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Dogecoin and Bitcoin are two of the most popular and valuable digital currencies on the market today. And things are only going to get better for them in the future!

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We love dogecoin, dogecoin to the moon soon. Elon Musk is a dogecoin lover, he watches bitcoin news. Do you like dogecoin live? Elon likes dogecoin news today. What will be dogecoin prediction 2022? Is ,elon musk the dogefather of dogecoin? how to buy dogecoin, where to buy dogecoin? What is dogecoin? Dogecoin update today! What ,dogecoin price prediction 2022. Is dogecoin a stock? Will dogecoin ever reach $1? dogecoin explained and dogecoin analysis. Bitcoin price prediction today including ethereum and cryptocurrency news today as well.. What is dogecoin mining? bitcoin,bitcoin news,bitcoin today, How to buy bitcoin. how bitcoin purchase & invest in bitcoin. What is crypto, and cryptocurrency?

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⚠️Note of caution: all of our videos are personal opinions. Do your own research. Never take one person’s opinion for financial advice. There are many strategies and there is not one strategy fits all people. Our videos ARE NOT financial advice.

Hey everyone this is Daryl from jiggly Quickly Jason let's come to your live Live from Vietnam guys good morning good Evening good everything guys hopefully You guys are looking pretty good we're Going to be talking about Elon Musk huge Huge freaking announcement out there and Uh also going to be talking about why Dogecoin is tanking right now and this Huge announcement from Elon Musk could Be impacting and affecting the Dogecoin Price guys so if that sounds interesting If that sounds lovely gently go down There slash I lick the like show some Love out there it's a great time to be a Live guy so let's get it right now guys Remember everything you see here is not Financial advice guys make sure you Understand that make sure you're aware Of that guys so let's jump into content Without any further delay out there so We're seeing right now the pre-markets Are looking Primo out there we're seeing That everything is up uh you know over Getting closer about half a percent so Hopefully by the time the Bell Rings Ding ding ding ding ding we're going to See that crypto and the broader markets Are going up guys so some of the Breaking news that's coming in right now Some of the news you guys need to know About looks like FDX disaster has Setback crypto uh you know by years and Here's the three ways that you know this

Could reshape the the whole crypto Market guys so the first thing is uh the First thing is regulation So I really think this is a good thing Uh I think that you know this is gonna This is really gonna put the fire under Under uh Regulators to start you know Increasing the time frames that they get Regulation going uppity up up so this is Good guys you definitely need to see Some regulation happening in the crypto Space so that's what I'm thinking that's What you should be thinking about there We need to get some regulation other Thing it's going to also cause Consolidation out there so we're going To see more and more crypto companies Disappear more projects disappear and It's going to be huge consolidation and Uh fewer coins will exit will a fewer Coins will exist and that means it's Going to make the whole uh the whole uh Cryptocurrency more healthy guys because You know basically the the the chaff the Crappy projects are going to be going Out did you guys know that the number of Scam tokens in 2012 is up 41 guys that is interesting Fun fact out there uh the other thing That we're going to be seeing is Innovation because we're going to see Less and less you know erroneous Nefarious crappy projects out there We're going to see that you know we're

Going to see a new innovation we're Going to see new absolute Innovation and Web3 looks like You know we're going to be seeing that Guys so that's kind of interesting That's cool I'm crazy out there what Else is coming in as you guys know that Uh Elon Musk uh has a Twitter poll right Now and basically he says look you know If the majority of people say that uh He's got to quit he's gonna quit guys so I'm not sure he's actually going to do That out there you know what do you guys Think so it looks like this poll has Seven minutes left guys so hopefully we Will uh go back and uh look at this so Right now it's 57 57.5 thing that Elon Musk should quitty Quick Quit and not uh And not uh be the head of Twitter so I I Mean I don't know he may not be the CEO But he's still going to be the owner He's still going to be calling the shots Out there so and 42 said no so right now Right now we are looking at around seven Minutes before we see the final outcome And uh we should be seeing a huge Announcement coming from Elon Musk Pretty soon on that guy so let's see What happens I mean personally Personally uh you know I don't think I Absolutely do not think uh that Elon Musk should step down guys should I be The head of Twitter so what do you guys Think should the OG be the head of

Twitter out there so right now I got 23 Hours left in this uh project so Hopefully Elon Musk if you're watching This looks like 69 of people say the OG Should be the head of Twitter guys so Let's get it guys OG for ahead of Twitter guys I retweet this send it send It to Elon Musk maybe he'll hire the OG To be the head of Twitter I appreciate It so guys don't forget we got a whole Bunch of a whole bunch of announcements That's coming in this week guys so we Don't forget we got uh housing starts This week we got uh uh you know CB Consumer confidence happening on Wednesday we've got existing home sales Happening Wednesday we've got Q3 GDP on Thursday coming out jobless claims Coming out on Thursday we got uh core Pce price index coming out on Friday we Got durable goods and new home sales so We got a lot of announcements a lot of Stuff is going to be happening uh this Week so guys buckle up get ready for That fear and greed is better than it Was yesterday it was at two it's 26 from Now 29 so that is pretty good let's take A look at it heated heat map so right Now we're kind of seeing that crypto has Just been kind of you know just slightly In the green all day guys nothing too Exciting to write home about uh but at Least we're not going down or in the Green so hopefully by the time you're

