BTC to $250,000 is 100% WRONG!! The Real Number Will SHOCK YOU!!!

Bitcoin hitting a $250,000 all time high this bull cycle is 100% WRONG!! The real number will leave you shocked!! Every influencer has predicted Bitcoin ATHs but none of them are even close…even myself. Today we look at previous Bitcoin predictions from different influencers: Raoul Pal, Ben Cowen, PlanB, Crypto Lark & myself. How wrong were we? Whose prediction should you listen to this cycle!? Bitcoin is going to MOON but by how much? Tune in to find out..

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00:00 Intro: What will be Bitcoin’s Peak Price this Bull Cycle?
00:41 Last Cycle Predictions: Chico Crypto
01:45 Last Cycle Predictions: Raoul Pal
03:45 Last Cycle Predictions: Ben Cowen
06:52 Last Cycle Predictions: Plan B
08:15 Last Cycle Predictions: Crypto Lark
10:46 Current Cycle Prediction: Raoul Pal
11:24 Current Cycle Prediction: Ben Cowen
12:33 Current Cycle Prediction: Plan B
12:58 Current Cycle Prediction: Crypto Lark
13:29 Current Cycle Prediction: Chico Crypto

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Bitcoin all time high predictions…everyone
has their own 2 cents on this topic, they Are everywhere, but nobody gets them right…even
myself. Although, I think I’ve come up with a strategy
that is going to accurately predict this cycle’s All time high…and guess what its not 400k,
its not 500k…is it more or is it less? Well find out in about ten minutes….because
it’s time for Chico Crypto!! So who got it wrong? Well let’s begin with me!! June 11th 2021….I put out my own personal
Bitcoin prediction video…let’s listen In now… I predicted a $150k top, happening December 15th of 2021… As we all know the real all time high this
last cycle came November 10th 2021, and the Price reached was 69 thousand dollars!! So last cycle I overestimated the date by
just over a month, and I overestimated by 81 thousand dollars. My personal percentage error in my calculation
was 117% Now let’s dive deeper into the world of
crypto influencers… How about one people listen to and watch feverishly,
Raoul Pal, macroeconomist and founder of the Investment group Real Vision…everytime he
talks on another crypto youtuber’s channel…the Videos get at least 100k views as people gobble
it up… Well let’s listen into Raoul’s prediction
for Bitcoin’s ATH from last cycle when he Spoke on the Bankless podcast In April… Yup Raoul wouldn’t give a specific prediction…he
gave a range between 250k to 400k, sometime Between the end of 2021 and March 2022… So let’s just take the average of his prediction…since
he said sometime between the end of 2021 and March 2022, we will say his estimation was
February of 2022, this means he overestimated The top by over 3 months….and then he said
between 250k to 400k, the average price of Those two numbers is $325 thousand…the difference
between his prediction and the real ATH of 69k, his percentage error was over 371 percent… Raol used all these fancy technical tools,
log charts, regression analysis…but he couldn’t Beat Chico Crypto where I just pulled my prediction
out me bunghole…. Let’s go deeper into the world of predictions
from influencers now…how about the crypto Tuber TA, technical analysis allstar…Benjamin

Yes Ben Cowen uses the charts, the technical
tools to make his decisions…which I’ve Always said is hogwash for the most part….Well
Ben Cowen had a prediction that he held even After the bubble burst…Ben Cowen believed
in a lengthening cycle theory…where the Last Bitcoin cycle would last a whole lot
longer….let’s listen in to his prediction Right now put out in December 2021… But when would the cycle top be? Well Ben has Said this before… Yup Cowen was way off regarding time … .he
believed the last cycle peak would happen Sometime in 2023. We are giving him the benefit of the doubt
and saying January of 2023…which means his Top prediction was off by over 13 months… Also he wouldn’t give a firm price prediction,
somewhere between 100k to 300k…so we will Take the average of those two numbers which
would put his prediction at $200k…Ben had A percentage error in his prediction of 189% Now let us move onto another popular influencer…the
creator of the stock 2 flow model…Plan B… Plan B doesn’t do video so all we have is
what he said on the likes of Twitter which Cointelegraph covered in June of 2021…from
the article we can see his prediction. Plan B said “Now, even the “worst-case
scenario” for Bitcoin would still see it Trade at $47,000 in August. A slight reversal in September places the
minimum target at $43,000 for that month only To be followed by $63,000 in October — near
current all-time highs. Things then heat up, with $98,000 on the cards
in November and a giant $135,000 by the end Of the year. “Wait until you seen my base case and best
case scenarios! OK, a hint: best case Dec $450K,” So Plan B was predicting a top in December
of 2021…just like me he was off by just Over a month…but his range for price prediction
was in between $135k and 450k….taking the Average of these two we get a price of about
292 thousand dollars. The percent error in his prediction was 324%… Finally let’s finish off these last cycle
predictions with another influencer like myself, The Crypto Lark…

Let’s watch his video right now, posted
in October of 2021… Yup that chump was an undisclosed paid shill
for the failed and bankrupted mega scam in The crypto markets Celsius, but then made
a prediction, Bitcoin would top somewhere Between 180k to 200k…when would this happen? Well he said later on in the video… Sometime in q1 of 2022…aka somewhere between
January and March of that year…aka the middle Of these puts his prediction in February like
Raoul, which means he also overestimated the Top date by over 3 months…but his price
prediction was between 180k to 200k, the average Of these 2 numbers is 190k…this means his
percentage error was 175% Hopefully from this analysis of influencers,
crypto tubers like Lark and I, technical influencers Like Cowen and Plan B, and macroinvestors
outside of crypto like Raoul, you can come To the conclusion…that none of us know what
the fuck we are talking about… We were all severely off in our price predictions,
although my prediction was the closest…and Only 2 of us were close on the timing, Raoul
and myself who were off by about a month… So beware of these influencers coming out
of the dirty BEAR once again, to get you everybody To FOMO once again…. They are back…making BIG outlandish predictions
once again… Here is Raoul Pal just a couple days ago…. Raoul is predicting similar to last time,
he is putting Bitcoin hitting at the lower Range of his last prediction…Bitcoin hitting
$250k How about Ben Cowen? Well Ben has been wrong so many freaking times,
and just keeps putting out the hogwash TA Videos….this is what he had to say in September
of lasy year, when he was predicting Bitcoin Was going to fall off a cliff and crash…which
it didn’t… Well we are already slightly above the higher
high of 69k….just watch Ben change his whole Thesis and now predict somewhere in between
100k to 200k…now that this prediction has Been completely invalidated… What about Plan B? Well Plan B posted last month his prediction. They tweeted last month “Bitcoin = 26 ounces
of Gold. It would surprise me if BTC would stay below
100 ounces of Gold in 2024/2025.” And then below they confirmed that this would
place Bitcoin at at least 200k, it would reach Even more if the gold price rises” What about Crypto lark?

Well they aren’t making any solid predictions
yet…let’s listen in…between 35k to 380k, The average of those 2 would put their prediction
above 200k… So what about my prediction? Am I saying 200k or above like the rest?? Well I’m a bit more conservative, even more
conservative than last time…here is my prediction I put out in December of last year…even
before the hype of this year… My strategy, pull predictions out me bunghole
based on prior cycles. Just simple math….no complicated TA…What
do you guys and gals think? Are you more bullish like the other tubers
or are you more conservative like myself….let Me know your exact price prediction, and month
and year of the ATH of this cycle. Can’t wait to ready your predcitons. Cheers I’ll see you next time!

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