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Dogecoin and Bitcoin are two of the most popular and valuable digital currencies on the market today. And things are only going to get better for them in the future!

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Watch this video to get the latest and breaking Dogecoin news !! Do not miss every second of Dogecoin breaking news… This is a must see must watch breaking news video about Dogecoin. we support the Dogecoin army!!

We love dogecoin, dogecoin to the moon soon. Elon Musk is a dogecoin lover, he watches bitcoin news. Do you like dogecoin live? Elon likes dogecoin news today. What will be dogecoin prediction 2022? Is ,elon musk the dogefather of dogecoin? how to buy dogecoin, where to buy dogecoin? What is dogecoin? Dogecoin update today! What ,dogecoin price prediction 2022. Is dogecoin a stock? Will dogecoin ever reach $1? dogecoin explained and dogecoin analysis. Bitcoin price prediction today including ethereum and cryptocurrency news today as well.. What is dogecoin mining? bitcoin,bitcoin news,bitcoin today, How to buy bitcoin. how bitcoin purchase & invest in bitcoin. What is crypto, and cryptocurrency?

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Crypto Daily Trade signals
Here you will find what’s new and great ideas, opinions & TA on all things Crypto. We will tell the latest and hottest news stories that will impact cryptocurrency investing and impact you. We present the information in a no nonsense way so that Cryptocurrency beginners can understand and take those steps!


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⚠️Note of caution: all of our videos are personal opinions. Do your own research. Never take one person’s opinion for financial advice. There are many strategies and there is not one strategy fits all people. Our videos ARE NOT financial advice.

Whoo hey everyone this is Daryl from Daily crypto chasing who's coming to you Live live live for me and I am guys it's A great time to be live and we've got Lots and lots to talk about uh guys and Guys and good look we got a new a new Host we got we got the space map we got The spaceman out there we got we got the Alien we got the alien Pang we got the Alien in the house guys can you focus on That we got the alien and we've got our Friend your friend we've got the OG Batman in the house Looks like me right looks like me so We're gonna be talking about everything Crypto we're going to be talking about Everything dude who's going we're gonna Be talking about a whole bunch of stuff Guys so it's a fantastic time to be like So let's jump into content without any Further delay guys and it is a great Great time don't forget to go down there Lick the likes smash the likes crush the Likes do everything that's like related Guys let's get this video out there guys And the best way to feed the algorithm Is like Share subscribe and don't forget to Comment guys you can call more than one Song Let's get into it and those of you That aren't watching but not subscribed You get a red card red card City out There guys so most of you must be Feeling pretty peachy keen about what's

Happening we do crypto markets we're Seeing that right now at time of Recording the pre-markets right now are Are down guys down and we're seeing that You know we're seeing some of the Earnings coming we had Citibank come in And their earnings are down 21 OMG out there guys so that is that is Just a little Citigroup decline decline After reporting 21 decline in this Fourth quarter profit yeah because Everybody's into crypto bang bang so That is too bad for you guys out there So that's too bad for all the all the Stinky stankity stocks and all the Bankity bankity banks guys crypto is Coming crypto's coming guys do you guys Think that crypto is going to be a new Revolution I think it's happening guys I Think it's absolutely happening uh if You take a look at the heat map guys We're still seeing green zone green zone Green zone we're seeing that ethereum is Just about to pop pop to 14 800 bucks We're seeing a Bitcoin is uh it looks Like you know it did go down it did Teeter I went back up again and we've Seen that the uh that the whole 19 000 Area is being some huge pain in the butt And we need to get ourselves back there But I think we're going to do it guys Absolutely we're going to do do to do it Everything is looking pretty good we see The dxy unfortunately is going up and it

