Doge coin is looking bullish right now, can the doge coin price go up soon? what catalysts do we look for right now! lets go!

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Dogecoin has been looking extremely Bullish on the 14 day price charts right Here and there are a variety of reasons Why this is happening and I want to talk To you guys could it potentially hit a Dollar what is it looking like for Dogecoin why are whales fomoeing into This coin right now so if you guys enjoy The updates make sure to hit the thumbs Up button and guys let's get straight Into this video one thing you need to Know is that people around the world Particularly in the USA so if you're Tuning in from the USA Today hello to You and drop a state where you're tuning In From Below uh demand for Dogecoin on Google in the US has skyrocketed by 600 Percent so this is really interesting And a lot of the time when you are Seeing these Trends on Google it is the Prelude to something explosive happening With this cryptocurrency so buy Dogecoin In the US has spiked 625 in three months on Google Trends so That is very exciting and you can see Some of the most popular states where The search term concentration is coming From so Idaho so if anyone's been to Idaho I'd drop a comment down below I've Been to Idaho great state right there uh West Virginia Louisiana Maryland and California okay so they're the states That are really increasing the search For Dogecoin right now but that is not

It for Dogecoin because we do know our Search is going in for Dogecoin right Now so that is increasing but have a Look at this binance smart chain whales Are also desperately uh looking to buy Up more and more Doge and you can see Right here 500 biggest BSC whales are After Doge right now so I know a lot of You guys on the channel you guys are Basically professionals at the binance Smart chain and it says here the largest 500 investors on the binance smart chain Are now trying to buy as much Doge as They can making it move to the list of Most Wanted assets along with 88 and Some small cap old coins as for the Largest 100 investors on BSC they are Currently storing 9.8 million dollars Worth Doge in their wallets this is Roughly 97 million Dogecoin and it's 1.25 of their comprised portfolio so Wales are moving into Dogecoin that is Looking exciting right here and we also Have this other bullish news as well so Have a look at this Dogecoin records Inflows of 5 billion in five weeks as Doge trading volume skyrockets so wow That is exciting and uh what I want to Talk to you guys about is you know Volume is a key indicator of interest in Cryptocurrency so anytime you see volume Start to Skyrocket that is a really Really good signal to watch out for White right now and uh so why so why are

People kind of really interested in Doge Right now I want to break it down really Simply for you this man right here so he Is the owner of Twitter he is bullish on Doge he likes his doge and a lot of this Speculation for Dogecoin uh volume price Demand for searches this is all coming Off the back end of Elon Musk and we Know or he is actually delivering on Twitter so he's cleaned up spam Bots He's making lots of improvements and one Of those big improvements he may Potentially make soon and this is where A lot of the speculation is coming in For for Dogecoin is when is he going to Integrate Dogecoin specifically into Twitter what is the utility because you Guys know right now Dogecoin people say It's just a meme coin but it also you Have to understand in cryptocurrency Cryptos don't always stay that way Forever so sometimes they can be like Pokemon so if you guys have played Pokemon before you know what could Happen in cryptocurrency is this process Of evolution so right now we know Dogecoin it's got an extremely strong Community Um the market cap right now is 14 Billion but in the past this this market Cap has got up to see historically Massive levels so if we actually zoom Out on the market cap right here we wait For these numbers to load you can see

Right here if we zoom out 2021 bull run Right here this one actually got up to Around 84 billion plus potentially Higher nearly 90 billion plus on the Market cap level but what could actually Make Dogecoin so so massive and this is Where the one dollar question comes in First so for Dogecoin just to get to one Dollar guys that's only a 10x for this Crypto so not a massive ask but we also Know cryptos cryptos can possibly evolve So talking about Pokemon you guys may Know this Pokemon Magikarp so anyone Play Pokemon Red If You Know Magikarp he Couldn't do much I think it was just Like a flail move or something Um you know so not much to not many Spells or not much utility for Magikarp But once he evolved once he evolved into This guy he became very scary so Gyarados with uh dragon breath and all That crazy moves very powerful Pokemon But that's what can happen in Cryptocurrency you can see it with some Other crypto so if Dogecoin was to Evolve um it was to add extra utility uh In the form of Twitter or even you know Other utility out there it could become Extremely extremely powerful and that's Kind of explained why these other Cryptos have done crazy amounts of Returns you guys know BNB coin this was Once like a nothing Burger crypto you Just get like a discount on the binance

Exchange trading for like like what like A dollar a dollar 57 right here but once It started to evolve like a Pokemon boom It made lots of money but guys things Looking bullish for Dogecoin if you guys the Thumbs Up Button if you Guys want more updates on dogeco and hit The thumbs up but if you guys think Doge Can get to a dollar hit the thumbs up Button and guys that is a bit of an Update on Dogecoin I'm interested to see Where this one goes we're going to stay Up to date in the future but thank you Guys for tuning in and I'll see you guys In the next one crypto Zeus signing out

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