news sites out there, but you may not have heard of some of them. The best way to discover which ones are worth checking out is to read their blogs and check out their social media accounts. Also, check to see if they have ever been involved in a scam. While there are certainly some sites that are pure promotional gimmicks, there are also those that are truly worthwhile.

One of the most important functions of a news website is to provide accurate and timely price analysis. To do so, you need to hire experts and utilize a method of fact-checking. Since the cryptocurrency market is a highly volatile one, it’s important to have a system in place for accurate pricing assessment. Some of these websites employ a combination of expert analysis and fact-checking procedures to ensure that your news is unbiased and not merely a sales pitch.

Crypto Clarified is another great resource for a layman’s education on cryptocurrencies. The site’s content is easy to read and offers educational material on storage and safety. It also covers topics like generation 3 0 web development and the internet of things.

Although there are many other crypto news sites to consider, these five are among the most notable. Each provides its own unique perspectives on the world of crypto. With an influx of new sites popping up, it’s important to filter out the shoddier websites.

In addition to the most commonplace etiquette of following your favorite cryptocurrencies, you should keep an eye out for any other emerging technologies that could impact the industry. This includes the internet of things, decentralized applications, and blockchain technology.

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