Is up about uh 0.31 let's confirm that There's 0.31 we don't want that we need We need the dxy to go down right here Because when that happens when the dxy Goes down we often see that Bitcoin will Mooney Moon and we all know that right Now Bitcoin you know dominance is really High and the majority of the liquidity Of the market is in uh Bitcoin so that Is important for you guys to understand Out there that the dominance is for Bitcoin is super super high and we need To come down guys we need we need dxy to Go down and remember right now A lot of People are a lot of people have moved a Lot of their uh altcoin profits and this And that into into uh Bitcoin and what's Going to happen as as people get more Confident and the Bitcoin price starts To go up we're going to see more people Taking their money and flowing it back Into the old coins guys so right now as You guys can see that Bitcoin is just Doing Fantastical it is a 18 883 According to this uh the according to The trading view uh chart now this is a This is binance pricing in case you're Wondering what kind of what what Exchange reviews this is binance trading View charts so this is a binance pricing Remember every every every exchange is Going to be have a slightly different Price because of because of slippage out There so remember that you know there's

Always some differences right and Remember when we use the things like Coin market cap that's an aggregate of All exchanges so that's why the price is Different but right now we are seeing That Bitcoin is at the Purple Rain line And we're seeing that around about uh 18 000 uh 18 9 19 000 is acting as huge resistance we keep Getting up there we keep getting Rejected but I think time is going to Happen and we're going to see a nice Pump guys and we're seeing on The Daily A nice W patent that is for me guys a Nice W pattern that's forming right here Guys I you know I see it I can see it as Clear as day and uh you know if we Measure the top of this W pattern to the Bottom here uh you know from here to the Point of breakout uh right from here and We go all the way up what's going on It's gonna it's gonna all the way here Uh and we measured at the point of Breakout we could be seeing on get out Of there get out of there get out of There my fingers are too big I got like These these meat Hooks and I'm trying to Work these fiddly charts so we're seeing That we could see a breakout uh and that Could take us up to 22 000 guys so who Doesn't like a w pattern out there guys I love it so hopefully this pattern will Play out and think we're going to be Seeing a huge huge increase guys because

If we do see that Bitcoin does go up to Uh 22 000 that is gonna that means we're Gonna see a huge 17 pump for Bitcoin Guys 17 pump for Bitcoin that is cool Being so I'm loving it guys absolutely Let's take a look at the total marketing Capital right now let's get it guys Let's let's right now you guys can see The Bitcoin dollars is 40 so what does That mean guys what does that freaking Mean it means that 40 of all the market Cap is in Bitcoin right so that's what That means that is what that means let Me get let me get that pop-up get out of Proper you know Pop off pop up I hate pop-ups you guys Ever work on something pop pop Pop up so we're seeing that that Bitcoin On the weekly is up uh 12.55 we're Seeing right now it's up to 3.7 and like I said more and more uh more and more Interest is in Bitcoin right now that's Why the dollars is uh going up and we're Seeing that more money is Flowing out of The old coins into Bitcoin That's pretty typical that's pretty much The first knee-jerk reaction that a lot Of the retail investors are they if They're in in profits on the whole coins Are going to move into Bitcoin and then When the all coins start to pump we're Going to start to see that people will Move their money out of Bitcoin moving Into all coins and you know and when all

Coins pump they move it back so this Kind of like rinse and repeat right so We're seeing that uh Bitcoin is up 12.56 Percent and remember ethereum often Outperforms uh uh Bitcoin in terms of Percentage gains in a bull run guys so Keep that in mind keep that in mind uh We're seeing that big theorem is up Almost 12.6 on the seven day uh Bitcoin Is just doing gangbusters right now it's Doing very very well uh xrp is up ten Percent BNB the B's coin is up 11.35 We're seeing uh Cardinals up 21 freaking Percent in seven days that is good but It's down down right now but people Think it's improv it's not too worried About that and we're seeing that uh you Know cardano Flip Flip Flip those going Dude what's going freaking one and is Taking an eight spot but I think Dogecoin Army the Dogecoin lovers we're Going to get it up there and if you're a Dogecoin Armory Dogecoin lover what you Got to do is you got to get the social Media and start tweety tweety start Posting posting and start making YouTube Shorts guys get the message out get into A Dogecoin not Financial advice guys it Is going to pumpity pump pump guys in 2025 is going to go to the Moon guys Moon chakalaka we could see a buck Coming in we could see two dollars Coming in who knows 2025 is coming and Don't forget we got all dojacks at one

