Crypto Regulatory DEATH-MATCH (BitSquad vs Elizabeth Warren & Gary Gensler)

Realized this video from wednesday evening never posted so throwing it up now.

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Welcome to billboard crypto my name is Ben uh you still recover from my Bronchitis here um but you know what I Want to get on here and make a video Because something extremely important Has just happened Um we've got two things going on right Now they're absolutely humongous you're Going to want to hear about Um one of them I've been talking about For a long time almost ready to talk About it can't wait Um and then also uh we're gonna be Talking about why the timing of all this Is so historically great okay we have Two things going on right now uh in Politics that I think you definitely Have to know about uh number one Is Elizabeth Warren is trying to create Her own Hard-nosed crypto regulation Hard-nosed remember who is who was um uh You know there's some connections there Between Gary ginsler and Elizabeth Warren isn't it almost like Elizabeth Warren is now standing in as the Patsy For SBF now that he's going out of the Picture with Gary ginsler and Elizabeth Warren may be the one that hands the Keys of crypto over to Gary gizzler well I don't think that's Gonna happen guys it's very dangerous to Think about Elizabeth Warren being a Person who's in charge she's a

Constant crypto hater Has been from the beginning she uses This entire Narrative of oh well it's For criminals 500 billion dollars owned By the Mexican cartel but we don't want To oh you approach that we don't want to Approach all the money honoring the 90 Trillion dollar insolvency hole with FIS Guys you can't trust these traditional People with the money you absolutely Cannot Um so this is a very very bad thing What a coincidence I've been telling you Guys about the mainstream media is dead Right is Elizabeth Warren puts this out Okay yesterday today the Boston Globe She's from Massachusetts Boston puts out A report Did you know Caroline Ellison she had Such a bright promising future Such a smart math whiz everything right In front of her and then crypto because Crypto is the problem crypto is the Problem not SPF not not centralization Not theft not fraud right all those are Already crimes I don't know if you know That or not Uh they're on the books wire fraud Ricoh Charges racketeering counterfeiting all This is coming for them But now they're trying to make Caroline Scene like she is the the queen of the Days we've been talking about is she is Going to be the person who's uh most

Likely going to flip and they're already Working an overdrive with the mainstream Media mainstream media you're dead You're dead nobody needs to turn on the Mainstream media don't even when you see These fluff pieces Don't go read them don't even don't even Go click I'm doing my New York Times uh Crossword puzzle if you have a New York Times crossword puzzle on your phone Delete that mug we're getting rid of it It's time to step into the future where Your news is decentralized faster as Well okay blockchain uh so I know my Hair is a mess guys I'm in the bed all Day except for when I got to do the last Video But guys this is great timing Because we have the bill That's going to fight Elizabeth Warren That is going to change everything in The world of crypto we do believe we Have bipartisan support Got a big announcement big announcement Is We officially got the money for Registration To register the bill in tonight in our Political action committee bank account Uh it should clear in the morning but uh It has been transferred this means Tomorrow we can register the bill and This means that I don't I don't know the Exact timeline two three weeks maybe

Hopefully we will finally finally be Able to come out with this and you guys Are going to see what we've been doing I got a feeling during the next two Weeks y'all are gonna know a little bit More about what's really been going on And why I've had to keep my mouth uh So quiet Guys I need to do this thing right like I don't know if you guys know I went to Uh The cryptocurrency subreddit today and Made a post on there no I believe it was Me at first uh but you know I really you Know I want to talk about some things That I know I did wrong some things that I know I made some mistakes on and uh You know just kind of explain my side Like you know drives me insane people Come being a pumper and a dumper I've Never done it on this channel ever some Teams probably did well I know that they Did I've seen it they made it look like It was me but the point is I've never Done it there's no launching evidence of Anything like that Um they're they're you know Zach found the one undisclosed video we Talked about that the other day uh and It was an oversight by NFC Alpha it was An FC update at the time they apologized We're giving away the money we gave Zach 10K uh gave 5K to uh we're in the Process of a 5k giveaway and check that

