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Dogecoin and Bitcoin are two of the most popular and valuable digital currencies on the market today. And things are only going to get better for them in the future!

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Watch this video to get the latest and breaking Dogecoin news !! Do not miss every second of Dogecoin breaking news… This is a must see must watch breaking news video about Dogecoin. we support the Dogecoin army!!

We love dogecoin, dogecoin to the moon soon. Elon Musk is a dogecoin lover, he watches bitcoin news. Do you like dogecoin live? Elon likes dogecoin news today. What will be dogecoin prediction 2022? Is ,elon musk the dogefather of dogecoin? how to buy dogecoin, where to buy dogecoin? What is dogecoin? Dogecoin update today! What ,dogecoin price prediction 2022. Is dogecoin a stock? Will dogecoin ever reach $1? dogecoin explained and dogecoin analysis. Bitcoin price prediction today including ethereum and cryptocurrency news today as well.. What is dogecoin mining? bitcoin,bitcoin news,bitcoin today, How to buy bitcoin. how bitcoin purchase & invest in bitcoin. What is crypto, and cryptocurrency?

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Crypto Daily Trade signals
Here you will find what’s new and great ideas, opinions & TA on all things Crypto. We will tell the latest and hottest news stories that will impact cryptocurrency investing and impact you. We present the information in a no nonsense way so that Cryptocurrency beginners can understand and take those steps!


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⚠️Note of caution: all of our videos are personal opinions. Do your own research. Never take one person’s opinion for financial advice. There are many strategies and there is not one strategy fits all people. Our videos ARE NOT financial advice.

Whoo hey everyone this is Daryl from Daily crypto trade singles company live Live from Vietnam guys we've got a whole Bunch to talk about a whole bunch of Stuff to talk about we're gonna be Talking about Dogecoin we're gonna be Talking about Bitcoin we're going to be Talking about a bunch of stuff guys and We've got the whole Menagerie here we Got Annabelle Debbie Donovan oh no oh no I Don't know the Debbie Donna burn she's Back and then also we got Dino the dino As well so hopefully we'll get out of There put it back at it they're back out They're back at it I've been hiding These guys from each other they just Keep going and then we got a brilliant Alien and guys we've even got OG Batman OG Batman so guys we're gonna Get into it it's gonna be fun it's gonna Be hilarious we're gonna have a good Time and I know a lot of you are kind of Like panicking right now and wondering What is going on and you see my cameras Following me guys my my camera's padding Right it's all about it so you know I Know a lot of you are panicking right Now we're seeing that the Bitcoin is Down we're seeing most of Cryptocurrencies are down and there's a Lot of reasons for that you know like I Said some of the reasons that the Bitcoin is down is because we had the

Doj uh they closed down a a crypto Exchange in Russia we've also had uh Some other fun that's happening we've Got the Gemini uh Gemini uh bankruptcy Uh a lot of a lot of stuff is going on And also too we're seeing that you know There's been a lot of logs liquidated Because a lot of people thought that Bitcoin was going to go forever and you Know right now we're seeing quite Frankly what we're seeing now is a Little bit of a pullback and that's very Normal we've had almost 15 days of Greeny weeny weenie so that's good guys Absolutely fantastic 15 days of greeny Weenie it's really good so you guys Should be pretty proud patting Yourselves on the back you made it bang And a little bit of a pullback is Absolutely absolutely okay I'm gonna be Talking about some you know levels and Supports levels that we need to see in Cryptocurrency and some of the some of The some of the interesting news guys so This is going to be a little bit more Positive guys uh out there so let's get Into the news let's get into the content Let's get into everything everywhere and Guys remember go down there smash like And I look like a book that likes for Humans guys out there so guys happy Freaking Thursday douche going to the Freaking Moon so we got the doozy boys You're sitting on Mars with a cold one

