DEEP STATE Crypto Cartel Wants to Destroy BITCOIN!! Digital Currency Group EXPOSED!!

Digital Currency Group (DCG) is a “Deep State” crypto cartel that wants to destroy BITCOIN!! DCG is on the brink facing massive liquidity issues. They serve institutional clients. If they go bankrupt, regulators would have everything they need to go after cryptocurrency!! Their collapse would be worse than FTX!! Although is this all a part of the Deep State’s plan? Today we expose Digital Currency Groups connection to the Deep State & its attempts to take over & destroy BTC!!

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FTX has imploded, Rumors of Binance on the
brink, but another very important piece of The crypto markets could be facing major problems
of their own. And if this one goes…the markets would be
targeted by regulators in a SNAP!! Who is it? And could they be facing insolvency? Find out in about ten minutes, because it’s
time for Chico Crypto!! Who is this very important crypto company!? It’s Digital Currency Group, a venture capital
company focused on crypto led by Barry Silbert!! Digital Currency Group are the owners of Grayscale,
the only regulated crypto product in the United States, who have publicly traded investment
trusts for Bitcoin and 13 other altcoins! And looking at their Bitcoin investment trust,
things aren’t looking good. It has crashed from a peak of above 53 dollars,
down to under 8 bucks…a crash and burn of 85 percent and there is a big spread or “discount”
on the BTC holdings per share, nearly 50 percent…the Largest in the history of the trust!! Well, the pain for DCG started last month,
when its subsidiary lending platform Genesis Halted withdrawals for users…and as we can
see they “serve an institutional client Base and had $2.8 billion in total active
loans as of the end of the third quarter of 2022.” Publicly traded products, institutional clients…yeah
if DCG goes down, US regulators are definitely Moving in…And the scope and size of their
problems? In the billions…as Genesis reached out for
an emergency $1 billion dollar loan before They had to halt the withdrawals! And they are blocking and refusing to do a
proof of reserve on their holdings!! Things smell stinky…but another sign they
are having major liquidity issues? Some of their altcoin holding are likely being
sold off. Many of the coins are abnormally down more
than the rest of the market… And finally, just a couple days ago, one of
the DCG’s clients, Bitvavo released this Blog post “DCG Update Statement” and in
it they say “Bitvavo Custody has used services From the Digital Currency Group and its subsidiaries
("DCG") to offer off-chain staking services To its clients. DCG is currently experiencing liquidity problems
due to the current turbulence in the cryptomarket.” DCG is having BIG problems, and looking at
the Digital Currency Website and their portfolio, You can get a grasp of how important they
are to the markets. They are major investors in Blockstream, the
largest Bitcoin development company, Chainalsysi,

The largest blockchain analysis firm, Circle
the company behind USDC, Coinbase the largest American crypto exchange, etherscan the largest
ethereum block explorer, itbit-paxos the very Important stablecoin company, kraken America’s
second largest crypto exchange, ledger the Largest hardware wallet company, Ripple XRP,
and even America’s largest crypto bank Silvergate! If DCG goes bankrupt…the contagion would
spread far & wide into every nook & cranny Of crypto!! Although…is this all part of the PLAN!? An industry wide collapse crafted by the DEEP
STATE!? I covered FTX’s ties to the deep state last
month, showing FTX, Sam Bankman and his family Had ties to Senator Warren as well as the
head of the SEC, Gary Gensler. Let me tell you…it gets even worse with
DCG! The DCG team mysteriously removed the team
section from their website just a couple months Ago…but using the wayback machine, we can
bring it back up…and scrolling down to board Members we can see 2 very important people
on the board, and board advisors. Glenn Hutchins & Lawrence Summers… Checking out opensecrets, we can see Glenn
is an avid donor to Democratic political candidates, And if we scroll down we can see he had a
specific hard-on for Hilary Clinton…I wonder Why!? Well checking out wikipedia on Hutchins, we
can see in 1992 he joined the Bill Clinton Presidential transition team as a Senior Adviser
focusing on economic policy. And spent two years serving as a Special Advisor
on economic and healthcare policy for Bill… And Glenn previously held a very important
position, he was on the board of directors For the FED, specifically the New York FED..whose
job is to protect the dollar at all costs!! Glenn isn’t the only connection to the DEEP
state…Lawrence Summers is even worse! Checking out this World Bank profile on Lawrence
we can see his connections. It says “Former Treasury Secretary Lawrence
H. Summers is one of America’s leading economists. In addition to serving as 71st Secretary of
the Treasury in the Clinton Administration, Dr. Summers served as Director of the White
House National Economic Council in the Obama Administration, as President of Harvard University,
and as the Chief Economist of the World Bank.” Both closely connected to Clintons, and when
you hear Hilary’s stance on crypto, you Get that these guys are not friends of cryptocurrency… And they are high up on the ladder of DCG? Well if you didn’t know…DCG itself has
proven itself time and time again, they don’t Have Bitcoin and the crypto markets best interest
at heart…

(bitcoin forks)
In 2017, Bitcoin was almost destroyed…we Had the Bitcoin Scaling Wars, which led Bitcoin
to fork into many different chains. Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, BitcoinABC, and
Bitcoin Gold.. The reason for all these splits? People were trying to raise the blocksize
of Bitcoin instead of implementing a scaling Solution called Segwit.. Guess who started the scaling wars? Digital Currency Group…In May of 2017, DCG
released this blog “Bitcoin Scaling Agreement At Consensus 2017” and it said “We agree
to immediately support the following parallel Upgrades to the bitcoin protocol, which will
be deployed simultaneously and based on the Original Segwit2Mb proposal: Activate Segregated
Witness at an 80% threshold, signaling at Bit 4 and Activate a 2 MB hard fork within
six months” and the supporters were the BIG corporate companies & mining firms, many
Chinese….it was a corporate takeover of Bitcoin… Luckily the people fought back, and the blocksize
increases were not implemented…the people Beat the corps!! But there is more….going back to DCG’s
portfolio companies, remember Blockstream Is one of them…and if we go to dealroom
to check out the investors, Digital Currency Group was one of their first investors, in
the first round…meaning they hodl a significant Portion of the company…and have influence
over their decisions! Now Blockstream has been trying to take over
BTC development for a LONG time. July of 2019 I posted this video “Is Bitcoin
Core Development Corrupted From The Inside? Who’s Really In Control?” Where I showed that Blockstream developers
were far and wide across BTC development… But here is a great reddit thread “Master
list of evidence regarding Bitcoin's hijacking And takeover by Blockstream” where the posted
gives links to damaging evidence regarding Blockstream’s attempted takeovers, I’m
not going to go through this…I’ll leave It in the description so you can get the full
picture. Well my friends…DCG has proven they want
to take over Bitcoin, and if they can’t, They will attempt to destroy it. And now…don’t you find it suspicious that
both FTX and Digital Currency group had close Ties to the democrats? FTX has already crashed and burned and Digital
Currency is on the brink. Retail got fucked by FTX and institutional
could get screwed by DCG…it’s the one

Two punch that will give regulators everything
they need to go after crypto… The fight is on….and I’ll go swinging
down to the grave. Cheers viewers, I'll see you next time!

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