Out on Twitter but the point here is This We haven't done anything the word we've Done some things that I made some Mistakes on we've never done anything That was malicious you know I wish you Could go and do some of those things Back and so on that cryptocurrency Subreddit uh I thought it was like 90 80 To 90 probably hated me it's because They're like 99 uh over there they Really really do not like me over in the Cryptocurrency subreddit but you know What I went in there I faced somebody Head-on and I'm gonna you know continue To answer some of the questions from That post uh if you guys want to go Check it out go to the cryptocurrency Subreddit uh and you can look for uh you Know bit boy just search people you Should be able to find the post I think Um and try to get verified there so I Can do it ama and they have their own Coin over there moons I remember Reporting on it but I haven't been over There since they had it uh so there's Something that people really like over There in the cryptocurrency subreddit so We're going to be trying to pay a little More attention trying to make some more Inroads because We've got to all work together like if We are really gonna send this uh we're Gonna get crypto at a place where people

Are not constantly getting hurt to where We are able to really achieve the dream Of decentralization not fully there's Other things fully decentralized but at Least closer than the system that we Live in now Um you know I think it's going to be Good I think it's the only way we save Ourselves from the great reset yeah I Really believe that critical put out a Video on that today Um I'm not going to deep into the Rabbit Shows like he did but I mean in fact These guys open your eyes like Technocracy's here she always says it's Going over the Twitter files We all have the same general Philosophies some of us do things Differently and and some of us grow and We mature and we make mistakes and Um I I think this is really a time in Crypto as the collapse of FTX and the Contagion spreads Um it's really time I think that we drop A lot of the petty disagreements and I Think if you look at people in crypto And you believe that right now they're Doing the right things and they're doing Good you don't necessarily it's kind of Tether you know I think tether's doing The right stuff I don't think they did I don't think They did the right stuff doing the right Stuff now

Um I believe I think binance might be in That same boat I don't know the history Of binance in and out but what I'll tell You is it's time to look at the people That are playing good roles and being Good actors right now and this is who we Have to fight with and this is who we Have to move forward with if we're ever Going to achieve any of the things that We want to achieve Um so you know it was a little cathartic For me to go in there and write that Because I know those people they really Hate me they hate hate does not bother Me Miss portraying me does I like like I'll own we promote some projects and a Couple of them rug pulled like it sucks Maybe few May four or five is awful Um very embarrassed by it uh obviously Uh we gave some money back on some of it But the fact is is that We never pump another we own what we own But I I'm not going to own things that I Did not do I'm just not going to do that You could really look at that with Common sense and say well he's admitting To this why is he pushing back so hard On this because there really is this Idea Out there on the internet you guys know If you're in the pit Squad you see what People say about us it's just not true It's just not true it's never been true Um so the point is we all got to come

Together we got to work together we got To forgive people who have made mistakes In the past it's an emerging technology The regulation has not been there the Clarity is not there people in 2017 they Had no idea what they couldn't cannot do By the time 2021 hits 2020 we know like Definitely want to do disclosures Definitely don't want to pump and dump Uh you know like some of those people in 2017 were doing I got caught red-handed Some people after that as well but the Whole thing is Is that we just have to forgive and move On for people that are trying to do the Best in the space and I hope that's my Message that's received from that some Of you showing up over there a little Bit more Um you know maybe as we get closer to uh Doing our bill I'm sure there'll be some People that'll be interested over there Look guys if you know people are going To take this mindset that I wrote the Bill So they're not going to support it That's insane like I hope you understand How crazy that is if they don't like it On the merits of the bill I don't see how I mean I mean there are Some angles where some people could have Some issues I think uh we're not going To get a hundred percent agreement I Think we'll probably get like 80

Agreement in crypto uh behind this but I Think even if you let me explain what we Plan to do with the bill uh and how we Plan to shape language over the coming Months To fix some of the things that might be Pushed back which will make more sense You know in a couple weeks to tell you What's going on Um you know We'll do that I think we'll get more Than 80 of crypto uh behind what we're Doing unless those uh you know FTX bot Armies come hit us up uh also guys uh You know lastly I would like to say uh We are organizing protests in the Bahamas Um to potentially we've been told if by People on the ground there if we go There and put enough pressure on the Government they will arrest Sam it's Going to be a Bahamas arrest it's not Going to be United States arrest Um so ultimately it's not the exact Result that we're ultimately aiming for But it's a first step it's it's Something to get the ball moving and so This is what we're going to be doing um You know I'm not going to tell you when I can't tell them when we're coming I Can't tell them when we're coming but if You do want to know more you can scroll Through my Twitter if you go to Twitter And you search like uh you know Big Boy