Guys just enjoying the view from Mars Guys so it is the time for Doge and Don't forget Dogecoin 111 and 555 the Community and also guys all the trolls Out there just want to say that you know If you're a Debbie Downer and uh you Want to join the stream and you wanna You wanna have your perspective and say Whatever you want it's fine guys we Respect everybody but just keep it Respectful no foul language and keep Clean guys and watch out for nicest Cameras in the contest there's a ton of Fake Twitter accounts full of a ton of Fake uh Facebook accounts and even Discord uh group guys so Elon Musk to The moon so we got our friend our puppy Dog our puppy dog and Elon Musk guys Looking all nice and Daddy and don't Forget guys March March this year we're Gonna have the Doge one extra mission to The moon so that is going to be a huge Catalyst guys and we're seeing the Elon Musk is been pretty quiet uh when it Comes to those Corners recently but Nothing really happening out there so He will he will say something I believe That around about January 29th we're Going to see something big we're going To see something cool and we're going to See a piece of news coming from him that Is going to actually send the cryptos And dude is going to their freaking Moon Guys so also the Sheba Army welcome

Welcome to the channel guys so it looks Like Dogecoin the bunk coin and Shiba Inu combined for 25 billion in monthly Trading loans so we're seeing a lot of Uh it looks like there's a bit of a Resurgence now uh for meme coins and Typically you know in past Cycles we see That you know Bitcoin will break up to The upside then we'll start to have this Whole Resurgence of people jumping into To different kind of mean going remember The safe Moon coin people going nuts and About that whatever happened to save one Guys was it safe I don't know that we Had the bond calling the bond coin Remember there was a rug pull on a Copycat of the bond coin so once again You know I always like to tell people Look If you want to invest in crypto not Financial advice you definitely need to Have a diversification of your portfolio Is so important you know you want to be Looking at around 50 in Bitcoin 25 in ethereum uh the rest and you know Top 10 projects uh you you know you Could do 20 20 of the top 10 projects And then uh you could actually take five Percent and and use that for your high Risk stuff like you know crazy stuff uh You know I call that you know your five Percent boom bag and uh you know you're Gonna you all you need is one one of Them to hit big and you can make it make

A ton guys but you know diversification Is key do your own research guys that's So freaking aboard that you do that and Check who's behind all these projects It's important that you do your own Research it's absolutely important guys So guys it's a great time to be alive Guys so you know this is this is uh I'm A hodler and this is Elon Musk you can't Decide it says Dogecoin we've just Listed uh listed listed to curtains we Have decided that Dogecoin needs a CEO And someone who can lead us in the Future while maintain the core values of Them remember this is this is this is a Vote that came out uh in April right and There was all these uh different people Voting they were like vitalik Charlie Lee Elon Musk and Marshall hayner and it Looks like it looks like Elon Musk won It right by by popular demand there's Only 3581 votes uh so that's kind of Interesting actually what I'm going to Do is I'll take to my Twitter I'm also going to say that we need a CEO For the for the Dogecoin Foundation I Will recommend a number of people so go And hit that poll guy I appreciate it I Appreciate it that'd be good so good Guys so right now hula Verizon deers Coin Dogecoin is still being supported At eight cents guys and that is looking Pretty good you can see the eight cents Right now we did have a bit of a

Drawdown I ran down about almost seven Percent right now but you can see that If you take a look at the EMA Rivers It's still very much above the EAA Ribbons uh we did uh start our bear Cycle back in November and uh 2021 and I And I believe the bear is over and we're Going to be flipping out to both side Guys and the only reason that Dogecoin Is down right now uh and most other Cryptos is down is because of Bitcoin That's all you know there's no mystery About it Bitcoin is down so everything Is down uh let me get this I'm into Refresh 111 to the freaking wound Annabelle's working guys Annabelle's out Of there get out of the back we need we Need to have Dino in there and we need To have the alien we need to see green Guys I need to see some greeny weenie so Guys we need to definitely to be seeing The green so right now we are seeing That the volumes are up uh about three Percent for Doge but you know mainly Guys we're not hyping up this mainly Sales guys uh but you know from my Perspective it is absolutely a good Freaking time guys absent good for your Time for Doge to be buying the deputy Dip dips guys get the tips guys don't be A dip don't be a dip get the dip uh you Know so you know Dogecoin was the dips You want the dips and the Holocaust Divers and hold it all away for like

