Dogecoin, Bitcoin & Shiba Inu might Get Nuked? This is What I Am Doing

Dogecoin, Bitcoin & Shiba Inu might Get Nuked? This is What I Am Doing

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Dogecoin and Bitcoin are two of the most popular and valuable digital currencies on the market today. And things are only going to get better for them in the future!

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⚠️Note of caution: all of our videos are personal opinions. Do your own research. Never take one person’s opinion for financial advice. There are many strategies and there is not one strategy fits all people. Our videos ARE NOT financial advice.

Ever on this Daryl from daily crypto Tracer is coming alive live from Vietnam Guys it's a great time to be live and We're going to be talking about uh you Know what's going to happen if the Markets get nuked guys uh so a lot of People are speculating a lot of people Are saying out there that the markets The markets are about to get nuked what Do you guys think you think markets are Going to be going down down so I'm going To be talking about that and much much More in on this video so you know from That perspective remember everything you See here is not Financial advice it's Just OG in-house expressing my opinion I'm not a licensed financial advisor so Right now uh you know we are seeing that Uh you know most of the markets are Going down down we can take a look at That right here uh so we can see that Right now the the market that if we take A look at the market let me get let me Get the heat map guys if you take a look At the heat map right now we can see That the heat map is is disgusting out There we're seeing that you know BTC uh Is down and we're seeing everything is Down we could be seeing that we we might Be we might actually be collapsing out There it might absolutely collapsing Down down so from that first perspective Uh what am I going to be doing well Right now if I have any any coins that I

Have bought in the last uh two to three Weeks if they're in profit right now And I'm not talking I'm not talking About the big cap I'm talking about any Of the small cap coins that I've picked Up uh in the last uh you know two weeks Or so since the beginning of 2023 if I Have any coins that are in profit I'm Gonna I I'm gonna I'm gonna take profit I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna take Profit I'm not gonna sell all but any Coins any coins or any tokens that are In profit right now I'm gonna sell 50 That is what I'm gonna do because just In case just in case the markets get Absolutely nuked out there so you know Better to be better be uh you know Cautious out there we could be seeing Some new kids some nukety nukage out There that's coming guys so that is what I'm thinking that is what I'm gonna do And you know if I'm wrong no problem Then I just buy back right so but Anything that's in profit right now I'm Going to take I'm gonna take a little Bit of profit and if the markets if the Markets do get nuke then I'm gonna I'm Gonna buy back guys now in terms of in Terms of uh Bitcoin in terms of ethereum Them what I'm going to do is I ain't Touching those my nose going back I'm Not going to be touching any of my toes Going back I'm just going to be leaving That the way it is and I'm not going to

Touch it my Ada any Ada that I have Bought in the last three three weeks or So I'm gonna I'm gonna take profits I'm Gonna I'm gonna liquidate 50 and take Some freaking profit guys because I kind of got a feeling that we could be Seeing that the markets are going to get New guys uh you know and this may be a Little bit of manipulation that we're Saying because I can see here if we take A look at what uh Bitcoin is uh this is Trading view right now we're seeing the Bitcoin is at 23 073. and it looks like that we are just Hugging the 23 000 level support now if We break if we if we confirm a breakdown Below the 23 000 level support then That's going to be a signal for me to Basically take some profits on any of The old coins that I have bought in the Last week so let me repeat that if we go Down below 23 000 then I'm going to Basically you know liquidate liquidate Any of the coins That are in profit up to 50 okay so Fifty percent of the coins I bought in The last three weeks that are in profit I'm gonna liquidate fifty percent okay So that means I still got my moon back Still got my freaking Moon bags out There but I'm going to liquidate fifty Percent okay and the reason for that is It is just uh it's gonna be a bit of a Safety net in case in case out there