Watching this that we'll see that uh Crypto will be going up guys so guys Remember if you love Dogecoin don't Forget hit Dogecoin 111 guys and tell me Ashley tell me in the comments out there Do you think that uh Elon Musk will step Down I'd love to hear what you got to Think guys and also guys tell me Point Don't forget to check out my poll whoa 73.3 think that OG should be the head of Twitter wow we're going to revisit this Pause by the time we get to the end of This video see what's going on so let's Take a look what's going on with the Total marketing cap cap let me give this A minty refresh out there And I believe it's happy Hanukkah right Now out there guys so happy holidays to Everybody out there and right now we're Seeing that uh Doge Bitcoin dojo We're seeing that Bitcoin right now on The seven day is down 1.29 so that's Okay it's not it's not uh it's not like A theorem which is down 5.46 we're Seeing the last 24 hours slight increase Slight increase we're seeing that also Total Mark cap is also slightly up as Well so nothing too exciting to write Home about we're seeing that uh also BNB Is Up Down Still Down 12 out there as Well do you lose your right now is down 12.49 on the weekly end and we're seeing That doge is still down down and a lot Of reasons that we're seeing those going

Down right now is because a lot of People think that that Elon Musk is Going to quit uh being the CEO of Twitter and they believe that if that Happens we're not going to get the Dogecoin temperature we're not going to Get Dogecoin as a cryptocurrency of Twitter as a payment Guys keep in mind even if Elon Musk does Step down it's not going to make much Impact because he's still the owner he's Just going to tell the new CEO what to Do out there so let's take a look what's Going on dxy is following my patent Pretty closely out there and dxy right Now is down to 104.534 we definitely need to see the XY Go under 100 guys to make any big impact On crypto we're seeing that right now Bitcoin is trading at 16 760. it's kind Of been going sideways right now for About three days so nothing too exciting To write home about for cryptocurrency Nothing too exciting to write home about For Bitcoin and we're seeing that Bitcoin weekly is slightly in the green Right now so far this week we're only up About 0.08 so it's absolutely nothing Out there a theorem right now is also Just at my uh 1182 support line so you Know not much is happening there as well It's pretty pretty pretty pretty uh Quiet out there so another uh Interesting fact that's going on we have

Seen that about 22 982 ethereum Have woken up so a lot of people are Scratching their head out there what the Heck is going on and this is uh this Equals around about 20 20 excuse me 27.2 Million dollars Have woken up and they've been Transferred to another unknown wallet And uh you know these fresh addresses uh These addresses have had no movements in 2018 a lot of people are scratching Their head and uh this big uh ethereum Originating from Genesis and Polo next Out there so what is going on could There be some movement is this some People trying to move uh money off of Genesis uh out there so this is kind of Got people it's kind of a head scratcher Out there guys what do you think is Going on with this a big ethereum Movement what is going on after these Wallets have been woken after four years Guys some ominous something bad is going To happen guys tell me looks like Cryptocurrent analysis firm warns of Potential mass sell-off in the event of A uh event for ethereum guys so what They're saying is that they're saying That new deposits exchange reserves are Still going down total Valor stake so Ethereum Mass selling sell selling event Is coming ethereum uh ethereum two Deposit smart contract has a mast Holding up 12 of the total Supply so

What they're saying is they're trying This is fun guys So the ethereum two contracts are coming Up for exploration but guys the way Ethereum 2 is designed is that you get You guys cannot cannot sell everything Off all at once as The ethereum Exchange Reserve drops them down 15 out there uh 50 in the total Supply and continues to Decrease what will happen to ethereum After Shanghai or hard Fork so it is Built in where you cannot just sell Everything it has to be sold over time Slowly slowly and that's been designed By vitalik and the developer so there Isn't a huge run on the theorem so don't Worry about this a little bit of a fun Story from the daily hollow out there Guys uh guys you talked about economic Data what else is coming it looks like Bitcoin completes an ellipse so Bitcoin Is about to complete another ellipse and Every time Bitcoin completes these Ellipse we often have a Bitcoin uh Preparing to go up guys so Bitcoin is Repeating this pattern over and over It's reaching the final fuel candles of This uh present ellipse it will go to The next one with a parabolic move soon So guys I'm really praying we're going To get that parabola move soon I think We're going to get it early 2023 it's Not going to happen the end of this year True capitulation events are rare looks

Like Bitcoin has truly capitulated and We can see some huge capitulation here Uh and here guys so I think that we're Going to be seeing a bit of a really Good move for ethereum pretty soon guys So do you still do you still trust Binance out there guys tell me do you do Your trust binance out there I still do I still do and if you take a look at the Binance reserves out there the binance Reserves are looking very very good We're still at 54 million right now let Me give this a mintyre fresh to make Sure this is the updated actually the Updated uh reserves for a binance out There so right now the the reserves are Still 54 55 billion so the reserves have Gone up so that is good guys so it looks Like the overall selling uh binance is Going down down that is a positive move I think a lot of the fun has been Forgotten right now Bitcoin and BTC Signs of the times according to this Indicated Bitcoin is already in the Accumulation period and bear Market is Coming to an end so hopefully we can see That accumulation is happening here Let me get my face out of the way let me Get my face out of the way so you can See here is that you know the end of the Bear Market is over bear Market it's Over accumulation bear Market is over Accumulation and we're seeing at the end Of the bear market and we're starting to