Treasure wealth and remember never ever Freaking sell a law set always remember Make sure that you pay yourself you know If you're up to 100 percent Pay yourself take 50 off if you're up Four percent take 50 off pay yourself It's important that you guys pay Yourself on something that's really Really difficult for you guys to pay Yourself uh let's take a look at what's Going on in terms of who's in the money Who's out of the money So we're seeing uh right now Uh good timing oh gee you got it you got It so you know from that perspective we Are seeing that uh it's 56 are in the Money so Pat yourselves on the shoulder guys Don't forget lick the likes both the Likes show some love out there but you Know you guys should be pretty pretty Happy about what you're seeing uh Majority of your in the money you know If we if we contrast it uh with chibi You know and this is not this is not to Be it's not to be Downing the the shiba In community or anything like that so Don't take it the wrong way guys uh just A comparison out there uh Sheba is only 36 percent as in the money versus uh Dogecoin which is uh 60 50 56 of money So that's good guys so those coin Remember Dogecoin is the father of the Memes and anything else is just an itty

Bitty baby puppy out there so guys it's Good it's good uh something that's going In our favor right now at least we got One thing going our favorite is that to The dxy the dxy is freaking going down So that is pretty good we do need the Dxy to go down to 99 Cents guys we Absolutely need that pow guys we Absolutely need to get it guys don't Forget to smash the dude's going what What and we need the love right now so From my perspective I believe that we Have a good technical support about Twenty thousand and uh you know we have We do have a double w patent out there Now W pattern on The Daily it's still I Still think it's in play uh some people May call this a cup of handle pattern as Well you know we could see here Like I said we have a cup and handle Pattern here's here's the cup and here's The handle so this is also a pretty Bullish pattern as well so it's going to See a little bit of consolidation we Might see a little bit of choppy chop Out there but you know overall I believe That we will see a nice reversal to the Upside as long as Bitcoin can stay above Uh 20 uh a thousand dollars if we Continue to see the twenty thousand Dollars coming in that is going to be Good for Bitcoin and that is going to Confirm the continuation of this bull Run guys so it is looking okay right now

Nothing to be worried about uh let's see What happens uh you know we see if the FED does say they're going to have a new Debt ceiling and that's going to take The pressure off as well because you Don't want the United States of America To be bankrupt out there what else is Coming in as well out there uh also some Good news from the FED looks like fed Laurie Logan backs uh slowing the pace Of interest rate hikes at the next Meeting so we could be seeing 25 basis Points and it looks like our friend the Prowler has a dreaded lurky out there so Godspeed get well brother we still need You in the driver's seat like you are Not we still need you everybody needs You everybody needs everybody out there Uh what else is coming in let's take a Look at Bitcoin on the weekly still Looking okay guys uh we're still uh We're still well above our support level Here of 18 000 so not too shabby I'm not Too worried about uh Bitcoin is like I Said as long as Bitcoin stays above the 20 000 support level I'm not worried the Bulls are still in control right now a Theorem is at 15 26 and it is as you can See here is absolutely just being Supported uh by our 1500 level we're Well above the EMA ribbons on The Daily So that is bullish uh we are also well Above the 200-day moving average as well So I'm pretty pretty pumped pretty beach