That crypto Market gets new guys so Let's see what happens guys uh hopefully I hopefully uh crypto markets don't get Nuke I mean you guys don't want the Crypto markets to get nuke I I don't I Don't want the crypto markets to get Nuke nobody wants a freaking crypto Markets to get nuke so you know from That perspective let's take a look at What's going on with a theorem out there And see what's going on guys so right Now ethereum uh ethereum is literally Getting nuke nukazoid right now and We're seeing that uh we're seeing that Ethereum right now if I take a if I take A look at that we're seeing that Ethereum is down four percent so as you Can see ethereum has broken down uh Below my upper trending line uh we're Still still above the EMA ribbon so from My perspective if if ethereum touches This eema ribbon like I said this will Be another signal that I will be I will Be selling 50 of any of my coins that I Bought in the last three weeks that are In profit because You know this could mean that there's Going to be some leakage naked out there So that is what I'm thinking so if you Take a look at the total our market cap Right right now uh let's take a let's Give this a midi refresh out there so we Are seeing that the total market cap Right now uh we're down about uh two

Nuketime someone someone pushed the Reset button because we just we're Getting nuke so we are seeing that the Total market cap is uh down below 2.04 Uh percent now if the total market cap Dropped below 1 trillion then not only Am I gonna not only am I gonna sell 50 Of the coins that I bought in the last Three weeks I'm gonna sell about 70 okay That's what I'm gonna do I'm gonna sell Seven percent of the coins that I bought In the last three weeks anything I Bought prior to that I ain't touching Okay but anything I bought in 2023 if we Go below uh One Trolley I'm gonna sell 700 keep 30 uh you know just in case but Then uh that because I believe that if We go to down below one Tron the markets Are going to get new guys so the markets Are going to get nuke and then I'll wait And dollar cost average by the dips Because you can see you can see right Now that right now we're in green okay We're in Greedy Greek green so I will Wait I will absolutely wait until this Goes back down to extreme fear levels Before I buy in guys so that's that's Kind of what is that's kind of what I'm Thinking well you know out there I'm Just taking some precautions because uh You know I think I think that you know the Markets might get new guys uh if they Don't then fine I'm not I'm not I'm not

Selling anything uh because well like I Said uh you know if markets uh if BTC Can remain above 23 000 I'm not gonna Worry okay but as soon as I see BTC drop Below 23 000 and uh then I'm gonna sell Okay so we don't forget we got the fomc Meeting that's coming out uh on uh on The first that's around 2 30. so expect Some expect some choppity chop expect Some turbulence uh so let's see what's Going on for the pre-markets out there Let's get a c and b c and BC International news and see what's going On for the pre-markets so right now Let's see the pre-markets out there Pre-markets pre-markets pre-markets Pre-markets we are seeing that look at The pre-markets wow even the even the Broader markets right now are getting Ready to get nuked out there uh news Wise pre-markets nothing really nothing Really nothing really big uh you know we Got uh Boris Johnson says Putin Threatened him with with uh with nukes Uh so you know what is that all about Right looks like Philip scrapped 6 000 Jobs in a drive to improve profitability So we're seeing we're seeing still more Layoffs more kind of like footy fit fit Out there uh guys don't forget we got Colgate Palmolive uh and Kohl's and Boot Barn and more are going to be uh uh you Know talking about their earnings out There so let's take a look at uh let's

Take a look at what's going on with the Digital right now so let me give this Him into refresh my dose your dose so Right now doge is absolutely getting Nuked and Doge did tap down and did Touch the EMA ribbon so that is not good But we did bounce out from the EMA Rim So that is acting as a little bit of Support so if we take a look at that EMA Ribbon right here that is the EMA ribbon Uh that is I believe that is the uh 20-day 20-day em 20-day uh moving Average we're being supported right There so we do have this you know Downward trend line four-do Out there and uh you know if we if we Hit if we go below uh if you go down to The 810 level that means that we have Basically flip a bearish bearish because We need to stay uh Dogecoin needs to Stay above the EMA ribbons to to Continue uh it's bullish momentum guys Uh so if it goes below the EMA if it Goes below the EMA ribbons then that is Going to signal that uh Dogecoin is Going bearish out there and uh you know Dogecoin sometimes a little bit of a Leading indicator uh ahead of Bitcoin And the other old coins out there so Let's just keep an eye on that Absolutely keep an eye on that let's Take a look what's going on with the Chibi weevie right now so she be weeby It's the chibi's defying a whole lot I