To the many men that's gonna be Happening uh before the end of q1 guys We still got the Twitter Tippy jar we Still got Twitter uh Dogecoin official Currency guys so a lot of stuff's still Happening look at Solana Solana came Back guys there's a lot is a huge Comeback Kid up 27.75 percent I love it I absolutely love it guys uh Everyone said that Solana Is DOA in DOA guys so not too bad not Too shabby guys a Bitcoin the ethereum Dominance is 19 right now so until a Mark cap is over 900 Billion way to be and that's fantastic Even even the space man loves it you Know Spaceman loves it uh Alien loves it An alien all right and we got the OG Batman coming into the frame Batman no No no no no no no no no no no no Batman So it's a great time to be alive guys so Things are not looking too bad guys the Markets are uppity up up guys and girls Guys no Bitcoin Bitcoin is not going to Be doomed a lot of people have been Saying oh Bitcoin going down to ten Thousand it's not gonna happen guys in Fact it's like it we're gonna go up from Here over the next months guys so we Definitely will be going up I believe That we're we're now trading in our new Bottom and our new bottom is around About 18 000 guys that's our new bottom Guys so that is pretty good right now

And I'm I'm feeling pretty pretty pretty Confident pretty stoked out there and You know we had uh you know basically 470 days first time having 470 days Second half of 470 days third having and 469 days of the third hobby so guys Don't worry about it we're definitely Going to be going up it's a good time to Be like we might see some chop guys uh Bitcoin is currently giving a signal too According to the gossip Channel Indicator and it's possible to form a Bottom here so I think we formed our new Bottom guys absolutely new bottom we saw That in 2015 when it dropped onto the Higher band on the W the three week Chart why don't you put 3w not W3 right Three week charts kind of kind of Counter-intuitive out there right so Trade a charter grind maybe you want to Put three weeks at three W rather than W3 is a big confusion out there so we're Seeing that you know we had this whole Signal one signal two uh here and then We had this whole nice climb so we're Predicting we're predicting absolutely Predicting out here that we're going to Have this SEC the second signals happen And we're going to have a slow climbing Climbing climbing all the way up to the Top side so that's pretty good I think We're going to get about forty thousand Dollars coming in this year so that is Pretty pretty pretty pretty cool guys

And you can see Bitcoin is doing copy Paste repeat copy paste repeat we saw This whole pattern this whole Accumulation then we saw bang boom guys This is a double thought that we had uh Last year you know it was like 60 69 and 70. so now we're kind of in this Accumulation phase and things are going To slowly go up guys slowly slowly bleed Up go up up so that's pretty good guys You should be loving it I'm loving it Guys Justin lays off 20 of Its staff uh out there That's pretty normal I've seen coinbase Layoff stuff uh we saw the only the only Exchange that's actually uh in fact Hiring more stuff is finance guys so Speaking about exchanges remember uh if You have your crypto on a centralized Exchange remember it's only I owe you You don't actually hold the crypto they Hold it on your behalf and remember they Have full custody of it so if their Exchange collapses You've got bubkas out there so guys go Down to the description check out the Nano Ledger uh connection out there you Should do that be safe you better be Safe than sorry right guys so it is a Great time to be live uh what else is Happening uh Justin Tesla reduces prices Of of uh most of its cars by up to 23 in Canada and the United States guys I wish We had Tesla uh in Vietnam Elon Musk if

You're if you're out there Elon can you Please uh you start selling Tesla here In Vietnam I appreciate it uh I would Appreciate it where you know the EV the EV cars are starting to happen but They're probably in Vietnam is we don't Have a lot of charging points so sure in The big cities you do but if you're like Driving the countryside you're going to Be like poo push mana and uh you're not Gonna be able to charge your charger EV Out there so that's kind of interesting Guys and gals out there uh what else is Coming in what else is coming in uh Looks like December CPR is likely to Keep the FED on track to reduce the size Of interest rates to a quarter Percentage point as its meeting Concludes so it looks like you know February the next fomc meeting the next CPI we're probably going to be seeing That the interest rates are going to Continue to go down so that's going to Be pretty bullish for the markets guys That is pretty bullish out there so that Is cool beans guys looks like exchange Flows uh for Bitcoin and ethereum has Settled down uh and we're seeing that The exchange flows are almost neutral Out there and that is pretty good we did See big Peaks when we had the FDX Debacle so that's kind of interesting Guys what else we got out there uh let's See what have I got what have I got what