To be Keen about the you guys should do It you guys should be uh the heat map Looks like crap out there it looks like It looks like a stinky song out there Um market cap wise and Bitcoin dollars Let's take a look at that let's jump in Don't forget to smash likes do what's Going on 111 and going with super chats Would be much appreciative watching so Some lovely love guys let's show some Below out there I need it we need you Guys back back to work tomorrow Fantastic day off today I got I got my Haircut or anything MLG yet so I got a Haircut I'm feeling happy I'm feeling Good I'm well rested and uh I'm good so Guys and gals we're seeing that uh Bitcoin is uh up right now I mean down right now but the Bitcoin Dominance is up a little bit excuse me I I'm gonna make a mention my words I Mention my words just call me OG means Women's order out there so we're seeing That right now we're at 41.5 uh and Becoming the ethereum Dominus is also up As well uh overall yeah it's a sad day I Mean look at look at uh look at the Ethereum it's now like over four percent We're getting Hammer Time Dojo's not looking good those are not Looking I must say uh all the weekly Games Are about to be lost out there so that's Not good guys uh definitely not looking

Good out there so there's really nothing In the green I mean we can go down Down the down stable coins are still in The green of course uh but there are There's nothing good out there but I Still believe this is a good time to be Buying the dips guys I think it's a good Time to be buying the freaking dips guys Uh get the dips as buy the dip the Dogecoin dog wants to get to dips guys Also too if you take a look at the Rainbow chart uh for a Bitcoin we are Seeing right now that we are basically In a fire cell I still believe that you Know the overall sentiment right now for Uh for Bitcoin is looking is looking Pretty good I think it's a good time to Accumulate uh just keep an eye on I Don't put all your dry powder in it at One time guys don't do that don't do That uh if you take a look at what's Going on here if you take a look at the Total market cap we're seeing total Market cap right now uh in terms of Bitcoin dollars is around about 88 of The total market cap uh we're seeing uh 4.3 percent for Doge for xrp and those Guys so not too not to worry not too Much to worry about guys so Bitcoin is The king daddy of everything out there Looks like the national Australian Bank To launch stablecoin and ethereum on Ethereum and algorithm according to this Report so that is pretty good the

National Australian bank I said nothing Was still launched its new stable coin Backed by Australian dollar and why is That important to you and me in the Crypto space as more and more countries Start to release their stable coins uh Their cbdc uh the CBC cbdc stablecoin That is going to be huge because that is Going to be a Gateway entry for the Masses to get into cryptocurrency and Adoption off there of the same and it's Going to be good guys and I think that Uh you know Dogecoin is going to be a Big part of that Bitcoin is going to be A big part of that and it's a great time To be live guys we're absolutely Witnessing a revolution a revolution so Bitcoin is rejected from the resistance Area after multiple attempts so we have Been seeing you know at 21 500 overhead Rejection overhead resistance and we Keep getting rejected there but we did Have our breakout back down to 18 195. I Still believe that the market will Remain bullish as long as we hold the Twenty thousand dollar twenty thousand Dollar level I believe that so that we Do have support at twenty thousand and We will see a possible retest of this Zone before the next move so we meet we May see a test of that um maybe brief uh I don't think it'd be too volatile but As long as we stay around the twenty Thousand dollar error then we uh should

Be just fine Just finding Danny guys guys did you Know that uh the ownership of Cryptocurrency right now we can see that The total ownership looks like uh turkey Turkey is like uh 25 uh America it's Like 15 Korea 14 uh Hong Kong 30 in Canada 13 uh that is pretty interesting In Mexico 11 so interesting interesting Interesting out there Indonesia 20 I Didn't know that Thailand Thailand out There uh this time I can't I think That's Thailand Thailand is also pretty Good out there so I need to check my Geography so Bitcoin uh Bitcoin uh Commitment of uh Traders we're seeing The smart money seems to be repeating The same pattern it had in 2019 and 2020 After the dreaded lurgy crash right and We can see that the commitment of Traders is an excellent indicator of Analyzing the market we're seeing a very Similar pattern happening right now so That is pretty good and that should help Aid a poopity guys uh guys uh just to Let you know I did get my blue check Mark so that is pretty Peach cane don't Forget to go and you know follow me love This Channel and don't forget to like The likes and book the likes for humans Move the likes for aliens move the likes For dinosaurs and book the likes from Our friend your friend the Batman guys Check out the Batman guys so it's a good