Underscore crypto Bahamas you'll Probably be able to find it uh what we Need from you guys is basically send an Email to Bahamas explaining to us where you Lost money at whether it's Celsius FTX even Luna even Luna I'll allow it Right Voyager because it all all kind of Started from the same place if you know What I mean Um the place where we're gonna go Protest so if you lost any money tell The story about how you lost your money Um or how much it was give us a Screenshot of proof you have an FTX Account an email no personal information I don't want to see your addresses I Don't want to see your your name or your Phone number I'm your name obviously if We're gonna have to we're gonna have to Fly you down then we're gonna have to Know your name but um your name's okay But anything beyond that try you know Crap out we just need to see that you Have an account in one of these places We don't want people just rolling down Here who don't have vested interests and They just want to trip to the Bahamas or Whatever so we're betting everybody Who's going to be going with us Um and uh we're we're really excited About this we think this is gonna Actually Produce some change no I went down to

The Bahamas tried to interview Sam it Didn't happen You know we're supposed to every deltac Bank we're still talks with them hasn't Happened yet uh so I mean Delta Bank Better be ready because we're going to Come back at them while I'm out there Um you know to try to secure that Interview So we got some stuff over down the Bahamas but we didn't get the ultimate Goal uh which was the interview with Sam At this point he's giving interviews to Everybody else we know he's not going to Interview with me at this point uh so if We can go down there and play a role in Him getting in custody I think that'll Be a big win whatever it is we're Raising awareness and we're showing People we're tired of this and we're not Going to stand for anymore that this Stock market 2.0 traditional Finance 2.0 Your Kevin O'Leary's your same payment For eats your uh you know your Dan Friedberg's okay They're gone we're not letting these People in anymore so we're going to Start making changing words and send Message to these people it doesn't Matter how much money you have you know He was a billionaire Billionaire guys a millionaire oh now I Hear he's a 300 there actually and his Lawyer this is like Max Maxwell lawyer

Uh and also El Chapo's lawyer Uh which both of them were found guilty By the way just saying Um his lawyer actually is uh 345 an hour I think uh so what does that mean that Means Sam doesn't have no money to pay Him but he's only got 300 bucks in the Bank so we'll see who's gonna be footing That bill I'm sure it's not another Offshore company uh that's outside of The FTX bankruptcy uh and also you know They will be having the hearings next Week the sandbank finance committee we May have some big announcements on that Uh pretty soon Maxine Waters is leading The charge there They accused her today of not asking him To be there when she asked him to be There already and she said no CNBC is Telling lies The subpoena is on the Table he better come we already know He's not going to come if he steps foot In the United States He's likely going to get arrested I've Been hearing rumors that the doj is Potentially getting some stuff together I doubt it will happen before Christmas Um you know probably after New Year's That's just the way kind of the world Operates in the government they don't do That much in the last month especially As you get into middle of December and Beyond so we'll see what happens I I'm Very positive I think he's going to end

Up getting arrested one way or the other I think he's gonna face charges the Question is he's gonna go to prison the Question is who else is going to face Them who's going to get off scot-free we Know Sam tribeco CEO of Alameda he had Made gigantic real estate purchases Even after he probably knew they were Insolvent on um you know he quit I Believe on August 25th Lisa Edwards uh On Twitter uh she sent me something Showing that uh The CEO of Genesis trading I believe and The CEO of Alameda Central bucco former Quit on the same day August 25th pretty Strange there's a lot of stuff going on Right now guys I am looking for next Week is going to be so freaking exciting The rest of this month is going to be a Very exciting month in crypto price wise Or not and I've been trained with the Bitlab trading Suite by the way on Bitcat you guys can sign up for bitget I'll put a link down below along with Our policy Discord as soon as our Bill's Live I'm gonna come in there and do a q A on our bill uh hopefully in a few Weeks or so but the whole idea is this Is that Then use them I'm still trying to get a Handle on it I'm probably not as good as Frank using those yet but uh you know Starting to get it figured out so we'll See what happens uh might get back into

The trading I got it on my phone easy so We'll see what happens risk management Make sure that you use risk management Stop losses I use stop losses I have Been caught in between like a 300 range All day it just hasn't moved so I've Been waiting for some confirmations that It's going to go up or going to go down To figure out you know what I need to do In my next move but uh you know I Definitely think Trading It's getting my blood flowing right now A little bit so we'll see what happens And I'll be back in studio tomorrow Unless I die tonight so I gotta be Blessed

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