Have I got that's a this is I thought This was kind of uh interesting out There That we're seeing that uh you know a lot Of a lot of venture capitalists now are Starting to get back into crypto Starting to Aid back into crypto so that Is pretty cool beans out there so that Is good guys absolutely good out there What else is coming let's take a look at What Bitcoin on the weekly Bitcoin the Weekly is looking very good the nice Green dildo here who doesn't like it I Love it we love the greeny green uh Ethereum right now is above 1404 so Fantastic out there guys and gals so Let's talk about those let's get to Those looks like uh you know looks like Billy Marcus he sold a whole bunch of Ethereum out there uh why did he sell a Bunch of ethereum it was tax harvesting So he sold all of his ethereum out there And he sold his ethereum uh at the 1190 And he did that to cover potential uh Losses uh for taxes so there was tax Having he sold them bought back guys so This story is kind of like floating Around the internet is nothing it's no Fight he just sold it uh and he sold Some of his those as well for taxed Housing purses and look guys most of Most Dogecoin holes are in the profit One majority of Shiba Inu holders are Out of profit that is true if you take a

Look at uh if we take a look at those Right now it's 59 of all the freaking Dogecoin holes Dogecoin 111 to the Moon Our in profit guys 35 out if we compare That to the shibis out there the shibi Weebie weebies only 26 of the shibi Weebies are in profit 70 are out guys But it's interesting that 62 percent of The CB wibis they've been holding for More than one year and we can see that 71 percent of uh of the dozers the Doge Army has been holding for 70 71 percent Uh I've been holding for more than one Year but it's interesting to see that 59 Of the dozers are in the profit versus Uh 26 that tells you something that the Dozier washer is the kingy wingy of the Mimi Mimis and everything is just a pup Okay so that's what I'm talking about uh We've got now we've got finally our cash Tag I did talk about in my previous Video we do have our cash tag so that is Pretty cool beans out there and it is Live guys like the the cash tag is live It is actually live so that is fantastic All we need is we need to get our logo Guys we need to get like the Bitcoin Logo uh as uh I miss a bar said we need To get that okay we need to get our logo So Elon musker do it for us I appreciate It and if you take a look at the the Doge fear and greed we're doing pretty Good good guys not too shabby in the House if you take a look at Social

Settlements right now we have moved back Up to the seventh spot we're in 11th Spot uh Only Yesterday And if you take a Look at our social mentions on the Weekly right now uh if this will refresh Weekly refreshing time we are seeing That on the monthly right now we are Seeing that on the weekly social media Up eight point percent but the Engagement so it means people are Posting uh but people are not watching People are not retweeting so reposting Doing that kind of stuff so guys get up There and do it guys we're seeing that Social mentions are down on the monthly And on the uh on the uh social mentions Are down and social engagement I got Confused okay Audrey gets confused let's Take a look at the Dogecoin token almost Guys let's see so guys we're still not Doing too bad we're at almost 583 Million dollars worth of volume out There and it's only down slice so it's Pretty much the same as yesterday we're Seeing right now that uh about the 10.5 Billion out there and guys looks like The Bonkers got bunked on the head as Boncoin goes down another 66 percent Guys so it looks like the steam has come Out of the Bonkers so remember my advice Is never invest in any portions that's Younger than two years my advice you do You out there you do your own research Be safe out there guys and remember what

You want to do you need to have Diversification right What I like to do is have 50 in Bitcoin 25 to 35 percent in ethereum and then Stay in the top 20 to stop 50 projects Guys I mean there's a lot of goodness in The top 20 projects there's a lot of Goodness guys there's absolutely a lot Of goodness guys out there I like Pancakes while uh I like packing pancake Um I got a lot of pancake and we're Getting good API on pancake swap again Like like you know like 49 guys so who Would not who wouldn't want that that's Great guys so you know if you can do D5 Do D5 you know basically what you do is You move your your your crypto to you Know trust wallet and then you connect It or even Hardware will connect it and Uh then you basically do you know Farming liquidity at liquidity and you Get interest it's cool guys pretty cool Uh let's take a look what's going on With the leverage episodes Crashing time I love it we're seeing a 154.5 45 million dollars of the wreckage So the The Leverage apes are back from The holidays of saying a doge is also Being leveraged trade and we got about 1.65 million of wreckage out there still Seeing a lot of short shows so that's Pretty good so people are still benting That crypto is going to go down suckers You're wrong you're gonna get wiped out

