Chinese Bitcoin BULLS RELEASED! (Dangers of China Crypto Narrative)

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Welcome to bitcoin crypto coming to you Live from the bitlab academy Studio here Which you guys can see what a nice set One of the nicest sets we ever built Um but listen I I want to talk to you Real quick about uh what is going on With Asia now we're going to talk a lot More about this tonight on our Whiteboard video we're going to be Talking about what's going on with um Hong Kong uh Justin Sun's got a lot of Comments about that uh we're going to Tell you why we think it's a precursor To what's going on China but let's talk About the American side of this right Now let's talk about the Winkle lost Twins I believe it was Cameron Winklevoss that tweeted that he now Believes that this next Bull Run is Gonna start in the East awesome let's go China China is easy people are live no Seriously though in all seriousness uh Look I want to give some people some Warnings about China Here's what we do we give people or we Give China too much credit for its Involvement in crypto and what does that Lead to that that makes it susceptible To all the negative things that China And the CCP does for crypto uh that Means that if we're going to say oh man China's gonna play a big role in this Bore on Hell awesome well that means That if they come out and ban crypto for

The 748th time then that's going to have A big downswing and downward effect on The market as well look when it comes to China China is is very relevant in crypto Because of Bitcoin mining and don't buy Into the Bitcoin mining ban I've told You guys this over and over and over Again Bitcoin a band was a scam uh first Of all they still control all the Hardware and number two they just move Their miners they've moved them to Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan that's very Well documented it's not not a stronger Guys spoiler alert you can't just say Hey Chinese government I'm a poor I want to pick up my mining Operation and I want to move to a Different country can I do that because You banned it it's not the way it works Guys that that's not the way that it Works the way that it works is that you Have to go to the government and ask for Permission to leave why would the Government give you permission to leave In an industry they just banned no no They disseminated their Chinese miners Uh to other locations to make it look Like they still were in control of the Hash rate that's exactly what happened Look it up look into it you'll find That's 100 accurate so here's what I'm Saying if we kept trying to do much Credit that means we also have to give

China a lot of weight and credit with The fud that they put out and I'm not Going to do that I refuse to do that but Here's the thing when when the Legolas Twins and Brian Armstrong are talking About man this bull ride is going to Start in China why well because they're Getting regulation in order Guys these Are threats to our Regulators that's all This is if you don't understand These are threats to Gary Gins or Threats to the SEC threats to the cftc Threats to Congress threats to the Senate and threats to the very president Himself saying if we don't fix this Crypto regulation we're going to lose Financial dominance in the world to China because they're straightening it Out But once again I just I have more faith In our country than that I have more Faith in America I believe that we are Going to get straightened out we are Going to get it all sorted and crypto Regulation is going to be good and fine In America stable coins are coming after Them stable coins are clearing the path For usdc but just know this the reason Why the Winklevoss twins are tweeting This stuff is not because they believe The bull runs really starting in China They're tweeting it because they're Basically telling The U.S politicians

If y'all don't fix this stuff this is What's gonna happen and it's a threat And I I agree I think it's true but I Just believe that it is going to get Fixed uh and and we're going to get the Right people in and the wrong people out Which means Gary givesler's got to go Um and I do believe by the end of this Year that is going to happen I've been Told that's going to happen we'll see What happens uh there is this man really Has no power all he can do is throw Lawsuits out there and uh beg judges to Do what he wants to do that's not real Power guys real power is Congress being Able to call Gary ginsler to task and Hold him accountable for his actions That's real power and that's the real Power that we're going to see this year Uh man the wheels of progress turn slow I mean we're almost to March now we Still haven't seen a ton of movement on All this but of course you know in January they don't do anything in January politicians don't because They're really just getting their year In order getting ready to move uh new Congressman and new Senators coming in And so in February we should finally Start seeing some movement and in March I think this winner will see this thing Really get uh you know put into the Hyperdrive we're going to see a lot of Calling out of Gary Gensler a lot of

Calling out of the SEC coming in March Um hopefully we'll play a role in that We'll see what happens but that's really What's going on with this China story Don't give him too much credibility Because when you do that then what's Going to happen is you're gonna have to Accept when they change the rules on you In the middle of the game don't want That either we don't want one country or One region to be leading this bull run We want to we want everybody to lead it Together we want crypto to lead it we Want a decentralized bull run it's all Got people that's the boy out

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