Time it's a good time to be live out There guys and don't forget we are Forming a nice cup and handle as well on The uh on the daily some this is bullish We could see a nice breakout I love it You love it uh shall we shall we even Gander take a look at the leverage Apes Out there let's take a look at the Library safe see what the episodes are Doing guys uh we are seeing a lot of Leverage right now about 224 million Dollars worth of Leverage and uh on the Last 24 hours we're seeing that people Are basically shortening uh longing Sorry longing ethereum I'm longing for Ethereum to go with myself personally And we're seeing Bitcoin still a Bitcoin Is the number two a Solana three and Four is dual so there's still a lot of Interest in the dojo from the uh Traders Out there so guys we can see there is a Ton of Longs out there so a lot of People are betting that there's going to Be reversal and uh you know what that Means guys People been long means the market makers Are going to push the Bitcoin price now I'm going to push the markets down and There's going to be some fun there will Be some fun remember there's a lot of Paid fight out there a lot of a lot of Paid fund a lot of like trash articles Out there so don't believe everything That you read some of it is not true

Some of it is so just be careful out There and guys remember you know these These are turbulent times these are Interesting times and what you need to Do is you need to secure your crypto and The best way to secure your crypto guys And gals is get yourselves a hardware Wallet yeah and I do have a I do have a Connection uh to that in my description So get one of these bad boys guys you Will sleep at night most of my Cryptocurrency is on a hardware wallet Guys and these are safe and even if you Lose it as long as you have the seed Phrase you can recover no problem no Problem you'll sleep better at night Absolutely will sleep a better night I Guarantee it and guys if you're missing Any notifications of our friends at YouTube what you can absolutely do out There is you know what you can actually Do out there is you can absolutely join Our Discord I also came across this as Pretty interesting guys the history of Our debt ceiling so you can see that our Debt ceiling is continuing to go up and Up and up and right now like I said our Total debt uh is around about 31.4 Trillion so it looks like tomorrow They're going to have to make an Adjustment in Congress to make that Happen guys so U.S needs to rate depth Sitting tomorrow to see the limit to our Default like 3.31.4 trillion isn't

Enough feed is the biggest Ponzi scheme On our planet wow yeah it absolutely is Guys so guys buckle up get ready and go Go to the Discord you get lots of lots Of uh info out there it's great great Time to be live okay so I appreciate it I absolutely appreciate it guys uh you Know it's Shiba Inu about to explode Callous crypto issues a warning on the Meancoming market ship so we are seeing More of a market shift two main coins uh We are seeing that you know if uh Shiba Inu can actually break past a 200-day Weekly average we could have a nice 29 Pump that could take us all the way up To 16 right now so we are seeing that if We can break a 200-day moving average It's going to be very very good and That's going to give us a pump all the Way up to 16. that happens Chibis that Is going to be amazing amazing amazing That's going to take us about 40 guys About 40 40 45 that would be fantastic That's what we need uh that's what I Need you know I mean all these cryptos I'm talking about with you right here I Do hold some I do hold uh if you take a Look what I'm actually holding a big Bags of Let's uh let's let's take a look At the coins here You know I'm holding a big bag of Ethereum a big bag of ethereum about 50 Uh in Bitcoin around about 25 in Ethereum uh next big holding is cardano

Then douche coin and then everything Else like polygons Solana polka dots Shiba you know of course uh what else Pancake swap uh Cosmo CS uh Chronos yes we're holding telechronous As well a little bit Acorn a little a Little bit of acorn ape cone 8.5 coin ICP algoron yes vet I like that ICP yes We got some ICB decentralized gaming Definitely so sandbox gaming definitely So these are some of the things that we Are holding on to uh Terra Luna classic We do have a schmattering I sold most of Mine at the top just and some just Before and chill is yes we all inches so That's really a phantom love and Phantom Uh that is what we're kind of holding Guys so that is overhaul a little bit of Graph uh no curve uh pancake yes lots of Pancake I'm pancake I love pancake I Love pancake that's about everything That we're holding right now uh engine Coin attach as well so that's what we're That's what we're holding uh let's take A look at what else is going on so That's going to bring this video to Ecclesios you guys don't forget to go Follow me on my Twitter I appreciate you Guys follow follow show some love guys Lick the likes and hug the humans out There and if you're wondering where all The connections to everything I talked About are there are below the Description go get it we actually have