Guys so don't ever trade out there uh She be leaving right now is once again You guys can see it tried it went up to This level and got rejected this is some Hardcore freaking resistance let's go And see what you know we need to get it Right now let's go so guys and guys That's gonna bring this video to a close Don't forget to go follow me on my video Please go back and watch all my other Videos you should do it you should do it Guys and gals you need to do it so guys Let's do it guys and let's even get this Up to six thousand followers don't Forget to like uh subscribe do all that Kind of stuff and guys don't forget to Also be part of freaking conversation Guys be part of freaking conversation Never miss a beat guys and gals go down To the video description you'll see all That kind of stuff down there and also Guys we've also got the Dogecoin Tippy Jar uh if you're wondering where all the Connections are go down below the video You see all the connection we got the Discord you got the now a ledger Connection all sorts of stuff guys buy The chocolate coffee and also guys don't Forget the merch up with the OG gear Merch Merch bang boom we'll see you tomorrow Morning uh Vietnam I'm sorry I only did Two videos went back to work a little Bit tired guys OG is still not feeling

100 but I'm loving you more and more Every single day God bless you thank you For guys watching thank you for tuning In thank you for being you guys I love It peace out those go in the freaking Moon with those coin one one whoo [Music] [Applause] [Music] Thank you Thank you [Music] [Applause] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Thank you

Top Crypto News Sites – How to Find the Next Crypto Gem

top crypto news|top crypto news

Top Crypto News Sites – How to Find the Next Crypto Gem

There are many crypto news sites out there, so it’s important to find a reliable source. You may want to look at the following sites, which offer some of the best coverage in the industry.

The Coin Report is an unbiased and informative site, focusing on the power of cryptocurrencies. Their articles and video coverage are useful in learning about the latest developments in the space. They cover everything from blockchain technology to the latest ICOs. This is especially valuable for newcomers to the space.

Crypto Tips is another site that delivers comprehensive and up-to-date coverage on crypto. It covers everything from upcoming ICOs to wallet reviews. It also offers advice on how to avoid hacks. For more advanced users, it includes information on how to safely store their coins.

CoinSpeaker has grown from a fledgling blog to one of the most popular and authoritative news outlets online. They cover everything from the latest developments in the altcoin markets to how bitcoin affects the economy. Founded in late 2014, they’re a great place to stay on top of the most recent developments.

Cointelegraph is a good choice if you’re looking for a well-rounded, in-depth view of the crypto world. They have a variety of news articles, which are mainly focused on the global regulatory and economic impact of crypto. Aside from covering the latest developments, they also include a section on decentralized applications.

ETHNews is an independent crypto news outlet that covers all things Ethereum, including breaking news, ICOs, and the ecosystem. In addition to reporting on the latest ICOs and events, they provide comprehensive tutorials and guides.

Cointelegraph has a wide range of features, including a crypto index. One of their most popular is their BPI charts, which are incorporated into their reporting. Another feature is their evergreen educational section, which features articles on 3D printing, virtual reality, biotechnology, and more.

Trace Mayer has been a leading advocate for Bitcoin since 2010. His show, The Trace Mayer Show, is worth listening to for its sporadic updates and interviews with notable people in the crypto space. Occasionally, it’s a short podcast, but it’s definitely worth the listen.

Crypt0, created by a renowned stock investor and Bitcoin enthusiast, is a solid crypto news resource. Their videos are easy to digest, and the creators are well versed in the subject. Moreover, the site offers some great analysis and commentary.

Altcoin Today is a bit more of an old-school crypto news source. While they’re known for their quality Forex reporting, they now offer the latest in the crypto sphere. Although they’re not as prolific as other news sites, their news coverage is still solid. Unlike most of their competitors, they’re not cluttered with ads.

Crypto Alyst is one of the most trusted sources of digital currency news. They have editorials on key topics, such as ICOs and price prediction, and their articles highlight coins that have the best chance of going big in the future.

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