See accumulation phase so this is a Pretty good indicator for bitty out There guys and guys take your freaking Dogecoin off exchanges not your keys not Your Dogecoin guys make sure you do that And if you're wondering where to put it Guys don't forget to check out my link Guys we got a hardware wallet link down There so get it get it get it you want It I want it let's get it guys and show Some love with OG guys and I've been Feeling a lot out there don't forget to Share this video smash the likes of this Video And subscribe if you're watching For the first time it will be a Fantastic guys when will Dogecoin hit All-time high again so guys this is an Interesting question guys and we're Going to be talking about that those Kind of the freaking Moon guys let's get Dogecoin and freaking Moon guys and also Too right now I've come across this Story and it's kind of saying according To this it looks like Dogecoin is going To breach all-time high is in 2029 so Basically they took this AI price Finishes a machine learning algorithm Has forecast Dogecoin good breach its All-time high of 73 cents in 2029 guys So it looks like we could be seeing a Buck coming in a buck coming in by 2029 And you know that's not too long that's Not too far away it's only like for six Years from now are you willing can you

Afford to wait six years to create All-time uh you know create Life-changing wealth guy so I'm I'm Definitely going to do it I'm definitely Going to be waiting around guys so you Know according to this 2023 you could See a higher 24 cents 2024 33 cents 2025 or 42 cents and 2026 uh 50 cents so Guys I'm willing to wait guys I'm Willing absolutely willing to wait out There what about you let's take a look What's going on for the doji what was Your right now so those whoosh is now Below my zero seven my zero my zero Seven uh eight nine level we've we've Actually dropped down to that uh we are Still above the 20-day moving average Out there so that is pretty positive I Think that you know 20-day moving Average is holding a support on The Daily right now so I don't think you Know worst case scenario we could see Those going going down to about zero Seven three so I'm not too I'm not so Worried out there you shouldn't be Worried out there it's actually a great Time to be like let's take a look at the Informatics the data for to do is you Lose your rules right now so we're Seeing dojos down right now a lot of That a lot of the reason I doge is down Right now is people a little bit Concerned about uh Elon Musk uh you know Stopping uh stopping becoming the CEO of

Twitter guys but I'm not too worried About if he's not serious still the Owner he's still going to be you know Calling shots from behind the scenes I've seen the total volumes down 6.24 Don't forget it's still early early Morning uh Monday morning in America so A lot of the people still sleep a lot of People still say and we're seeing a Dogecoin the mud cap is down about 10.3 So I'm not too worried out there do not Panic out there Guys do not worry out there it is still A great time to be alive guys so uh Let's take a look what's going on right Now with the total uh shibi right now so Shebewi was doing pretty good guys Shibiwiwi is uh yesterday yesterday CB Wee we was up like 4.87 today it's up 1.76 as we get closer to shabir so There's a little bit of excitement Happening because we're going to see the Shapirium coming guys and gals and guys You know if you're not getting Notifications from our friend your Friend at YouTube and guys if everybody From YouTube I want to say a big thank You to a team YouTube much appreciate it Uh I sent some questions to team YouTube On YouTube on the Twitter today and they Replied right away so thank you very Much for that one guys if you uh you Want to join the conversation and uh Become you know follow the Discord link

Guys become part of the conversation You're gonna love it I love it so guys Yeah Shiba in is looking pretty good Guys so overall we are seeing that uh You know the crypto markets are kind of Neutral out there Dogecoin is down a Little bit because a little people are Worried about what's going on with Elon Mask out there so let's let's go back Let's actually go back and see if that Poll is over right now so the poll is Finished I'm bringing it to you so 57 Said yes so we should be expecting Elon Musk to make an announcement shortly let Us see uh let's see if there's anything Happening out there uh nope nothing here Let's see if we got any tweets or Retweets out there from Elon Musk so it Looks like uh looks like uh nope no no No no nothing really happening biggest Tweet is we got the tons of people Crossing the border but nothing yet from Uh Elon Musk in terms of he's stepping Down as CEO out there guys so that's Gonna bring this video too close it guys Don't forget to go follow me on Twitter Follow follow we have 5724 Falls I would Appreciate it guys get it get it get it I love it you love it guys show some Love out there and also if you're Wondering where all the all the linkages All the linkage let go go down uh to the Video description you're gonna find it All there guys don't get to get the

Merch guys gear up with the OG gear it's A great time to be a freaking live guys So that's all I got guys uh big huge Elon Musk announcement guys Dogecoin 111 George coin to the Moon Dogecoin Dogecoin we love Dogecoin I'll see you In the next one peace out [Music] [Applause] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Applause] Foreign Thank you [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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