The Discord the non-ledger connection And also too if you guys want to show us A lot of send something to do is coming Our way we got the tpg click on the link Guys and it will take you right here You're gonna love it let's see if this Baby loads and here you go guys just go Right here and just scan that guys and Uh we've got those we've got Bitcoin Since I love I appreciate it guys so It's a great time to be alive be well be Blessed and also guys don't get to get The merch guys I would love it to you Guys to get the merchant Russia I'll see You in the next one guys so tomorrow After work I'm not looking for that I Wish I could stay home with with the Wifey do if you wifey ah tomorrow is the Wife's birthday out there guys tomorrow Uh January 20th is the wife's birthday So Send some love to the wife happy wife Happy life hug the wife hug the kids be Blessed be well options peace out Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you

Top Crypto News Sites – How to Find the Next Crypto Gem

top crypto news|top crypto news

Top Crypto News Sites – How to Find the Next Crypto Gem

Top crypto news sites should be able to provide an educational and informative reading experience, while also giving you the information you need to make an informed decision about which cryptocurrencies to buy and sell. Whether you’re just beginning to get into the world of cryptocurrencies or you’re a seasoned investor, there’s a site for you. But, it’s important to note that there are plenty of bad news sites out there. In order to avoid them, you need to know what to look for and how to filter the good from the bad.

One of the best ways to find out what’s going on in the crypto world is to follow your favorite crypto personalities on Twitter. They’re often the first to know about new developments. You can also find breaking news by searching Twitter using keywords like ‘crypto’ or ‘Bitcoin’.

The Bitcoin News began covering Bitcoin in 2012. It’s not the most popular crypto news site, but it’s worth checking out if you’re into the market. Not only does it cover the latest in the space, but it’s also a great place to learn about the history of the digital currency.

CoinGeek is another reputable news source that covers a range of topics related to cryptocurrencies. This site, which is part of Calvin Ayre Media, provides a wide variety of content including a job listing board and an evergreen educational section. Their coverage is also broader than other outlets in the space.

Crypto Insider is a reputable resource for cryptocurrency news, but they do focus on op-eds and long-form content. Their articles highlight coins that are poised for success and offer comprehensive ICO reviews. Using a proprietary analysis method, they’re able to provide insightful analysis on the key trends in the industry.

ZyCrypto offers great content, a daily newsletter, and easy-to-digest videos. The site is run by a Bitcoin enthusiast who has built up an audience of over 100k subscribers. He also offers a video course to teach beginners how to trade in the market.

If you’re looking for an unbiased source of crypto news, you’ll find that CoinDesk is one of the best. Its coverage includes a variety of articles, podcasts, and videos, plus a podcast of its own. It also hosts the Consensus summit in New York City, which attracts thousands of attendees. As a result, it has millions of monthly views.

Another site that provides a wide variety of unbiased cryptocurrency news is Blokt. They provide financial analysis, a detailed guide, and social signals for price action. Subscribers can add their own RSS feeds or Twitter sources to keep up with the latest crypto news.

Finally, if you’re an investor, you might want to check out The Defiant, a newsletter and podcast. Each week, the team puts together a compilation of stories from thought leaders in the crypto space. There are also special reports on different coins.

All in all, you’ll find that there’s a lot to be excited about in the crypto market. Despite its speed and energy, it’s always a good idea to be on the lookout for shady people who will try to take advantage of unsuspecting users.

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