Crypto Portfolio UPDATE! (Expert Strategy For 2023)

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Today I update you on our ongoing portfolio series, showing you why I’m high on tokens like Algorand and low on exchange tokens like BNB.

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0:54 $25K
2:49 $10K
3:19 $1K
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All of our videos are strictly personal opinions. Please make sure to do your own research. Never take one person’s opinion for financial guidance. There are multiple strategies and not all strategies fit all people. Our videos ARE NOT financial advice. Digital Assets are highly volatile and carry a considerable amount of risk. Only use exchanges for trading digital assets. Never keep your entire portfolio on an exchange.

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Foreign Video we're going to make a few moves Today I'm going to explain why right now As you guys can see we're down 12.3 Percent not really that big of a deal We're down ten thousand dollars on these Uh four portfolios that we're using I'm Not concerned at all about it because The market is down and um you know when We started this portfolio uh series we Told you at that time we were doing this To show you guys the moves we would be Making if we were running these Portfolios which we are running these Portfolios for this these are real Dollar amounts that are in here but I Said at the time there might be a better Time to jump in but we wanted to start This series so it's fine guys if you Were down only 12 on this bear Market Wouldn't you be okay with it I think it Would be at this point Um so what we're going to do is we're Going to check out our wallets here and We're gonna be making a couple changes To these uh let's start here with our 25 000 portfolio that's down to 18 467. now we have most of our Capital Deployed Um we are we have 2500 still in usdc We're gonna hold on to this for now Actually I'm gonna move a little bit of It what we're gonna do we're going to Take 500 and we're gonna move that into

Algo because I just think algo is such a Good freaking buy right now Um it's down like 95 similar to Salon it Doesn't have the problem Solana has if You have noticed Jeremy Hogan uh from The xrp Army a high power attorney over There he actually just put out Um uh Gary ginsler talking about what a Good friend uh Sylvia McCallie is from Algorand probably no chance they're Getting targeted by the SEC gives you a Little bit more confidence so let's go And move 500 into algo here's what we're Gonna do we're gonna get out of BNB why Are we gonna have BNB is because I don't Have faith in finance no it's because Exchange tokens right now are not where I believe you should have your money we Saw with the ftt debacle how fast they Can implode Um I think BNB is probably fairly safe Compared to ftt but I just think there's Going to be so much fun ftt was called a Security and a lawsuit by the SEC Against Sam Bateman freed and Caroline And FTX so because of that I think it's Just better BNB is held extremely well It's been one of our better performers In this portfolio right now before it Might start cascading I'm going to want To get out of BNB we are going to take That BNB that 600 and we are going to Put that into uh cardano into Ada Because

What a great buy Ada is right now Sitting at 24 cents so we're gonna put That 600 here into Ada it's going to Give us 1500 worth of ADA in this Portfolio we're gonna take the other 500 We're gonna put in an algo it's going to Put us at uh 2 800 total for algo Um now 10K portfolio we're not going to Really be doing anything different here Um we do have some usdc let's go ahead We don't have any algo in this uh Portfolio right now so let's actually go Ahead and take uh let's take 300 out of That 1000 and let's let's put that over To algo so we're gonna put 300 from this Portfolio and we're running really short On usdc but I'm looking at some of these Coins here and I'm saying man they're Just they seem to be good buys right now And I don't have any exposure to algo Right now in this portfolio Then we're going to move down to our 1K Portfolio I'm not going to do anything Different in this portfolio we're going To keep everything just the exact same In a 1 000 portfolio you have a very Small margin of error so we are going to Honor that and keep all that 100 that we Have in usdc here now let's talk about This let's talk about our kucoin Portfolio here uh this is a 5 000 Portfolio that is held relatively well Compared to some of the others it's only Down about 10 percent uh and we have a

Thousand dollars in usdc here now the Point of this portfolio is to keep Everything in these assets we're not Approaching this the same way that we Approach trying to keep capital for the Other three so what we're going to do Here is I'm gonna go ahead and split This one thousand dollars between algo And Ada so we're going to be increasing These both 500 and we're gonna have no Usdc in this portfolio the strategy with This portfolio is when we finally start Getting some pumps with some of these Coins like we did with algo at some Point uh earlier in the past or maybe it Was q and T I think it was q and T the Pump real big Um what we're gonna do is we're going to Be splitting those profits between other Coins Um so right now we're going to be Looking for a move and then we're going To take profits and then we're going to Reapply down to some of these that we Don't have very much into so what we're Going to be doing right now we're going To take one thousand dollars we're going To put 500 in algo and 500 and Ada and Uh we're gonna see what we can do with This portfolio so I hope you guys enjoy This series if you do make sure to smash That like button subscribe to the Channel don't forget these digital Whiteboards we have a link Down Below in

The description if you want to check These out uh d10 is the name of the Company they gave us these for free to Show off as you guys can see they are Killer so I gotta be blessed big boy out Thank you

Top Crypto News Sources – How to Find the Next Crypto Gem

top crypto news|top crypto news

Top Crypto News Sources – How to Find the Next Crypto Gem

The top crypto news sources cover the latest developments in the crypto space, from ICOs to crypto finance. In addition, news sources have also begun to focus on the technologies behind cryptocurrencies. There are several websites out there that provide unbiased and objective coverage. While there are a number of sites to choose from, it’s important to remember that a lot of the news sources aren’t necessarily written for the average person.

One of the first websites to focus on crypto news was CryptoPanic. They have a portfolio tracking feature, allowing you to set a list of cryptocurrencies you want to follow. Plus, they provide social signals for price action. However, their format isn’t as convenient as some of the other options.

Another excellent source for cryptocurrency news is Crypt0. Created by an Ethereum miner, Crypt0 offers video and commentary on the crypto market. This site has an impressive 100K subscribers. But, don’t expect to see new posts daily. Instead, you’ll find occasional articles, along with videos that are easy to watch.

Breaking Crypto News covers the latest cryptcurrencies, as well as the latest blockchain and Web3.0. Their articles are well researched and written, making this blog an excellent resource for people looking to keep up with the latest developments in the crypto world.

CoinSpeaker is another great website for learning about the latest developments in the crypto industry. The site is relatively new, but it is rapidly growing into a leading online source for news about cryptocurrencies. It also features regular, regular news updates. As a result, its coverage is well-rounded and encompassing of the entire bitcoin market.

Another well-known and respected news site is Altcoin Today. This site covers a variety of major cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. They also offer news about crypto startups and other events. Aside from that, they also offer opinions and editorials.

Another news resource for the crypto community is Cointelegraph. This website is an independent media organization. It’s an older outlet, but it’s still providing a lot of solid reporting on the digital currency market. It’s also focused on op-eds and long form stories.

One of the most important aspects of this website is its newsletter. Every Monday through Friday, subscribers receive a newsletter that combines stories from thought leaders in the crypto space with editorial information and market moving statistics. Additionally, they feature a directory of individuals and companies active in the crypto industry.

Another reputable source of crypto news is CryptoAnalyst. They cover the technology behind cryptocurrencies, as well as ICO reviews and price prediction. They also provide a comprehensive list of coins that have the potential to be successful in the future.

Several of the above options also offer a podcast. These podcasts are curated and sometimes published on a weekly or monthly basis. Trace Mayer’s show is particularly valuable, as he interviews a wide range of individuals in the crypto community. Typically, his interviews are about a wide range of topics, including how the crypto industry is changing traditional finance, how the cryptocurrencies are being used in business, and why the industry is important.

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