Mean everything is like uh you know Publish man everything's like tanking Like crazy out there but we got you know The shiba inu the shibi out there who's Looking pretty who's looking pretty good Guys I I'm quite surprised that Shiba Inu is looking pretty good guys so let's Take a let's turn on the EMA ribbons out There let's turn it on let's see what's Going on uh no the EMA rooms are not Turning on not not been helpful out There not being helpful out there but She'd be eating shibi is looking pretty Good out there let's take a look at the Tokenomics of Dogecoin right now let's Uh jump into the douche to economics out There where am I doing tokenomics out There where is it uh it's not there so Let's go here and we can do it let's go Down here uh flip is all the way down to Douche douche douche So right now duge is down 4.3 percent We're seeing uh we're seeing the volumes The frequent volumes are up uh like 41 A Lot of that is sell a lot of people are Selling a lot of cell pressure and we Have dropped from like 11.8 billion to 11 uh 11.4 guys so that is what that is What's happening over there uh news wise Uh for Dogecoin uh you know a lot of People are still talking about Elon Musk And the Happy Meal and all of that guys So our meme coins you know some people Are saying look meme coins are dead uh

Mean coins are finished I don't think so uh you know like I said What is really pushing down the markets Right now Is Bitcoin uh you know Bitcoin is really Leading the way Bitcoin is really Pushing down all the markets so that is What's going on with Bitcoin now this One is happening with Bitcoin out there So overall the markets are looking like Uh pupus matter out there some of the Leading news that's coming out right now Let me just give this something to Refresh out there so we'll talk about Some of the leading news out there so What is going on news wise uh we got Bitcoin mining difficulty hits a All-time high that we that we know about Uh Bitcoin sees 111 uh million inflows As price holds near six months highs so We're uh we are seeing more inflows Right now two exchanges right now and You know one of the reasons we're seeing This dumb is because of the market Makers guys so let's take a look at What's going on with the market makers Right now so we can see right now that The amount of Leverage The Leverage Apes In the house we're seeing about 116 Million 115 million dollars worth of Leverage uh out there And most of that is Longs right now so That is why we're getting decimated uh If you take a look what's going on in

The four hour it's it's it's it's a huge Amount of logs if we take a look what's Going on in the hour it's also alongside So nothing is really Nothing is really flipping our way right Now it's it's uh basically Longs guys so Longs Longs are taking taking control of The world right now and that is why we Are seeing that uh you know with the Longs with such a such a high degree of Longs the market makers are going to uh Push the price down to maximize and take Liquidity so I believe that this is the Market makers uh you know creating a bit Of a uh you know a downward 100 Wick Kind of situation to remove as much Liquidity as possible because you were Seeing that Bitcoin uh on on The Daily Uh is down almost uh almost like three Percent and we really haven't seen uh a Big move like that in a very very long Time we haven't seen a three percent Move the last time we saw anything over Three percent uh no nothing here so it's 2.73 no nothing here so the last time we Saw a big move like that was probably Way back on February February 16 2020 to Sorry 16th of December my bad is the Last time we saw a big big dump like That so guys it's kind of interesting What is going on out there I'm a little Bit uh you know being cautious we could See that the the meme coins couldn't get Nuke we could see most of the

Cryptocurrency gets nuke I mean I hope I'm wrong hopefully we just this a Little bit of uh profit taken but from But it's not uncommon if you take a look At Bitcoin on the weekly you know we've Had like like one two three four weeks Of green it's very normal to have at Least one week on where things are not Looking so good so I think you know Depending on fomc if fomc is positive uh Then the markets will recover if not Then they're going to dump even further And that's why I'm taking profits guys So guys you know be be blessed out there And guys don't forget if you uh you know Want to get more information and you Want to get connected I want to you know Chat with some of the people that are Part of the community uh go down and be Part of conversation and join our Discord I'll be appreciated and you can Go down to the video description to find That connection down there also if you Got your crypto on a lending platform or A centralization good after get it after Right now guys hopefully that didn't Scare the children are you getting Scared out there hopefully you're not Getting dizzy I'm getting getting dizzy Out there so don't forget to do that That would be much appreciated and if You're watching for the first time don't Forget to smash the likes don't forget To go back and watch all my other videos

And like I said you know Elon Musk Believes that those couldn't go in the Freaking Moon I believe that too guys uh So we posted a lot of stuff guys so go Back and watch go back and show some Love and don't forget to follow follow Me around and guys don't forget to get To merch guys and get the beautiful Merch uh we got lots of merch out there So I appreciate it so that's going to Bring this a beautiful beautiful video To it closing Rosie guys so it's just a Quickie so get ready maybe that where Maybe the markets are about to get nuked Out there ah Okay so you know be blessed be well uh Blessing to all of you out there it's a Great time to be live so you know smash The likes subscribe and show some love Out there I appreciate it peace out [Music] [Applause] [Music] Thank you [Music] [Applause] [Music] Thank you Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music]

Top Crypto News Sites to Keep Up With the Latest News

top crypto news|top crypto news

Top Crypto News Sites to Keep Up With the Latest News

Cryptocurrency news is a hot topic these days. It’s a rapidly growing industry, and with so many coins and ICOs in the market, it’s important to keep up with the latest developments. Thankfully, there are a number of websites out there that cover the latest news. These sites may differ based on your preferences, but they all provide valuable insights into the crypto market.

Coinspeaker is a website that offers high-quality coverage of the crypto world. They deliver a core story in a straightforward, factual style. The site covers a variety of cryptocurrencies and altcoin markets, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. In addition to covering these coins, they also report on the latest ICOs.

Another high-quality crypto news site is CryptoPanic. They are one of the first to provide such a service. This site’s interface is easy to navigate, and they’ve got plenty of features to make your life easier. Some of their more noteworthy features include a portfolio tracking feature and social signals for price action. Plus, they have a Reddit and Twitter feeds that you can add to your subscription.

A site that provides a more rounded view of the crypto space is TodayOnChain. This site is dedicated to showcasing the top cryptocurrencies by market cap. It also publishes weekly newsletters with the latest news from the industry. There’s even an in-depth interview section with leading figures in the industry.

Another popular online crypto news resource is CoinTelegraph. They publish a variety of curated articles from a team of journalists. Their content ranges from breaking news to analysis. You’ll find everything from expert opinion pieces to guides on how to buy and sell a variety of cryptocurrencies. One of their coolest features is that they also publish detailed information on token performance against BTC.

Known as a top-notch technology blog, Hackernoon offers readers a lot of in-depth content about blockchain and other modern technologies. They have a great selection of op-eds and in-depth interviews with the industry’s biggest names. Among the blog’s most interesting posts are those regarding virtual reality, machine intelligence, and VR/AR.

Financemagnates began as a forex news site, but it has since expanded its scope to cover crypto and fintech. These articles go beyond the ordinary, and they focus on the use cases of blockchain technology and the economic impacts of cryptocurrencies.

CoinMarketCap is a reputable site that tracks the price of a wide variety of cryptocurrencies across a range of exchanges. It’s a good option for those who want to be able to track prices in real time, and it’s the perfect source for learning about upcoming ICOs.

While the Coin Report isn’t the biggest of news sites, it’s a solid choice for those looking for comprehensive coverage. Its reporting team is highly engaged in the cryptocurrency industry, and they’re a good source for breaking news. For beginners, they’ve got a comprehensive guide that walks newcomers through the basics of crypto.

Finally, Coindoo is a digital media site that provides a daily view of the crypto world. It offers both a mobile-friendly website and a mobile application that allows users to get all the news they need on the go.

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